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  1. Yantan, black trousers with a pretty top will be fine, fancy flat sandals unless you hate your toes, you'll be good to go!
  2. Hope he turns up soon Jazz! Griff, I know you obviously enjoy doing things for your parents and Steve, you need to be needed but for your own sake, knock it off a bit! Their world won't stop turning if they have to make their own meals and do their own shopping but I bet it would certainly jolt off course if you die because you are doing too much and not listening to your own body. Sorry if I come across preachy but speaking from my own experience, trying to do things when you know it's a struggle only ends up with days when getting out of bed is a battle. For a few days at least put yourself first. If Steve gets snotty because you aren't there to run around him he's not worth calling a friend, I bet he'd be horrified if he realised how bad you are feeling (well, hopefully he would.)
  3. The moon is coming up over the trees behind us, looking huge already! I read something today on Philip's facebook that I thought must be a mistake but no, it's true. How on earth can they sanction killing sparrows, robins, bluetits, wrens and skylarks under the listing of "air safety"? Not to mention the ducks, etc. I thought Natural England were meant to protect species, not try to wipe them out!
  4. I know Philip would like to live in Scotland, west coast where his parents used to live..I'd like to live near the sea, but the Aegean not the North Sea! I would never want to live down south again, I'm a Northerner by birth and preference but boy it gets cold on the coast in Yorkshire. We both enjoyed Northumberland, so maybe Bamburgh area? That pub lunch cost 7.95 for Philip's giant portion Yantan. If we'd realised it was going to be so much we'd have just ordered that and shared. Last time we ate in a pub in the south we ordered ham egg and chips. You could count the chips and see through the ham, if they'd tried serving that up round here they'd have been lynched!
  5. Tbh Jazz, it's more a case of catch and eliminate...unless you can take them to someplace so remote they'll never be a problem and there are fewer places like that these days. We went out to a country pub near where my daughter lives...Travellers Rest at Apperknowle, Owl will know it. Philip ordered a medium pork pie and you got two pieces of cheese of your choice (they have a huge choice!) Couldn't believe it when it arrived, not two small pieces of cheese, big slabs and their medium pie was what I'd have called a large! I was glad I had ordered something smaller! We took a lot of it home with us!
  6. That's something I can't understand, the animal activists who released mink with no thought of what they would do to the native wildlife. If these people are so worried about the wellbeing of animals how about doing something about all the puppy farms? Glad you are feeling better Owl but don't overdo things or it'll be back to square one!
  7. I've seen a t shirt that I would love ..but I don't know if I'd dare to wear it! Maybe a few more of you might find it applicable too?
  8. There are always two sides to every story, Jazz. So far, she's presumably only heard your neighbour's, so make sure you speak up for yourself. As Griff says, make it clear you've done your best to keep the barking down by rehoming the worst offender and do point out that this woman seems to take pleasure in complaining whether it's justified or not!
  9. Always makes me cross when the bin men have these rules about leaving bins in exactly the right place, lids down etc etc, then when they empty them they leave them all over the ruddy pavement with no thought for mums with pushchairs or mobility scooter users! I spend most of my walk with Candy on bin day pushing empty bins back against the garden walls. I feed the birds every day but can honestly say I've not seen a rat in the garden despite my neighbour saying there are some at the end of the gardens by the drainage ditch. We've had baby field mice but not rats. edited to add that I don't have OCD but one thing I can't stand is pictures skew whiff. Even in pubs, I'll get up and straighten them. Oh..and things spelled incorrectly on written menu boards, I've been known to go and correct them rather to Philip's embarrassment!
  10. Candy would go out in a monsoon, it's me that won't! The kitchen looks good Griff, hope he finds it quicker to clean now. Philip went to a military boarding school and he said one of the other boys couldn't walk through a doorway without doing a complicated series of steps. He drove everyone nuts!
  11. One of Philip's work colleagues has OCD..Philip has odd socks (that's what they are called, not that he doesn't pair them) and Dave can't bear to look at them. All wrong, he wails, stoppit!
  12. Found this photo of me in my mid twenties, I'm hoping this hair colour comes out about the same. Shame the figure isn't!
  13. I've had a text from the dr following my blood tests yesterday, they want me to start taking statins. I've said forget it, I won't take them so no point in making an appointment! Bet I get a letter next..either that or struck off their lists! Hope the delivery man turns up soon Yantan. The colour on my hair has faded rather, so I've got the next colour along...a stronger auburn. My daughter will loathe it, no doubt. I'll try it this afternoon if I can pluck up the courage . Looks as if I took Candy out for her walk at the right time as it was only drizzling, it's pouring down now. Any luck with the spinone, Owl?
  14. It's like buses, Jazz..nothing for ages then two come along at once! Do you have any preferences for dogs v bitches? Or do both sexes get on with your other dogs? If Nick is so great..and continues to be ..can you not keep him and still foster?
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