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    Beautiful shoes, griff. You must have good balance to walk in them. I would faceplant. Things are settling down i my life. Ostrich egg omelette has duly landed on faces of those who well deserve it. Going for a last drive in old car up to river Torne near Epworth for a sunset stroll. Might as well use up the fuel and Wispa loves it there.
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    Haven't you learned from previous experience Owl? Steer clear! I've only played the cancer card once but it was worth it as I got a dropped kerb extended which should have cost a thousand free!
  3. 3 points Think that may help Yantan
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    No, our GP is very friendly and easy going. He is not popular with a lot of people as he is not interested if you are not really ill but he is excellent if you are ill. We get on well with him.particularly JIm as our GP was a colorectal surgeon before he became a GP so was able to fill in a lot of the gaps in JIm's condition and treatment since he knows about it all. You also need to understand his dry sense of humour. He spends 10 minutes discussing shooting with JIm then 5 minutes on his consultation!. Unfortunately, he retires next year. The remaining partner is also very good but is more business like. He just wanted to make sure he had asked for the all the required results so we just had to hand in the form. Our surgery is 16 miles away but give excellent service which is not available else where nowadays. We can often get a same day appointment. JIm forgot it once before with the nurse but I was at home so she phoned and asked me to read off the slip what was requested. Jim is in a lot of pain from the chest drain so is on Morphine. During the day he says it is no too bad , If he is doing something he can forget about it but he was waking up during the night with severe pain in his chest and not able to get any more sleep. So he now has one slow release tablet during the day and a triple one at night. This combination seems to be working without making him too sleepy during the day. But he usually falls asleep at some time. Hence he is not driving. There is no more drainage from his chest and he is counting the days until it is removed which should be the middle of August.
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    I have had some very good news and am a happy owl. I have been helping some nice people catch a stray cat who appeared for his breakfast yesterday with a serious eye injury. They had been gaining his confidence for quite a while, but whatever happened to him yesterday had made him very frightened. I borrowed a trap and took it to them at 3.30 and by 5 they had trapped him. He is now at the vet. I am sure he will lose the eye but he is a strong cat so should pull through.
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    The story about Cleo reminds me of a missing dog case we had in Wales. Some guys in a van visited a farm asking if any scrap metal was available and then went on their way. Immediately afterwards a pregnant malamute disappeared, and after a search of farmhouse and yard revealed nothing, it was assumed that the scrappers had taken her. Publicity everywhere, searches everywhere, nothing. Her people were desperate as she was due to whelp any time. The farmer went into the spare bedroom to have a moment to clear his head and work out next move. Sat on the bed, and there was a noise from underneath. Malamute had decided it was a good place to whelp, but got herself wedged.
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    I've heard of Valgreys. I think they might have been represented here at one time. Archie's auntie Jan supports a local dog rescue that I knew nothing about until she mentioned them last night. It's a very small concern run on a shoestring and she had taken them some dry dog food following a FB appeal as they had almost none left. Now I know about them I will do what I can to help. I prefer helping the small rescues that get by on fresh air. I've done an Amazon order for 2 x 12kg bags of dog food and a big box of washing powder as the lady that runs it gets through so much keeping the blankets and towels clean. Best way to spend my birthday Amazon vouchers
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    I do the 'disabled grandmother card' when needed lol
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    brian asked to go in the garden …… and weed! im so proud!
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    Poor little dog Had a lovely time with my friend...we are going to try and meet up more often
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    Went to see the Kangoo 4x4 and snapped it up pdq. Runs superbly, engine very quiet. All the things which wear out on a Kangoo have been replaced, saw full history. Fitted with dash cam/reversing cam. Also fitted out for a bunch of gundogs, with huge extra shelf put in above crate area for their bits and pieces. Should be getting it next weekend.
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    Just passed the junction for Keswick, Yantan. I waved.
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    It was great when Ruby's dad was alive because he was a mechanical engineer and he used to check cars over for us when we were buying plus he used to service them for us too. When I seized the engine on my VW Beetle he not only came out to tow me back to his garage but he sourced and fitted a new engine the same day! He was such a nice fella and could turn his hand to anything. When Ruby was a kid they used to go caravanning in a van her dad made. He used to crochet, which he learned during an extended stay in hospital and sew, which came about from fixing people's sewing machines, and when he re-married he made his own suit.
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    Glad you're home safely Yantan. Shame the weather wasn't kinder for you. Really sunny and hot up here, complete contrast to the last time we were here.
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    Yantan I will bring brolly tomorrow and not a mac then.
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    For a change one of our neighbour's lodgers is a really nice lady. She is from Spain and a real animal lover. She's been here about a year now and she always stopped to make a big fuss of Archie if he was in the garden. Archie really like her too. So I met her this morning and she asked if something had happened to Archie as she hasn't seen him in such a long time. I told her he was now at Rainbow Bridge and she said she'd been fearing that and how sorry she was that we had lost him. She is the only one of umpteen lodgers over the last 12 years that has bothered with our dogs or stopped to spend the time of day with me. Of course when I told the neighbour what a nice lady she is the neighbour had to say the opposite about her!
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    Griff you are a star! Will chase them up when I get home. Yes it is tailgate and has no keyhole and can't be opened manually. Hence all the palaver yesterday
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    Griff, so long as his voice didn't say "was that for me?".....
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    I hope Jim continues to do well Thanks all, I convinced my mum after nagging to email the police for advice, I have bought a dictaphone Funeral went well, I as laughing as someone left their phone on and it rang right at the point of the curtains closing, Jim would have found that funny
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    Griff calling your dad after a well known paedophile is slander and what those 2 are doing amounts to harassment. Try and get your parents to at least let the solicitor know about this. The best thing you can do is record their antics as you are planning to do. Good luck Jazz. Good heavens Suzeanna, that's not the sort of day anyone wants! black magic did Jim get an ear bashing over the slip or did you let him off seeing as he's poorly? Quite a drive for you all the same. How's he doing? I am taking a break from the genealogy as I am confuddling myself with names that are the same as previous generations. Just need to clear my head for a while.
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    We were busy in the garden yesterday so today, I'll mainly be up to having a rest! My back is twanging, so I'll hobble round with Candy for her walk and then be an idle slob and sit in the conservatory in the sun and read my Kindle! Oh..and better make sure I have some elasticated waist trousers to wear on Wednesday, you cant wear anything with zips etc for a CT scan. What about you, Yantan, got an exciting day planned?
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    Lol...we could be weggy buddies lol. Same as my treatment, I go full on I properly scare myself, looked at side effects..nothing, googled it...oh yeah most people turn into nut jobs. When I first got with Steve he said I was schizo, I went to the Dr as I knew I wasn't right, she reassured me I hadn't got schizophrenia...I know it's the medication as I stopped taking it for 2 weeks and I was so much happier and Steve noticed the difference. He really does put up with a lot from me, not sure I would still be speaking to him if it was the other way round, he can be a selfish nob but at least he is understanding that it's not really me. I just wish they would be honest about everything..I mean it's not like we can say we aren't taking it as no treatment means you die but at least we would understand why we behave the way we do and can earn friends and family
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    Suzeanna, Could it be muscle pain? A radox bath is great for sore muscles. If that helped you could enquire about taking magnesium supplement or get magnesium oil to rob on. It rained all day yesterday and this morning. But we didn''t get the thunder and lightning we were warned about. It is horribly muggy though and the midges are out.
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    No need to be sorry Griff, it's clear you loved him for all his faults, which he clearly couldn't help. Sometimes people are just wired wrong. I had an uncle similar to that who spent all of his adult life in a secure home. Not sure they do that nowadays or whether it's the right thing or not but he was a danger to himself and other people, especially my Granny. Though I don't think she ever forgave herself for putting him in there it was all she could do at the time, and it was a really good home who looked after him for all his life.
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    Just seen the pictures of Badger in Valgrays facebook. What a gorgeous wee boy, especially with his hair cut. He looks really happy. The rescue my two came from say they have no problem rehoming old dogs. It is the younger, lively ones that are more difficult to place. They do assess them in a foster home and they are not rehomed until they are ready. They also assess the adopters very carefully and don't rehome on a first come, first served basis, They match dogs to their new families very successfully. I hope you had an uneventful journey home, Eve, and are not too tired. No wonder my bedding plants a re struggling this year. The temperature was 5'6 at 6o'clock this morning and it is now 22 degrees. The cold nights can't be good for them.
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    Hi folks I have been reading back. Thanks for the good wishes. Jim's drain is in for another 5weeks but at the end of July he starts chemo as the fluid collecting is probably connected to the spots in his lungs which are now changing. But the drainage has stopped which can only be good. He is in a lot of pain from the drain so is on morphine. We were at Blair Atholl for the weekend. W had quite a big room at the hotel for a change. This one had room for a big couch. I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning to see JIm standing at my side of the bed. I asked him what he was doing, thinking he was sleepwalking or something.. He replied he could not find Cleo. Not many places in a hotel room to lose a bog dog. She had been sleeping on the floor at his side of the bed. As he said her name we heard her tail thumping but still no sign of her. The more we said her name the more the tail thumped. Was she under the bed? Yes she was, stretched out on her side in a space the height of her so she could not turn round and could not get herself out. JIm had to reach under and grab her front paws and her collar and pull her out. How on earth she got under there I do not know. I do remember feeling three thumps on the bed during the night but thought Murphy, who was sleeping on the floor at the bottom of the bed , was dreaming and hitting the bed with his paws. as he ran in his dream. That must have been when she went under , but why? She will not reach under a chair for her toy or squeeze through a small space. I think she must have done it in her sleep.
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    Back home in sunny Dunoon (and it really is sunny) Dogs have been brilliant, they're such good travellers. Yay for Brian weeing Jazz. Loo doesn't sound pleasant though. Great that Wispa doesn't need a ramp yet, Owl. More good thoughts being sent to Jim and Blackmagic xx
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    Safe home with new car It has bigger engine and higher gear ratio so less tap dancing in hilly areas. Easier on dodgy ankle. But Wispa will need ramp or steps
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    Hope you get some peace from the trolls and bullies now Owl. And hope you did it in such a way they don't think they've won. Though no way of knowing what goes on in their warped little minds. Naughty Merlin lol. But happy belated birthday anyway. And good luck Brian in your new home. Hope you hear from the consultant soon Suzeanna. Just two more days of my hard labour punishment. Can't wait to be home lol.
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    Blimey you've had a busy day Jazz. So pleased for Brian you're getting him sorted. Bet he is too. How'd you manage to hurt your hand? Glad you had a great time with your friend Griff. Maybe one day I'll have one of them too lol
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    Tailgate of car which had been jammed suddenly righted itself last night. While it was still in a good mood I took crate out and turned it round so one door opens to the back but another opens inside car on driver side. So if tailgate jams again I can get Wispa out through side. Very pleasant today, cooler with breeze but still sunny.
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    bubble slept next to me all night. I took him in the garden when I got up for a wee, and he went yeaaaaa. he ate his breakfast have a safe cool day xxxx
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    Jazz, tell her she must give you a letter signing him over, you don't want that crap again
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    We are home after an eventful time. Poppy Panda started struggling yesterday and we had a warning light come up on the dash. We turned round to head to the nearest Fiat Dealership and service centre back in York so missed going to Castle Howard. Got to the Fiat place and the only help they offered was an appointment for a mechanic to look at it NEXT TUESDAY! We explained we were visiting and due home the following day & that the manual told us to get the car to the nearest Fiat dealership to check the problem out. The guy just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nothing he could do. He wasn't in the slightest bit interested and made that abundantly clear. If you find yourself in York steer clear of SG Petch Fiat dealership. We struggled back to the B&B and called out Green Flag. This meant we had to sit there waiting till the chap arrived which was about a while and a long time after the hour we were told initially. This chap thought it was the spark plugs and did something to them to enable us to run a little longer until we could get new ones but advised us not to try and get home on them as they were. Griff will make more sense of this than my explanation because engines are all greek to me and she and I had a back and forth on our phones yesterday. She kept me sane!! Then this morning we discovered a little independent garage behind the petrol station very close to our B&B. The boss dropped everything and got us sorted out in about an hour. Poppy was misfiring and he changed the plugs and the coil and she has run beautifully all the way back. This is the sort of service we get here from Andy round the corner from us and our local Fiat dealership are absolutely ace too. Both of these places will help you out whether your a local or a visitor and get you going as quickly as they can. So last night we took Poppy out to go and find somewhere for dinner but she was still not running very well and the warning light was back on. All we could do for our dinner was go to a lay-by close to the B&B where we'd spotted a chippy. An odd place for a bricks and mortar chip shop but I tell you it was hands down the best fish and chips I've had in a very, very long time. So that was a happy find. It's called The Snap Box and is near the village of Dunnington on the main York to Hull road. Do yourself a favour if you are ever in that area and go and bag yourself a delicious portion of crispy battered fish and chips. Now we are home Ruby needs to get her car sorted out so she can get to work on Monday.
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    It was wonderful seeing Yantan and Ruby and I enjoyed Jorvik and the Minster. The tickets are valid for a year so I am going back to the Minster as I didn't see all of it. We all got a bit tired and decided to call it a day. All ended up like drowned rats, even me with a long mac as my trouser legs got sodden. I didn't realise until we were on the way out that there are 64 Green Men in the minster, mostly in the chapter house which we did not see. I love Green Men so will go back some time and photograph them.
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    Griff I am so sorry to hear about your friend 😢 We are in our b&b in the countryside near York. What a great little find. The landlady is absolutely smashing. They have a couple of acres here with some pet farm animals, although we haven't seen any yet. We are in a ground floor annexe room with our own front door and a private patio area plus parking right outside. Everything is so well kept and clean. There's a lovely big bathroom with a walk in shower and bathrobes are provided plus many other lovely little touches. And it's not really all that expensive - far less than the tourists pay in our home town for pokey rooms with an en-suite stuffed in a cupboard! Owl it's very humid here. We stopped off in Ripon and Harrogate where it pelted us with rain but we got so hot in waterproofs we took 'em off and just stood under a brolly. We'll see you tomorrow 👍😁 Black magic I hope they get that aircon fixed for you. I'm so glad my little Panda has it as it's been a dogsend today. We are both very limpy but just keep finding benches to take 5 on. Eve that's hot! I couldn't cope with 30 degrees.
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    morning all its strange how something as simple as a message not coming through can cause an impact. that's the same with life. any small thing can change our lives xx Badger the old jack russel is coming today. hope these don't get too excited when the lady brings him. if he cant stay for any reason ill pass her onto the oldies club I sorted the shed yesterday. found a big and small elephant the dogs loved to lie on. mouse is camped on the big one. the small one I put on the floor for katie. she has moved it to her bed and is camped on that. its the same size as her lol
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    I am glad to say the other person calmed down and we have made peace after both apologising I am hopeless at rows, which ius why I am best living alone. It is me who has the thin skin. Took Wispa for a riverside walk on edge of the reserve. One of our favourite walks which we have not done for a while as the track to that place turns to a swamp in rain and car would get stuck.
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    lancets have just come from the chemist
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    She needs to get a good behaviourist Jazz, Luna is only young and sometime she will need to leave her and have nobody to watch her...I had a dog with SA and with work we sorted him, and there were unforseen times he had to be left.... you can't prevent emergencies and on those times I just had to leave him howl and bark and trash the place, luckily my neighbour was really good
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    I once worked in the office for a Calor Gas and parts supplier, but sometimes if the men were busy I went out to see customers and it was amazing the number of men who asked if I had 1/4in nipples! Shows how easily amused the male of the species can be. Poor little mouse! Last year Candy found a teeny baby field mouse in the garden and patted it to get it to play. One flat mouselet! She seemed very puzzled as to why it had stopped running around.
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    Plockton is an awful name for a lovely town. It's where they filmed Hamish McBeth as you all probably know. Turning 60 brings it's own special joys. Like a sample kit from the bowel cancer screening unit. It started out as a lovely day here but it's just started to cloud over.
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    S'OK thanks Griff. I am actually seeing my own GP and she specialises in asthma treatment. I have to be careful that my medicaments don't clash with anything new and she's on the ball.
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    I used to be a P A for one of the partners at a firm of insurance loss adjusters Griff, and I know they aren't always as efficient as one might hope! Keep at it! Owl, sorry for your loss. I can understand why she kept quiet about her illness, people treat you differently when they know and it can be hard to deal with. Hope this weather improves before next week or we'll need a boat to get to Scotland!
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    Bruises are getting better slowly but left hand is badly strained. I took Wispa out in Clumber Park today on a walking belt which took strain off my hands and shoulders.
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    I saw a couple of trailers for Wild Bill but I don't think it's for me, I've seen The Raft Owl and it was fascinating. We started The Hand Maiden last night. It's been around long enough that there are now 3 series available but I saw the film and tried to read the book and disliked both, so I have avoided this series until Ruby said "let's just try the first episode and see how it goes." The TV series is only based on the book so I think they may well have added to it. Anyway one episode down and it looks promising.
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    Oh, thank goodness owl!!!
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    I really need to get myself sat down and watch this stuff, my brother has been kind enough to get me Netflix and my dad has used it more than me !!! I shall add Dirty John to my list
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