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    Have you ever tried the tanning booth, Griff? where they turn you round like a spit roast? Philip just came back from walking Candy and said he'd been round the field and was coming back down the jitty and met this group of late teen/early twenties standing near the end in clouds of very aromatic smoke. He said they were very chatty and complimented him on the fact his sunglasses matched his t shirt. I said never mind that, didn't you ask them where they got the stuff from?😏
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    Fabulous hehe ... well, yesterday I really cheered myself up by wearing a long tunic with owls on just to do some warden stuff and birdwatching. I realised that always wearing my Bill Oddie outfit was starting to bring my spirits down. As long as I don't wear anything too bright I won't scare the birds and get dirty looks from the birders. Wearing a bit of jewellery as well. Goodness knows when I will go anywhere to dress up for, so might as well enjoy the clothes I like, and do my best to be fabulous anyway.
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    Not a very nice day here although it's not raining. It's cold, our central heating kicked in this morning, and awfully grey. I've re-started my diet and lost 5lbs to date. I shouldn't have gone off it during lockdown like I did. I gained a whopping 40lbs 😟 Never mind, I'll get it off. I know I CAN do it now!.
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    Are you bringing all of them up to Dunoon with you Griff? 😧 I've only 3 bedrooms so some of them will have to share 🤣
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    Elwood is learning manners, which saves my fingers. Sorting out the barking too. He knocked his bowl out of my hands so thats tomorrows lessons. Lewis took Mouse and him over the fields for 2 hours. Hes good on the lead. His harness fits, but not for long. Hes a strange shape, so the other harnesses dont fit so will see which one I need to get when he grows a big. ooo his tooth fell out, aww ikkle baby one
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    we was supposed to do an hour on the m11, but turns out he comes 10 minutes away so very happy. hugo likes to help. hes such a gentleman. bindi doesnt want to be kissed by elwood, she told him to bugger off
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    Yay! Have located my debit card. It is in a farm shop which I visited a couple of weeks ago. I suddenly remembered and decided to give them a call before ringing bank to get a replacement. It is about 10 miles away, so we will go and collect it and have a walk on the riverbank nearby.
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    Ah, puppy snuggles, Jazz. The reason you cannot meet in a house but can in a pub is that you may not adhere to social distancing in the house but the staff a the pub will be implementing social distancing as they don't want to have to close. The outbreak in the west has ben traced to house gatherings, not to pubs. hence the restrictions on houses but not pubs. Met up with a friend for beach walk with the dogs yesterday, followed by coffee and a chat at her house. It was nice to get out and meet up with someone for a change. There is so little happening now- no clubs, meetings etc. Just seen a notice that Christmas will be delayed until Mid January as Santa will have to self isolate when he comes into the country.
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    Yes, it was indeed lovely to see them all, especially as I am usually there when no one else can go. I took my friend with me to meet them all and to see what was being done, and he was very interested. Then we took Wispa for a walk and did some bird watching.
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    or mud. Have accepted an offer on my house tonight. Another milestone.
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    Owl, you can get these now You can select the colour ( they have a nice bright pink one) Just keep the card you lose in that and you will spot it easily
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    I have been out for lunch at my friend's. She wanted to show off her new kitchen/diner and sun room extension. It is very nice. It was started in February but stalled due to lockdown so has been a long haul, but worth it for the end product. It started off dull here but turned out sunny and hot so we were able to sit in the garden. Since I came home the black clouds have arrived- very black clouds but is still dry. I went shopping this morning and Tesco was very quiet. there were no queues to get in or at the checkouts. A lot of tourists must have headed home last week- Scottish schools started last Wednesday - as our road has been much quieter this week.. There are still many camper vans in the camp sites and on the main road though. Got a couple of viewers tomorrow. One os a second viewing.
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    I am staying with the Siamese cat look. Brown face and paws, pale everywhere else.
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    Ahhhh right suzeanna, pleased you have had some relief though. Owl, that's a lovely thing that your friend has done....and her dog too, very good to accept two dogs
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    Good news on the Elwood front Jazz. Hope the blood test gives you a solution. Glad your friend is getting a bit of respite Owl. It's so tough and isolating being a full time carer. Been a bit dull and chilly here today, but hopefully a bit of sun coming over the next couple of days. I seem to be suffering from terminal weariness today lol. Managed to get a bit of shopping done this morning but done little else since. My motivation and energy has totally disappeared but hoping a bit of sunshine will bring it back. Hope everyone is as well as they can be. Even if you don't feel up to posting much we're still thinking of you all xx
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    I was moving the dogs in rooms he wasnt in lol He came on behalf of the housing association, to see if anything needs doing I call Kevin and Hugo the twins. they are always together, and were born 5 days apart, in different countries. They both know their jobs, lovely lads. Seems I now have 'the terrible twins', Bindi and Elwood. They have teamed up to go in the garden together, and 'help' me. Just made the bed. Elwood wrapped himself in the duvet, so had to make one side, move the duvet and him, to the other side. Bindi was in the pillow case I was putting on the pillow. Ill finish making it when I get in it
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    yorkie strop from bindi in 5....4...3........ Her places to sleep are behind me, Elwood is there, or her favourite pillow, kevin and Hugo are on it. Shes stared at them, they are asleep to ignored her, and shes tried to lie with them, nope, so full on sulk any minute
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    be safe! the real elwood is here! I remember what a pup is like now, can we go back to yesterday lol
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    nice easy night. he slept next to me. went out for a wee in the night then slept till we got up, then a wee in the garden. Hes learnt to sit for a treat and wait his turn. Lewis cant wait to come round after the cars MOT. Mouse and elwood are booked for a play date tomorrow be safe out there xx
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    hes stopping. it was hearts and flowers when the driver put him in my arms. he put his face to mine and kept it there the whole time I was carrying him to the car. hugo is taking him in the garden, and is lay next to him now. Its like hes always been here
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    hes huge! very long. settled straight away, fine with these
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    another 3 hours, ill have elwood. I am calm, keep breathing .......
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    So pleased you found your debit card Owl and even more pleased no one was hurt when the tree came down. Well done Kota at the vets. Horrible when they have to have surgery but it's best if the lump is removed, unless she is too old or ill, which thankfully she isn't. Not saying I was bored today or anything but I cleaned my oven!!! The state of it shows I haven't been bored enough for quite a while lol. Richard has gone down to England to visit family so I have the evening to myself. Dogs are tired as it was a pack walk day so hopefully will be a peaceful evening. You ready for the puppy mayhem Jazz?
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    Survived the vets with no sedatives lol. She has to go in and have the lump removed...groan
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    I keep my bag and purse open till I have put it back
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    No, I don't have a flip cover, I have one of those flexible silicone mobile covers. The card usually lives in either a small zipped pocket in my fisherman's waistcoat or in the cards pocket of my small shoulder bag. In this case a bright cover would not have helped as I had never even picked it up after I paid. What would help is if I can make a habit of checking I have my card whenever I leave a shop.
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    Best order a nice bright cover for it Owl!!
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    Thanks...I am having to take her unsedated, it's just the jabs today, need to have a chat with my own vet....he can't do the jabs, apparently they are all doing certain clinics. I want him to operate as her last surgery well...the scars not as neat as his work. It's a logistical nightmare too, have to sedate her, get her handed over and I get a call a few hours later begging me to come get her, she's proper bonded to me....the weirdo
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    Elwood has left the rescue. Im meeting the van at 8am tomorrow just up the road
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    Good morning x One last search for my debit card today, which will include mucking out the van. If no luck, then will go to bank tomorrow with ID etc and see if I can draw some cash, and cancel card and order new one. It's still functioning on Paypal but I can't get into internet banking without it. I will get the new one a bright yellow case to live in.
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    Off anywhere nice Griff? Was lovely here today so we went to the beach this morning as it was low tide and the dogs had a good run around for an hour. Spent the rest of the day in the garden making the most of the sun as it's back to rain for tomorrow.
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    Eve... likewise, no way would I do a puppy again! Deagan was an absolute breeze as a puppy but she's six now, I only just managed 6 years ago, I will have Steve's boy when he gets him but that will just be whilst he is at work and not whilst he has Molly as it's not fair on her..... plus it's only for about 8 hours a day Owl, sounds like you both had a lovely time...I am pleased xx Lol..... yeah poor santa.....can you imagine trying to explain why he can come to your house but your nan and grandad can't....oh the lies!!
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    Some of the rules are indeed illogical. I went to an event for the first time today, an outdoor one. We had tea and snacks at Muddy Fork project as the trustees wanted to thank those of us who have kept the gardens, tree nursery, beehives and polytunnels going through lockdown and drought.
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    Quiet in here today - hope everyone is enjoying their busy day. Got a bit of tidying up done in the garden, then my son came over for a couple of hours. He lives in one of the areas that's on partial lockdown - he can come and meet with us in a pub or restaurant but not in our house or garden. We decided that was just too ridiculous for words and so he came to the house and I let him in. What rebels we are lol. If the rescue have found homes for the pups are you still having one as a foster Jazz?
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    Not these days blackmagic. Most boots are now waterproof but you do have to look after them and treat them with decent polishes like Nik-wax or sprays if they are of fabric construction to keep them waterproof. I've worn waterproof boots for years now.
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    Good for you Owl!! I always dress up regardless of where I am going, just been for a blood test in a pretty dress and a pair of high sandals that are super sparkly, a man was walking past me and said how on earth do you walk in shoes that high with crutches?? I just laughed and said I was gifted lol...he said I looked nice....that was lovely of him Need to wait for the Dr to call me....wonder what my blood will decide to do this time
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    Welllllll, I went, I wanted lemonade...I got Carling lol.... lovely when they know your usual. I didn't pay...not sure anyone actually paid lol. Managed to escape after one pint, he then rung me to say he was heading over to balsall, jump a cab and he would pay and look after me lol....I know loads of people there as that's where I drink usually. I politely declined, he had begun seeing someone in January and I was really happy for him, sadly, he told me tonight it's not worked out. He said he is going to move to Spain and has said that he wants me to go visit him...bless, I just said WhatsApp video call me and make me jealous of your pool views! Steve has taken the idea why, robs been chasing me since I was 16, didn't happen... won't happen. I have repeatedly asked him to come for a beer and meet Rob... won't do it, I even asked him to come tonight..... just blanked the invite...not really very much I can do, won't not see my mate for his birthday, I like rob because he doesn't judge me, rob likes me because I am honest and I expect nothing from fact, last year I was the only person to buy him a Drink on his birthday.. this year I bought him a bottle of sambucca
  40. 1 point should see my baby bump!! Infact...I will show you lol I too have the heating on, got the place to myself and have actually for the first time ever put a film on prime!! Well, I got it free for 6 months so why not!
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    ETT caught by her dad who went upwind of her, crawling on belly through wet grass, and then she got his scent and came to eat from his hand,
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    If I find my debit card, or when I get a replacement, I will certainly get one of those brightly coloured cases. Usually it lives in a small zipped pocket in my shooter's waistcoat or in a similar one on my bag, but somehow I must have dropped it or put it down somewhere.
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    Lol...Steve thinks it's the best thing ever!!
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    Good morning. Wind thankfully has dropped a lot. Hair dresser this afternoon. The unisex barber I used to go to in Worksop has not reopened so will try one in the village, hoping that with social distancing and limited numbers it will be bearable. I find ladies' hair salons uncomfortable, too many people talking at once, dryer noise and chemical smells.
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    Do you get a prize for having a set, Griff? At least you are missing the pathologist and hopefully will for a very very long time! Eve, if you have a large garden you could put up tents and charge them for glamping?😁
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    Pleased the cream helped Suzeanna. Don't the cat rescues have any indoor cats needing adopted? Not all cats go out and roam. The little oldie terriers sound great fun Owl. Well done to your friend for fostering them and keeping their owner up to date. Hope you really are ok Griff. Here for you whether you need us or not.
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    I got some hydrocortisone cream Griff and it seems to have helped already. On the info they give you after you finish the rt they say do not put hot or cold compresses on the area (who would put hot ones on anyway?!), though it's very tempting! That's very good of your friend, Owl. I don't think Candy would appreciate sharing her home with another dog. She does like cats though and I thought about getting a kitten but it seems even common or garden moggies cost over 100, and the ones I've seen in rescues say not to be homed near a busy road. As we are on a bus route, they wouldn't even consider us.
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    That's a big relief, Jazz. My friend has taken in 2 little crossbreed terrier girls on long term foster for their dad who is in hospital. She rings him every day to tell him about their antics, which always cheers him up. One is 16 and the other, the naughtiest, is nearly 19. They are like 2 pups, always into everything. Her 13 year old yorkie mothers them!
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    morning hunnies. in so much pain. need to get important things done then take the stronger pills. if i spout rubbish, its the pills
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    ooo im bad. ive left a message with the hospital. Lewis mostly got the right stuff.
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