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    I'm baffled. I've joined the ranks of the folk losing things that should be obvious! I've got two bright pink plant pot holders, the sort with a hanger that you can put on a fence. The fence is really overgrown with shrubs now, I took one off last summer and put it by the planters on the floor, the other was still on the fence. I promised them to my daughter...took the one on the fence off, looked for the other and it's totally vanished! It's not huge but it's not tiny either, how can it not be visible? Had to move the scooter so I could get the garden and recycling bins out and did a neat turn on the driveway without hitting anything. I've decided to call it the Chariot of Fear..not sure if I mean mine or other people's! Hippie Motors do some good stickers, I'm going to personalise it. Philip suggested jacking it up at the back so it would bunny hop but I think that's a step too far.
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    I managed to buy my Skoda today. The first I was interested sold before I did anything, the second was bought on the internet the day I was arranging to view it. Third time lucky but it is dearer than I rally wanted to pay and higher milage than the others but a very nice car with a higher spec than th others. I should collect it next weekend once it has been trough the workshop.. It had com in just before lockdown so hadn't been touched. It was a pleasure to drive after the Insignia.
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    Suzeanna Just realized you are going to get rid of your posh frocks!!! Nooooo, go eccentric lol....start doing the garden dressed up and putting the bin out all glamned up lol....all the neighbours will be talking about you!
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    awww gentle hugs for ruby xxxx ive taken a box of dvds to a neighbour for his son, who hadn't told him I was bringing them lol but a few inches of space in my bedroom now. got to sort the rest now. need to check how much it is to send a parcel to southern Ireland, send her the nice pieces I got for her to sell for the rescue
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    Eve, both you and Owl have had the mental strain of seeing close relatives or partners suffering with their illnesses, so no doubt although some of us have the physical problems, you haven't escaped the emotional ones! Another glorious day with the sun beating down. Ok, I'm lying. It's raining again.
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    I saw that about the young mum who died from bowel cancer as did Ruby. Although it's a horrible process she's glad she's getting her treatment. Griff hopefully there's just one more to go after tomorrow's session. Suzeanna yes I need a different type of antibiotics - or at least that was the case last time. I've got a phone appointment with a GP later today. We are waiting for our soup, rolls and new phones to arrive. We usually get the shop to transfer our info from old phones to new but will have to do it ourselves this time. I anticipate a lot of swearing. Don't be fooled by the tourist industry claims about being desperate for business. They've all had handsome payouts from the government. 2nd home owners who holiday let their 2nd and sometimes 3rd and 4th homes have recieved ยฃ10,000 per property to cover their losses.
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    I intend to avoid all antisocial wildlife and hope it feels the same way about me.
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    Griff, I mentioned a bird box to my daughter, she's going to look for one but put it up in the garden rather than right behind the back door. Their place has a funny set up, the house and the garden are nowhere near each other! Eve, I see Nicola is talking about the English having to be quarantined if we dare to put a foot into Scotland, we obviously are wicked and germ laden! I took the Chariot of Fear out today to walk with Philip and Candy, said oh, it doesn't go very fast does it? Philip got that long suffering look that men get at times, strolled back and altered a control knob I hadn't noticed from the tortoise symbol to the hare. After which I nearly ran over Candy! Nastiness all round Owl, they sound as bad a rival football supporters. Don't let it get to you, for heaven's sake. It's no wonder Leicester have a spike in infection, I was reading about the clothing manufacturing there...all close together, no PPE of any sort and worse of all, they are only paid ยฃ4 an hour, which is against the law. Some there who preferred to stay anonymous said even when people had symptoms they were told to come in and shut up or they'd lose their jobs. Of course, all the employees are non white and not only work but live close together, perfect storm.
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    Owl, that sounds horrendous and straight out of Midsomer Murders! Can the Trust do as Griff suggests and put some cameras up? It sounds like it's getting dangerous when wheel nuts are being loosened. No haircuts here till 15th July, I'm assuming the 2m rule will be relaxed for that but it hasn't been explicitly mentioned. It stays for just about everything else and from next Friday we have to wear masks in shops even though we haven't had to for the past 14 weeks and presumably next week is safe too. Wonder why the virus is going to be particularly virulent from then in Scotland but nowhere else. You wicked English people haven't been breathing hard in our direction have you and your germs are set to land then ๐Ÿ˜‚ Everything is your fault, don't you know.
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    Hahaha you're lucky she didn't give you a mowhawk
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    A hairdresser would have to have bloody long arms to stay 6ft back ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I've been to Ruby's hairdressers today. I've ended up with a short back and sides. Not what I asked for therefore I didn't leave a tip ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    The first few posts on this page are from a novel, right? Intrigue and fake personas lol. My life is sooo boring in comparison. Bindi sounds like Nick Jazz. He is a total clown with his chewies, tossing them around and chasing after them but if one goes in an inaccesible (to him) place the whole house knows about it. Hope you get your TV problems fixed Owl. Think I'd only miss football if I didn't have one but I could mostly watch those online. Richard watches TV a lot so it's often on but I only listen to the radio and read if he's not here. Heavy rain here today so didn't get the dogs out till 6ish. Lovely blue skies now but more rain forecast for tomorrow. Was going to have a rant on something but probably best not to. Life is what it is.
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    I like having a TV especially in winter. The story with mine is that all the frequencies were changed at end of Jan. I followed instructions on how to reset it but nothing worked. Then came several weeks of high winds followed by heavy rains and we were marooned while neighbouring villages were flooded. I planned to get the engineer to sort it out and get a cable down to my bedroom at the same time so I can watch my small set upstairs. For this we needed more sensible weather. Then somehow I got involved in other stuff, and then we went into lockdown.
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    im someone else on there. I talk to someone who doesn't know who I am, that hurt me as my other name. what I don't get on catfish, they immediately find the person, using the info the victim had. why didn't they find them?
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    morning all hot here already. bindi loves her new bed and teddy bear pillow be safe out there xx
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    So do I but keep tins of some things as backup for emergencies. I have tried the hazelnut milk and it is excellent. Wispa is back to what passes for normal with her. Up at 5.30, breakfast and a wander in the garden then back to sleep. Looks much brighter, moving better.
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    Suzeanna, it's not admitting defeat, it's using a device to improve your aren't giving up ( coz I won't let you lol)
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    No Griff, the swan would simply square up to the dog. Swans are like like airliners. They need a long runway on ground. Fortunately it seems to have gone today. Most swans have flown back to the river so it's likely that that this one joined them as they flew over. All birdbrain had to do to get airborne was turn round away from the fence.
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    Happy Birhday Merlin โค We have a hedgehog that has a run right across all the gardens of this row. Our next-door-but-one neighbour, Mandy who works at our vets, is the local go-to expert for all things hedgie. She rehabilitates injured or sick hedgehogs and lost or orphaned baby hogs. Anyway the resident hog waits outside her front door every night at dusk for his dinner which she provides. I was out in the garden taking the air a few weeks back and could hear Mandy chatting away to him when she brought his meal out. As regards the idiots both on beaches and elsewhere and on social media it just goes to show that you cannot cure stupid. It is however rather alarming just how many there are ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ˜น Black magic I'm very glad you managed to get a car you like. I hope you have many happy miles of motoring in it ๐Ÿ‘ Owl that is very considerate of you to make that buffer twixt your garden & cemetery.
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    thank you hun. my precious man is 12 today. hes having hot dogs for tea
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    And a very good excuse it is too Yantan ๐Ÿ˜‚ Pleased you sorted the keys out Owl. We don't have a precise hedgie zone in our garden.They just wander wherever they feel like, usually where the birds are messiest but often find them in other spots, hopefully before Nick does! That's so frustrating Suzeanna. Hope you get referred soon. Bit humid here but not unbearably hot. Lots of rain forecast for the next few days too. Probably why we'll never get the hordes invading our little beach. Though Honey was most put out this morning when a man and his dog were on HER bit of beach. There's a secluded bit at the end of the main beach which hardly anyone goes to and Honey thinks of as her private domain. She gave them a good telling off before stomping back to the car. That told them lol. My missing glasses were under the sofa Karen - and, no, I have no idea how they got there. Might be worth a look?
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    Oh..after a phone call where I actually got through to the vascular department at the hospital, I found from one of the secretaries that I shouldn't have been referred to them. It should have been cardiology. Hang on...the aorta is part of the vascular system, isn't it? Erm, yes but we don't deal with it. Ah, ok. So you passed the referral onto the right department, yes? Erm, no. We emailed the doctor who sent it to us to tell us he had to refer it to the right department. Silence from me whilst I contemplated this. I wouldn't mind betting the blasted departments are next to each other! Ruddy NHS red tape! On a brighter note, Philip has two weeks off, starting today. Now, where shall we go? Back garden? Front garden? Living room? Summer house? The options are mind boggling!
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    I am sickened by the selfishness of the human race..truly I am, not only do they have little regard for themselves and their families but the others they will likely infect... Then we come to the rubbish... now, when I was a kid, I was raised that if you couldn't find a bin, you stuffed the rubbish in your pocket, back into your picnic bag etc and found a bin or dumped it at home, seems that parks, beaches, open spaces all across the country are treated with the exact same lack of cleanliness. I went in to town today, I went to primarni, no queue, tonnes of hand gel, lots of staff making sure people entered and exited the correct way and on my way out the security guard actually thanked me!! There was one silly mare in there.... trying on shoes!! The staff shot straight over and told her no... you can't try on shoes! I now have a new hat and underwear and socks so if lockdown restarts....I am good!
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    Eye test went fine, only waiting outside fro a few minutes and it was in shade. Eye health very good, photos of eyes identical to some taken in 2009 so doing well. pressure ok so no glaucoma. Reason I have a lot of eye strain is because my reading glasses need to be much stronger. New ones will arrive a week on Saturday. Also ordered some prescription sunnies as optician says to avoid strong ultraviolet light. Only thing which has gone wrong so far today is that I got an unjustified parking ticket. Not warden's fault, as my ticket was stuck to windscreen with a sticky gel pad and it melted in extreme heat and fell on to dashboard with ticket face down. I will contest the fine as I have the valid ticket to show. Apart from in the opticians, no one walking around masked except me and a pregnant lady. I got some odd looks but I didn't care and felt a lot more confident in town with a mask, being something of a social phobic.
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    Sorry Griff, not ignoring you but was posting at same time. Horrible situation to be in, and you have to look after you.
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    Probably shouldn't say too much about who's cutting cranky's hair on a public forum. Suffice to say it's not her husband of convenience. So sorry about your mum. You know where I am if you ever need to talk (big hug) xx
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    morning hun xxx its my daughter in laws birthday and mothers anniversary, 9 years today I lost her. lungs are hurting so doing well. lewis is putting the new complete curtains up today. the lady gave me a lamp shade too love to all, be safe xxx
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    I'm with you Eve regarding the heat, I don't like it too hot, gives me headaches. It's still reading 25.5 upstairs here! Owl, our big gull kept coming in really low over the garden this evening, just swooping down and round for about five minutes. We got a good look at it, yellow legs..that makes it a lesser black backed doesn't it? There are usually two of them, but only this one tonight. I hope nothing's happened to the other one. Must remember, I have an appt at the doctor's to have a blood test in the morning and must wear a facemask.
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    Yep Suzeanna, I'm with Griff on this - wear them just for the hell of it ๐Ÿ˜€
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    just asked on freecycle if someone has curtains, someone has, so will go and pick them up. I will put them in the bedroom, in the packet and not open them!
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    Call her bluff Griff..ask her has she made her will? Is there anything she wants a particular person to have, and does she want a cremation or burial? If you stop trying to persuade her to do things to live, maybe planning what to do if she dies might shock her into being sensible!
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    Nothing that really matters but what is Mozzas Griff? Hope you can get her to eat and drink but I guess you can't force her to, especially if emotional blackmail doesnt't work. Really feel for you xx Very hot here today and meant to be the same all week. Don't mean to appear trivial when you're all going through so much but I haven't anything else to talk about. Hope you all know I'm thinking of you all xx
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    The council-run OAP home in Worksop also has a rehab section with suitable facilities, and sometimes younger people go there after accidents etc. After a cold damp start the sun has come out. Meeting friend at reserve this evening, that will please Wispa.
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    the foster is going to his new home today. they loved him at the homecheck, so hope they keep him, if not hes staying here. poor sod cant keep moving about at his age
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    Yes what Suzeanna says above Eve. Ruby's feeling rubbish this morning. It's awful watching her go through this. I hope other poorly people are doing ok and all appointments go well. Sainsbury's are due to deliver anytime now so I'll go and glove and mask up and top of with a visor.
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    I really feel for Ruby, I hate Wednesday for that exact side effects are mild really, nausea and stomach pains today with a headache and extreme fatigue tomorrow but I will usually be o.k by tomorrow Evening Friday morning...give her a very gentle squeeze from us xx Medicine is a marvelous thing and it's incredibly clever what they can do for people but some of the effects are as bad as the diseases themselves
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    Whatever it is you didn't rant about, I hope it will work out ok xx Bindi is a little drama queen. Life on the reserve is getting like a novel in quite the wrong way. 2 years ago some dog walkers found a note on the windscreen of their car accusing them of illegal fishing. When they drove off they found their wheel nuts had been loosened. Luckily they found out while still on the byway before they reached a main road. A couple of days ago the same thing happened, this time to one of the many cars parked on the approach road to the visitor centre. The main gates and car park are shut at present but people can access the reserve via a stile as it is public footpath. No note was left, but the technique was the same as 2 years ago. The results were more dangerous as the driver got on to the main road before the wheels came loose. It was just luck that there was not a bad accident. There was no way anyone could have thought this driver was a fisherman. It's very worrying, and the authorities are taking it seriously.
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    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, then? I just had to share this, which someone posted on a local birdwatching site: "For the last two years I have run a wildlife site on Facebook featuring stills and video of Badgers, Barn Owls and Foxes. This last 3 months I have through Facebook live producer been streaming live footage direct from the Barn Owls nest Box onto my site as they laid six eggs which have now hatched. Itโ€™s like a mini Springwatch site. On Monday I and my stream was blocked by Facebook for contravening community standards on Adult Nudity and sexual activity. I have tried in vain to contact Facebook to find out what the hell is going on, I immediately objected to this decision but have heard nothing. After the block was lifted after 24 hours I carried on thinking that common sense would prevail and they would see their error. Alas no as last night exactly the same thing occurred for exactly the same reason. Now my site has built up quite a following and there are a lot of angry people out there wanting to know what the hell Facebook are playing at including me and the lack of opportunity to contact them is at the least very frustrating. Any ideas on how this could resolved?" You couldn't make it up. Since when did owls (apart from me) wear clothes? ๐Ÿฆ‰
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    Morning! I seem to have got into the annoying habit of waking at around 3.30 and staying awake until gone 5. The more horror stories I read online about the idiots in the country the less I really want to get out and about again! Tracy (Snow) had shared a video taken at Limehouse (is that London?) of a group of morons walking along by the marina. One woman kicked a swan that had come up to the water's edge looking for food, and a chap who presumably worked there went up to have a word. A young guy on an electric scooter then rushed up behind him and pushed him into the water and they all walked off laughing! Poor guy might not have been able to swim, but I doubt they cared.
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    Two people in our village with Covid. Doncaster cases rising. To hell with easing up, we in Harworth are battening down the hatches.
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    I went to the market today...we always go early anyway but it was packed as we were leaving...tonnes of hand sanitizer for people to use.. people just walked past it!! Social distancing??? We kept standing back and waiting but others would just walk right in front of you and the arrows stating one way..... number of people walking the wrong way!! We got p*ssed off and left quickly
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    What disgusting behaviour by selfish, irresponsible, idiots in Dorset. All these weeks of sacrifice put in jeopardy with every passing day what with protests, street parties and now this on Dorset beaches. 2nd wave here we come.
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    I am actually booked in for my haircut 4th July!! I have to arrive 5minutes before my appointment time, wear a mask, have my temp taken and pay contactless...all fine with me....oooo nearly forgot to sanitise!! Hmmmm I have seen tonnes of YouTube videos on cutting hair, my cousin is a hairdresser and barber and I would not rely upon video call to get my haircut done. Boris' hair is always somewhat unkempt but there's no way on this planet I would accuse him of having a barber in!! Everyone I know has been dead good with a couple of exceptions this past week but that's on them. I haven't had a haircut since Jan/Feb and actually I am really surprised I am not in a worse state Mum is really really hard work, never in my life would I imagine I would be cleaning up sh*t, I have surprised myself! We have had words Tonight and basically I am done now, she isn't eating and she was trying to make out she had ate loads...I pointed out she may have had rice crispies however it was a big bowl with hardly any cereal, she had cheese 2 small pieces and a couple of crackers, dad said she wasn't eating properly she said keep on and you will said we will see what?? She said she wouldn't eat, I just told her I have a sh*t load of codeine, crack on and top herself...get it over and done with. I have run myself ragged for 6 weeks...I am making myself ill and she isn't even enough. I am not bothering to ask if she wants me to fetch xyz....she can sod off. It's pathetic, childish and controlling and I am going to concentrate on me
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    Yes it is and so have I. Predictive text can be fun. Good thing I checked the shopping list I texted to my neighbour before I sent it. She would have been baffled by my request for a sandpiper. We have realised why all the owlets in nest box at the visitor centre died. Someone looked through all the cctv video. Mother owl went missing, and must have met with accident or something. Father does not feed owlets directly for the first 2 weeks of their life, but passes food to mother to give to them. Owls are highly specialised and not very adaptable, and not actually very wise. So owlets were not fed, and Mr Owl lost his babies as well as his missus
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    oh right. lets hope you are kept informed this time xx my friend just rung. she took one of the stray cats mother fed, so had her 9 years. she lost her today, she was about 17. The last connection to mother
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    I shall give you the latest on my mum...she should be home Saturday, her foot is more swollen than when she went to hospital as she now can't get her shoe on.. that's her coming home in socks then lol. I am dropping her walking stick and crutch off later and she is having a telephone consultation with our own practice nurse tomorrow...I expect her to be going back to hospital to be quite honest Yantan has seen her leg and it is proper Ming
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    Yeah, then to top my day off, was checking mums emails and there was a email from the surveyor..non payment of bill ..we sent the payment in February to the solicitors as per her request and she obviously hasn't paid
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    Evening all... tracked mum down after calling the hospital! Then the care home Yep, old folks home, she is dumped in a room on her own with no tv! She was left there, needed the loo, struggled on her walking frame, nearly collapsed coming back and when I called the home to get her to call me, she was crying. She won't listen to reason, refuses to accept any responsibility for any of this...I hung up on her. She called me back half hour later, lady had done her an induction, occupational therapist will see her Tuesday and Thursday.... don't see much progress being made... I tried talking to her again, said it's been really stressful for us and my dad has aged 10 years.. she said I don't know what you want me to say? I said that you will eat properly, drink properly and sort yourself out.... said I may as well talk to the will take more notice of me....I give up now, quite obviously she doesn't care about my dad
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    Suzeanna...sorry to hear about your son Eve, mums still in hospital...had a bad few days, being lied to and messed about and now this evening we have found someone has stolenยฃ65 out of her was there 2 days ago and it's staff as nobody else can walk! It's also been done at night so whilst she is sleeping....I can't express how angry I am. I haven't bored you all but yantan knows the whole sorry mess...I am very very stressed and bloody angry
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    You can block people you don't know easily enough but when it turns out that people you know face to face have extreme views it is a bit of a shock. I don't mean views which differ from mine. Some Fugees hold views different from mine, not a problem. It is the sentimental yearning to get everything back to the 1940s when everything was allegedly perfect, from people who were not even born then which I find hard going. One birdwatcher who I see around and have always got along with, blamed an appalling alcohol-fuelled vandalism of a WW1 memorial by a group of young males on our too-liberal society for removing the distinction between men and women. No idea how he worked that one out!
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