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    It's amazing just how stupid some people are. Like the flat earthers! Everyone knows if the earth was really flat cats would have knocked everything off the sides.
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    I have no idea what the mice are doing at the reserve. The Muddy Fork project which grows veg and also raises young trees for the reserve has been closed, but I am sure that Dom the guy in charge will be going to look after the fruit and veg production as that is a necessary job. There is a firm in Retford which delivers veg boxes and they take a lot of stuff. Also the beekeeper will be going in to check the hives. As for what mice are up to, probably having a lot of fun but I expect Dom will catch and relocate a few. Very young people did extraordinary things during ww2. When my mum was 23 and expecting me, she went on working until a fortnight before I was born because no one told her to stop. She couldn't get into uniform so was wearing a porter's coat. She was sister in charge of a small high security hospital at Didcot which housed POWs who had been wounded and captured, including some Luftwaffe airmen.
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    I do have time and hope I can remember some! Should have recorded everything but didn't. Will try to think of some. I can certainly remember how we started.
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    Oh, dogs carry it, didn't you know? 5g as well, hence burning mobile phone masts! Some human beings have an IQ somewhere lower than a gnat!
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    bindi. who is smaller than the pigeons, keep chasing them away from the bird bath, so ive cleaned and filled the taller one in the corner. so if the pigeons go like ninjas, they can use that one
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    That's very topical Owl, OH and I were talking about how they had kitted out the Nightingale Hospital so quickly and efficiently when it was shown on the news this morning. Well done to your neighbour from us too!
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    Cleo is back to her normal self today,thanks. One of the local groups appealed for people with 3D printers to print acetate sheets to be made into face masks. Also people to sew scrubs as they are going through so many.
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    Apparently dentists aren't even seeing emergency cases..or so I've heard. Hope that's not correct for your sake, Jazz. I did look at Joe Wick's exercise thing on YouTube...exhausted me just looking at it so I went and cleaned the kitchen window instead, quite enough stretching involved there! I was meant to see my oncologist on the 17th April, got a letter today saying it would be a telephone appointment. That'll be interesting, he was meant to be checking how much the lumps..well, lump now as it's joined up with its mate...have grown. I'll have to describe it instead I suppose. Good thing Philip and I share the same sort of sense of humour, I said well, if it can't be dealt with I might as well start making plans for my funeral. He suggested a mini Viking longship, down the Chesterfield Canal. Either that or he think's there's enough room at the end of the garden so long as it's been raining and it's not too hard to dig!
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    That's nice, Jazz. Glad Ruby is doing ok and Yantan also improving. I have lost 4 lb in a week as a result of not comfort eating. I also have much more energy and am on the go from early morning until teatime, gardening and decluttering. Isolation is suiting me very well. I don't hate people or anything like that. I seem to have discarded what was dinned into me from an early age, that if I enjoy my own company I am a wicked selfish person. It is a weight off my shoulders. I am in regular contact with close friends, my sister, and colleagues from the reserve. The only thing which is doing my head in is Facebook, so apart from messaging actual friends on it and doing admin on a couple of Doglost pages and my own Clumber Park page, I am going to step back for my own sanity. If i were younger I would be out there volunteering and giving it 100% but as I cannot do anything except keep the 2 of us fit and safe, I really do not want to connect with all those people. Much happier on here connecting with a handful of people.
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    Thank you all for the best wishes for Ruby. Much appreciated πŸ‘πŸ˜
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    Best wishes to Ruby. Good that they are getting this done asap. My mouth is a bit less sore, as long as I stay off the Conference pears I love. The remaining ones I will cut up and freeze. Did not hear back from dentist yet. Definitely the new filling has fallen out, but If I can just deal with the soreness by using mouthwash, I will go with that. Would sooner ultimately lose the tooth than take any risks.
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    Very sensible of the Scottish Government. My daughter and her husband had intended to go back to Alonissos in April, but the Mayors of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos have ordered that no one can enter the islands unless they are permanent residents, and no ferries are running from the large islands to the smaller ones. There are hardly any cases of coronavirus in Greece and they want to keep it that way.
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    Just got hold of my daughter, she's not feeling too bad, temperature seems to have gone down and she's ok so long as she doesn't move around too much. That's a relief!
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    A good day here in some ways. 3 separate spaniels on the run in surrounding area for the past few days. One caught running around, one very old deaf and nearly blind one made her way home to the amazement of all, and the third has been sighted a couple of times after a week of not being seen. No idea why the print has changed. Must have clicked something in error.
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    If I do get it....I will be licking next doors front door lol.
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    Lovely moon tonight. Saw 4 separate barn owls this evening, out hunting.
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    morning. hope you are all ok xx my lovely ex sister in law has just messaged if I need any shopping so ive said yes please. haven't seen her since mothers funeral 9 years ago. we got on so well, but life took over like it does need another coffee be safe xxx
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    We're busy doin' nothin' Workin' the whole day through Tryin' to find lots of things not to do We're busy goin' nowhere Isn't it just a crime.................
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    Nick is like Bindi Jazz. He's on a one dog mission to chase anything larger than a starling out of the garden. I scatter peanuts and suet pellets on the ground for them and have to keep Nick in while they feed. That was nice of you to video call your brother Griff, especially after how he was with you at Christmas. Shows you're much the better person. My auntie, who's in her late 70's, phoned earlier to check I was ok bless her. It should have been me checking up on her so I felt quite embarrassed that it was the other way around! She lives over 100 miles away in Blairgowrie mind you so not sure what I could have done if she's not ok! Well done on the power washing Suzeanna. My jobs for today were planting some bulbs and scraping weeds from path in the back garden. Didn't do my knees or back any good either lol.
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    I think everyone who helped in the war were absolutely bloody amazing
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    Hope everyone has a peaceful night. I have been making all the people who turn up in my dreams stay 2 metres away! And they have been doing as they are told. Social distancing from your nightmares is a good move.
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    Wow..what a lady I went out and clapped, there was tonnes in our Street out and my mum went to the porch Ruddy arms hurt!!
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    My pals are technophobes so can't do home shopping themselves. Just had one bit of good news. We got the money refunded for our flights to Southampton from when Flybe collapsed. Just need the rest of the holiday costs sorted on the insurance now which is considerably more than those flights!
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    Well please thank your neighbour from me Owl. That's a fantastic effort from his workplace πŸ‘
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    Had a long chat with next door neighbour. He is working very hard at plastics factory, where sheeting is made for barriers and face masks. They did all the plastic walls for the Nightingale emergency hospital.
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    Aren't some people beyond ruddy awful and rude Suzeanna. I make a point of thanking all our delivery people. We couldn't do this without them πŸ‘β€ The little Mace shop in town is going to deliver us some shopping tomorrow or the next day, whichever they can manage, for which we are very grateful. I picked fruit on a kibbutz in Israel and loved it though it was hard work. If I was younger, fitter and not in a risk group and found myself with no work I'd have a go now at picking fruit & veg. Right this is where I do an impression of my grandad! "Kids today don't know they are born. Its all self, self, self". I know we have some truly good, caring young folk but oh the self absorbed, self entitled ones need a kick up the jacksie.
  28. 1 point pawsitively awesome commentary was on GMS this morning...%262020-03-31T09%3A15%3A36.178Z&ns_fee=0&pinned_post_locator=urn:asset:fcd45cfd-b27e-4c81-8d2c-751e6159e382&pinned_post_asset_id=5e8301026d8c9806657fecdf&pinned_post_type=share
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    BBC NEWS A driver flouted the coronavirus lockdown to pick up Β£15 windows with his wife in the boot of his car. The man, who had bought the windows on eBay, was stopped by police on the M6 in Cheshire on Sunday after collecting his purchase in Salford. Police said his wife had to sit in the boot as she "could not fit in the vehicle" for the return journey to Coventry. North West Motorway Police issued the man with a traffic offence report. After the force tweeted news of the 220-mile round trip people reacted with a mixture of shock and disbelief.
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    You explained that very well blackmagic! I haven't seen Steve and Molly for 2 weeks..well I had a video call with Molly lol... Steve refuses to do a video call with me!! I will win him over..... eventually lol
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    Heard back from grocer, can he postpone until tomorrow afternoon as more fresh produce in by then. Fine by me. I might have caught up on sleep by then. Birds in garden all gathering nesting material. I will put out some dog hair, always available.
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    Eve - steady on! Coronovirus crisis or not I do NOT do ironing! I hang stuff over the top banister rail and let the creases fall out! Or not as the case may be. Ruby irons, she was once a professional ironer in a former life, but obviously with the recent surgery no ironing for her. I won a little Portmerion Peppa Pig child's mug and dish in a dog rescue raffle. It arrived yesterday and, as much as I love Peppa, I'm sending it on to our old dog walker for her little daughter who is also a Peppa fan. Her mum says she will be thrilled. Hermes is picking it up today as we can't get out to the P.O.
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    I check into the Refuge and what is the first thing I see? Griff's comment above. Yes, all ok here. Latest update from government on exercise has clarified things a bit. What they want to stop is people going out of home area to exercise. As things stand I don't think I will be in trouble for driving a mile or two to find somewhere to walk Wispa. At home all day today doing stuff in garden. Little autistic lad next door decided to train Wispa to sit and stay. She was so astounded that she actually did it twice for him before stomping off. Will take her for a walk tomorrow, then a home day as she seems to do ok with walking every other day. On Monday I go into Tickhill to collect a grocery order. I called the shop today and they are very happy for me to email my list, then they will box it up for me and give me a call. I pay over phone then drive round the back of the shop into their loading yard and they can put it on my bonnet for me to put into car. I can take Wispa for a short walk on the way there. All she needs really is a brief change of scene and somewhere different to sniff.
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    We had the clapping of appreciation for all the NHS services at 8pm. Accompanied by much dog barking, especially mine. Neighbour is a nurse who has two labs who also joined in with the barking so I'm sure she didn't mind. Glad that you're not really ill Suzeanna, that'll teach you to believe the oncologists. I'm sure you'll take all the necessary precautions nevertheless. Stay safe lovely lady xx
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    my neighbour got me a loaf, then lewis brought one in, so offered it to a lady on the estate. she is running out of dog food so have a bag spare. hope to be friends again and walk the dogs together when this is all over. her family used to walk the dogs, and had them when I went in hospital be safe out there!
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    Our surgery is only doing phone appointments too. Don't know about the dentist. So pleased Ruby's op has been fast tracked. Everything crossed for a successful outcome.
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    From Ian Blackford SNP MP The emergency powers legislation comes in front of Westminster tomorrow. I will be calling on the UK and Scottish Government to take a number of steps. Shut down all accommodation providers including hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday rental properties and the right for tourist camper vans to come to the Highlands and Islands except for those on essential working engagements that need accommodation. All camping and caravan parks to be shut to tourists, all ski resorts that are currently attracting significant numbers and any tourist destinations to be closed. The Jacobite train from Fort William to Mallaig as one example must be closed. I need to call out examples of completely unacceptable behaviour. A spokesperson for Sykes who arrange holiday rental accommodation, wrote to me yesterday the following: β€œGiven concerns surrounding the current outbreak, it is understandable that people would want to arrange private accommodation in more remote locations to distance themselves from larger towns and cities. β€œAs latest Government guidance does not prohibit travel in the UK, we are continuing to provide a service for customers and property owners.” This I have to say is the height of irresponsibility. This company are actively encouraging people to come to the Highlands risking the potential spread of Covid-19 that would threaten our communities and put pressure on the health services in remote and rural areas. We are not like a city where you can travel to the next hospital if one is already under pressure. If you live in the north of Skye you will be 135 miles to your nearest general hospital. Skyes are not alone. For example Cottages dot com are forcing home owners to accept bookings. As there is a lack of an ability to accept responsibility we need to take action to force providers to shut down. My message to tourists is in the Highlands we are renown for the welcome we provide. Once we have defeated this virus we will of course welcome you. For those visiting the Highlands just now, please leave. Please go home. For anyone thinking of coming to the Highlands just don’t.
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    It's thought that the incubation period is an average of 5 days, so you ought to be OK today.
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    Hello fugees A lot has happened since I was last here. I came down to my son's in Edinburgh last week. It was supposed to be for a month but now, who knows. It was a choice of stay home where less chance of the virus but being isolated. Over 70 applies to most of the my neighbours. One of the few younger ones works in the local care home and another has an elderly mother with dementia living locally who she supports. The nearest supermarket is 17 mils away. The corner shop is 7 miles away. How can you stay home? Down here there is more risk, especially with an 8 year old in the house who was attending school until Friday , but I have support and company. People are going to the highlands to escape the virus but they are probably going to bring it in. . Glencoe has numerous camper vans, caravans etc there. The campsites are closed for the winter so they are parking in laybys etc. Shops are few and small. The hospital struggles to cope normally and medical facilities are thin on the ground, being a rural area. There are two ambulances to cover the whole of the north area.One in use and one on standby. It takes 21/2 hours to travel to the major hospital, then 21/2 hours back. They can only carry one person at a time. They do not need the extra burden of tourists. The last week has shown how selfish people are. My DIL ordered online on Monday for the first delivery spot available, next Tuesday. Already her order is cut by half by missing items.
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    All cafes here switching to deliveries, and our corner shop is doing them too.
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    lewis has been yeaaaaaa his monitors and keyboard came to work from home, so hes off to buy a desk tomorrow
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    Guess it's up to you Jazz, I won't be staying in though until they actually force me! I did it when I first started chemo and I would rather be dead than feel like that again! I will be going out for my usual couple of pints but I won't be kissing anyone or shaking hands, I will clean the tables down and will wash and sanitise my hands as soon as I get anywhere and get home
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    Please keep my little boy in your thoughts, Cliffy who is now 18 and was the Laurel, to my dear departed Archie's Hardy might be making his way across the rainbow bridge to join Archie, Tessie, Poppy and Pooch, all were his family and all were rescued Westies. Some of you may remember when I lost my beloved wife Lisa it was Archie, Clifford and Tessie that helped me though that dark time, well Cliffy is all I have left and he may be making his final journey shortly. Am in bits here and besides myself with grief already, its been 10 long years without Lisa and I have no one to help me though this. My heart is already broken into pieces. Ironic that a wire haird dashund won crufts last night, albeit the standard, I cuddled Cliffy all the more when she won Thank you all Nige.
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    Griff, Dr. Hilary was saying that if you have the virus just been close to someone and talking to them spreads it in your exhalation, so if you did get (and you'd better not!) try to have a nice close face to face chat with the neighbours!
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    Just been for a long walk through muddy fields, very draining. In addition to which Jac played zoomies and wrestling with some other dogs. Both knackered now so were going to have a nap on the sofa 😴
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    My hands are getting dry from all the hand washing so I've had to order more hand cream. Will we be running out of water next with everyone washing their hands under running taps for longer than usual? πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚
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    It was an electricity cut affecting our row of houses. Just coincidence that it happened just as I switched a light on. Feel shattered after hardly any sleep and too much worrying.
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    Today. Two people were doing a John O Groats to Lands End walk.
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    It looks like Nige has lost his beloved Cliffy πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ There's a thread in Animal chat entitled Sad News.
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    I'll confront anyone, especially if they aren't treating animals well. I also have a go at cyclists using the pavement when it's not a designated cycle path, cyclists ignoring cycle paths and slowing traffic down, ignoring cyclists dismount signs, oh and anything else in general where rules are broken. I cannot stop myself! I fully understand people avoiding confrontation, especially if they feel vulnerable, but it's just not in my DNA to let things go. My whole family are the same. Eve if ever you want to add to your fur family Tye's rescue home UK wide. They are sending a dog to The Outer Hebrides next week and even managed a home check! Speaking of Tye he has turned Mrs-I-don't-want-a-Staffie (Ruby) into someone who declared this morning "our next dog must be a Staffie and actually I think we should go back to having 2 dogs so look out for 2 Staffies when we are ready". Thank you Tye you have left a lovely legacy Griff I saw someone locally selling a USED bottle of antiseptic hand soap for Β£30 this morning - the sort you can get for a quid usually. I really hope it was a joke because otherwise is that what we've come too? Where is the great British Dunkirk spirit??
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