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  1. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    It doesn't help when they say on the tv Maltipoo, or something like that rather than saying a crossbreed! I've even seen pups which are three crosses advertised for over £500 and no doubt some fool will pay. We drove into Chesterfield this morning..or tried to! What should have been a 15 minute journey was nearly half an hour and we were still in a queue, then I noticed one of the bus stops which has times up had a message saying buses late due to Hornsbridge Roundabout being flooded. Again. Every blasted time there is heavy rain it floods and this has been going on for years! You'd think they'd do something about it. We managed to take a side road which got us where we wanted to go, but it does make you wonder about the people who plan the road layouts.
  2. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    We found Wispa very sociable when we met her Owl...or was she having a mushy day and two strangers didn't bother her? We are venturing out to a pub in Higham for a meal tonight, first time in two weeks and counting that Philip isn't coughing so much that everyone in the place will take cover! Be a nice change not to have to cook.
  3. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Our first dog together, a dobe bitch, was lovely in every way until it came to getting her nails done. It took three of us to hold her while we clipped them, never touched the quick I might add. When we took her to the vet and mentioned it, the little horror obligingly lifted her paws and sat there good as gold!
  4. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Hope the chooks will be ok, Owl. There doesn't seem to be any let up in the weather, the forecast into March is more of what we're having! Completely depressing. Sadly it looks as if the loss of Tye may well herald the loss of the Refuge too. Both Yantan and Griff have gone very quiet, though no doubt they are in touch with each other. At least most of us are on Facebook so we can have some point of contact!
  5. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Are Komondors the same colours as Pulis, Owl? I remember seeing them when we used to do a lot of showing, but I never see them around these days. Impressive dreadlocks!
  6. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Your sister is having a bad time, Eve. I can't believe how stupid officialdom can be, insisting on a signature from someone who isn't physically able to give it! Day three of the tablets and I don't know if it's them or a coincidence but I'm having terrible trouble staying awake, my eyes just want to shut. I've taken down the voiles from the bedroom windows and cleaned the windows, and now I just want a nap.
  7. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    My daughter has British friends in Greece, who live here in the winter and over there in summer, much as she does. She had a shock last week, a mutual friend told her that a friend of theirs had suddenly died, only 64. His wife..well, widow now..phoned my daughter today and told her what happened. They live in Devon and were driving along (thank heavens she was driving) having not a row, but bickering. He started to say stop moa...then went silent. She looked at him and he was slumped in his seat. She stopped and flagged down some cyclists, one gave him CPR and another phoned for an ambulance but despite a paramedic and then the air ambulance, it was all too late. How absolutely awful for her, nice for him. I don't know what I'd do in that situation, have screaming hysterics I think! Philip winced when I told him, as he's 64 in May and it makes you very aware of your mortality.
  8. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Well, got hold of a roofer (rang a few) who came out as an emergency prizes for guessing it wasn't cheap! Anyway, they worked off ladders not scaffolding which was something although they did have problems because of the conservatory. Hopefully, it's fixed. If it isn't, they can come back and have another go for free or they'll get a very snotty review. I was tidying out the drawer we put all bank statements and other stuff in, and found the original letter to my GP when I first had cancer...six years ago almost to the day! So, considering that until now and only due to a pair of beseeching brown eyes (the oncologist, not the dog) I haven't had any treatment other than surgery, I'm not doing too badly. That's probably jinxed me now.
  9. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    I'm somewhat confused! On Facebook, the rescue is talking about Tye and what appears to be the foster mum is commenting about him. I assume..due to the remarks about having more room in bed now...that it's Yantan, but I thought she said she isn't on Facebook? Maybe it's a complete coincidence and another dog called Tyson, but it looks like him from the pics she's put on.
  10. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    For the time he had with them, he was happy, spoiled and very much loved. There are many dogs out there, lonely cold and afraid, who would give anything for one hour of what he had. I'm so so sorry...but now, having had a dog of a different type to their last one, they know that it's not the breed, it's the dog that matters and I'm sure there is another waiting in the wings for them.
  11. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Jazz, I'm sure the time will go more quickly for you when the weather clears up and you can get out a bit. Is there a Community bus service in your area that could get you to the shops? He'll have lots to tell you when he gets back. Oh how sweet Owl. I remember my mother telling me that she had a little robin who would fly in through the window and demand to be fed. There are a couple in our garden, both male and too busy swearing at each other to bother with me.
  12. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Got hold of a roofer this morning (well, not literally..bit early for that sort of thing!) They can come tomorrow, full today. Took the first pill just now. Waiting with trepidation to see what happens.
  13. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Good news on all sides there then Owl! Bad news here, our roof has been taking notes from Yantan's and sprung a leak. Dripping through the spare bedroom doubt the wind and rain combined to loosen some tiles, I can't see any missing. I was looking up roofers and scaffolding and was horrified to see scaffolding costs an average of £1000! My son pointed out that I should be able to claim on the house insurance, I'll give them a ring tomorrow. Won't hold my breath though, I used to work for a Loss Adjusters, and I know how good they are at wriggling out of things. Hope Yantan got her boiler fixed.
  14. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Tell her to set an alarm on her phone for every hour, and have a glass of water or juice then! Jazz, what are you like? I have this picture in my head of a small team of yorkies towing you along now. Hope your back soon recovers.
  15. suzeanna

    Feb 20

    Yantan, there is a fine line between not enough water and too much. I read the other day of a woman whose brain swelled because she drank too much water!
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