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  1. ... and still don't like. for me its pepper and brussels sprouts. Not Peppers - can take those or leave them but I really do not like pepper.
  2. Pingu

    January 19 Here we go again!

    2 days...2 curries.. tbh i can live with that
  3. Pingu

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Got a great one not to far away. This will be my 5th 5 series.
  4. Pingu

    itchy paws

    Both Mylo and Bella have started getting itchy paws. We haven't changed anything household wise - same washing powder etc. They are on the same food they have been on for ages and its the wrong time of year for grass seeds etc. Both are OK at the moment but it comes and goes. Last time Mylo had to have steroids and antibiotics. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what could be causing it?
  5. Pingu

    January 19 Here we go again!

    2015 BMW 520d luxury (Estate). welcome to your froever home freddie
  6. Pingu

    January 19 Here we go again!

    tbh am well pleased. no error codes showing up from a code scan, no scratches, drives beautifully and has enough toys to keep me happy. Just cant believe the dealer missed some of the options that are on it
  7. Pingu

    January 19 Here we go again!

    well i took the plunge yesterday and bought a new (2nd hand car). I think i have got a bit of a bargain. all the valuation sites and even my insurance company are valuing the car at a lot more than i paid for it and it has quite a few options that the dealer didnt list on their advert. HPI etc is clear so its not a write off thats been repaired... quite chuffed atm. time will tell i guess
  8. I am a bit "meh" so far
  9. just drag it round to listen to a local station to that place
  10. Pingu

    January 19 Here we go again!

    well back to work properly on monday this week didn't count
  11. Have decided to finally watch the wire. for some reason never got round to it before.
  12. Pingu


    TBH the initial reason for this place carrying on was for those who had been banned
  13. Pingu

    So What is New?

    you should now be able to share posts directly to facebook etc from here
  14. Pingu

    So What is New?

    i couldn't see anything that may cause it unless you are trying to go directly toi a forum that hasbeen merged with others. if this is the case you will need to modify the shortcut you are using. failing that try clearing your browser cache and see if that works
  15. The expanse is a slow burner but really good when you are into it. I agree its a great adaptation of the books.