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  1. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I have never bounced a dog - and we have had dogs with all kinds of issues and we never quit or gave up on them and they all turned into wonderful heart dogs - Freddie/Jaffa is already wonderful, he has done nothing at all wrong, he's a bright bright loving and kind boy and its barely been 5 days so yes it feels to me and probably lots of people that we are not giving him a chance but if it were anything we could work on then it would be different but I cannot make the house any bigger, and I know Baddie was a greyhound and not that much smaller than him but he just feels so much bigger and the house really is very small, and my gut is telling me we aren't the right home for him and even I know how bad that sounds.
  2. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I don't know what to say or how to say it other than straight from the heart - we have failed Freddie utterly failed him, I know its going to look like we didn't give him a fair chance, and he has done NOTHING wrong - he is a sweet sweet boy and deserves a first class home and I wish it could be us but it can't. Although its going to sound like a very poor excuse the fact is he is is much bigger than we anticipated and our house is so small it just doesn't feel right for us. No one can say anything thats going to make me feel any worse or any more upset than I currently feel. I didn't sleep at all last night going over and over and over it in my head let me say again this is MY fault NOT his fault. I have let him and Lisa down and I know it.
  3. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    We are home - all 3 of us! Freddie is fab - he's a quick learner and very bright which is both a blessing and a curse as he saw where we hid the treats and has been plotting ways to get to them. We think hes enormous though Lisa reckons he's medium for a male greyhound - he's certainly a LOT bigger than Baddie. He's not used to being in a house so he's finding it all very strange - when I put the TV on he leapt to his feet in surprise and its clear he can see whats on the screen and listens to the sounds - never had a dog pay any attention to the TV before - this one just spent a good 5 mins absorbed by The Day After Tomorrow lol He's a counter surfer extraordinaire - he's already found a lost werthers original down the side of a chair and ate it wrapper and all before I even had chance to finish saying NO! 🙄 On that note I suspect he'll think his name is "no" long before he realises it's Freddie lol
  4. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Noggin used to love his toys - and very rarely destroyed them thats why we still have all those he just used to love to cuddle up to them or play throwing and pouncing games. Baddie was offered them to play with but never showed any interest in toys of any kind even squeaky ones which always made me feel a little sad for him. Whats surprising to me is every one of the squeaky ones still squeaks and theres one that both jiggles and whistles and thats still working too. Fred apparently plays with squeaky toys and has a teddy he sleeps with in his kennel, he's also apparently pretty intelligent for a greyhound and loves mental games too. For those of you on facebook you'll notice I haven't yet said anything publicly about him or us going to get him because I don't usually like to post anything about being away from home until last min - just in case. I suspect I might post pics from Gap when we're there and on our way home.
  5. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I've done my online Tesco shop and for the first time in weeks it didn't give me an ouch moment when I looked at my "usuals" list and saw all the dog stuff - instead I was happily adding it back in my basket again We've also retrieved all Nogs saved toys from the garage where we'd stored them in a sealed bag - I don't think Fred will need any new ones for quite awhile 😄
  6. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    His shoulder seems to have just been a bump - he's had it xrayed and checked over and its all fine now thankfully Sue we did if and am about taking on a new dog - not just the sadness over Baddie but the recognition that in lots of ways life revolves around the dog (rightly so) but it means limited time leaving him alone, arranging our diaries to deconflict when we are working so they are never left alone over 4 hours, where we can go on days out, the cost of dog ownership food, treats, insurance, boarding costs on top of holiday costs etc. Baddie in the last 12 months of his life was costing us £108 insurance plus £30 medication a month and 20% of all vet visits on top of food and treats. It soon adds up and we regret and begrudge nothing about the cost, but when you've not had that cost for a couple of months and see the difference in the bank account ... it does make you pause. Fred is only about 4 - younger than we've had in over a decade so we had to consider whether a younger dog would like our quiet home and whether we wanted a potentially fit, bouncy dog who might want 6 miles hikes with zoomies at the end of it - though I'm assured by Lisa Fred is actually "bone idle" and very often refuses to go on walkies he's that lazy lol we thought long and hard and talked and talked and we asked Lisa lots and lots of questions. Fred wasn't the only dog we'd seen and we had been approached by another rescue to consider one of their dogs who was very much in need but he wouldn't have been right for us so we said no. I think Fred is right for us & I hope he thinks we are right for him because all being well he'll be with us for a very long time.
  7. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Freds had the all clear from the vet and if his shoulder or feet ever cause him problems again Gap will cover it - going to go get him This weekend - starting to get excited now
  8. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I think its possibly the angle Sue - Lisa says he's medium sized for a Greyhound Baddie was a big boy so I think this one will be more Noggin's size. He's 4 -ish currently called Jaffa but as of Saturday he will be Frederick The Fast aka Fred lol
  9. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Its official - subject to a vet check up and a successful meeting this handsome chap will be joining us from Greyhound Gap this weekend
  10. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Big bed lol was always going to be a big bed when we were ready ....and we're ready and have offered and all being well with him getting a vet check we hope to meet him soon .... he may have a pointy nose ...
  11. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I might have been out shopping this afternoon for a dog guard and posh dog bed....
  12. snow

    January 19 Here we go again!

    My hair is bright orange and I love it even though hubby says I look like an Orangutan 🙄 I use my scooter in the hospital these days Suzeanna every dept is so far apart and very often full to bursting with nowhere to sit to wait but not ideal for going on the bus would a 4 wheeled walker be any use? They are light to lift on and off buses and fold up, and they have a seat so that if you need to just take a break or get the weight off your feet for 5 mins they are really handy.
  13. I'm not a fan of British dramas, I tend to follow American stuff - all 3 NCIS variants, The Rookie, The Expanse (superb adaptation of the books) Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, F.B.I. The new Star Trek Discovery (though its a love/hate thing at times) Billions, S.W.A.T. Manifest, Killjoys and Take Two wasn't bad. I also like Endeavour having come "late" to the "Morse" world - I first watched Lewis then when I'd gone through all those I saw the first couple of series of Endeavour and went backwards and watched all the box sets of Morse 😁
  14. snow

    Your Pets

    Sadly at the moment we don't have any pets, Baddie (greyhound) crossed the rainbow bridge in November we didn't want to rehome over Christmas as we had family here with their little Patterdale terrier who we looked after for 2 weeks so it didn't feel right to try and bring in a new dog with everything so busy here.