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  1. I'm willing to have Rylans babies. I've always said what a sweetheart he is and I'm pleased that more people are seeing that in him rather than a camp rather bad singer. Frankie Dettori is just as lovely as I thought he would be too.
  2. Oh it wasn't that I was thinking of, it's a few books and a rubber duck
  3. Having not felt very festive for a long time, been more terrified than anything, but this evening I am embracing Christmas. My girls have finished school. I have a prescription drug for every occasion and two bottles of Amaretto. I can do this. I can survive. Still waiting for one or two presents to arrive but aside from that I'm all sorted.
  4. If mine is in with the cats one, then yes we've got ours. Thank you.
  5. A parcel for me & the cats arrived today. That's in the cats food cupboard where nobody can break into!
  6. Put it somewhere safe, take it from one who knows.
  7. The thief. I do not know what is going on with Ellas eye but I like it! Lots of excited bouncing on and off the sofa! On behalf of naughty Lizzie, happy Honey & ashamed for her sister Ella, I'd like to thank our Secret Santa and apologise.
  8. A theft has occurred. Lizzie has stolen the parcel that arrived for her to share with Ella and Honey I'm gutted to have missed out on all the fun of seeing their presents opened It was one of those "I wonder why it's so quiet" moments. It wasn't Honey, she was with me, Ella was pacing looking mortified and Lizzie was surrounded by the packaging, chewing on a rawhide. Honey was delighted with the scene we walked into, grabbed a toy and started running around happily squeek squeek squeeking away. Ella carried on pacing, she does this when something BAD has happened while Lizzie chomped away on unashamedly. I tried to take photos, not sure if anything decent is amongst them, there was too much movement! Hang on while I look.....
  9. My tattoos
  10. I'll miss Rylan, he was really sweet and such a nice chap. I'll have to cheer on Jahmene now, he used to work in our Asda although I have to say he doesn't have a Swindon accent. Where is he from?
  11. I wondered why he was late coming to bed last night. Actually he banged and crashed around so much it woke me up and I remained awake until 6am I used my time awake wisely by watching a couple of episodes of Vampire Diaries and replying to a snotty message my brother had left for me. Big day tomorrow. I've got to go to Witney for an assessment for psychological counselling. I've been trying not to think of that but the exciting event afterwards. I had a tattoo done about 13 years ago and have wanted another one ever since but never gave it much thought. In the back of my mind I've thought I might like one with stars on it, one for each of the girls. Then a while ago I got served by somebody who had words tattooed onto the inside of her arm. It looked lovely but I wasn't close enough to see what it said. I then felt inspired! I'd heard a song that included the line 'Tomorrow finds the best way out is through' and that line meant so much to me. It just so happens that the tattoo parlour that was recommended to me is about 500 yards away from where I'm having the assessment. So tomorrow afternoon I'm having my tattoo done Instead of stars, each of the girls have chosen a symbol. Daisy has a daisy, Molly a horseshoe in Kauto Stars colours, Emily a butterfly and Georgias is a cross between a paw print & a heart. I'm not totally sure on how it's all going to be arranged on my arm but I'm sure we'll come up with something. While Googling tattoo designs I spotted something else that I love and cannot live without so I'm having that done too while I'm there I've dyed my hair pink. I am not having a mid-life crisis
  12. Two books, a Trunki and a Christmas tree. Very pleased with the money I've saved and all bought via the Easyfundraising site so Dogstar benefit too.
  13. Me too. Going to enjoy some online shopping this morning.
  14. One of my colleagues had a bet at 9/2 that would be the result last night. As soon as I saw it on Digital Spy last night I went over to Twitter to tell him the good news. He was delighted!
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