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  1. Has anyone contacted you to say how long they'll be, Owl? You don't want to be sitting there for hours if they've broken down or something!
  2. I was reading in the paper earlier about a poor woman who phoned the police and reported her ex boyfriend over a dozen times as he was threatening to kill her. They didn't even go and speak to him. Guess what? He waylaid her one night and stabbed her to death. I despair of the police these days, I really do. That year has gone quickly, when will Ruby get her results? I see the oncologist next Friday...someone asked me if I was going to ask for a prognosis but I don't think so. I was told about 16 months ago that I had mets and apparently the average life span after diagnosis is 2 to 3 years. I don't really want that confirmed! (could someone slow time down a bit, please?) Candy is getting a fair bit of exercise despite the rain as the squirrels keep coming into the garden and she goes charging after them. No doubt if she caught one she'd come off worse, they have sharp little teeth.
  3. Dry here at the moment, but according to the forecast it's going to pour down soon, just for a change! You'll have to emerge at some point Eve, the dogs will want their breakfast and a pee break 🐢🌲
  4. Oh Jazz, I'm so sorry but you are thinking of her and not yourself. xx
  5. Same here with Candy, Owl. She doesn't mind walking in the rain but I do! Philip is about to take her out now and she'll sulk because she can't go offlead in the field, far too wet. I saw a bit of the programme Neighbours from Hell, Griff. Believe it or not, it could be worse for you..but not by much.
  6. When we changed our ancient boiler for a new one, it came with the Hive system can control the on/off and temperature from your phone whether you are in the house or not. Don't have Sky so no problems there but I must confess there are still things on the Smart tv that baffle me. Funny thing is, my youngest grandson, Jamie, is autistic (he's 5) but where phones, tv etc are concerned he's brilliant. I'll get him to explain the complexities of ours when they come up.
  7. Can't say I blame you, Griff..any normal person would! Whilst not dwelling on my mortality, I thought I'd better have a sort out of cupboards to get things as straight as possible and it's amazing the things you find you'd forgotten you had! Two knee supports which would have been handy when my knee went, a big pink lint roller thingy still in it's plastic packaging, and invoices (paid, I might add!) going back years. I've put the instruction manuals for the washing machine and cooker where he can't miss them, as I remember when a friend had to go into hospital for three weeks and I was looking after her 30 odd poms, I got a phone call from her husband asking if I knew how to work their oven..they'd only lived there about 28 years! I also found some packets of flower seeds, lord knows how old they are, but I've opened them up and sprinkled them around in the hope that they might do something. They give all these instructions on the pack about a fine tilth, water first etc but I've just stirred up the soil and slung them on. I'm sure plants don't go through all that rigmarole when they scatter their seeds, and it works ok for them.
  8. A pink dress for Christmas from my mother..shows how much she knew me! I don't wear pale pink, especially not with a pleated skirt and a pussy cat bow at the blooming neckline!
  9. I know they say you should strive for balance in your life, but I don't think they were thinking like that, Owl! Hope you soon feel better annoying that the meds are now prescription only. Weather down south seems to be wreaking havoc, my son phoned earlier and said lots of trees down and roofs lifting! As for the train line from Manchester into Carlisle, seems to have turned into a canal! Good old British weather.
  10. Never been to Ikea in my life, and don't think I ever will!
  11. Mundane question of the day...Eve, how are you liking the Shark? Hope it lives up to our recommendations! Every time I get it out of the cupboard under the stairs Philip starts humming the theme from Jaws, but it hasn't bitten me yet!
  12. Hope all goes well for Ruby, Yantan. It's the waiting to hear the results that's the worst bit! Your boat trip sounded fun Owl, not done any canal trips...come to think of it, apart from the CalMac ferry to Skye and the glass bottom boat from Pefkos to Lindos on Rhodes, haven't done any smaller boat trips and only one cruise. I've vacuumed, cleaned the living room windows (removed all Candy's nose art, for the day at least) and hauled about half a mile of bindweed out of the garden. Turned round to find Candy has appeared to have turned green, she was smothered in little green seeds! All over her head, down her nose, her ears, back, front legs...everywhere but her tail. I picked up the brush and she ran and hid so we had a short session of hide and seek before I collared the little horror. Think I've got them all off.
  13. I can't understand the people who kill their children to get back at their partner, like the man who set the house on fire with his two boys inside, or the woman who jumped off a bridge with her child. As for the woman in the news recently who killed both her little girls because they got in the way of her sex life..well, I honestly think the death penalty should be brought back for people like her. All sorts of things from your childhood stick with mother was, in retrospect, a narcissist and everything had to revolve around her. After my dad died from TB when I was nearly seven, she and a close female friend (very close, as it turned out!) moved from Yorkshire to Sussex. There went everyone I'd known at school, my cousins etc. Then she was in a sanitorium for two years as she'd caught it from him, so I was shuttled around various strangers for a few months then up to Hull to live with a very much older sister of hers, who told me frequently that if my mum died she'd put me in an orphanage as she wasn't going to get saddled with me. Does wonders for the confidence at the age of nine or ten! Mum didn't die but by the time she was well enough to go home, I'd passed the 11plus to go to a school that my best friend and I were dying to go to but of course then I had to go back down South. Probably why to this day I feel unsettled, as if nowhere is "home", and find it difficult to engage with people in real life! Dear me, we all sound in need of that cognitive behaviour therapy! Come on someone please, tell us about your perfect childhood and adult life to balance it up!
  14. Another new face at the surgery..everyone's changing! Name of Hope, very nice and completely understood my points about the furesemide thank goodness. She's going to pass my thoughts onto the doctor. She took my blood pressure, but with the old type pump thing rather than the electronic one (she said much more reliable) and it was very good, no problems there. She did intend to do a blood test for lipids and such like...I said if that's in case I need statins, forget it as I won't take them anyway! Fair enough, your choice. Good lord, someone with some common sense! It rained here first thing, but the sun is out now and it's pretty warm again. They seem to be keeping on top of the problem at the dam at Whaley Bridge, but I can understand why people are wanting to get back home sooner rather than later.
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