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  1. I used to be a P A for one of the partners at a firm of insurance loss adjusters Griff, and I know they aren't always as efficient as one might hope! Keep at it! Owl, sorry for your loss. I can understand why she kept quiet about her illness, people treat you differently when they know and it can be hard to deal with. Hope this weather improves before next week or we'll need a boat to get to Scotland!
  2. So sorry Jim is suffering, which of course means so are you. I belong to a forum for people with mets and there are several who have to have fluid drained regularly, but in between times they are living pretty normal lives. Hope he soon gets help.
  3. I'm here! Nothing to do with you or anyone else telling their stories of woe, Griff, just that I've had nothing of interest to report! I hope you get a satisfactory end to the saga with those d*ckheads. Philip slept very badly last night so he booked today as a holiday, giving me the chance to take the car and go into Chesterfield to get a new battery in my watch. Good grief, some people really shouldn't be driving! Stopped at a red light behind one other car..nothing in front of them. Light went green..they sat there. I counted to five, gave a polite beep. Zilch! Counted to five again and blasted them, after which they shot off! Only cars that got through were theirs and mine, before the light changed again which shows how long they just sat (and no, hadn't stalled.) Bit further, red light at road works..different car in front, same story. I've come to the conclusion some people can't see the colour green. I'm glad your friend is ok Owl, and hope your bruises aren't giving you too much grief.
  4. Yantan, see if you can sell any of your books rather than just giving them away. I know what you mean though, we've got six bookcases full of books, most of which have been read more than once. I don't understand it when you go to the flea market and see books you know only came out recently on the second hand stalls! Not raining here for a change, but Philip phoned on his lunch break and said it's pouring down at Barlborough. He reckons it waits for him to walk out of the door, planning to have a walk round the lake.
  5. Photos too, Griff if you haven't already!
  6. When our dobe was about 5 months old she broke both her back legs and the vet said she would always limp. We asked them to give her comfrey tablets and she had no limp at all. They were so impressed they recommended comfrey for all breaks after that.
  7. Actually you may be surprised, it's very much a niche market out there. Alonissos is only reached by a loooong ferry journey from Skiathos, which has the nearest airport, and in the winter bad weather can leave it cut off. Food etc is expensive compared to a lot of places because everything has to be ferried in, if it can't be grown. Plus, they want over £300k for the place! Are we really in June? I've had to put the heating back on, I was so cold.
  8. Griff would tubigrip supports help your knees? It's no wonder you're stressed with those clowns next door but try not to let them get to you. Eve, I gather they are coming back to England because of an ageing parent who needs them, having been recently bereaved.
  9. Glad you are keeping her Griff and hope it's a permanent thing! Glory, who needs the gym when you own a Shark? did the stairs then the bedrooms on max...if dust is dead people I have a town's worth ready to be emptied and my arms are aching! I managed to get the beast apart to put the attachment for the stairs on, and better still, put it back together again. Think our weather forecast is much the same as yours Owl, although they did say our rain wouldn't come until late afternoon, not that you can believe anything the Met Office says. Spoke to my daughter in Alonissos yesterday and she's baking in the heat. They are dog sitting for a friend who has gone back to England for a few weeks and her villa is going up for sale as she intends to move back permanently.
  10. Griff, it does have an instruction book, just it's not terribly clear. I vacuumed the living room floor and the hall, both of which were done quite soon before the hoover blew up and was horrified at the amount of dirt that came out! I hardly dare tackle the stairs! So sorry about your dad's car, but honestly love if it's not bothering him (or he's acting as if it doesn't) try not to let it bother you, stress isn't good for you. I've just put a post on my timeline that you might find applicable.. Lesson In Stress Management. Picture yourself near a stream. Birds are softly chirping in the crisp, cool mountain air. Nothing can bother you here. No one knows this secret place. You are in total seclusion from that place called "the world". The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity. The water is clear. You can easily make out the face of the person whose head you are holding under water.. Don't think you'll have too much trouble imaging the person/people! Hope your weather isn't too awful, Eve. Sports presenter from France said it was chucking it down. Did you avoid any floods in your area, Yantan? Although we did have heavy rain, it didn't cause any problems and the sun is out now. Jazz, I think I said before try Hyloforte for your eyes, Philip swears by it.
  11. Following recommendations I am now the rather bewildered owner of a shark liftaway! I may have worked out how to use it in a day... make that a week... or so!
  12. Been raining here since lunch time too. I agree about the French National Anthem, I think ours is dreary! Yantan and Owl, this one is in Currys, sounds ok and has good reviews. Is this what you meant Owl?
  13. I've always had Hoovers (the brand) and not found them any bother, but reviews for the new ones say they are much less powerful than they used to be, good old EU regs and all that! Owl, is your Shark a corded? Lightweight?
  14. Sorry you're still having trouble Griff, good that you can vent to Yantan. We went to the National Arboretum once, it was very moving seeing the memorials to those lost in the war. My Hoover blew up in spectacular fashion just now, the whole house smells of burning! Can anyone recommend a good vacuum?
  15. I got a nasty burn round my ankle because some twit let his dog run round me on a long line and then he called it! I was lucky not to fall over. I've seen people come close to losing fingers because of them. My dad and my mother's brothers were in the war, RAF and Merchant Navy respectively, but her brothers were killed before D Day and my dad wasn't involved. Funny to think this is all "history" but only two years before I was born. Gawd I'm old!
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