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    Freds had the all clear from the vet and if his shoulder or feet ever cause him problems again Gap will cover it - going to go get him This weekend - starting to get excited now
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    this little girl who couldn't eat, wee and drink, is now playing with the dogs!
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    When I Am Old. When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat that doesn't go, and doesn't suit me, And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter. I shall sit down on the pavement when I am tired, And gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells, And run my stick along the public railings, And make up for the sobriety of my youth. I shall go out in my slippers in the rain And pick the flowers in other people's gardens, And learn to spit. You can wear terrible shirts and grow more fat, And eat three pounds of sausages at a go, Or only bread and pickle for a week, And hoard pens and pencils and beer mats and things in boxes. But now we must have clothes that keep us dry, And pay our rent and not swear in the street, And set a good example for the children. We will have friends to dinner and read the papers. But maybe I ought to practise a little now? So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised, When suddenly I am old and start to wear purple! Jenny Joseph
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    Big bed lol was always going to be a big bed when we were ready ....and we're ready and have offered and all being well with him getting a vet check we hope to meet him soon .... he may have a pointy nose ...
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    aww poor lad xxxx this little girl is getting better every day. one problem, she has found her voice! oh hell lol
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    wishing that your feasts will be plentiful and your drinking horns full in 2019
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    It's the only sensible thing to do, Yantan. What happens if the weather changed for the worse whilst you were in Carlisle..heavy snow, and you couldn't get home? Not worth the risk even if you were 100% healthy! According to my neighbour, we have rats at the end of the gardens, not surprising as there is a drainage ditch between our gardens and the fields. I did debate stopping feeding the birds, but to be honest by the time the flying hordes (and squirrels) have finished chomping for the day, there's never anything left for any hopeful rats!
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    I think its possibly the angle Sue - Lisa says he's medium sized for a Greyhound Baddie was a big boy so I think this one will be more Noggin's size. He's 4 -ish currently called Jaffa but as of Saturday he will be Frederick The Fast aka Fred lol
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    Its official - subject to a vet check up and a successful meeting this handsome chap will be joining us from Greyhound Gap this weekend
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    I might have been out shopping this afternoon for a dog guard and posh dog bed....
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    Candy gets like that with cats, Eve. If she happens to see one under a car, that's it, there's one under every car in her mind. She's only a little thing but she's pretty strong for her size and she's nearly had me off balance a couple of times when she's suddenly lunged. Philip took her to the park for a run after her ball at lunch time, but they didn't stay long as other dogs very dare they! She's been mugged for her ball a few times, and bounced on by over friendly or over amorous dogs, and now the moment she sees one she just picks up her ball and runs back to the car. My daughter and her husband are on a Caribbean cruise, poor things. I don't envy them all that sun and stuff. Much! Then in April they're back off to Greece until October. I went wrong somewhere! Oh yes..I had children!
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    Griff sorry to hear Dakota's got rear end trouble. I hope it's nothing to worry about and she's back to normal soon. Jazz it's good the little one is settling. Anyone else feeling the chill? It's got quite bitter here. I asked Alexa to play some soothing music for a dog and her selection has Archie zapped out on the rug and Ruby and I are getting droop eyed
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    Aw Archie. A soft squidgy hug for you. Somehow love them even more when they're in their dotage xx
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    Fingers crossed for the car Owl. Hope Deags is ok Griff. I hate irresponsible owners. My lot are mostly ok with other dogs when properly introduced but Nick is scared of dogs running up to him and will react. It's all noise but because he's a staffy (even though he's a tiny wee one) he gets the disapproving looks. Really not fair. Yantan, rats can climb so even having something to catch the bird seed won't stop them if they're determined enough.
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    I hope the cordless ones are better than they were. mine and mothers would go off all hours, when a neighbour had theirs pushed
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    Yantan, do you have a doorbell? If not, get one like ours, the bellpush just sticks onto the front door frame then the receiver plugs in and there is also a freestanding one that you can put anywhere in the house, or if you're hoovering, in your pocket. They are pretty loud, I hear it above the radio or the noise of the hoover. Reminds me, I must change the ring on mine, it's got Santa Claus is coming to town at the moment!
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    Fingers crossed for a cheap fix owl Yantan... people are proper thick! I think if you call out mountain rescue due to the fact you are a dumbass and go out should pay a bill
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    Hmm...could come in handy if he was a cowboy, Griff..he'd have an inbuilt lasso!
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    Iz aye the only wun sniggering like a teenager at Steve having a 55 incher? Sorry Griff! I think our main TV is about 47", the tv in the kitchen is much smaller and I think the tv in my bedroom is the same size as the one in the kitchen - probably same size as yours Griff. It is staying light noticeably later now.
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    Have sorted the social media sharing on most of the forums now. so you can share to fb etc just by clicking the icon. RMF i have eaten the last mince pie
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    New year, new Archie by the sound of it! Long may it last. I hope Wispa is relaxing at last, Owl. Found somewhere that hopefully can fix the tv. Seems odd having the 37 inch one sitting where the 47 inch should be! Philip's mate at work has a 49 inch one so apparently if this one is dead we'll have to get 50 to beat him. Men!
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    We had fireworks..mine were o.k, I was up all night with Kota who had the I am hoping it's not a sign of my year to come. Owl..I use a homeopathic thing called no noise, it's from
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    Happy New Year everybody. All the Best for 2019. I hope the upset dogs can get some calm today. An advantage of rural living- no fireworks. Mine have never heard them so I don't know how they would react.
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    Aw Jazz - can't find a hug in the new emoticons, but have one anyway. Hope everyone has a peaceful Hogmanay whatever you're doing and wishing everyone a good New Year for 2019 xx
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    yeah it got a bit too big to control i think and then the inevitable happened. April 2008 there was a day when there were 901 new topics.. not posts but new topics... i dont want it to get back to that level of activity tbh one of the beauties about the clubs feature is if someone wants to do backbiting they can do it with their group of like minded people within their own area - away from everything else. it can sit there and fester away out of sight... would be nice to think though that we could avoid that. i guess we will see


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