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  1. Well, that's a bit of a turnaround from your previous posts. I don't see what difference it makes - in that position, wouldn't it be more helpful to acknowledge that there are genuine grounds for concern? After all, if someone says "I don't like this and here's why", it's not useful to tell us a) we have nothing to complain about, or that b) we should avoid complaining because there's only one person moderating. I have just received an email about your post, it is this sort of nastiness that many, not all,there are other reasons why, that members have left. I don't care what you think, everyone is human and often react first, doesn't stop us seeing reason later. Just because I was upset when I first read a post then saw it differently later doesn't mean there is a turnround. Maybe if you did more "Turnrounds" you wouldn't write such drivel. If anyone does email me again about this board it will be deleted, I don't want to associate with nasty people.
  2. Now we have 3 people attacked for something that happened on RMF, this should stay on there and not be put on any other part of the board. This is one of the things that people leave for, I am fed up with it and I know others are. This was one of the few boards I visit now, don't think I will be coming back as this is still going on. Good bye everyone, this was a good board but unfortunately people seem to think it is ok to attack others on parts of the board that have nothing to do with what has happened. Maybe if people kept any attacks to were they happened instead of trying to involve the whole board there would be more members posting.
  3. THats me I take it, lots of things make me happy, but I can say that being on here is not one of them, thank you to the person who alerted me about this, same old same old. If you always do what you've always done you always get what you've always got. I didn't like that either, having a go at a member like this is unnecessary, if you want to say something do it by pm, I don't like to see, and I know there are others like me, people taking pot shots at other members. It has also been brought from a part of the forum that some of us don't go to and don't want to see this on any board.
  4. To be fair to Snow it seems she may be the only Staff member who comes on here now, if others do I haven't seen them for some time. Controlling a forum is quite a job, on your own it is really difficult even if the members are good, there is always something to do. Like others I was upset over Snow's first post on here, but if she is the only Staff member on I can understand why.
  5. Never done one but know people who have, they were really pleased with them. Good luck, I don't even have any GCSEs, I went to a secondary modern school were they didn't do any exams, had loads of fun play about instead.
  6. I never thought of getting a doll's house, love both sofas with dogs and pups on.
  7. I click on the "View New Content" at the top right of the board, it brings up all the posts since my last visit.
  8. Snow your first post has upset me as it seems to have upset others, it did come over as attacking the people who have been posting and keeping this forum going and it did look as if you wanted us to live in the past on what this forum has achieved. Yes it achieved a lot in the past but isn't now for whatever reason but you can't live on past achievements, everything has to move forward. I posted a lot of dogs on here that need rescue places, I have 2 transport runs to post now, 1 is to get 2 dogs out of another pound to safety, one will be pts if we can't get him out. Maybe there were negative things posted in this thread, it is how members feel or doesn't that matter? If members feel so negative about the forum then it won't survive, how do you know if the members are feeling negative if they don't say so. Lack of communication causes a lot of problems, if members don't say they are not happy how can admin know? If admin doesn't know they can't do anything about it so the board just gradually disappears. Instead of having a go at the members who have posted on here what they think, we should be working together to bring the board back again. I will post these transport runs because I am putting the dogs before how upset I am over your post, not sure what I will do after that.
  9. I thought Dogstar had been going longer than 4 years, I have tried to follow Dogstar's progress but it is easy to forget what happen earlier and this shouldn't be forgotten. Sometimes we meet a dog and know that we have to go further than we intended, Mango was one of them for Sam.
  10. You had me worried then, thought I had missed it, I had but it was lower down than this and the phone went, only just got back. It is dropping down the page which is a pity.
  11. I am a rescue rep and am here and The Oldies post quite a bit. I once pm a mod, I did get a reply several weeks later to say that they don't come here very often now. I do usually get a quick reply from Snow.
  12. When you get the time or ask someone else to do it, can you put up how Dog Star started please? I know a lot of people are very interested in how rescues started, this one in particular because of were it is and what it has achieved. Once the story is up please can it be stickied so it is easy to find.
  13. RMF terrifies me so I don't go there, going back to just after this started there were complaints that people posted there and not anywhere else, this is true, very recently I have found out people who have left haven't, they only post on RMF. A lot of information goes on there but not on here, those that are like me too frightened of it or those too busy to go on etc. don't know what is going on and are missing a lot. I am not suggesting that RMF is done away with but if people posting information on there would also post it here there would be a lot more reason to come back. I can't keep up with RMF and as I am very good at putting my feet into things and getting things wrong, I keep well away.
  14. Timmy is a collie cross who has been in the wars. He is on antibiotics and has been resting, he is medium, to large size his rehoming date is 2.12.10
  15. Hobbit is a tri coloured JRT little boy with Queen Anne legs, who needs a nice person to give him a nice name Rehoming date 3.12.10
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