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    drips, blood tests, got loads of painkillers that I wanted
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    has another good walk in the sunshine but Like Eve, we are supposed to get heavy rain tomorrow. Ah, well I will be forced to do housework. My excitement today is to order a new ironing table. The one I have was a wedding present 53 years ago and is still going strong but weighs a ton which I am less able to lift. So, I have invested in a light weight one. I also ordered some bargain wool for knitting blankets for the rescue my dogs have come from. the dogs come from Ireland so are stuck there due to Brexit and covid. When they can travel there will be lots needed as each dog gets one to take with them to their new home. That was a more pleasurable purchase.
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    back doors are still open, like this weather we have always been close, which is good because ive hardly heard from david, though he saw me not able to breathe, how swollen my hands get, and the rest of me. he is there when needed, but his wife has just put on facebook they are fed up of making cakes, but they havent offered me any boooo lewis bought me creme eggs today to cheer me up awwww
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    This one really has to be better! Each and everyone of you are special and loved Dont forget it Be safe xxxx
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    we slept! pills are working for him have a safe warm day xxx
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    got my emergency appointment through, 10 march
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    morning took 2 lots of painkillers in the night so a tad stoned. Pain is still there, slightly less at last rheumatology nurse rung me back, shes getting me an emergency appmt to talk to the consultant
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    I washed the faux fur throw from the settee Candy has claimed as her own, it dried very quickly but I had to put half a dozen pegs on it to make sure it didn't blow away!
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    Yay for Lewis Jazz, what a lovely son you have. Much the same here Blackmagic. Spent most of the day in the garden pruning and tidying up and following the sun around. As well as snowdrops, muscari and crocuses in bloom we have some mini daffs too. Really cheered me up
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    looks like we have found one for her xx be safe xx
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    ive put it all away, the boxes went in the recycle just before the binmen came
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    I was going to say nothing happened here and it's too late for anything to happen ... then I saw someone had tagged me. Old retriever wandering along the verge on southbound A1. I am staying put as several sensible folk have gone out, including someone who thinks he knows who the dog belongs to. I called Highways England and they have logged it and put out a call, as this is a traffic hazard. I am in bed and will stay awake until there is some news.
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    night all xxxx
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    Same when I lived 'oop north'. Strangely, the only shops dogs were left tied up outside was the coop or tesco. It has always been there custom to walk the dogs to the shops. Mind you anybody stealing a dog had a 100 mile journey to get away to anywhere. There was one report of the infamous 'white van' in the area. A woman was walking from the coop up a short passage to the main shops. A main thoroughfare so not narrow or secluded. She had two dogs on leads in one hand and two bags in the other. A man came up behind and took hold of the dogs ' leads saying ' can I give you a hand?'. Fortunately, she hung on to them and said 'no'. He went away, probably because she was in a shopping area with people around. The same van was seen reported later on Orkney. The jungle drums were active and they quickly left Orkney for the mainland and disappeared down south again. I can remember when I was a child our dog went to the shops with my mum. But he was not on a lead and was not tied up. He took himself to the back door of the butcher's shop to get a bone. One day as he walked beside her there was a woman in front of her with a shopping basket. On top of the basket was balanced a bag from the bakers. The dog reached forward and neatly lifted the bag off the basket and ran off with it. The woman do not notice him doing it. My mum carried on as if nothing had happened. I bet the woman was surprised when she got home and found it missing. She probably thought it had fallen off.
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    According to my phone, it's minus 2 outside but feels like minus 9 with the windchill! Luckily for me, Philip walks Candy, I don't. Just got out of a nice hot bath so I should be warm for the rest of the evening. Saw online someone had their American bulldog stolen from outside a Morrison's in Aberdeen. Has the dog thieves message not got round Scotland, Eve and blackmagic? or is it the old "won't happen to me" syndrome? I devoutly hope they get it back, but that is a perfect candidate for a bait dog, sadly. Philip bought some wild bird seed which is supposedly for robins and songbirds. How do I explain to the magpies and pigeons that they don't fit either description? Perishers hoover up most of it before the little birds get a chance!
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    nice man has been about the conservatory roof. getting a darker plastic panes so will keep the sun out
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    Crimewatch tomorrow evening is about dog theft.
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    I have a rape alarm which I was given years ago, by the police, in case of assault in my customer facing job. I must look it out and see if it is working. I read advice to carry a personal alarm handy in your pocket so you can sound it if necessary. The noise will startle them and alert others around you. It is vey easy to get complacent when you think you know where you live but these low life travel around looking their chance. When I lived up north it was common for dogs to left tied up outside shops. Particularly the Coop which was frequented by the older generation. My grandson couldn't understand why I would not leave Cleo tied up outside Sainsbury's., which many do. He left his scooter tied up outside the corner shop and it was gone when he came out. he came home and told his mum, When she went back to the shop it had been returned. I pointed out to him what had happened to his scooter but he he replied 'But I got it back'. I explained I did not want to have to get Cleo back! We have 12 inches of snow so have not been out today. Cleo was a bit bewildered when she went outside this morning and sank into it.
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    It will be. It is gathering such momentum that co ordinators are rushed off their feet. Phones have been ringing all day from various media both local and national, several of the team gave interviews today. Watch this space, as they say. Jazz, when did that incident happen. with your friend?
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    the rescue brought the ramp round and lewis brought shopping so im sorted
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    morning all xx very icy out there. need to poop scoop, it will only be the dry path, the rest is covered in snow anyway lol be safe out there xxx
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    Morning all. First for once as I fell asleep early last night so wide awake at silly o'clock. I'll suffer for it later lol. Might plant some more seeds later. Sowed sweet peas, mallow, cucumber and tomatoes last week. Everything sprouting except the tomatoes so far. I love growing plants from seed, so satisfying.
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    Hope Dylan is on the mend Jazz. Cold here but no snow or ice thankfully. I'm bored, too cold to work outside and don't feel inclined to do any more housework. Reading it is then lol. Hope everyone is well, safe and warm xx
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    morning. pain is through the roof, need to get the takeaway cup out, hands are so bad. workman has been lewis is coming later to take the stuff to the post office. need to wrap them first
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    the form on my mobile, the lady had no idea what to do with, good job the doctors had sent me a real form. what a waste of time
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    need to after a month of this. the only other time ive taken morphine is when ive had hips and knees replaced
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    morning xxx this pain is worse, not better. leaving another message on the nurses ansaphone. cant hold my mug. ill try a takeaway cup
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    London, one of the big parks. yes they were. they said its happening all the time. what they are doing round here is, a man goes past you on a bike, 'falls off'. as you go to help, 2 men push you on the floor and grab the dogs. its happened on the field next to my house, and someone is putting poison in dog food near the path. me being on a zimmer with little dogs, might as well wave a flag 'come and get me'.
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    There's still so many people leave their dogs tied up outside shops here - I see it daily and it makes me shudder. I know this town often seems like it's in a bygone era but the 'real world' isn't that far away. What makes people think "I need to go the shops, I'll take the dog". It's not just elderly people who might struggle to do two separate walks either.
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    my disabled friend, in a wheelchair, was taking her disabled dogs, on wheels, to a park in london, when a foreign man came up to her, asked where a place was on a map, then pushed the map in her face, tried to grab the dogs, she screamed, people came over and chased him off. the dogs could only have been used as bait dogs. they will find a purpose whatever the dog
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