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  1. Philip's late parents used to live in Scotland, they preferred the method of buying up there, as once your offer has been accepted you can't be gazumped. Hope you soon find something, blackmagic and everything crossed the lad soon recovers. We've just been watching Ambulance, set in the London service..the numbers of stabbings are terrifying and what is the Mayor doing about it? Sweet fanny adams.
  2. Glad Kota is ok, Griff and sorry you've had to suffer yourself both physically and mentally. Candy is booked in for next Monday to have a chest xray then removal of the mammary lump followed by histology on it. He's told me £640.45...hope to goodness the insurance will pay out! Jazz, it's like me with ibuprofen, can't take it because it can affect my kidneys as I'm on a particular blood pressure pill. Maybe I ought to be discreetly having a word with some of the obvious takers of alternative products who live round here! Hope you soon get sorted out.
  3. I don't think I've seen one either on the wing or roosting, Owl. Glad you are feeling better anyway. Don't know about Griff, but Yantan has been posting on the dog related pages on FaceBook today and yesterday. I know they do talk together frequently. Sorry about your friend, Jazz but cancer can be contained in a lot of cases. If the worse comes to the worse, could you keep the dog? I sometimes wonder about scriptwriters, watched an episode of Vera earlier and a man who was meant to be a gamekeeper/gardener type was talking about a herd of sheep! I suppose he looked after a flock of cattle, too?
  4. Hope you feel better today Owl, and get to see your bittern. Likewise Jazz (without a bittern!) and that your friend if she can't recover, at least can be kept painfree. I've officially had it with these blasted tablets. I've been finding my eyes are very blurry lately, looked up whether the meds can affect your eyes and yes, it can to the extent it can cause various structures in the eye to detach because it increases pressure. Thanks but no thanks! I can just about manage the painful joints, muscle pains, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome but I'm not chancing my eyesight as well, so that's that. He wants me to try two other treatments, but the side effects of those are pretty much identical to these with the addition of pulmonary and venous embolisms..think I'll pass on those, too. Philip has taken Candy to the vet for her booster, and to ask him to look at the little lump near her nipple. Hope she isn't too scared, they won't let him go in so the vet will see her in the car park.
  5. Not really read back, hope any ill people or animals soon feel better. I thought I was getting away with not too many side effects from the new pills...silly me! I've been having awful pains through my hands and unable to grip with my thumbs. Not all the time, but enough to be a darn nuisance. I did manage to mow three quarters of the back lawn before my hands and my feet gave up, Philip did the last bit thank goodness. I feel guilty asking him to do things about the house as he's working full time, even if it is from home. Really hot today, Candy was panting badly. Groomer can't do her until the 29th, no doubt it'll be freezing by then! Speaking of Candy, Philip thinks that lump near her nipple has grown a bit. She's going to the vet on Saturday for her booster so he'll have to ask if they can have a look at it. Our vet is still saying dogs to come in on their own, not going to happen. She's scared stiff of the vet, Philip will have to be with her or the vet will have to come out to the car.
  6. Didn't know that Griff, thanks! Eve, if your knee is still painful tomorrow, remember, ice, compress, elevate. Good excuse to take it easy. I wondered that about the pup, especially as they are a very sought after breed at the moment.
  7. Sorry Jazz but I'm unfriending you..that is just too cruel, putting that pic up! Gorgeous, what is it? Some of you will have seen on my FB that I had good results from my last scan, everything stable apart from the area that has just been for radiotherapy. What I didn't put on FB was that the lump he thought might be a lymph node, just under my jaw, is getting bigger so he wants to see me to check it out. He says if it's a matter for concern, it'll be more rt. Oh goody, can't wait! Oh, and he got a reply from the vascular lot about my dilated aorta, they said it would mean very complicated surgery to deal with it and surgery was a greater risk than leaving it alone, especially considering my health. It was warm here earlier when there was some sun, but it's gone rather chilly again now. Must be tough and not put the heating on again! My eldest grandson starts secondary school on Monday..where do the years go?
  8. Ok day weather wise in as much as no rain..we did some gardening too, hauled out loads of nettles, brambles and bindweed and there are still loads more! I started mowing the lawn and Philip finished it (well, he did most of it to be honest!). Our neighbour was cutting the top off the hedge so now he's done some it wont be quite so much for Philip to do. He's got one of those extending hedge cutters and it's just too heavy for me so I don't feel guilty about not helping. It's a hawthorn hedge, horrible thing. Looks pretty when it flowers but too spiky for my liking. I can't remember the last time I went on a bus, Griff. The handy thing about Philip working from home is I have the car if needed. My next appointment with the onc is a phone one. Can't see the point really, how can he see how things are looking down a phone line?
  9. Philip got the hedge cutter out this morning and did the front hedge..which is about a sixth the length of the hedge in the back garden. He was shattered after the front, I think I'll have to find someone to do the back one! Marion, I find it frustrating that my weight doesn't alter at all whether I eat less or more than usual. I want to lose weight..every time I go to the hospital they are amazed that I haven't...but no joy. My underactive thyroid probably doesn't help. The chap next door who died recently was a crabby old so and so but his son and wife are nice and due to a nice high hedge we rarely see the ones on the other side, so we are lucky with our neighbours really. I watch Neighbours from Hell now and then, I don't know how folk survive living like that without murdering someone!
  10. Amazing how stupid people can be, how difficult is it to understand don't chase the dog? Someone put a post of my FB the other day..don't think it was anyone from here...a chi type dog was adopted, the rescue stressed to the new owner that he was a nervous boy so give him a week or so to settle in without any visitors. Did she? Did she heck! She invited a load of her friends round to see him on his first day, he panicked and bit her so she called the police and demanded he be put down! He bit 3 policemen whilst they were trying to grab him but thankfully wasn't put down and is back with the rescue. I'm obviously going soft in my old age, I've been frozen all day and now I've put the heating on. Not high..just on 20...and only until the place warms up a little.
  11. Happy Birthday Jazz, hope the weather and your tummy are kind to you!
  12. Griff, I remember when my mum had WG and was in hospital in London, consultants actually flew over from America to see her and read up on her case as it was very uncommon then. Mizzly sort of day, wish it would do one thing or the other!
  13. Do you get a prize for having a set, Griff? At least you are missing the pathologist and hopefully will for a very very long time! Eve, if you have a large garden you could put up tents and charge them for glamping?😁
  14. Have you ever tried the tanning booth, Griff? where they turn you round like a spit roast? Philip just came back from walking Candy and said he'd been round the field and was coming back down the jitty and met this group of late teen/early twenties standing near the end in clouds of very aromatic smoke. He said they were very chatty and complimented him on the fact his sunglasses matched his t shirt. I said never mind that, didn't you ask them where they got the stuff from?😏
  15. I got some hydrocortisone cream Griff and it seems to have helped already. On the info they give you after you finish the rt they say do not put hot or cold compresses on the area (who would put hot ones on anyway?!), though it's very tempting! That's very good of your friend, Owl. I don't think Candy would appreciate sharing her home with another dog. She does like cats though and I thought about getting a kitten but it seems even common or garden moggies cost over 100, and the ones I've seen in rescues say not to be homed near a busy road. As we are on a bus route, they wouldn't even consider us.
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