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  1. I've gotten into the habit of a twice a year food cupboard sort out otherwise I end up with a gazillion out of date tins of soup and peas lol My medical license has arrived so I'm now happy they aren't going to say they made a mistake and take it off me lol really counting down the days to 26th now can't wait to have clear vision again and hopefully new glasses a couple of weeks later and I will be able to see properly again. Right now the blurriness is really getting on my nerves and making things difficult. I'll be driving myself to work on Tuesday since I'm now all clear to drive - haven't driven for over a month so looking forward to it but sticking to only driving in full daylight until after my op.
  2. It was terrifying Eve if someone came along and said you can quit work tomorrow and don't have to worry about paying the mortgage trust me I'd jump at the chance - in fact I'd move so fast I'd be a blur lol but we can't afford for me to retire for at least another 4 years. My job contract doesn't require me to be a car driver but it does require me to be an independent traveler which would be pretty much impossible due to the combination of my restricted mobility and the huge area I have to cover a great deal of which is rural with limited or indirect public transport links. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that now
  3. I'm here - sorry to have gone all quiet again I was so anxious over my DVLA eye sight test for my driving licence I wasn't in a chatty mood and spent most of the time trying to find potential working from home jobs or weird and wonderful ways to try and earn an income online if I ended up losing my licence, in between trying to figure out what cuts we could make to our out goings etc. However thats no longer needed because I have passed the field vision and distance eye tests and have been given a 3 year medical licence! 😁 Told work they are stuck with me after all barring a lottery win lol I honestly can't tell you what a huge relief it is I was utterly convinced I'd failed the tests - I still have to have the Yag Laser on 26th March but that primarily is to sort out my close up vision and 2 weeks after that I can go and get new prescription glasses so all being well in 6 weeks or so I'll have even better vision. Just happy that I am legally safe to drive and can now resume driving again.
  4. We did the same with Baddie during his final few months Yantan - just cleaned it all up and shampooed & steam cleaned - we also had some very useful disinfectant wipes that came from the hospital when I had my op a couple of years ago and I'd never used them they are really handy for a quick wipe over any stain before steam cleaning. Baddie wasn't even aware he was doing it as he'd lost sensation in that area so it just kinda fell out when he moved around bless him.
  5. Neighbours can be a right pain in the behind sometimes - we don't get on with the ones to our left - I despise them frankly they are horrible people. Its sad because theres only 20 houses in our little close and we get on really well with the other 19 but it only takes 1 lot to make things unpleasant. To add insult to injury they have gone out of their way to suck up to the other neighbours so whenever we've said anything about them we get told "oh but they seem nice" - yeah try living next to them... thankfully my colleagues have seen and have been subjected to some of the behaviour we have had to put up with and were astonished at the way they are towards us, I was just delighted that we have now got independent witnesses to some of it. I've looked everywhere for the board time settings but can't find them.
  6. Depends how much you like chicken as thats pretty much all they sell, I like it because I do like chicken cooked on a BBQ grill and I love their different spices - personally I go for what they call plain-ish then I have several different flavoured and spicey bottles of their dipping sauces to dip mine into, I love all the different sides especially the corn on the cob which is also roasted on the grill best of all I really like eating with my fingers 🤣 I tend to go for wings & Rob likes the butterfly breast and usually ends up with a couple of my wings as well lol
  7. They do sell a slightly less strong version of my eye drops (Lumigan) specifically for growing eyelashes but its very very expensive apparently. and you can only get it with a private prescription its about £90 for 2 months supply. Rob took me out for a cheeky Nando's last night - don't know why but I love Nando's its my favourite restaurant chain but its not cheap and they never do offers so we tend to only go for my birthday or a special occasion so this was a pre-valentines meal lol
  8. I think my gamboling across the hills days are long behind me 🤣 My eyelashes are getting longer and longer with these eye drops I take and they are really dark its a side effect I actually like as my lashes had got quite sparse after the menopause - not too sure how I'll feel if my eyes change colour from blue to brown which is another common side effect but at the moment theres no sign of that happening. Have fun at the bootsale Alicia - we're off to fetch mil and take her up the crem as its 20 years since fil died, I made curry & rice yesterday to take with us to have for lunch afterwards with naan bread - it will probably be the last time we all go together as she's moving away in a few weeks time and won't be able to just pop up the road anymore so it will just be me and Rob in future.
  9. With medication sometimes I think Dr's aren't as current with things as they should be - Rob has been taking a medication for over a year but when he finally saw the consultant last Saturday he was told if it was going to work it would have worked in the first 72 hours and as nothing had improved then it was pointless taking it - so he's been taking prescription medication for over a year that he didn't need to take.
  10. Oh I am so sorry to hear that Alicia - hope the morphine has kicked in now and you are feeling a bit better xx
  11. I didn't see the point of getting a Costco card for a long time until I got taken in by a friend on her card - we only joined about 14 months ago and just renewed it without hesitation as we save the cost of the card in just 1 shop as a rule. To get the best from it you do need storage space and we're lucky we have an integral garage though thats piled to the roof at the moment and desperately needs sorting out. I've never bought cheese before because they are huge slabs and I've always thought we just wouldn't get through enough but the use by date is May and so long as I keep it in the fridge in a zip lock bag it should be fine - I also bought a huge bag of grated parmesan - we get through loads of that so it will be gone long before any use by date.
  12. Thats great for Zoe xx We popped out to Costco this morning just to restock on the bulk stuff we get (toilet rolls, bin bags, water) as well as that we ended up with a new chair for Owen, enough cheese to feed the street several times over, 5kg of rice, 4 packs of part baked baguettes, 200 zeiss glasses wipes and 4 packs of Frosties. If it does snow here I should think we'd be fine for awhile 😁
  13. I am going to talk to Nick & Vicky about taking Owen out of school and paying the fine for a holiday - the difference is ridiculous, if we book a caravan for 3rd June its £149 for 4 nights if we book the week before which is half term the SAME caravan on the SAME site is £529 for 4 nghts!!! That doesn't include the cost of the ferry which is also a lot more just because of the date! Even if they both get fined thats £120 and is still saving us £280!! How on earth can anyone justify the price hikes like that???
  14. How on earth do people manage to afford to go on holiday in school holidays? Its been a long time since I had to think about it but now that Owen is about to turn 5 we won't be able to take him on holiday in term time - I had mentioned to Nick about perhaps all going to the Isle of White for a little holiday this year to help share the costs before I actually looked at what the costs actually were and I've had a bit of a shock! The difference between a term time week and a half term week is ridiculous its between 3 & 4 x's the price!! I'm not sure we can afford it even spreading the costs between us - and I'm not talking about posh hotels or anything, just 4 or 5 days in a bog standard caravan!
  15. That was very sweet of them Sue. I've had the YAG laser before on the other eye which is why I'm a little anxious as he did say that it might have been that which contributed to the macular hole that kicked all this off and lost me my central vision in that eye, he said my risk factor has increased to around 25% from about 5% however the hole can also be caused by raised pressures & no real way of telling what actually caused it and given my pressures are now lowered and being treated hopefully that particular risk is lessened. Given that if I don't have it then the clouding will get worse and worse until I can't see I don't really have much of a choice - I do know that once I've had it then my vision will be back to normal almost instantly.
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