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  1. No, didn't know there were any. My husband is a comedian! Our hamster has turned out to be rather reclusive, Philip was peering into its cage last night and I said any sign? He said yes, a tiny one by his house, it says f off!
  2. How very frustrating, Owl! You've done your best, but if the powers that be ignore you, you can't do any more. Its sunny here at the moment, better stagger out with Candy before the rain comes back. I'm trying everything I can think of to help my legs/feet, now drinking a lot of tonic water for the quinine. It's vile without vodka!
  3. Dreary and grey here too, drizzle rather than proper rain. Philip had taken Candy out for her evening walk last night, I was in the kitchen when I heard the front door handle go down, so turned to talk to him but one coming in. That handle makes a very distinctive noise when pushed down, I wasn't imagining it. He came home about five minutes later and I asked if he'd seen anyone strange in the street and he said yes, there was bloke so drunk he could hardly stand, let alone walk! Staggering everywhere, and in the end walking in the middle of the road with cars swerving to avoid him. I presume it was him that tried our door, glad Philip always locks it when he takes Candy out. I didn't hear any sirens last night, so he must have managed not to get run over! Philip said no one he recognised as been local, hope he doesn't make a habit of it.
  4. Owl, I've been watching the programmes on the Motorway Police, and it's scary how many of these dodgy drivers are in the Derbyshire stretch of the M1, considering Philip drives it twice a day for work! There have been stolen cars speeding at 100mph, drugged drivers, drunk drivers, lorry drivers on false plates with no insurance and in one case no licence. It makes you wonder how safe you are, combination of smart motorway with no hard shoulder and lunatics at the wheel. Oh, plenty of banned drivers still driving, too.
  5. Yantan, I have a Samsung galaxy phone with the health app on, but mine must be an older model as there's no fingerprint scanner. Probably just as well! When Philip was in hospital after his asthma attack they wouldn't let him out until he blew 550 on a peak flow monitor. I tried it and only got 350 and still no better than that and he gets over 600 now!
  6. How do you check your sats at home? In hospital they put a sensor on your finger, don't they? They weren't going to let me home after one op as my sats were too low, but I did deep breathing for five minutes and they checked again and it was ok. Is there anything in your environment, apart from your cough that could be making you worse? Anyone burning a bonfire, or coal fires?
  7. Glad you are on the mend, Owl. You'll have to let me know if you're not needing the Tens at all, then I'll send you my address for a return but if you think you might need it after all, by all means hang on to it. That's good, Jazz. I remember a rescue papillon we had called Dotty, an old lady had kept her in a rabbit hutch and when we got her she wouldn't come out of her carrying box. I spent three days hand feeding that blasted dog, coaxing her to go out for a wee etc and who did she come rushing out for in the end? Yes, Philip! Ungrateful little horror.
  8. Sorry, what? Why not? You're good enough to fetch and carry for him but not to be seen with him? Who is he thinking should be on his arm, some supermodel? I hope you meant that as a jokey remark and not the plain truth!
  9. Glad you are home, but I must say I think your GP's receptionist needs retraining. You could have died and she didn't acknowledge the seriousness of the situation despite hearing how bad you sounded on the phone.
  10. Hope they are faster at discharge than our hospital. When I had to be in for several days after a mega infection in my boob following the lumpectomy, they told me at nine that I could go that day but I had to wait for my medication. Another woman on the ward said they never turn up with that until late afternoon, but as Philip was coming to pick me up at 12, I went! Nurse scurrying after me saying but you haven't got your meds, I said sorry, I'm not sitting here for ever I'll get them from my GP. I have a feeling that somewhere in my notes there is "bloody awkward woman"! Have you got a nebuliser at home, Yantan?
  11. Hope they do let you out Marion. I remember on our first wedding anniversary we were meant to be going away for a long weekend, two days before it Philip had a mega asthma attack and landed in hospital for four days. Hopefully in future if you ring the doc and say you need an urgent appointment, you'll get one!
  12. It wasn't too bad Eve. We had three big ones..dobes...the others were Pomeranians and papillons, we didn't start with that many but they sort of expanded. We used to show, and we collected rescues along the way. Where we lived then we had a huge back garden, nearly an acre so the little dogs used to race round there, we took the big ones out for walks and a couple of the littlies tagged along. We had a public footpath at the end of the garden which went up through woods to fields, perfect walking area.
  13. Hope you got some sensible help Yantan. My daughter saw a doctor today and was told she needs a blood test ..first appointment to get one is three weeks time! Trying to even get through on the phone to our surgery is nigh on impossible. Kelly, I'm shocked your dad isn't more sympathetic to you with your illness, but not really that surprised. I belong to a forum for stage 4 cancer sufferers, and some of the stories that they tell of their husband/partners attitudes to them is heartbreaking. I'm sure there are times Philip feels impatient because my energy levels just go and I can't do what I used to, especially since my blasted leg has given up on me, but he never shows it. I did manage to mow most of the lawn just now though, had to stop as it was starting to rain. Well, there was one raindrop but there is a big black cloud coming. Alex, that's great about the recall. Our late cav Rosie never did learn to come back, even when Dylan did she wouldn't. Candy is a dream, one shout and she's by your side. Mind you, apart from in the garden, she hasn't seen a squirrel when she's offlead, that might be a different story. How many dogs is this now, Jazz? Most we ever had at once was 14, you can't have caught up yet...can you?
  14. How are you feeling now Griff? Better I hope?
  15. My aghh ones are saying quick or brilliant when it should be quickly and brilliantly...also off of. It's just off! Oh, and anythink instead of anything. My old English teacher must be spinning in her grave! I remember her throwing essays back at anyone who used the word nice..she said there are dozens of descriptive words, don't be so lazy. Yantan, if your half brothers want their dad buried can't they just pay for a separate grave? Why on earth should he be buried with your mother? I used to wish I had siblings but after reading some of the bother that families can cause, I suppose I should be grateful it's just me! Mind you, I said to my daughter than when I pop my socks it's going to be a direct to crem affair, no service and she got quite huffy about it. Maybe when I know I'm on my way out I should just get to the coast and do a Reggie Perrin, save a lot of aggro.
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