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    I managed to get a sit and wait appt at the doctors, and said I thought it could possibly be connected to the change in my blood pressure medication, as the breathlessness had started then, but not the cough. He agreed, and said I shouldn't have been taken off the felodipine at all, as it opens up the blood vessels and makes the heart work more easily, and Ramipril, which the blasted woman doctor had doubled the dose of, is known for causing a cough and shortness of breath. He's put the meds back to what they were but said if it's not right in a few days go back, and if it's really bad ring an ambulance. He did say my lungs are clear, and my heart had a good steady beat, which is a miracle as I often suffer from atrial fibriallation! I hope it doesn't happen again, it really scared me. My dear old gran would have said I was wheezing like a broken down mare! Not coughing now, but ears aren't right. Well, one is left, but you know what I mean.
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    Enjoy it all Griff. Good to hear you are feeling so much better now 👍 I have 2 winter coats which I haven't worn in a while because I couldn't fasten them up due to my fatness. Well now I'm 3 stone lighter not only do they do up but I can wear a thick jumper under them 😁
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    Settled nicely into our caravan just before rain started. Snug as bugs. Tiring journey with jams, delays and a lengthy detour but we got here in the end. Tomorrow we intend to do nothing at all.
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    The sun has got his hat on .... it's probably a woolly hat but who cares? The sky is blue with very few clouds, and the gas engineer is coming this afternoon. Now to clear out the understairs cupboard so he has space to work on the boiler. Watch out, spiders.
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    Bled the rads to no avail then realised there was a leak at the pump and the pressure was dropping. So whole system has automatically shut down. But engineer is coming tomorrow afternoon and a quick dash got me to the Bargain Buys store which has recently opened in the village. 2 small quartz heaters for a tenner each.
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    Hopefully all back to normal by the time you get back Owl. Forgot to say earlier my Shark steam mop arrived yesterday. Gave it a trial run on the extremely manky porch and it was brilliant. Luckily they supply two mop heads as the floor was so dirty it needed both 😳 (that's the nearest I could get to extremely embarrassed emoji lol) I know it gets heavy muddy traffic but that was beyond normal and now I've got the new mop hopefully it won't get that bad again. I'm no domestic goddess but will try not to be such a lazy mare in future lol. It's just that there's so much more interesting things to do than housework 😂
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    Should have dried out by the time I head home next Wednesday. I am having a great time here catching up with old friends.
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    Philip took today off so I could take the car to the hospital, I think I'd have been better off with a boat! Saw the Nigerian doctor who is very sweet but such a thick accent I can't understand half of what he says. He wasn't happy about the lump under my arm, so off I went for an ultrasound. Turns out to be scar tissue, which I'd hoped it was, and the lumps along my collar bone are erm..something? But nothing worrying. The biggest might be a lipoma, the little one is gawd knows and the enlarged nodes in my neck are to be expected as I have no lymph nodes in my armpit on that side and they are having to work extra hard. All in all, it was a relief. Dr Thingummy said another CT scan in 3 to 4 months, no need for a mammogram until next year. if they can just sort my leg and my breathing issues, I'll be happy. Sounds as if you are getting somewhere too Jazz, glad to hear it.
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    I am spending some time with my son and family in Edinburgh. Cleo has not heard fireworks as we don't get any- just low flying jets. There were fireworks going off all night last night but she was not bothered. She did look at the window at one pint when several went off one after another but other than that she never stirred. She even went out in the garden where she found a hedgehog. That Shark mop is on sale from Lakeland Plastics for the same price. Lakeland have very good customer service and you can return things if you aren't happy. My H2O mop packed up a few weeks ago so I am looking for another one and rather fancied the Shark one. Reviews on Lakeland were good. I made Golden Paste - it is easy and cheaper to make your own- for Murphy to help his arthritis and gave it to Cleo as a preventative due to her cruciate repair. The basic recipe is suitable for animals and humans but it gives me the runs. it was fully researched by a vet who oversees the website and the very informative facebook group
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    No snorkel or waders but all ok in the hills except for run off pouring down. Fridge stocked up for week so can avoid Lampeter. Today I am a very happy owl as a 14 year old sheltie who we tracked seven weeks ago was picked up and reunited. She went missing during a house burglary and we got scent for a short distance down road then nothing. I was worried she had gone into a drainage dyke. Turns out the burglars must have picked her up. Found wandering miles away in middle of night by kind people.
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    Good on your mates Griff for making your 40th memorable. I'm just sorry you didn't get to celebrate in style thanks to the lurgy. It's rather foggy here this morning although that will soon disappear. We might be set for a good day after that. Ruby's back is much improved. She finds it keeping on the move helps greatly. She was desk bound on Friday and it did play up as a result. She's working part time from this week onwards - only 4 days instead of 4.5 days but it does give her a 3 day weekend. Owl I think you should video some of your journey to Wales so we can get the full Wispa experience 😂😂😂
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    Awwww happy birthday boys I don't even own a suitcase!! Yantan I am not sure what this gretna gateway is..I shall Google but pleased you had a good time until the music and poorliness Welllll I ventured out tonight, didn't feel like it at all and said so this morning but my mum made me go, I didn't understand why until I got to the friends had arranged a little party thing! I had cakes and banners and I have presents I didn't buy a drink and although stone cold sober...I had a wonderful time, such kind and lovely people
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    Eve, Wispa is a very noisy traveller! I have shooter's earplugs which take the edge off the racket. She is not too bad on the motorway or any dual carriageway as there are too many vehicles to bark at so she goes to sleep, but no doubt she will provide a commentary along all the other roads.
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    their birthday flapjacks
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    We are off to the Gretna Gateway shortly. My first outing since the hospital day so hope I manage the walk round. At least you'll get those appointments over all in the same week Suzeanna instead of having to trail off for them every now and then. Good luck, you know we will be rooting for you 👍
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    Evening Sound like we're all falling to bits 😷🤧😨 Healing thoughts being sent for poorly peeps and dogs. Lily chewed through the 5th phone extension cord today, even though it was inside cable protector and I'd taped it to the skirting board 🤬 Have ordered another and a spare just in case. This time I'm going to see if I can take it over the top of the door and high up on the wall so the ratbag can't reach it. It was obviously tasty because when she did a poo she brought it inside to eat it again.
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    merlin just ran in the room, went to stop but slid into the sofa and knocked his tooth out. he run straight to me to look. hes back chewing hooves
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    My experience of service contract engineers has not been positive so I prefer to find a good independent one. Problem quickly diagnosed as while clearing out the cupboard I found water dripping from a device on the pipes. Hadn't noticed before as it was dripping on to a bag of old towels. Engineer explained that this was the filter. He cleaned it out and sealed it with some plumber's tape and got the system going again.It seems to have been a budget one in the first place and he is replacing it with a better one next week when he is coming to do a full service. The sooty blobs below the vent outside are not from the vent at all. We have no idea where they came from. House now warming up. Kitchen is cluttered up with stuff that usually lives in boiler cupboard, but It is still a bit damp in there so needs to dry out. This morning we had a lovely walk on the reserve. Wispa was zooming about and jumped into a ditch which is normally dry. I haven't seen water in it for the past 5 years, and only an inch or two then. Splash into a couple of feet of water, boing straight out again and a quick zoom round the field to dry off. She had a great time, much needed after 2 days with no walks as we were marooned. In the village.
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    phew shes rung shes ok. couldn't get off the mountain due to flooding, so will take her tomorrow to be spayed
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    Suzeanna, I am pinching your idea for my porch lamps - what a brilliant idea. Hope you get your radiators sorted Owl. Cold and sunny here today. Wanted to do some more work in the garden but it's just too cold. Need to sort out a warmer jacket for working outside, my fleece just isn't warm enough. How's your stomach now, Jazz?
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    Morning all. For some reason I can no longer reply here on my phone though I can read. We went to look at the furniture again yesterday but made the mistake of visiting another shop, That just muddled our thinking as there was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much choice. So we went for lunch and mulled it over and decided that instead of trying to find chairs and beds to fit our current house we would actually be better waiting until we move. Then we needed a treat to get over our disappointment so went to the garden centre café on the outskirts of Cockermouth for the most divine scone with homemade bramble jelly. I've never had a better one. But that buggered up the diet for yesterday. It's good you got stocked up Owl just in case. We have a friend in Worcestershire and she had to go and rescue her kids from school during the flooding on Thursday and then woke up yesterday morning to find her house cut off by floodwater.
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    morning all! love and hugs xxxxxxxx
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    Forecast has changed, yay! Mostly dry and no more heavy rain until next Friday.
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    Up to 18C in my bedroom now. Getting there.
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    got a call from the 'oldies club' about fostering for them, someone will call to do a homecheck, and the rescue in Ireland contacted me, ill be fostering for them, so might be busy
  26. 1 point suzeanna....I use this place quite often and cdkeys, they are both reliable and genuine goods....I end up getting Steve a new game every month roughly I shall Google Jim reeves Yantan
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    It was o.k here today, been busy decorating a pub for my friends 70th
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    Eve I'm not very artistic and my wrapping skills are on par with a 5 year olds Chilly here but starting to look like it's going to be a nice day. Very sensible to set off early if the weather forecast shows snow Owl. We've done that in the past rather than face a possible dodgy journey home. I am fed up to the back teeth with politics, the election and politicians - most of whom are knobs.
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    its here! its been touch and go if I got it, but its here.
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    Best way Owl. Eve an immaculate house is the sign of a wasted life. Going by that I have very obviously lead an extremely interesting one! I think we will go for a Shark steam mop but might wait to see if there's any bargains in the Christmas/New Year sales. I've spent all morning trying to design and print labels for the Christmas Eve boxes I am putting together for Evie and Tristan and my Christmas daft friend. So far I've done labels for Snowman Soup, Reindeer Poo & Magic Keys. Then I have stuck them onto some Manilla luggage labels and replaced the plain string with red and gold string. I've still got I Believe In The Magic Of Christmas labels to sort out to put on a little bells. It's worn me out! I've given up and will finish them another day. Remind me why I thought doing this was a good idea? Overcast again here today but no rain (that I have noticed anyway) Fairly chilly and the forecast is for freezing temps tonight.
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    got to hospital, met my friend, her husband has been rushed in, doesn't look good. she had forgot her purse in the panic so gave her some money then saw the arthritis nurse, sorted out my shoulder injections (4th Dec), my wrist op (29 nov) and had a blood test transport was 2 hours late, so was feeling bad because I hadn't eaten. A lovely lady gave me biscuits and bananas, so managed to wobble to the minibus when it came. she dropped off a man, to the nursing home mother used to work at. its been knocked down and rebuilt, so different, but the pond was still there that me and mother used to sit and watch the ducks, so I was in tears
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    Yes we are very quiet here. Fireworks here are usually public displays in the towns. Because there are more animals than people here, and lots of horses, no one wants them running about and getting injured. The people who have this place make golden paste and visiting dogs get a complimentary trial pot. After a week on the stuff Wispa is jumping about with no stiffness in legs. The lady is making some of the human version for me in the hope that it will enable me to keep up with the new improved Wispa.
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    Pleased you're getting to enjoy your holiday Owl. Not really been to Wales properly. Just a quick visit when we picked up our old girl Maisie. The very first dog we adopted many years ago. Came to us as an ancient old crone with a couple of months to live and thoroughly enjoyed the next two years she had with us. She was an amazing independant old girl who we all loved to bits, as did Stanleywho we already had at the time, and every dog we fostered or adopted while she was there. Hope you have thick gloves Suzeanna lol.
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    Dry here, bet it chucks it down when I go my party food picked up and cake yesterday, feeling much better now so should enjoy myself, last celebration tomorrow lunch...well Steve and I still need to have a meal as it was crap last time
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    We are getting sunny spells here most days so so we can get out and explore.
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    Well don't be Jazz, think of the money you'll waste! Has your GP ever mentioned that, Yantan? I would have thought it was easy to diagnose, so if they haven't, you're ok. Fingers crossed! We've come to the conclusion we have a special needs hamster. He has a little house, but he comes out of it in the evening then tucks himself behind it so he's squashed in, staring at the wall! I keep annoying him by taking it away and cleaning it out. It comes into two pieces and it's plastic so it's easy to get out all his nicely stored food that he's peed all over. I'd forgotten something last night after we went to bed and when I went into the living room he was in his exercise wheel, but he froze like a statue when he realised he wasn't alone. He does like me when I give him chocolate drops though.
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    Steady on Jazz! 😂😂 I've just had my brother here with his daughter. He's my full brother but was adopted as a baby so has a different surname to me and my other full brother. They are here because it was our biological father's funeral yesterday. I declined to go. Anyway when he was last here last year he'd just had a kidney out and the following week Ruby was diagnosed with renal cancer. This time he was telling me he's been diagnosed with emphysema. I told him I hope I don't get diagnosed with it but if I do he's a Jonah! He's got himself an electric cycle so he can exercise but switch to the powered mode when he starts running out of puff or hits a hill. I'm wondering if one would be good for me! I was going through the family tree with him and my niece as they are both very interested in the family history - unlike the rest of them! Bloody cold here. It has been all day but as the daylight fades it's got even colder. Brrrr.
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    coo. ive gone mad and ordered a takeaway. pushing the boat out once in a while
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    Hello, fugees. I have been reading although not posting. Life goes on but it is hard some days. It is a big adjustment to make. I met JIm when I was 16 and am now 72 so he was always there for me. w e were married for 51 very happy years. Everything happened so quickly it shocked even our GP. Our GP was excellent all through it, even giving the nurses his private mobile number to call him when he was off duty. I couldn't have asked for more. At the weekend I am going to spend some time with my son and his family in Edinburgh.
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    Mine or the fridge, Jazz? 😜 Not so far as I can see.
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    glad you had a good night. happy birthday xxxxxxx they have all finished off the hot dogs for breakfast with their natural yoghurt and cranberry sauce everywhere is iced this morning. the car owners had a shock have a safe warm day. let us know you are ok xxxxxxx
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    Just had a phone call from the doctor I saw..he said he tried to refer me for an ultrasound, but because of my history of breast cancer, they've said I have to be referred to the fast track breast cancer clinic and they'll take it from there. Two weeks max apparently.
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    Owl my great aunt had so many frights with her dog, Rarie, where she thought he was going to peg it, with first one illness and then another. He even got run over by a car when he was 9 and the vet didn't rate his survival at more than 10%. Survive he did and he lived to be 21! I hope Tiga recovers and lives on for many years in the spirit of Rarie 👍
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    Tiga seems brighter tonight and had waggy tail for his mum.
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    Owl, it couldn't be seasonal canine illness in your friend's dog, could it? This is the time of year for it and it does affect dogs walked in woodland.
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    There's absolutely no way a flu jab can give you the flu.. it's not a live vaccine, that's how come I am allowed to have it, if someone gets the flu, it's a coincidence, you may get aching joints a sore arm etc but the jab will NOT give you the flu....I have my flu jab every year now Oh no... hoping Ruby feels better soon and good luck at the hospital Owl....I hope the dog will be o.k and they can find out what made him poorly
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    Suzeanna Ruby actually morphed from Rhubarb and custard which someone started calling her almost 40 years ago. That got shortened to Rhubarb and then to Ruby. Her middle name is Jane. We don't know if the bad back is related to her kidney or not. We are hoping NOT.
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    the fosters have left the building, and all the stuff. NEXT!
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    Philip was watching the rugby first thing, so I washed my hair and read the paper, then we shopped, now we've just had coffee and played some Candy Crush and he's taking Candy for a walk. Exciting stuff, eh? I'm sick to the back teeth of Brexit, never going to happen! Now they say the referendum was only advisory, I'm sure they didn't say that at the time. Jazz, I have a fridge magnet that says only boring women have spotless houses!
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    I LURVE Christmas. I don't want to be a pig with the eating though this year. I have now lost 41lbs and don't want to set myself back. Ruby and I are thinking of just having a turkey crown instead of the usual full turkey. I usually finish it off in a homemade turkey and ham pie but if we don't have one to start with I can't be tempted to make the pie. And there's no Archie to help us eat a full turkey. He had loads last Christmas I have a phone appointment with my GP later.
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