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    This should give you all a laugh...I've been having the odd Tena Lady moment as I've been coughing so hard. I don't have any Tena Lady, but I do have a pack of Bodyform I got when the letrozole caused bleeding, so I thought one of them would do. Unfortunately, being sleep deprived and not really looking at what I was doing, it wasn't until I plonked one in place and pulled up my knickers that I realised I'd got the sticky side against me, not the underwear!
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    He clearly hasn't got any kind of handle on this one. If he hasn't seen the conflict in your family for himself he may find it hard to imagine how serious it is. I have had a chat with my sister (not mentioning your name but explaining the situation) because in her years as a minister she has had to organise help for various people in crisis. There should be an Emergency Housing Officer attached to your council who should be available outside normal office hours, and because of your serious health problems combined with threat of violence you should qualify as a vulnerable adult. This would mean that the council are required to provide housing under an Act in 2014. Worth following up.
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    Tye seems to have recovered. He's eating normally again and we are just about to go for a walk. We are late today as we had a lie in 😂
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    Thanks Marion, might do that but I have to do some work with Jac first as he's a bit scared of people so a pub isn't the ideal environment 🙄 but I am working to get him more used to them and he'll probably be ok as long as we can sit outside. suzeanna that would be great, hopefully we'll get some sunny weather and we can get something arranged. There's a six month old Newfoundland who was following Jac about on our walk this afternoon. She loves him but he tends to ignore her. Doesn't stop her though and she is thoroughly adorable 🥰 Just had a chat with the lady at Dogs Trust and Lily's met her new owners today, who've been on the waiting list for a pup since November. She'll be the only dog so will be the centre of attention. Shes currently sharing a kennel with a 10 month old German Shepherd and apparently they've been curling up together 🥰
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    My sister has qualified to be on Brain of Britain.
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    apologies for slow reply - been a manic few weeks. i guess we will soon find out who is still going and who isnt by the bounce back/unsubscribe emails... yeah its a bit of a shame but FB killed off forums so let me turn that thanks arround and say thankyou for still being here
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    My pulis used to try and herd the vacuum.
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    Suzeanna if you want some Tenalady's I can send you a couple of packets. I accidently bought a box of them rather than one packet. Don't ask.
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    Aw, I could laugh and cry at all your posts tonight. I know it's not a competition but I can't match any of them. So I'll just send love to all of you and hope you know I care about you all. Much heavy snoring coming to you from the mental munchkins xx
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    Thanks Suzeanna, the trouble is Flybe is the only airline with flights from Newcastle to Southampton. We fly back with BA into Heathrow and are booked on onward flights to Newcastle with BA, so unless they go under, we should be all right with that leg. Ruby booked the Flybe flights with her debit card and not her credit card so we cannot claim the cost back from the CC company. I'll certainly tell her to look into cancelling the flights and seeing if she can get something back. Eve I think that's the crux of the problem. The town council are the trustees of the park and they have no one to police it. The park keepers, who are essentially just gardeners, are not there all the time but when they are they don't say anything. Knowing a couple of them I did ask once if they ever tried to enforce the rules and they said it wasn't in their job description but anyway they weren't paid enough to stand having arguments with people. I can't say I blame them. Whenever I do point out the on-lead rule to people letting their dogs run lose I more often than not get abuse. Roll on our house move! We are finally hoping to get the estate agents in a couple of weeks time. I am pleased to announce the attic is now empty, the de-cluttering is almost complete and apart from the problem of trying to keep the place looking clean and tidy with a big dog running in and out with wet muddy feet and disguising the emanations from his bum, we should be good to go.
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    Sad, Griff but you can't make someone be what you want them to be if they're not. Had a breakthrough moment with Little Mo, our hamster. Usually if I pick him up he stays quiet for a moment then starts wriggling and muttering but last night, after being bribed with his favourite chocolate drops, I carried him over to the sofa and he sat quietly against my chest then went for an exploration. He did try to go down my neck so Philip just held his hands in front of Mo and Mo climbed on quite happily! I bet next time I try he'll be back to his usual grumpy little self, but it was nice to have him so friendly. Luckily Candy was fast asleep, don't think he'd have been so calm with her trying to wash him and yes, she would..she loved Max, our previous hamster. Rosie would have eaten him. So much for gentle cavvies and sporting cockers!
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    Pingu has just posted on December thread. 2 nice things happened today. A 6 month old working cocker pup who got herself lost on a very overgrown and extensive former pit top area had the sense to go back to where she was lost from, and was sitting there this morning when her dad arrived. Also a cat who escaped from car in which his family was travelling to their new home back in June, and ran into woodland near a major services on A1, has been trapped. No sign of him until a local resident spotted him on cctv last month. He went into trap carrying a freshly caught mouse. He is in good shape apart from a few scratches and some ticks.
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    I envy you the ability to do it, Owl. I used to do pottery and decorated eggs etc, but the arthritis in my fingers put paid to that. Like to walk in places like the Longshaw Estate, Surprise View etc..blasted whatever is wrong with my legs put paid to that too! We've lived in this house for 16 years and although I chat to people in the street (mainly other dog walkers) never once been invited round for coffee or anything so here I and Candy and Little Mo (not that he's a lot of company) all alloooone till Philip comes back home from work. Woe is me! well, not really. To be honest, I'm firmly in the "the more I see of people, the more I love my dog" camp! Bunch of hypocrites round here, they are all smiles to each other but on their own they badmouth them. Not the sort of friends you really need!
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    Good for you Suzeanna.... just because we get older doesn't mean we can't admire attractive people. Eve, I don't want to be dumped in a rough area...which is what will happen, want to save enough so I can pay for the first month in a shared house, hopefully the need will never arise....I said to steve, you would have seen me on the streets wouldn't you?? He just laughed and said "I would have to think about that" I know fine well he would never let that happen to me but there's no way we could live together.. reckon we would make an hour lol Had a break through with him today, we ran into one of his workmates "pops" and pops asked "is that your partner?" And instead of Steve doing his usual NO, he said hmmm I don't know, laughing....he is getting the idea lol
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    We have been out on the reserve for the first time since before Christmas. Wispa slept all morning and was still looking miserable, then at midday she jumped up and ran to the door, very much her old self. I thought she would settle for a short walk but no, she went bouncing along 2 miles through fields, dug a few holes then jumped in the stream!
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    Griff I'm sorry to hear you are such a difficult situation. In addition to Owl's wise words above, I can recommend your local Citizens Advice. You can probably find out their opening hours online (might be open on Monday if you are lucky) and they can help you access the council's housing process.
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    Quite possible, Owl. I had banked up several pillows and I was lying on that side. It does seem to have gone down a bit, isn't it cold tea that's meant to reduce puffiness? Candy didn't know where to look this morning, not one, not two but three squirrels in the garden! Of course they all scattered in different directions, so she missed them all. The one sitting in the cherry tree looking down at her was probably having a squirrely snigger to itself.
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    A local pet cremation firm has offered their services free of charge for Axel. Very kind.
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    Absolutely couldn't agree more, like the dog I picked up the other week, he was chipped, great...but to his breeder I see so many dogs on the dog warden page and they end up in rehoming centres because their chip is out of date and nobody comes looking... really upsetting
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    morning all from me and the new laptop. We are bonding have a safe warm day xxxx
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    new mobile too. im scared lol
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    Morning. Isn't it wonderful to have all these official waymarked trails round the countryside so that walker, cyclists and horse riders can travel the country while staying off the roads. Isn't it wonderful when a big fast dog finds one and keeps going, probably from Rotherham to Chesterfield. At least it is a relatively safe place, but makes him a bugger to find.
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    Thanks for the up-date Suzeanna. If you are in touch with her again please let her know I was asking after her. Alex we've only had Tye for 5 weeks and we've been told he doesn't care for other dogs in his home (just like Archie!) So far Tye hasn't had a lot of interaction with other dogs other than to brief on-lead greetings. He does seem to like Holly dog from next door but they only meet through the fence. The rescue he came from doesn't want him going off-lead in other than a secure area as they've had their fingers burned in the past leading to a lot of heartache. So taking all that into account, plus Tye's age, we wouldn't be able to do a walk like we did when you were here with Steph but we could do a short one followed by a visit to a dog friendly pub or café if that appeals to you at all?
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    Yantan, I messaged her a while ago, and recently got something back. Not brilliant, since she lost her husband lots of things have gone wrong round the house and garage, fortunately her sons were there at Christmas and managed to sort most of it. She said she feels worse now than when it first happened, which I suppose is understandable as there must be so much to organise directly after a death. She would like to move to Edinburgh to be nearer her son and family, but she's costing things out at the moment. Blowing hard here and just started to rain, Philip has mistimed his walk with Candy! She'll go for a walk no matter what but he doesn't much like getting soaked. Alex, if you ever plan on visiting the Peak District we are pretty close and Candy is dog friendly so long as they don't jump all over her.
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    ahhh right x kevin and hugo wake me up. get my ears washed out, that always works lol
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    And thank you for keeping Refuge going, Pingu xx
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    I have had to go right back to recall training with high value treats. Wispa has done so well on golden paste and Yumove that she is galloping about like a naughty pup and finding it amusing to ignore the whistle. I think I would very much miss my working life if I wasn't a volunteer warden. It's illogical but I feel I am not myself if I don't have some specific work to do and a work team to belong to.
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    Very interesting Griff to read a bit about your work experiences. Glad the Owl mobile passed the MOT 👍 The weather was atrocious for our walk this morning but we had an exciting time as Tye went off-lead for the first time! He was such a good boy. At 12 he's not interested in running about and just enjoyed a bimble, always making sure that I was not far away.
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    The dr prodded my various lumps and decided the best course of action was to refer me to ENT. Oh good, a department at the hospital I haven't actually visited, it will make a nice change. I did make him laugh, I said this lump is growing..have you ever seen the film Alien? I half expect something to burst out of it and go scuttling across the floor! Poor Philip took nearly an hour to get home from Barlbrough, a journey which should have been 20 minutes at the outside, more problems on the M1 so he took an alternative route and found the world and his wife had done the same. Hopefully it won't be the same tomorrow.
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    We went to Worksop for a walk along one of our favourite footpaths before jet washing a ton of mud off the van before it goes fro MOT tomorrow. Lots of hand car washes round my village but I wouldn't inflict the wheel arches of my van on any human, so had to do it at Sainsbury. Anyway, walk was good apart from a bunch of illegal offroad motorbikes roaring up the footpath behind us. Wispa was good, she knows the drill with those. Get off the path very fast, don't engage with them, then sit nicely while mum makes a phone call.
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    bindi came 3rd in the Christmas photo competition, santas little helper awwwww
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    Out of interest, what exactly have your parents got against Steve, Griff? Do they think he's too old for you, not got a good enough job or something? The bus to the hospital yesterday was really packed and I got the last seat. Wished I'd stayed standing! Bloke started talking to me, he told me he's 65 this year, never been married although he knows lots of nice ladies. Then I got the details of his train set, which goes all around the bedroom and the landing, and his collection of model cars. I was getting the hint as to why he'd never married by now! Then he said he was going out for a drink later but probably just coffee, he only has one beer as he's diabetic and he has problems with his bladder. I edged away as far as I could after that remark! Never been so glad to see the hospital! Then waiting for the bus to start on the one home I was sitting close to the driver and he was chuntering about the problems he's having with the ticket machine since they've upgraded the system. I think I'll travel with earbuds in and my music on in future.
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    So sorry to hear your news Suzeanna. One tiny little bit of light for you is your son and grandson will be living near you. And you're right, you never stop worrying however old they get.
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    the dogs are starting 3 minutes early! don't they know queen is on! merlin does, he lets me sing their songs. any others he throws himself across my mouth! lewis just text awwwww they are throwing themselves at the door. bed time love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    scrap last message. head and chest is killing! lewis feels bad too, so he must have given it to me before it came out, so tomorrow is cancelled amazon is due to deliver 2 small badges. do you think they will put it through the door, or the box will be huge and ill be playing pass the parcel on my own?
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    Maybe you should put that chap forward for the awards at the end of 2020 Yantan, certainly more deserving of an honour than Nadiya to broadcasting and the culinary arts, for heaven's sake! You should try putting a request out for Crowd Funding Griff..if a no hoper with a heavy drug problem (if his neighbours are to be believed) and several kids can get loadsamoney for Christmas, surely you could!
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    Ah, I see, I understand completely. I was not suggesting Steve lets you move in as it is clear that you need to find your own place, but was hoping that he understands that you have to distance yourself from family and not try to return to a bad situation. I do have a spare room but am quite a distance away I think, being in North Notts. Nevertheless, give me a shout if you are stuck. Binge watching Attenborough here, nice enough day but stayed home as Wispa is still not up to going anywhere though her tum is completely back to normal.
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    Good idea. Hope he understands your situation now xx
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    Council is closed until the second Just going over to Steve's that's a couple of hours to get out
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    Oh Griff, so sorry it's come to that, hope you find somewhere to stay soon, take care of yourself. How's Tye now Yantan? Hope Wispa continues to improve and gets her strength back soon. My son and daughter in law are coming over shortly. We're off down the pub for dinner later, will be nice not to have to cook.
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    We've had a lovely relaxing day. Tye was so excited to open his presents and played like a little pup with the toys although he deaded his Kong teddy bear in a very short time. We caught him trying to steal the turkey of the kitchen counter! He'll be getting his share of it in his dinner a little later. So sorry to read that Wispa is having an off-day Owl. I do hope it's nothing nasty or prolonged. We had a video call with our friends in Jersey, the one's we are going on the QM2 with next year. They will be up here for New Year so are calling in on the 30th. Ruby is going out to lunch with them but I will have to stop home with Tye because of his separation anxiety but the lads understand. Grand to hear you are all having a decent day (apart from poor Wispa) Enjoy the rest of the day
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    Wispa has been out into garden for a pee, then drank water and it stayed down. Then went back to bed, looking very miserable. As long as she is drinking and has no other symptoms I don't think we need to worry too much. I have white fish that she can eat if she feels like it later on.
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    hope shes ok xxxxx someone here has a bad stomach, one of the bigger ones, but not showing who. lamb is nearly cooked at lewis' ive had a shower, someone stole my knickers! so new ones on, and even got new slippers on! place is clean and Christmas table ready love to all xxxxx
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    Ah that sounds like impingement Jazz. I've had that on one of my shoulders. It's turned into an awful day. I am very glad that Tye and I got out on our walk early'ish and at least stayed dry. My not so nice neighbour is smitten with Tye! She told me today he's a proper little gentleman and said "he's found himself the best home ever, the lucky boy". I was a bit gobsmacked as we've had so much trouble with her in the past. I was gracious back in my best Queen Mother mode. I'm making coffee. Does anyone want one?
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    I hope Axel gives himself up soon. Bloody hell fire Flybe is on the brink of collapse and we have paid for flights booked with them to get us to Southampton in May ☹☹
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    Everything crossed Lily gets a great new home. You did the right thing if it wasn't working out for all of you. Bargain on the haircut Griff. I thought mine was cheap at £26 but that was comparing it to London prices lol. How's it going with the new mobile Jazz? Glad the funeral went well Owl and how lovely you can keep an eye on the grave. Richard's mum is having a bit of a turn. She's in a nursing home in Loughton - near you Jazz? - and is 93 so he's on standby for a dash down there if she gets worse. She's Jewish so if she dies the funeral will be in 48 hours after that and I can only hope our dog sitter can stay at short notice otherwise I won't be able to go. She's such a lovely lady and been so good to me that I'd hate not to be able to get there for it.
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    Feel guilty. My son says they'll have to rehome their young working cocker, and there's no way I can offer.
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    Glad to hear Wispa was fine, and Tye not too bad. You'll know next time Yantan, to make him a safe place in advance. Mark said they'll sell the house, Julie will move back to Stranraer with the twins and he and Aidan will move up near to us. So sad for the twins, they adore their daddy and it'll be a big upheaval for Aidan, he's 11 this month. I'm worried about the money aspect, Mark will end up broke I think.
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