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  1. Just don't overdo things Snow.It's good when you find something you enjoy Cracking pic Jayne Mad busy morning in work. Back home with furry types. Will prob get us all in the garden again to do some more sprucing up. Weather looking dodgy today. Managed to send off assignment 6 for marking last night. 2 to go for this manual bit then they send me computerised version of it. Really had enough of this now as have been doing it for nearly 3 years. Should have finished it ages ago really but what with everything else I have on it's been a constant nagging in the back of my mind and not enjoyable. Oldies Club calendars arrived today so that will keep me out of trouble for a few months lol.
  2. Too right. Have been gardening all day. My back is jiggered. Gonna have a shower.
  3. Have ordered new suite at the knock down price. They have confirmed the old order has been cancelled and just needs to work its way through the system
  4. Happy Birthday Snow. Hope you're having a fab day Sam sounds like a food intolerance of some sort. Was going to say IBS but so many things can cause same effect. Have been to see Dad. Better weather over there so on way home had a walk along the sea front to blow some cobwebs off. Was nice to just wander about doing nothing.
  5. Ha ha both of our Yorkies used to do that too. Well we didn't receive any courtesy call to advise of of anything re the suite yesterday. Even a sorry for the mix up I'm afraid we can't get back to you until Tuesday would have helped. To rub our noses in it further a pop up came up at the top of my computer (or maybe it was good karma) to tell me said suite is now £110 cheaper from same supplier. Just phoned them order has gone through can't price match. I get that in normal terms but we've been messed around. Nope it's been despatched. No it hasn't I would like to cancel the order then. You can't it's been despatched. That's the whole issue it hasn't left at all. I can cancel the order for you. Yes please. Know what I'm going to do now don't you. Order at the new price. Don't know how long to leave it as the communication has to filter through to the couriers so don't want to be agreeing to take old order in if they happen to ring
  6. Hope you enjoyed your fish pie
  7. Have weeded part of the garden. Easier when soil is wet.
  8. It's turning into one of those days. Dad needs some trousers that she is supposed to have given us. Nope opened everything up. We've got a shed load of suit jackets.
  9. Well suite hasn't been delivered in the time frame they gave us so we phoned them. It was put on the van this morning and it was taken off the van this morning. They are unable to tell us when it's going to be here and we may get a call back on Tuesday to advise when they can drop it off. It won't be Tuesday. Wouldn't be a problem had they phoned us to let us know. However our old suite is sat on the drive in the rain as we thought we had best get it out of their way this morning. I have been advised by supplier company that they have plenty in stock. They can't even say the goods will be on the next van that's in our area. I hate shoddy service and lack of courtesy. Thankfully we do have another room with furniture to sit on but they don't know that Hope you feel better in a bit Griff
  10. Morning. Finally had a run this morning. Wasn't that bad considering I haven't done any for 2 weeks. Chaps with suite haven't turned up yet. but they're supposed to be here any time between 7 & 9.30
  11. Evening. Finished work at 3.30pm and just round the corner came across a flipped up car on the pavement across the road with a load of smoke coming out of it. Hope the occupants are ok. Loads of rugby fans were surrounding it trying to help Toddled into Tesco to get some bits for my dad Dogs are quiet. Think I've stumbled in on their routine. Fickle gits Griff glad you're having a better day, that pets are ok and bills being paid for by insurance company Good to hear repair costs not bad Alex Happy Birthday Jazz! Hope Trudy is ok now and you're day improved. Good Mouse for alerting you Must be a nightmare living in a tourist location. Yet another suite is belng delivered early in the morning so am spending tonight making space, cleaning and tidying
  12. Aw that's lovely Griff but then you are kind to others so it's only right Loobie I'm over the moon for you. Yes indeed a relationship with someone should be wonderful and long may it continue for you. Murtle hope you find somewhere you can all be together Pleased Archie's routine can continue Marion Snow hope you manage to get an appointment next week. Liz really sorry to hear the sad news. Hope your dad can be kept comfortable. Looking forward to actually having 2 days at home this weekend. Might manage to get house in order
  13. Griff you've been going through an awful lot lately. It could be the stress of the whole lot coming out and the latest was the last straw. Hope it's an infection and things improve for you very soon. It was very good of you to help the man with the cat Hope the palmist comes with a very good reputation. Like anything else in life there are gooduns and badduns Disgraceful what happened to the old chap in the hospital but sadly not surprised. If you can't speak up for yourself (and many can't) you can be left for ages without basic needs and no-one keeps an eye on how much is being eaten and drunk by patients so dehydration and wobbliness don't take long to kick in for a lot of folk, never mind if they're doddery to start with. Snow you've got back in time very quickly. I would love to have my family tree done but haven't the patience to look it up myself. Best of luck to your DW Marion but hope she can still help out with the Archibald. Alex what an awful day. Hopefully HR will be sympathetic and come up with some ideas. I know some companies come up with a plan of how many hours could be worked to get an employee fitting gently back into working life but with migraines it doesn't work like that. Hoping for all the very best with the IVF. It's something I couldn't have so will be rooting for you.
  14. Sounds great. Murtle what are you learning and have they sorted your contract out yet? Haven't run since coming down with the lurgy so starting up again in the morning Hope Marion is ok
  15. Snow it's a no brainer. Hire a scooter. However I do think you should go see someone about your back also. If you're having problems you need to see someone. They will find out exactly what the matter is and may be able to help you physically. Chiropracter is it? Sure Sam will be along to advise soon Griff bloke could be talking about the wrong person. I'm sure they're not laughing at you. Probably taking the mick out of the chap concerned affectionately and he will have been flattered. It's nice to think someone out there has a thing for us whether we're attached or not. If it turns out he's not available don't harden yourself. The person available and worthy of you is going to be a lovely individual. I have the air puff thing as we have glaucoma in my dad's line so have to have it checked. It's the fact it takes you by surprise, always makes me jump and blink at the wrong moment. It's nothing to worry about and I don't mind having it done but I always feel a nuisance cos I can't seem to stare for too long without needing to blink. Trying to add loads of stuff to the website and just when I'm able to have a good go at it and finish it off the camera has decided it needs recharging so I can't get at the pics. Grr.
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