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  1. thank you everyone, its been a huge comfort to read all your kind messages
  2. Hi all and thank you for your kind words, yes, my ickle baby boy crossed the bridge this morning being held in my arms being told how much he was loved as I kissed him goodbye. I also told him to look out for Archie (who is my avatar on here), his big sisters Tessie and Poppy Westies, and to look after my beloved Lisa (his mum) until we are all reunited once again. My heart is in bits right now, when I lost my others one by one I still had another here with me to help me though the grief, and Cliffy helped me through all of them as he was the first and was also the last, now I have no one and my heart aches so badly. I would give anything to have him here healthy and snuggled up at my side right now Nige
  3. Am in bits here Cliffy might be coning to the end and crossing the rainbow bridge, he was 18 recently and I know that a great age but I was hoping for another couple from my opinionated bossy little daxi. I have posted in the rainbow bridge as I could t see to post here then, I'll be checking in on him hourly so please send your best thoughts and hope its just a false alarm. He isnt suffering but he appears a little weaker than yesterday. Have been through this too many times not to notice the signs that he knows his time is near My heart breaks to think of him no longer with me, no longer snoozing on my bed or kicking me in his sleep to get even more room in bed Love to you all, Nige
  4. Please keep my little boy in your thoughts, Cliffy who is now 18 and was the Laurel, to my dear departed Archie's Hardy might be making his way across the rainbow bridge to join Archie, Tessie, Poppy and Pooch, all were his family and all were rescued Westies. Some of you may remember when I lost my beloved wife Lisa it was Archie, Clifford and Tessie that helped me though that dark time, well Cliffy is all I have left and he may be making his final journey shortly. Am in bits here and besides myself with grief already, its been 10 long years without Lisa and I have no one to help me though this. My heart is already broken into pieces. Ironic that a wire haird dashund won crufts last night, albeit the standard, I cuddled Cliffy all the more when she won Thank you all Nige.
  5. Thanks everyone it went well but me being picky it could have gone better too, they are seeing a couple of others before making a decision so I have yet to hear back, have another this afternoon too. Alabama rot is here in Cheshire there has been a case reported, also I bumped into a lady with her dog I hadn't seen in about 3 years, she has a german short haired pointer. He was suspected of Alabama rot as his paw was weeping and bleeding with no obvious wound etc, they ended up amputating the leg as it wouldn't stop and he is fine now. I might be heading to the lakes in a month or two for a short break with Cliffy, which town were you talking about Marion as I don't want to add to the problems you have with grockles up there
  6. Just caught up hope everyone is ok and you are recovering well Suzanne wish me luck today, first interview I have had in nearly 20 years ooh err so leaving now
  7. I enjoyed it but you cant judge without being hands on, I did like the whippet as well though. One thing I can't stand are the cuts they give the coats of the show dogs. It doesn't have to be that long and fluffy to see they have an excellent coat and enjoy good health. When I had Westies the dog groomer was under strict instructions not to let them have skirts and cauliflower heads I cant stand that, and besides its easier to see the dog underneath. They did do quite a bit this year about getting puppy farms made illegal I will look up that petition and sign it. Something they didn't mention and I might email or tweet them next year is the backlash for breed specific rescues getting swamped with calls as everyone wants the trendy new dog that happened to win last night, and are not prepared to go through checks visits etc. I know Westie Rehoming (whom I volunteer for) had the phone ringing red hot when the Westie won. Also in a few months time when they are dumped as they weren't what was expected the rescues will be swamped again. I bet the greyhound and whippet people are run ragged today.
  8. what did everyone think about crufts last night, and who is going to see Noel Fitzpatrick on tour?
  9. hope you get the cast off soon Jazz
  10. snowing here in Cheshire but only a light dusting for now and hasn't settled really, not sure if there is more on the way but at least Cliffy has been for his morning ablutions before it got too deep in the garden, he is asleep under a blanket on the couch right now Never been to the Scilly Isles but spent most of my childhood summers in Cornwall around the Penzance/Marazion area
  11. Cliffy didnt get a haircut I merely took a pair of scissors to his hair and hacked his fringe off, he will need a clip soon though but will wait until the weather gets better Cliffy was the original dog I had the westies (Archie and Tessie) came later, the pooch and poppy but pooch was a foster I had for 6 months or so. Its been some time since my boy had a big sister too look after him but I don't think I will get another dog for a while once that dreaded day comes where I will lose Cliffy, but will still do home checks transport and forster/overnight stops for westies on occasion. Cliffy nearest the camera Tessie in the middle and Archie watching what was going on...
  12. glad everyone is ok after the nasty weather and glad Archie is too. Not sure I mentioned but there now quite a few mini daxi;'s into the village of late, all wire haired like my Cliffy and mostly thanks to Cliffy too first there was Humphrey (who is sizeist) and kicks off with most (but not all) other big dogs before they have even seen him age 11 Than there was Archie (a rescue) and named after my (sadly gone) Archie who is my avatar to the left, mini Archie is 10 Now comes Rupert who belongs to the daughter of the people that have Humphrey and is just 1 years old, and worships the ground Cliffy and Humphrey walk on. If I am out alone Rupert pays me loads of attention, if I am out with Cliffy I get blanked completely, the little sod. Oh and speaking of Cliffy he had a 'Release the inner Wolf' moment the other day, all because I cut his fringe to keep it out of his eyes, if I can get it off my phone and onto the computer I will show you all, not sure how to though.
  13. correction - another blizzard...
  14. we had blizzard conditions a couple times here too, its -2 at the mo and the roads are finally cleared as the gritter drivers couldn't get to the depot to go out last night lots of lovely snow that is a little bit too deep for my Cliffy right now. My house is surprisingly warm considering I haven't had the heating on today. oh just glanced out the window just starting snowing again, tiny little flakes
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