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    been and home. the rest are phone calls
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    morning xx be safe xx
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    When I sold dog food, from bakers to wainwrights, bakers went first, I literally had people outside waiting for it to come. The food that was worth 4 times the amount, I was selling it for the same price, that sat. Bakers was on the tv so had to be the best they said. So mine got the best stuff lol If I can get these enzymes to stop me in the loo for days, wow I might be able to go out! and eat! daisy moults sooo much. The rescue has someone for her, that will be great
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    I hope the dietician can help. Many dogs are affected by the additives and colourings in the food but people don't realise it. they buy waht looks nice to them. Dogs don't care what colour their food is. One of best foods is the old fashioned tinned Chappie. Another hot day here. Cleo is not impressed but it is too hot for a walk. I have been busy. I have cleaned and moisturised the leather suite. Dehaired and washed the blanket Cleo lies on on it. Then I cleaned all the windows inside. Don't know what came over me!
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    Rikki is a much calmer dog on my dog food. still needs an active home, but what a difference. Ive got my new blood sugar monitor, got to take readings till she rings back next week. Shes referring me to a dietician who can prescribe enzymes to stop my bad stomach yeaa
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    hes a lovely lad, played with these till they were all laid out. Just had a sleep,not a sound from him, called Rikki While mine were going crackers when he got here, Daisy didnt make a sound, just wagging her tail. She does chat to you, but lovely
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    when he comes, 8
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    got an emergency boy coming in today, coo, standing room only lol
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    thank you for starting this x Lets have a good month for all of us xxxx
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    morning xxx love to all xx
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    Another month gone. Was up early to take my car to my son’s at 7.15 so he and his wife could drop their car off for MOT and service, then use my car to come home again. He is working from home again as 77 kids and 3 teachers off due to virus. 12 more cases reported this morning. The back to school surge! Wonder when we will get through this. Doesn’t look like any time soon. I haven’t seen my other son for 20 months.
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