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    Murphy objected to anybody handling his front paws but he would 'give a paw'. for a treat So we could ask him lt m se your paw and he would give us his paw. After he had his dew claw removed we were in the vets for something else and she said how is his paw ? while reaching out and taking hold of it., She quickly dropped it when he let out the loudest, blood curdling scream. As long as you asked him to give it h was fine, but don';t touch it otherwise. His groomer had to learn hat as well.
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    got a letter, benefits have been extended till march 2022. good news
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    Here we go again Each and everyone of you are special. Dont forget it! Well done Owl x
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    morning all busy one today. had imodium just in case be safe xx
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    morning all scooter sold so lady is coming today for it. love to all, be safe
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    Eve, hope you had a nice anniversary dinner and also hope your ears can be sorted quickly.
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    Lewis took elwood out on his own, good as gold. When Mouse is there she starts the barking. She starts barking any time lol
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    Wispa finally settled, now asleep and snoring.
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    Wispa has been through Halloween and bonfire night like a champion but objects to Diwali. I have given her some firework remedy from Hands and Paws (my friend Stacey's herbal remedy site) hope it works.
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    fixed, knew it was something simple.
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    Hello everyone - Suzeanna passed on your good wishes, I'm home now and have strict instructions to take things easy for at least this next week and not to rush back to work until I feel ready. Physically I'm OK I think, but I had a bit of a rough time in the hospital with various things which I'm still coming to terms with. Its all been a big shock and it'll just take me a bit longer to process than it usually would, but I'll get there. If anyone wants to be on my facebook friends list I'm more than happy to add you - it never really occured to me that not everyone was just pm me your facebook name and I'll send an invite. I'll also try and be more regular popping in here. We're still a dog free household for the time being, we haven't felt it the right time for us during all the different lockdowns etc. to get a new family member who we'd not be able to socialise with our grandson or get used to being left for awhile when we go back to working from our respective offices but we do have every intention of adopting again whenever circumstances permit, I'm still keeping a close eye on various rescue groups "just in case".
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    Sorry to hear about Snow, I'm not friends with her on facebook so if you're speaking to her please pass on my best wishes.
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    I spend that on the dogs instead of me lol
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    Don't want to think about Christmas, yet Won't s my son and his partner who are stuck in Romania . I haven't seen them since last Christmas . They usually come over in March for his birthday but he didn't want to this year as things were still too raw after Jim' death. They always went to the motorcycle show that was on at that time, Then in August - to avoid the high temperatures in Romania- but covid stopped that. No more fireworks here since last night. My wellies are Dunlop from B&Q. Great that you like your new oncologist, suzeanna. It makes a difference.
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    went to my balance class, was good but every muscle aches, that or chest infection lol turns out the food parcels are put together there. they had loads over so asked us to take what we wanted or it will all be binned, so we have cooked sausages, turkey slices, donuts. very happy
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    just had a call. my friend died this morning.
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    Glad you got it fixed Jazz. Hope you get a quick sale. Sorry not been on much - the doctors have found tumours on my sister's liver, which means end stage PSC, the liver disease she has. Just waiting to find out what, if anything, they're going to do. So tough being 500 miles away and with England being in lockdown. Luckily my cousin is her support 'bubble' so she's not going through it all alone.
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    Owl, very silly thing, I rushed through a doorway as I could hear the phone ringing , had my hand on the doorframe and managed to move most of my fingers forward and leave my little finger behind, so to speak. Really wrenched it, I thought I'd broken something at first. Now the whole of the back of my hand has swollen up, I can't bend my finger or move it sideways so I've taped it to its neighbour. Of course it's my left hand, the side I'm not meant to injure because of my lymphodema! Oh well, worse things happen at sea, as they say.
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