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    Just checking all is in order because of the trouble my asthma has been giving me Suzeanna. I was always a very "chesty" child and got frequent bouts of bronchitis & had whooping cough as well as the asthma. Oh yes, I've got my diabetes levels right down and if I continue at this rate I will end up out of the diabetic range. I'm going to go for it.
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    Tesco delivery came today..a driver I haven't seen for ages. His first words? Oh, glad to see you're still alive! Yes, me too! He was the one who made a delivery the day after I'd been told I was now stage 4..and the next thing I knew he and a woman from Tesco arrived on the doorstep with a lovely bouquet of flowers. Made me cry, and her too apparently. Last conversation I had with a cop was after I was flashed by the local..flasher. Francis (cop) came to take my statement and we both got the giggles about it, especially when he said the suspect said he had an allergy and he got it out to cool it down!
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    Hope all goes well, Eve. Yes, all ok here if somewhat surreal. Why are most of my conversations with the police? Why does some unknown woman in Texas send me nude videos? Why do I feel 90 on some days and 7 on others? These and many other questions may never be answered.
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    I hope I am allowed to add a very unsuitable present received by a friend and neighbour when I lived in rural Wales. She and her partner had recently moved there and she could not drive. Buses were few and I often gave her a lift to go shopping, but her partner who spent most of the time working away wanted to give her some independence. Without saying anything, he bought a pony which he figured would be suitable to drive in a trap. Knowing less than 0 about horses, he went to the local horse auction and was delighted to get one at a bargainous price. Well, an unbroken entire 2 year old colt with no pedigree and no manners would be pretty cheap. Friend was less than happy, especially when the pony chased her round the field. We did manage to find him a suitable home, where people knew what they were doing and eventually sorted him out.
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    I've been to the doc's and have to have a chest x-ray at our local cottage hospital. My GP put the x-ray request in the computer system. The radiographer is at the hospital every morning 9.30 to 12.30, no appointment necessary, just turn up and you'll be seen. Brill!
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    We are going to the tip with another load of crap we don't need this afternoon and to the storage locker tomorrow to put in a few more boxes of crap that we DO need. We are slowly moving forwards although a snail and a tortoise would beat us in a race. Very grey and wet again here today. I've been to the medical centre and had my last ever smear - well as long as the results are OK. Thank feck for that! I'm still losing weight so that's good. Time is ticking and it's already 6 months since we booked our QM2 trip so need to ramp the weight loss effort up. My friend's daughter is doing OK. She was greatly cheered up yesterday by a visit from a therapy dog who got into bed with her
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    Oh I've just thought of another. My youngest sister bought me a tube of toothpaste made for dentures one Christmas. I don't have dentures. She was only 7 or 8 at the time and chose my gift herself so it does mitigate the naffness somewhat!
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    Some people do things on a whim without seriously thinking things through. Here's us wanting another dog but not rushing into anything as the time isn't right. We are thinking of our future dog's health and wellbeing without even knowing what sort we will get other than it will be from a rescue. Once we've finally moved and had our big holiday next year maybe then we will be ready. Right the pencil factory will be one of the businesses to feature in ITV4's Made In Britain programme at 8pm nexr Wedensday, the 25th Sept. They chatted to Ruby on camera so she should be appearing. The programme will be available on the ITV hub for 30 days afterwards.
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    Don't forget to keep drinking plenty Jazz and preferably not fizzy pop. It's for your own good. Auntie Marion has spoken It's been a cracking day here today. Nice and mild & no rain so I have done a bit of maintenance on our fairly stripped down garden. It doesn't take long since the girls came and sorted it out. Poppy Panda sailed through her MOT today
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    that's why I end up not answering everyone. I read the first post, think of an answer. see something shiny, forget what ive read
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    My kind neighbour has asked if he can strim and mow my lawn. Not that it is a proper lawn. Grass is a better description. I have thanked him and agreed. Strimming with whiplash injury is not good. I have suffered when I have tried it.
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    We had a pleasant riverbank walk, and on way home I went to garden centre to have some lunch. The hot counter was just closing and the lady said I could have anything else from there that I fancied free of charge besides my quiche and vegetables, as it all needed eating. So I happily accepted a portion of grilled salmon, it being the only thing which would not dribble gravy into my veggie food. When no one was looking I popped it into a plastic bag. Wispa was astonished and delighted to find it in her supper bowl. Hope this will console her for me going out this evening to a parish council meeting.
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    I had whooping cough when I was a baby and my grandma wanted to give me some fried mouse which she said would clear it up. My mum put her foot down and said no way. The old ways are not always the best! No idea where the mouse remedy comes from, unless from the herb mouse-ear which can be used in cough medicines. Somewhere along the line someone must have taken things a bit too literally. Talking of meeces, they have been noticeably absent from the owlery this summer, apart from the 2 youngsters which turned up in the sitting room a few weeks ago. They are still in the outhouses and gardens but thankfully not coming in.
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    Ask the question Jazz " if I had private health cover would you be saying the same" I can guarantee you that nope she wouldn't be saying that and I am sure you can do something about that. I have been approved for my blue badge, very hard assessment and I am in pain but it's done now
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    Everything ok on Ruby's scan but her uremic levels are too high on the remaining kidney so she has to follow a uremic diet. So no strawberries, no oily fish, no shellfish like prawns and scallops, no beef, no beer, no grain spirits or wines, although a very, very occasional glass is fine. Her kidney stone is no bigger and not giving trouble so they will just continue to watch it. She was more than happy with all of that which is why we went for a celebratory meal afterwards.
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    I have decided to book a holiday in Wales. Found a dog friendly site at a secluded farm which is a husky rescue, with one pod and one caravan, each in its own fenced area. Reactive dogs welcome. Planning to book caravan which is cheaper, from Halloween over the firework season. Wales in November can be gloomy and wet but at least it is quiet.
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    Shame we didn't win the lottery last night Griff, or I'd have employed a couple of hitmen for you! Well, our hamster free status didn't last. Went into the local Pets at Home to have a little champagne coloured one was very interested, came to see us and when she opened the front up I picked him struggling, no he's come home with us. Much debate about names, but I think, as he's Syrian, we've settled for Little Mo. I'm sure Mohammed won't be too insulted.
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    Awwww Suzeanna, so sorry to hear about Max. I fully agree, the people voted so just shut the hell up and crack on with it, that man makes my blood boil!! Jazz, hope you feel better soon Had some good news, xjs passed its MOT which deeply shocked me. Also the lad who used to live at 25 wrote back and said that the fences were fitted by the owners in 68 but there were "markers" which obviously marked out the boundary as per the instructions of the developer
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    Thanks, Owl. I was going to come in and say but I've been busy scrubbing out his cage, disinfecting the wooden bits etc. I've been looking up other small pets and guinea pigs are a no no....they live too long and likely to outlive me, rats are shorter lived but not sure whether Candy would tolerate them so it's either nothing, or another hamster. Don't want to waste the cage, it's a huuuuge one and cost Philip quite a bit so it'd be a shame for it to just sit in the utility room. Corbyn is calling for general strikes and for the public to block roads etc. Nice idea JC, that's really going to go down well with people trying to get to hospital, airports etc. One person already missed seeing their dying father because of Extinction Rebellion's blockade, how many more if that goes ahead? Oh..and the people calling for a People's Vote...what exactly do you think the referendum was?
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    I can't understand why police chiefs are asking for new recruits to be university trained. The shortage of nurses can be traced back to them having to have degrees and I'm sure it will be the same for the police. Policing surely needs to be learned on the streets, not in a classroom. Boris Johnson is promising more police but as we all know what politicians say and what they do, whatever colour the rosette they wear, is a very different thing.
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    Thanks Owl, yes....he was only small but a big personality, he was the reason I was able to have a dog so thanks to him I got Diesel, he also gave me a reason to live when my whole life fell apart. He really was a special little cat.
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    Blackmagic, I'm so very sorry. One shock at a time is bad enough, for you both to be coping with two is awful. Is Jim still going ahead with the chemo, or do they think there is no point now? Whatever he decides, demand adequate pain relief...if morphine isn't sufficient, there is fentanyl or ketamine. I'm thinking of you both,not much consolation I know but that's all I can do.
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    Suzeanna maybe Owl could have a word with him or her on an Owl to Owl basis. Bobby sounds like he's having a great time Jazz.
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    A friend from Canada sent me a broach in the shape of a cows head - not sure what she was trying to say tbh its not that I had ever really mentioned a liking for cows at any point lol
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    Molly May, Steve's pointer cross lab ( he insists a pointador is a proper thing... she's a beautiful crossbreed)
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    Omg omg omg a brindle😍😍😍😍 love him!
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    Been trying with no avail to upload photos of Stanley!! So I will paint a verbal photo of him lol he is a staffy x mastiff (??) , he is brown brindle all over with no white, I know I'm biased but he is a gorgeous baby who melts my heart, being a boy he is a bit dull πŸ™„ But makes up for it by being very cute - he was a baby that came to me at 4 weeks and fitted into the palm of my hand - 10 years later (his birthday was August 16) he is 6.5 stone but still thinks he is a teeny baby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he is my boy and when I'm not in work goes everywhere with me
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    Glad to hear no change in scan result, Suzeanna. I can't tolerate scented plug ins or even walking through the detergent aisle in supermarket. OK with Yankee candles as they seem to be essential oils with minimal nasties. Also OK with Original Source shower gel but not others. Pet hate is scented fabric conditioners. Two separate places near me are now doing laundry liquid, shampoo, washup liquid etc with no nasties, and you bring your own container to save plastic. I have watered all my containers and also by accident the neighbours' heads because there was a gust of wind. Neighbours just laughed and said very refreshing.
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    tilly is coming tomorrow night about 8
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    lewis is on his way home yeaaaaaaa
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    well! what a lovely man at british gas. he has worked there 14 years and never seen someone use 4 units of gas in 3 months. hes reduced my monthly payments, refunded some, and done my warm air discount. hes given me his name so if I need help, to talk to him awwwwww
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    I was taking a look back at threads on here so inspired by the "What's The Naffest Thing You Got For Christmas" thread of 2009 I thought I'd kind of resurect it but make it more general. OK here's mine. A 3/4 full (or a 1/4 empty according to how you look at things!) bottle of Je Reviens perfume on my 21st birthday from a visiting relation over from Canada. I hate Je Reviens and viewed it, especially when I was 21, as an old ladies perfume. The sister of the giver of the above gave me a George Burns LP. At the time George was in his 80's so why she thought it appropriate to gift this to a 21 year old I have no idea. I have never found him funny or thought him a good singer. My really good friend over in the USA spent a lot of money one year buying and sending me ...... A pink plastic flamingo intended for the garden. I have no idea why She does have a quirky sense of humour and I used to think I had too but I obviously don't! Over to you.
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    O.k....i started Christmas shopping 2 months ago...only way I can buy everyone gifts lol Tattoo done today, Dexter's name and his ashes mixed into the ink too..... Steve had 2 covered up and has now booked in again...I have created a monster.... Martin didn't charge me... again, he is a good lad
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    Do you think it could be the change in the weather causing you trouble Yantan? I ask because Philip has asthma and eczema, and though his asthma is ok, his skin has really flared up over the past few days, he's covered in an itchy rash and it's driving him mad. I haven't changed the washing powder or anything like that, but he seems to remember it doing it last year too. Got the boiler serviced today, nice surprise as the man on the phone said it would be Β£60 plus vat, and when the guy asked how I was paying and I said cash, he said ok that's Β£50! It's a year since we had the new boiler in, and one of the conditions of the guarantee is that it has to be serviced regularly.
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    That's ridiculous Jazz. Start phoning daily asking for a cancellation slot. They'll soon get fed up with you and it's amazing how quickly you move up the list. That sounds a much better system Yantan. Going to the pub for dinner tonight. Be nice to get out of the house for an hour or two.
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    I phoned the surgery and a triage nurse called me back, she said it might be that they are overmedicating me now for my high blood pressure, so take about three readings a day for the next couple of days and let them know what they are. If I feel worse then ring again and she'll get me in to see someone. Not too bad at the moment, I played with Candy in the house with her ball so she's not too worried about the lack of a walk.
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    I shall Google that..are they like royalty?? I thought you were going to come back as granola
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    Is it ondestaron tablets Jim has as I find them absolutely useless and the side effects out weigh the benefits Owl, I have just bought a dusk to turn timer that also switches on and off at random times...we are putting it in the lamp in the spare room so it looks like theirs someone in there to hopefully protect our other car
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    That was a lovely thing for your cousin to say Griff. So sorry about Dexter and glad you've got the wee angel back home with you. He'll always be with you. Hope Max is ok Suzeanna, I get why you couldn't check on him. I agree with you all re nurses and policeman having to be graduates, even though I have a degree myself. I worked in Universities for most of my career and can honestly say the most obnoxious, self entitled, demanding students were the nurses (and some vets when I worked in a vet school). They would have had that attitude knocked out of them pdq by sisters and matrons while training on the wards. Miserable day here. Managed to get the dogs out in between showers but the rain looks set in for the day. We're all snuggled up on the sofa together now and will probably stay here lol.
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    Much as I like the fact the wildlife is still thriving round here, I wish the barn owl with a megaphone would calm down at 3am!
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    the lady at asda who was lovely, just rung to say they are taking it seriously, and will be testing it bobby who has stayed under the table, ate his dinner no problem. hes done a few laps of the garden and inside. kevin and hugo are staying with him
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    Lol...that made me laugh Eve! Anyone invading my phone would see awful WhatsApp messages and that's it, the drunk ramblings of a nutter lol
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    scrap that. girl is coming tomorrow, save the traffic, from Portsmouth. the lady sounds like my twin, and the dog looks and acts like katie *sob*
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    thank you hun xxxx my oldest son is taking me out for breakfast tomorrow, so ill get to see my grandson
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    thank you hunnies (didn't think to look at other topics, wondered why nobody said anything lol)
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