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  1. suzeanna

    things you didn't like as a kid...

    Liver and bacon! I was made to eat anything put in front of me but I threw up after that. Still hate the sight of liver!
  2. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Snow, I'm so sorry for you and for him. He sounds a wonderful lad, but to be honest, it's not just the size of the house...his strong prey drive might well have been a problem to you in the future, as he's big he's probably pretty strong too, you wouldn't want him pulling you over. Candy is a small cocker but she's nearly had me off my feet when she's suddenly surged forward after a cat under a car! I think that could have been a worse problem than the size of your house, I've known someone kept two great danes in a not very big flat but he walked them for hours every day. Don't beat yourself up about it, the extra information about him that you can give Lisa should guarantee him the right home next time, and the dog you should have is waiting for you..somewhere! I've seen some crackers on GDS (Spanish based rescue), some pretty small. We once got a female grey from Ireland that we thought would be a good match with Dylan...she went after four days, she attacked him twice and bit him quite badly on his back. With the best will in the world things don't always work out the way we hope they will. xx
  3. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I'm fed up with the b word too. It was me who said about the next adventure , hope I haven't upset Eve.
  4. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    You may well find that they are doing just that Eve, and if she goes he won't be far behind so brace yourself for that eventuality. They might want to face the next adventure together. X
  5. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    One of our cats disappeared, never to be seen again despite our best efforts to find out what had happened to her. I'd have rather had bad news than never know. Philip has bought a new monitor (boys and their toys!). Admittedly the other one was 15 years old but this one is much bigger and is going to take a bit of getting used to. It's rather bright as well, will have to wind the brightness down, I think....if I can work out how!. I'm going to have a serious talk with my oncologist when I see her, I don't want to take this drug any more. My brain isn't working properly, I muddle my words up, I can't think of things and every day tasks I should be doing automatically I'm having to think about. I checked for articles about the effect of it on the brain and it has been proved to be a factor in developing Alzheimers (sp?). I told Philip that I'd rather die of cancer sooner but with a functioning mind, than later and gaga. He said he completely understands and then he said he wouldn't have brought the subject up if I hadn't, but he has noticed a definite change in me and my mental ability in the last few months.
  6. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Let's hope he likes toys! Candy loves to chase a ball, but squeaky toys..nope. She has a little furry hedgehog thing that she carts around, but that's it. We bought several things when we first had her, but I've ended up giving them to a rescue. Bet you are mega excited..what time are you leaving to get him, 6am? 😄
  7. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I had just crossed to the bus stop as he drove up with the tv. By the time he'd brought it in and I'd paid him I just missed the blasted bus. I got the next one and got a taxi from town to hospital. Scan only took about 20 minutes in the end! Now got to wait until 27th to see the oncologist for the result.
  8. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    No sign of the tv. I'm going to be furious if he's late!
  9. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Is this the poor lady who had people turning up telling her they'd found her dog, when it wasn't hers after all? What a shame, she must be heartbroken. Griff, that's very kind of you but we need to go and find her a waterproof coat so we'll look for a harness at the same time. We do still have one in a cupboard that belonged to Dylan, but even shortened right up it's too big for her. When we first had Dyl he was a nightmare to walk...fine until he saw another dog, no matter how far away, then he turned into a demon, up in the air screaming blue murder! Made for interesting walks, I must say. Once we sorted his problems out (two years later!) he was a dream on the lead. Bloke is meant to be bringing our tv back between 1 and 3 today. I've told them that I must catch the 2.55 bus into town as I have an appointment for a scan, I'm praying they keep to a reasonable time! The buses are 20 minutes apart, and that's assuming they run to time, as are the ones from town to the hospital so if they make me miss that one I'll be late for my appointment.
  10. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Makes me sad to think Candy is our last dog, I've always enjoyed getting to know a new one. At least we are ending our dog owning years on a high note, she's almost perfect but just naughty enough not to be boring! She's quite shameless about trying to pinch food from under your nose, and no socks are safe. She doesn't chew them, just takes them off to her bed. I just wish she didn't pull like a train when being walked, does my shoulders no good. I did rake out an old halti but she panicked badly when we tried to put it on her, so gave up on that idea. I'll just have to suffer.
  11. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    What's up with his shoulder? Looking forward to the pics.
  12. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    It's the only sensible thing to do, Yantan. What happens if the weather changed for the worse whilst you were in Carlisle..heavy snow, and you couldn't get home? Not worth the risk even if you were 100% healthy! According to my neighbour, we have rats at the end of the gardens, not surprising as there is a drainage ditch between our gardens and the fields. I did debate stopping feeding the birds, but to be honest by the time the flying hordes (and squirrels) have finished chomping for the day, there's never anything left for any hopeful rats!
  13. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Good grief Owl..which century did she think she was living in? I've never been called either, but if it happened I'd definitely say no on health grounds.
  14. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Wow! Is it the angle of the photo, or is he as tall as he looks, Snow? Lovely boy, whatever his height. How old? Oh, and what's he going to be called?
  15. suzeanna

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I've put the pic of hairstyles on my FB if anyone wants a laugh...