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  1. I#'ve recently taken to shoving everything in a roasting bag before putting it in the slow cooker - the theory is it reduces the washing up, and as long as you're careful when removing the contents (I use a soup ladle) it does) Sausage casserole is one of our favs. Pulled pork is another one my lot love - cheap shouldar of pork, you can season with a 'rub mix' if you like. Whack in the roasting bag and in the slo cooker for a long time (6 hours plus) the meat disintigrates like chinese roast duck, and can be used warm in bread rolls or wraps.
  2. Cheryl, councelling can be a huge help when you feel like the world is on your shouldars. My stupid OT didn't send me a map for the location of my Improving Emotional Health course - so I spent 20 mins looking for a health centre which wasn't where she'd told me it was. So I managed to walk in 15 mins late in an 'anxious state'..... I now also have an appt with my psychologist (whose a bit of a Jeckl and Hyde apparently), so Big Dave is coming with me. He's got a undetermined infection, so has been advised he's not fit for work - luckily he has some holiday due, as well as time off which is part of his shift pattern, so he doesn't go back until the 14th (so will probably spend most of it sitting on his 'puter as if I didn#'t exist - which won't help )
  3. I loved the early stages, saw my old boss in the audience last week (which gave me an excuse to email him and 'touch base' after nearly 18 months) Not liking the new phase though
  4. Hugs to all that need them. Feeling like poop - blood test says hormone levels 'normal' (which means no HRT needed) so why am I still feeling alternately dreadful and then invincible? Occy Health lady phoned and said I should have been seeing her today - she did mention it on the phone when I last spoke to her, but said not to worry she'd be sending out an appointment letter - apparently she didn't........ Lucky me, having such a wonderful support system.....
  5. Oh fun and games here this morning. It's #2 son's 17th birthday. We were just taking our cups of coffee outside when he spots a small corn snake just outside the back door (the dogs have been in the garden with it!!!) It's now curled up on a slightly warm wheat bag waiting to be taken to a specialist pet shop in Oxford who've offered to take it on and care for it and rehome it
  6. I scatter feed both of mine, and have done for about 5 years now - if it's dry, it goes in the garden, if wet, in the kitchen (and sometimes up the stairs...) I've never had any food guarding incidents and neither dog has gained or lost weight (I just throw out the total combined that I would normally feed them individually)
  7. I had a phone call from my OT today. She's been off on hollibobs (lucky her) and was sorry to hear what had happened and how I'd been treated. She's working on Saturday, so offered to see me then instead of Monday, and as it suited me, I said yes please. She also acknowledged that I had told her about the 'ending it all' thoughts and that the Dr's diagnosis should have taken that into account, but his letter went out while she was on holiday (I am not naive enough to think this would have been spotted, by hey, at least she tried) Shame she phoned on the home number, which i have asked them not to use because of Big Dave working shifts, and ofcourse last night he was on nights, so he ain't happy I was working in the passageway, so didn't hear it ring, apparently she called three times... Cheyrl, hope Emily was seen and the outcome is good, PJ's or not. and that Ella's bumps are just 'old lady stuff' and nothing serious.
  8. Never under estimate the power of the parrot! My DIL has one - he's a 'sensitive' soul, hates my son and plucks his feathers. I think that's because he's kept in a conservatory and feels vulnerable. guess what? ASTI team finally called me, about an hour ago thank heavens I haven't needed them. Told him I wasn't impressed and will be telling my GP about my experiences on Weds...
  9. Still waiting for the phone call....... Shall be having serious words with GP and my MH OT worker when I see them
  10. Sorry to hear about Jade, but I'm sure she will thank you for showing her what a hen's life should be.
  11. I can do mornings - but I'm begining to flag by mid afternoon. I'm hoping hormones (so long as it's not Premarin because of the welfare issues) can get me back to what passes for 'normal'
  12. Well, I'm still waiting for my phone call.... Woke feeling 'anxious' - it goes from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I can 'zone out' for a while - just sit and watch/listen. I hate being 'talked at' when I'm like that. Dave asked me if I could just sort out one area of the bedroom, after he'd sorted out his area, so I went up and turned the radio on (shut the dogs out, as they do like to bounce on the bed) and had myself a bit of a tidy - it helped a bit. Did I mention I have a Dr appt - first one I could get with the lady Dr I trust, was 07.30 on Weds morning!! I remember asking my old Dr if the depression and everything could have anything to do with my age (I was 49 at the time) and he dismissed it (without any tests) even though I said it seemed to be cyclical (about every 4 weeks). Now I am even more sure it is, and annoyed that I've been allowed to go on for 3 years like this Snow, be kind to yourself - hope your brother understands.
  13. Oh yes - one other thing - has anyone got any experience of the menopause and the sort of symptoms I've been having (anxiety, depression, angry, confused and some physical symptoms too - like a head full of jelly!) OH is convinced it's my age....
  14. Big thanks to all you lovely people who have been so supportive and extra thanks for the PM's. Mental health team finally called back last night, and have arranged to call me again on Friday and over the weekend if needed. I'm a lot better than I woz, infact I can't believe just a few days ago I felt so bad. I see my councillor today, I hope she's prepared, it could be a heavy session. Owl, I think you officially qualify as a CP, even Big Dave doesn't generally watch that much telly.
  15. Just thought I'd touch base, and bless all of you who were worrying about me. I'm afraid my experiences with Samaritans in the passed haven't been good (in a face to face session to try and help with the baggage I carry following 'date rape' - the 'counsellors' final words were 'are you sure you didn't lead him on dear?') Unsurprisingly the Mental Health team haven't got back to me. Dave has 'promised' many things, but I have given up expecting him to stick to them. I am probably much to blame - if anyone saw 'The syndicate' last night on BBC1, I saw a lot of similarities with the dog lady (although even I baulked at the idea of using a tea towel to mop up dog wee!) But maybe I have let myself go - however my efforts today haven't been noticed I asked him to speak to his Dr about the possibility of him being depressed, and therefore less able to cope with me. His Dr just said it's a symptom of being in pain (he's got hip and knee problems and just gone back to work today after 2 weeks off with Sciatica), which I could accept if he wasn't having to deal with me, a couple of grotty teenagers and financial problems (we're on a debt management plan, but since I had to sign off JSA, there's very little left in the pot to pay off debts). So no help there
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