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    lovely lady. she understands why ive got the dogs, thinks its great what merlin and hugo do, and that I trained them myself. said its no problem if I get another dog to train up and replace merlin. my tenancy is secure. and if I have any more problems with the neighbours to let her know
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    Found this photo of me in my mid twenties, I'm hoping this hair colour comes out about the same. Shame the figure isn't!
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    We are lucky to live in our ideal place. We moved here when we retired.
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    I am a much happier owl. Tomorrow's transport run for 2 bunnies has been cancelled as they have places at a local rescue. So although I feel poorly and look disgusting, I can have a duvet day and not go anywhere. To judge from the forecast, Wispa will be happy to do the same. I found a big bottle of lemon and elderberry fizz so have taken it up to bed.
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    just had a call from her, shes coming tomorrow instead. I broke down on the phone, told her all what has gone on. she said she hasn't had one report from the neighbour! my tenancy is secure, just has to fill forms in to continue living here wait till I see the neighbour. nasty Alicia will be having a word!
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    There are always two sides to every story, Jazz. So far, she's presumably only heard your neighbour's, so make sure you speak up for yourself. As Griff says, make it clear you've done your best to keep the barking down by rehoming the worst offender and do point out that this woman seems to take pleasure in complaining whether it's justified or not!
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    My bike with no pedals has arrived. I now have to find someone to assemble it. It says "Adult Assembly". So not me as my age for assembling stuff is about 3.
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    Nearly finished... finally!!!! Just the light to go in, an extractor fan to be fitted, a couple of handles and a piece of glass and some plastering in the living room
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    I'm here - sorry to have gone all quiet again I was so anxious over my DVLA eye sight test for my driving licence I wasn't in a chatty mood and spent most of the time trying to find potential working from home jobs or weird and wonderful ways to try and earn an income online if I ended up losing my licence, in between trying to figure out what cuts we could make to our out goings etc. However thats no longer needed because I have passed the field vision and distance eye tests and have been given a 3 year medical licence! 😁 Told work they are stuck with me after all barring a lottery win lol I honestly can't tell you what a huge relief it is I was utterly convinced I'd failed the tests - I still have to have the Yag Laser on 26th March but that primarily is to sort out my close up vision and 2 weeks after that I can go and get new prescription glasses so all being well in 6 weeks or so I'll have even better vision. Just happy that I am legally safe to drive and can now resume driving again.
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    Good luck with the little dog, Jazz. That is unbelievable, that driver saying it never happened. We were parked in the reserve this afternoon and a short eared owl flew up to the car and circled it twice, looking at us through the windows. I was so startled that instead of switching my phone to camera I managed to turn it off. Butterfingers! Wispa was very quiet because she never acknowledges the presence of owls. She reacts to the sound of wings, and if she can't hear its wings it is not a bird, it is just a big fat moth.
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    So long as you're feeling ok at the moment and have all the meds you need, I think that would be a great idea, Griff. Would your parents be ok looking after the dogs?
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    I bloody hate fluorescent strip lighting although we do have one in the attic but with no windows up there it is necessary. We have ceiling lights in the kitchen. They give good light but aren't harsh like strip lights. Archie told the postie off this morning. We haven't heard him bark for a long while. Poor Tom, the postie, got quite an earful. He just laughed and gave Archie's ears a tickle. He liked that but carried on swearing at Tom all the while. He really is an ungrateful dog as Tom often brings him a biscuit and is always very nice with him. Archie reacts to posties this way because of the nasty one. The rest of them know this and they also know that if Archie is out and barking they don't need to come in through the gate if they don't want too as I always go out to see what he's barking at.
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    That's the trouble Griff, if two people have different tastes each of them thinks they have good taste and the other one doesn't! Steve is probably thinking to himself bless her, she means well but she has no idea of what I like!
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    stupid work. getting in the way of me giving Mylo his 3 pm friday cuddle.
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    just having biscuits with my coffee. dropped them. they didn't hit the floor!
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    nick has left the building! phil was very sorry. what a nice man!
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    I am doing nothing today except walking the dogs Oh, Steve goes mad at me doing stuff, I like helping him though
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    Hope he turns up soon Jazz! Griff, I know you obviously enjoy doing things for your parents and Steve, you need to be needed but for your own sake, knock it off a bit! Their world won't stop turning if they have to make their own meals and do their own shopping but I bet it would certainly jolt off course if you die because you are doing too much and not listening to your own body. Sorry if I come across preachy but speaking from my own experience, trying to do things when you know it's a struggle only ends up with days when getting out of bed is a battle. For a few days at least put yourself first. If Steve gets snotty because you aren't there to run around him he's not worth calling a friend, I bet he'd be horrified if he realised how bad you are feeling (well, hopefully he would.)
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    That is progress anyway. Warm sunny day here. We were out early as a guy who is in my bird group asked for help. His escape artist German pointer had beetled off in the night when not wearing collar and ID. As soon as we got there a call came from vet that the naughty fellow had been handed in. And the fence has to be raised yet another metre ... I swear that dog can levitate himself. So we didn't need to work and had a nice woodland walk instead. Came home, did washing and it dried off well on line, Temp up to 16 with a nice breeze. After that I went out for a ride on my bike and am now enjoying a glass of beer. OK the bike has no pedals and the beer has no alcohol but who cares?
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    The Travellers Rest was only just getting into serious food catering about the time I left Apperknowle area. That is a very generous serving even by local standards. Meeting went OK except I got a horrendous leg cramp half way through and had to leave for a bit until it went away. I was relieved to find out that discussions and plans are already under way about the mink, but that was at a higher level and we on the ground were not aware. Unfortunately there is nowhere that mink can be released where they would not cause an eco crisis. They eat everything and have no predators or real competitors. Otters will push them out of an area but we have none on the reserve as far as we know. In their native habitat of North America and Canada, the environment is harsher in winter and there are other predators and competitors so not so many survive. Here in UK they just multiply. So they have to be trapped and very quickly shot at point blank range with an air pistol. The traps have electronic signals so it is known immediately when one is caught. I don't like the idea but they wipe out populations of waders, ducks, any bird near water, and are mainly responsible for the near extermination of water voles. We have a few bitterns and water rail breeding on the reserve and need to protect them.
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    I know Philip would like to live in Scotland, west coast where his parents used to live..I'd like to live near the sea, but the Aegean not the North Sea! I would never want to live down south again, I'm a Northerner by birth and preference but boy it gets cold on the coast in Yorkshire. We both enjoyed Northumberland, so maybe Bamburgh area? That pub lunch cost 7.95 for Philip's giant portion Yantan. If we'd realised it was going to be so much we'd have just ordered that and shared. Last time we ate in a pub in the south we ordered ham egg and chips. You could count the chips and see through the ham, if they'd tried serving that up round here they'd have been lynched!
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    as im out on Saturday, we will book katie in next week. the vets will keep her overnight
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    always when I don't have a camera! katie was lay next to me. mouse had her head on her and hugo had his head on mouse, it was lovely
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    ive put a lovely pink bed on the floor for katie, she jumped straight in and went to sleep awwwww
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    I've seen a t shirt that I would love ..but I don't know if I'd dare to wear it! Maybe a few more of you might find it applicable too?
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    morning all Hope you are all well, or feeling better. looks ok out there, hope it stays like it when I take the dogs out you are all special and I think about each and every one of you every day xxxx
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    Bike man turned up just as rain stopped and wind died down, so he took a stand out of his van and assembled it on the spot on my front parking space. I love it. Taking Wispa out for a bit then may give it a spin round the village if weather stays ok. It is in front porch. Wispa has seen and sniffed it and is not impressed. She hates bicycles and anyone riding one.
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    it says its ALTRPDs birthday today. she was a lovely lady. Ive still got some things she made. I went to her funeral
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    Had a really lovely day with my family. We don't all get together that often but when we do we always have a good time. Sister is still doing my head in though 😂 Hope Archie is feeling better and eating again Yantan. I saw the snow up your way yesterday - stopped at Killington Lakes on the way down and there'd obviously been quite a bit falling. Love that dress Griff, probably a tad too slim fitting for me though lol. Katie sounds a little sweetie Jazz. Are you tempted or is she strictly a foster? Heading back home tomorrow - Tebay here I come 🤣 i h l
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    Just got this Present off my mummy, I paid £14!!! Would never spend that much on myself
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    Jazz, when the person comes, you make sure you tell her how your neighbours have made you feel, you have given up your dog and you very rarely go out because you worry what will be said when you come back, also highlight how it's impacting on your mental you have a friend who can be with you when they come?
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    Spinone has just been caught - whew!
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    Always makes me cross when the bin men have these rules about leaving bins in exactly the right place, lids down etc etc, then when they empty them they leave them all over the ruddy pavement with no thought for mums with pushchairs or mobility scooter users! I spend most of my walk with Candy on bin day pushing empty bins back against the garden walls. I feed the birds every day but can honestly say I've not seen a rat in the garden despite my neighbour saying there are some at the end of the gardens by the drainage ditch. We've had baby field mice but not rats. edited to add that I don't have OCD but one thing I can't stand is pictures skew whiff. Even in pubs, I'll get up and straighten them. Oh..and things spelled incorrectly on written menu boards, I've been known to go and correct them rather to Philip's embarrassment!
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    I have OCD too, though quite mild I guess. Everything on walls, shelves, mantelpiece etc has to be symmetrical in layout. And washing has to be hung out on the line in a particular way - I can spend ages moving it around till I've got it 'just 'right'. I do laugh at myself though and it doesn't rule my life, well ok maybe just a bit lol.
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    One of Philip's work colleagues has OCD..Philip has odd socks (that's what they are called, not that he doesn't pair them) and Dave can't bear to look at them. All wrong, he wails, stoppit!
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    its here! dogs are happy
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    ahhh right 33 drops before us. ill be having soup for tea, and bread. what do you call bread? lol and yes, TOWIE is filmed near here, and yes I know someone in it, im in Essex (10minutes away from the beckhams, but we don't talk about them)
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    It was terrifying Eve if someone came along and said you can quit work tomorrow and don't have to worry about paying the mortgage trust me I'd jump at the chance - in fact I'd move so fast I'd be a blur lol but we can't afford for me to retire for at least another 4 years. My job contract doesn't require me to be a car driver but it does require me to be an independent traveler which would be pretty much impossible due to the combination of my restricted mobility and the huge area I have to cover a great deal of which is rural with limited or indirect public transport links. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that now
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    and a happy st davids day to you all too
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    Morning all, window fitters have arrived next door but planning have said if they haven't agreed those size windows then they will be made to remove and put them back to normal...if they refuse they get taken to court
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    If you were talking about my neighbour Yantan, the weed would be correct! When my Tesco delivery came the other week the driver remarked on the strong smell of weed, I assured him it wasn't me!
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    Yes owl, the dog Warden has her, I guess she isn't chipped and I hope they will advertise her on doglost.
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    Is your brother far away Griff? I think you owe yourself some time away if you can manage it.
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    I feel for you, Griff. I have the same problem but I'm a lot older than you. It's very frustrating when your head says you can do things but your body says no!
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    I have some very silly fish. Panic yesterday because their filter had stopped working and thought I would need to take it to local aquatics centre who are always helpful with things like that. Then I found that the little knob on top which regulates the outflow of filtered water had been turned round to OFF position. No snails big enough to move it, tetras the same, only fish strong enough to move it are the 2 big bristlenose catfish who shuffle round the tank at night eating algae. Need to check every morning now to see that they haven't knocked it. Forget spring, summer has arrived. More like May than February. We need some rain here in the east or we will be in trouble.
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    leave him to it, he has to live in it. don't run round after him all the time then he will appreciate you
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    Absolutely. It's his house,he can have it is he likes... just my taste is great and his is crap lol
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    Aaaagh is all I can say lol. Leave him to his mistakes. He'll have to live with them.
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