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  1. Mother informs me i wanted to be a vet and the entire family thought thats exactly what i would do, life obviously had a different path for me to follow though as im a support worker for adults with disabilities
  2. Safneo, in short we wrote our will some years ago and have them stored with a will company, we update them every couple of years, we have 5 children aged from 28 - 14 so it was important to us to make sure custody of the youngest was accounted for in the event of losing both of us. (at the last update she made it clear what she wanted to happen) we also made a clause that nothing gets sold or shared until she reaches 21 (usally 18 but we felt that was a little young) and that should anything (god forbid) happen to any of the children, their partners get nothing, but their share goes to their own children when they reach 21. We then changed our "tennancy" to tennants in common (as opposed to shared tennancy) on our mortgage (whcih gets registered with the land registary) this means we each have a half share in the house, in the event of first death, 50% of the house goes to the children BUT the remaining person is protected and can life at the house until they die or shose to sell, if they do sell, the kids share can go to them, or be passed on (in the right financial amount)tot he next house, so always protected (also means the government cant grab it for any nursing fees). Power of attorney was then given in the fist account to my hubs for me (and to me for him) and after him (in my case) to my daughter BUT we even protected that, by naming a family friend with whom they check details with before haning power over (in effect means if my daughter initiated the POA they will check her reasons with the friend) honestly not as confusing as it sounds. What we wanted to make sure of, was that we protected as much of the value of the house as possible if we needed nursing care/ that our youngest had a home until a reasonable age / that our kids could get their hands on our cash (if we had any) in the event of needing to/ that if one of us remarries and doesnt update their will, 2nd wife or husband wont get a penny
  3. we (hubs and i) already have them in place, we also seperated our shares in our home to protect at least 50% of the value for the kids incase we need to go in to residential care (or even gets re married in the event of one of us dying), cost a bit, but worth it for peace of mind
  4. my condolances to Johns family, heads will be bowed at rainbow bridge today.
  5. If someone dies, ring the GP and state if its an expected or unexpected death, if its expected due to illness, GP will certify then undertakers can be called ............unless its expected because you've smacked them over the head with something heavy,in which case pack up and run!
  6. jacqui d

    Lewis Is 21

    Happy Birthday Lewis
  7. I wish i could cure one of my dogs HD as easily as this and see him free from discomfort.
  8. Alicia, you save your photos to a memory card or stick, pop it in the frame and watch your photos display
  9. Is there a way you can mark your extra time as toil then take it as paid time off when you can, that what i do at work ad it often builds up to a day or two off when i need it most.
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