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  2. I saw on bbc news site that the rain had helped people get the wildfires under control. All those creatures lost, so sad. I have found the same with people putting incorrect things on Ancestry. Someone had put my great grandfather down as married to someone who he certainly didn't marry. At the same time as he was married to my great grandma. I know people have been known to have secret wives and families but not in the same small village!
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  4. Yantan, it is easy to jump on a link without checking it through. The fact that both sides of my family all stayed in much the same areas does make it easier, I think. It does become addictive. I use Scotland's People which deals with Scottish records.
  5. blackmagic thank goodness the fire is under control now. I always think about the poor wildlife. Yes the dreaded naming patterns. I think the Cumbrian method and the Scottish one are pretty similar if not the same even. We are so close to Scotland that all sorts of things have been passed across the border for hundreds of years. I've had to come off Ancestry for a breather. I was getting utterly confused with facts and non-facts. The number of mistakes made also got me annoyed with people failing to check their facts. That's the first thing you should learn when taking up genealogy. Oh and life in general too! I think Archie is wanting his dish filled up judging by back and fro from his feeding station to me. Better go!
  6. Our wildfire is at last under control. Just some bits of peat reigniting so there is only one fire unit there now. There were 9 at the height of the fire. along with gamekeepers ,RSPB volunteers and volunteers from the community. It has stretched for 10 miles and covered 50 sq miles. They managed to protect the RSPB reserve and the open hill opposite us but the wild forest and a large area of the heather moor have gone. Much wildlife will have killed by it. We had 24 hours of drizzle which helped to put it out. Today started dull but the sun came out and it was very hot. I have done an afternoon of weeding. Just another couple of small beds to do and plant out the summer bedding. I started a family tree on Geni but only have back to my parents on it. I got an email from someone saying she is interested in my dad's family name. But I have looked at her family tree and there is nobody with that name in it and my father's family all stayed in the same street , in the same Fife town, for generations. They seemed to swop houses regularly as at each census the families changed.They had large families and used the traditional Scottish method of naming the first son after the paternal grandfather, the first daughter after the maternal grandmother, then uncles and aunts etc. So the cousins have the same names- very confusing. I must dig out the rest of the information I have and update it.
  7. current family are more than enough for me without me going looking for my ancestors, it's not really something that interests me, my dad likes the idea of it, my cousin's friend did a bit for her ( same grandparents on one side) and my brother did a bit on my grandad side I think, my nan did hers before she died but the records were destroyed in a fire so she go back to her family in avoca and that was the end
  8. ive managed to send a video! I used to build websites, now I cant work my ruddy phone lol
  9. Oooh we had a big cordyline in our last garden Griff. We brought it here with us but it died I have taken out a subscription to Ancestry. My last one ended back in 2013 and things have changed on there since then. There is now the facility to start a family tree and recieve hints and tips from other people and suggestions from Ancestry. Sounds good? Well yes and no. The hints that come with links to the actual records aren't always accurate but so many people are just accepting them as true without further research and adding them to their trees. So far I've found my 2 x great grandmother is listed on several trees as having died in 1929 in Preston. No she didn't! She remarried so her name changed. She had 3 further children and died in the town where she was born, which is the one I live in too. I have the records including birth/marriage/death certificates to back this up. It also means that the people who had the ancestor who died in 1929 in Preston have linked themselves back to my family when they aren't actually related to us! And this is just one example, there are many more! So if you subscribe to Ancestry either now or in the future please don't go taking these public family trees as gospel. You need to do your own research to prove or disprove it.
  10. just right here. ill take these out after dinner
  11. Really warm here, been and bought a couple of pots for my massive cordylines.
  12. The birds went with all my strawberries when I grew them. It was cold here first thing. So cold in fact that the central heating came on automatically. Archie has gone back to bed.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Eve, I hope your strawberries make it!
  15. Fingers crossed that's the last you hear from odious Yorkie man, Jazz. Aw poor Archie, hope he's ok now. Lol @ madam Wispa Owl. How dare you keep her waiting. I love strawberries and was thinking of putting some in baskets. Noticed some growing in the ground here though that already have some flowers on so will see if they produce anything. They're on a bit where they might get trampled by dogs though will have to see if they even survive.
  16. ive told the rescue and the transporter
  17. Jazz, make a note of everything whilst it's fresh in your mind and that way if it's not sorted, you can refer to your notes and pull them up on it Hahaha Wispa!!!! I looked at buying one of those strawberry hanging baskets until I realised I don't actually like strawberries and the birds would most likely beat us to them
  18. Poor Archie. I am afraid it is a problem with elderly confused dogs. They get themselves into very silly situations and can't work out what to do next. I sincerely hope police have sorted everything and this is the last you will hear about or from yorkie man. Useful visit to Tia. Took my spare plants and got a big strawberry planter and some strawberry plants and a few other plants I wanted. Wispa got impatient in the car and made a lot of noise, and started all the hounds in kennels barking too.
  19. sorry. none of that came up. im sorry about archie. I had a dog like that. its a shame, but they are happy otherwise
  20. police have been on the phone for half an hour. sorted! better fkin be
  21. Oh my gosh, poor Archie....and you!!
  22. I was sitting here doing a Sainsbury's order whilst the TV was on in the background. I heard a sort of high pitched animal noise which caught my attention. I looked up at the TV and saw a couple sitting in a woodland setting with the sounds of nature all around. I put the noise down to that. Archie was in the garden and had been out longer than usual so I looked out the window and couldn't see him. I went out to hear the same high pitched wail. Yes it was Archie. He'd gone under the bay tree, which is huge and has branches stemming out from the bottom. He'd somehow got himself in the middle of some of these lower stems and fallen over. He was in a small tight space and folded over on himself. What a job I had to get him out as I had trouble getting in there! He was a bit wobbly from laying in a funny position but soon came round. Lots of his low fat treats helped. I'll be getting some netting to stop him doing it again. That's good about Kevin Jazz, bless him.
  23. just taken merlin and mouse out, left kevin and kara in the garden. kevin isn't screaming the whole time now. happy about that
  24. Yep, he does, straight away Jazz....I have bought him a pair of jeans myself as he can't afford 2 pairs and if I buy plants for his place, they are always a gift as I don't like sitting drinking my beer in a bare garden lol. If anyone needs to buy named stuff for relatives, try m & m, Steve wears jack Jones and the jeans are £45 in town, we just ordered and they are £13 on m&m and they are genuine.
  25. does he give you the money for all the stuff you buy? yorkies might be in a 5kg body, but they are the biggest personalities. if they lie in the middle of a double bed. no room for anyone else, that's why they lie round the edge lol
  26. No Yorkies for me Jazz. I'd be terrified of breaking one. I've made some BBQ sauce, slathered some chicken wings with it and popped them in the oven to be served up with salad and home made coleslaw That's my lunch and tea sorted.
  27. Oh dear, glad Archie was hungry but not with the poop Done Steve's cover letter for the job he wants to apply for, he just needs to forward it to the lady so all the correspondence goes via his email address and not mine. I got him some jeans at Christmas, he really liked them but they got a hole by the back pocket, he took them to the tailor who repaired them but said he would like more, can't get them at the same price now so ordered him another Colour, he is buying those so I popped a grey pair in too, then he decided he needs trainers at his don't look right with them....he had seen Lacoste ones up the town for about £70 at last he listens to me, got them on mandm for £32 Inc delivery, so he has jeans and trainers for less than 1 pair of trainers
  28. lewis gave me a clock for the living room. its nice but I cant see the hands. sparkly nail polish didn't help, so going to try tin foil. ill buy a new one
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