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    Send me your tan!!! I have seen a lovely lady at the he Drs, she has given me sleeping tablets, is appalled at my treatment by the police and is disgusted they didn't offer me victim support. The lovely practice nurse gave me a hug and said don't let them beat me
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    Thanks ladies, yes I am. We went down to Lancing yesterday to visit my son and family (we survived, just!) and I got various things from them, then my daughter has given me a large chocolate easter egg, with easter crossed out and happy birthday instead, and a Groupon voucher for Philip and me for an afternoon tea at the New Bath Hotel at Matlock Bath. Tea in bed from Philip, a big bottle of Baileys and flowers but whatever I want when I decide what it is! We're meeting my daughter and her other half in a bit for a drink then back to theirs for coffee and cakes, then a Chinese takeaway tonight and prosecco. Enjoying my day, especially the fact I'm still here to enjoy it!
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    Only odd thing that happened to me today was going into polling station and giving my surname and address and being told I was not registered to vote. Excuse me, I certainly am. You can't be, we only have Danzil R P Cooper registered. That cannot be you. Yes it is. Man looks very doubtful but I can get ID from car if needed. He consults the other two poll officers and they accept that I am me. That was reassuring as I had started to wonder who the hell I am.
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    a little learning moment then looked away from my dinner. saw merlins eyes go wider than his head, looking at my plate. kevin was just about to put his teeth on my baguette and pull it. the others shot backwards to make sure they wernt involved. don't think he will do that again
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    Had step family staying for a few days so have missed a lot. Read most of it but not had time to comment. Hope all legal issues get taken seriously and everyone is ok. Happy birthday Archie xx
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    Final bird count at midnight was 103 species which was pretty good. I hope you can get something to help you sleep. No one can function without it.
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    Well, I hope the police do him for wasting police time, their resources are overstretched enough without people making ridiculous false claims..... people get mugged, stabbed beaten have cars stolen etc and there's no police available but the police have time to waste on his ludicrous claims....karma will bite him on the ass one day, he will need the police and there will be none available as they will be off dealing with someone's delusions
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    It all sounds very complicated Jazz. I hope it sorts itself out and the dogs get to stay where they are properly looked after. Going on a gut feeling I didn't give Archie his new medication last night and he's much better today. He just doesn't seem to do well on oral medication. Even with his usual antacid sends him funny if he has to have more than 2 doses in a 24hr period. I will go back and see the vet and tell him and see what he thinks. I'd rather the little fella has some quality of life, enjoys his meals and treats and can sleep peacefully with occasional bouts of acid reflux than being debilitated but acid free. He's eating well today, has been out and done 3 or 4 garden patrols and is now fast asleep on his sofa. Griff have you seen those 2 eejits next door at all?
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    Message to Griff's neighbours: when in a hole, stop digging. Especially when you have just dug a hole in the wrong place.
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    Well first The Cambridge's called their first born after my George and now The Sussex's have named their little one after our Archie! Chuffed πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚
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    Morning folks. Great news on the French house Eve πŸ‘Its lovely here but I'd advise you to come outside the peak times - much more enjoyable! Oh and lots of Cumberland sossidge πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ Had to take Archie to the vets this morning due to the acid reflux. Vet has changed his ant-acid and given him an anti sickness jab. Archie is now more comfortable.
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    Machine running out of money doesn't usually mean your card gets grabbed but glad there were no untoward withdrawals and you managed to get some cash in the end. And that Wispa got a lovely walk in Clumber Park. Your neighbours are in for a shock if they think they can intimidate you Griff lol. Hope the solicitor's letter does the trick though. We put the house in France up for sale a few weeks back as it was becoming more of a millstone than an asset. Thought it might take years to sell going by what people we know have gone through but we've had an offer which we've accepted. Fingers crossed it all goes through but at least it's a bit more straightforward over there than here. The buyer now has 7 days to confirm she's going ahead or pull out and after that it's a binding agreement. We'll have one more 'holiday' there next month to clear the place out and then we're free to go wherever we want. So watch out - we may be visiting a place near you lol.
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    Oh Owl, how awful....I wonder did it have a device thing on it?? Yantan...I can send you the stuff by WhatsApp I think... it's hilarious. Basically it says they have the right to pass and repass over the area that is green that hasn't been transferred to the transferee... basically 25,29 &31 are we own our bits of driveway, the only bit nobody can park on is outside their access would be blocked and on the shared bit between 3 houses... it's so simple. And I so believe they think they can try it on...well they are going to look so stupid because the law is on our side and they can't interprete their deeds and have bought a property with no parking and paid well over the odds for it
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    Nothing like a bit of mundane to recharge one's batteries.
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    We've rented the smallest storage locker and it's the size of a small shed so we can put more in than we planned The staff were very friendly and helpful and it turns out that I used to work for the owner many years ago! A full car load of junk has gone to the tip. One woman's rubbish is another man's gold. Someone grabbed my ancient metal detector
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    It's free access to UK, Irish and Commonwealth records on Ancestry over the 4 day weekend for any one who hasn't got a subscription Ancestry free access
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    Yantan, you can buy Voltarol gel over the counter but like ibuprophen it is not recommended for anyone with a bad reaction to aspirin. I don't think I will need more pain relief anyway but will book an appointment with chiropractor.
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    Voltarol gel should help that back Owl if it persists. I've used it in the past for my shoulder and found it worked. I think you can buy it over the counter. Archie was weighed again at the vets yesterday and has gained weight. It's only 10gms but better on than off!
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    just flagged the police down. yes its 7.30. no I didn't frisk them they said if I have messages saying hes giving them to me, they are mine. ive oficially got that now yeaaaaa kevins mine!!!
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    poor nick xxx we haven't heard from yorkie man, give it a few days ... seeing lewis tomorrow. text him. does he like this this and this? been winning again have you he laughed. carrier bag ready for him
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    They sound real charmers! If I was the woman I'd have splashed that all round the local paper, radio etc and considering how many people are affected by cancer, hopefully the pub would be boycotted.
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    Mediterranean weather here too. We had a walk on the reserve with a splash in the stream. I popped into the cafe and one of the staff told me she had an encounter yesterday evening with illegal fishermen who were fishing right on the lake which is in front of the visitor centre. All other staff had gone home but she was having a walk round the lake with her partner. She told the fishermen that it was illegal to fish there and they told her to eff off. She had no idea what to do, as the reserve wardens have instructions but no one thought to brief the catering staff. Anyway, she is local and knows their names so police are being informed now. Griff, so glad you have doctor and nurse on your side and supporting you.
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    Owl you might be interested in this place Watchtree Reserve Cumbria. I haven't been (yet!) but have heard from others that it is fab. It started out as farmland that was acquistioned during the war and made into an airfield. Following a patch history Defra took it over in 2001 as a mass burial ground during the foot and mouth outbreak. Following that it was decided to turn it into a wildlife reserve and it is now a thriving, much loved place of peace and tranquility.
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    Happy Birthday, Archie. Have a good one. I am sure you will be spoilt a wee bit more than normal. We have 15 degrees already. Last Tuesday night it was minus 6. Last night it was plus 7 degrees. Our cuckoo has arrived this weekend so spring is officially here, at last. Spent yesterday clearing masses of weeds from the garden.
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    Griff, you have nothing to be ashamed of, quite the reverse. If you had decked someone you would not be online talking to us, you would be in the nick and your family would be facing even more problems than they are already. You are all to be commended for not letting this escalate into violence which the idiots were clearly trying to provoke. As I see it, the man had failed to get your dad to lose his cool by confronting him so was hoping that abusing you would do the trick. Regarding the police, they are a mixed bunch and some are better than others at assessing a situation. Some have not got a clue. When I called the police last night about the illegal fishermen the first officer I spoke with sounded very young. He told me that it was a council matter and had nothing to do with the police. I explained that all of us wardens had been briefed by the river authority enforcement officer, and it certainly was a police matter if no river bailiff was around. The river bailiffs have more powers than the police. He then asked me to hold while he consulted another officer. Then told me that a police unit was on its way, and took the culprits' reg numbers. Happy birthday to the wonderful Archie xx The meeces are back. Caught and removed 2 last night and one this morning.
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    Happy Birthday Archie! Hope you have a warm quiet day with no horrible reflux. Griff has told me on FB what's going on, if you're reading this Griff, I completely agree with Yantan, however great the provocation don't do or say anything that they can use against you. Stick to the facts, if they swear don't swear back, just go inside, shut yourself in the bedroom and scream! I would say punch hell out of a pillow, but you'd probably hurt yourself.
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    Happy birthday Archie xx hope you have a wonderful day I am really trying my best not to get involved with them but as I say I literally walked into a barrage of 4 letter expletives
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    Oh heck Griff! I posted at same time as you so did not see what you posted. Take care you lovely woman, we will be thinking of you xx
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    Fancy carrying on like that when you are self-employed in your own business. It leaves him open to all sorts of people leaving reviews all over the internet about his hair replacement biz doesn't it. It's a nice day here. Archie has been enjoying the sun on his back in the garden.
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    shes here. like shes never left. ive filled their car with stuff to use and sell
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    Yantan, quality of life is more important than quantity. Much better for Archie to have some pleasure in life. My vet agreed with me when he advised to restrict my golden's exercise after he diagnosed slipped discs and arthritis in her spine when she was 5 years old. She had an accident when she was caught in a heavy door which did the damage. I said 'that dog was born to run'. She did everything at a run and often just ran for the enjoyment of it. I was prepared to accept that she might lead a shorter life due to needing to go steroids. Her pain was controlled and she did live until she was 11 and only had steroids latterly because she developed a throat infection which did not respond to any antibiotics and it eventually killed her. Griff, you could be on the Neighbours from Hell programme. Jazz, it's a pity you didn't get a receipt signed saying he was giving you the dogs.
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    Yantan, my vet said to microwave stinky stuff such as fish to encourage eating, sometimes something warm can stimulate them Jazz, the RSPCA have no jurisdiction and you have as do the rescue messages from him requesting the dogs be rehomed...job done I hate dogs that are left..Molly is but she is very happy and doesn't bark or be destructive, given the opportunity Steve would cut his hours Today's sage...the tw@ts next door have cut 3 inches off my kerbstone and fitted a fence post 3 inches into my drive...we suspect he may now have received the letter from the solicitor
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    The RSPCA wouldn't be interested if someone reported him for the way he kept the dogs so why are they interested now? Despite the Animal Welfare Act they insist as long as a dog has shelter and food and water that is sufficient. I have never been aware of them showing interest is 'stolen dogs' and they have no jurisdiction over stolen animals. Unless he is claiming the rescue are ill treating them. If they are investigating ill treatment perhaps he could share the secret of how he got them interested, Maybe because a rescue is involved they are investigating how they were transported or how they are being cared for. Jazz, tell him you have nothing to say to him. Listen to him if you have to, but don't enter into any conversation or arguement .You won't win with someone like him. Thank him for calling and say goodbye. Having worked in a customer service roll for many years I found it is better to let people rant on until they realise you are not reacting and they run out of words. If they start up again, keep silent until they realise you are not replying. Don't argue with stupid. Hard to do but saves your blood pressure.
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    Amended letter sent from the solicitor...let's hope they can understand it, or find someone with a brain cell to explain it. It's good... really good lol, they are going to be livid hahaha
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    Feeling a bit bleurgh but managing so far and haven't been sick. Been raining all day and meant to do more indoors than I have, but at least I sorted some paperwork and found something important which I had mislaid. Wispa has slept most of the day and I don't blame her.
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    They have good tase, obviously.😁
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    Ah, thanks Griff, thought you were still talking about CCTV πŸ˜‚ In the days when I lived somewhere civilised where you could get supermarket deliveries I always ticked the no substitutes option so I'd not get any surprise items lol
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    Hope it's not bad news Jazz. Nothing much happening here. Usual dog walks in the morning, garden in the afternoon. Bit cloudy at times but quite hot when the sun got through. Quite nice to have no drama or problems but means I have nothing to contribute lol. Guess I can live with mundane for a while.
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    Been there and done that,Owl. the sheep wasn't very cooperative or thankful
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    We are home. All is well with JIm's eye and he has enough sight to drive now so he drove home. Getting up at 5.30 and driving 109 miles, then hunting for a parking spot I am tired. After cruising round the triple parked car parked we were lucky that a lady came back to er car and we got her spot but it was a very tight manouvre so JIm had to park the car. When went there two weeks ago, at the same time in the morning, the car park was more than half empty and we had our choice of parking places. Maybe the school holidays made it quieter. There is a big problem with people parking at th hospital , as it free, and getting the bus down the town to go shopping or to work. They have to pay for parking down the to wn A quiet night now, I hope. Having sheep for neighbours has its advantages. There seem to be a lot of people around who think they are entitled to do what they want. We have a week of 22 degrees but today is dull and warm. Cold weather is forecast for Friday and the weekend.
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    I am 40 this year, my mate is 49 and we both said we just think of everyone as 16/18 etc... neither of us have grown up either, Steve is like a big child which suits me perfectly most of the time. Did I tell you what he bought the other day?? A bloody R2D2 robot that you control via your phone or tablet, it's usually Β£150 and he got it for Β£35 he was so chuffed with himself, just like a little boy, couldn't wait to open it and play...not sure how to put a video on here but when it threw itself of the kitchen worktop and squealed is the funniest thing I have seen in ages
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    Mum and dad have seen the solicitor! He is now an executive partner, his fee is Β£250 an hour but has agreed a flat fee of Β£235! He is livid, the downpipe has to go, the overhanging roof should be removed but mum and dad have agreed to let it stay, they can't do anything that encroaches onto our driveway...the gate opening out, he says if it continues off to court we go and then I got a call from planning about the windows...they might have to go too I can't get an appointment to see the Dr but can see my consultant in a month
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    Griff, that is beyond tragic, that some things that happened were so bad he cannot even tell you. No news of pup yet but a local person has shared one of the posters I handed out to the village forum and people are sharing from there. Only a small village so I expect everyone will know before the day is out. I just found out when I joined the forum this morning. Still nothing from owners. Yes, it is strange, but as you say I have dealt with stranger. Some of the situations we have encountered in the world of lost and found are extraordinary.
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    that's a yorkie! I have 3 here, all 5kg, but massive personalities katie is on my knee, cradled like a baby. if I type for too long, she smacks me round the mouth. if she wants something, she will puff herself up and give me the death stare dennis has to be touching me all the time, in merlins spot. merlin tells me straight to shift him I don't get any of this from mouse the pug or hugo the bichon
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    They are funny Jazz. The only really little dog I knew personally was a neighbour's at our last house. She had this tiny Yorkie, Pippa. She was such a funny lil thing. Occasionally we would meet them on the way back from our walk and if George was carrying a stick Pippa had to get one too. The only thing was that she was so small that her stick would be a twig. Her little legs would be going 10 the dozen beside George, who rarely moved fast, proudly carrying her stick beside her big buddy. If we met another dog along the way she would growl at them if they dared to go near her "stick" and if they didn't back off she'd drop the stick to give them a bloody good telling off whilst making sure she stayed very close to George. I don't think George knew what the heck Pippa was but he was always very kind with her.
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    ive told the rescue if the people fail the homecheck ill keep him. he told me the time today
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    Up to 24 in warmest part of garden today. Wispa slept in shade and I did various jobs indoors and some washing. Only left house to collect something from a few streets away. It does me the world of good to have a day completely at home. You can get away with that, with an old dog.
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    It's Β£500 for a letter from the solicitor Marion and we have already paid once. I fully agree, it strikes me as people just think we don't live here s*d it my mums friend has a few issues with neighbours and bbq's and colourful language at need really
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    My daughter and her husband are talking about going to the Lake District on Monday..hmm.. I'll tell them to bear what you say in mind, Yantan! Lovely day here, going to meet them for a drink at the Travellers, just hope we can get it's going to be very busy.
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