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  2. just had a call about 2 yorkies …….
  3. 😂 @Yantan Our weather isn't as bad as yours. Was quite nice earlier when I was out with the dogs, but dull and drizzly now. Richard's ankle seems to be healing well, thanks Griff. He's on crutches and has to wear a moonboot for 6 weeks but fingers crossed the op has worked. He did sit in the sun and watch me dig lol. Not that he could have helped anyway as he has a degenerative back problem where his discs are disintegrating. So even if his ankle is mended he'll still be an old crock 🤣 Aw Charlie, be a good boy and bag yourself a new home.
  4. blind Charlie is at his new owners till tomorrow on trial, if she likes him he will stay
  5. I'm officially losing it. I sat down in my armchair earlier and tried to put a seat belt on! Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Blue skies, sun out all day, temperature got up to a consistant 23C. Today is the absolute opposite. Grey and wet with constant and heavy rain.
  6. so... bobby gone tilly, hasn't come blind charlie is lovely, hes going for a trial visit at 11 mine are merlin, mouse, kevin and hugo new list is coming out today of dogs needing help …..
  7. Yesterday
  8. Awww, that's really nice Owl...and exactly what neighbours should be like! be fair I am bloody lost, I am easily confused at the best of times! Eve, how's your husband's ankle coming along?? And did he supervise your efforts?? Dad's got his new car, I think he is pleased, I am just hoping it's going to be o.k...i have 2 cameras on it, and I am sleeping with my bedroom window open and I leave the TV on all night now, no wonder I am exhausted! He rung me up earlier all excited...the door handles light up when he unlocks the car at it looks lovely and clean inside but deags is going to the vets Thursday so I suspect it will end up white!
  9. Of course he's scared Jazz. But you and the gang will work your magic on him and he'll soon settle in xx
  10. poor sod is scared. hes mainly in the garden.he knows his way in, hugo brings him in, but he goes back out. im taking him to the ladies tomorrow.
  11. I thought I might get away without evening walk as Wispa has spent a lot of today in the garden. But she was not impressed and demanded one. So we had a gentle stroll on the reserve and enjoyed the sunset.
  12. One in one out for Jazz, that's about as much keeping up as I can do lol. Spent the afternoon in the garden too Owl, but not as productive as you. I'm trying to dig out some stumps of shrubs I've cut down. One wasn't too bad and I got that out but the second one is much more difficult. It's so old that some of the roots are as thick as tree branches and I'm having to saw through them. Then my son and his wife came round for a surprise visit so that put an end to that. Meant to be raining now for a few days so don't know when I'll get back to it. No rush I guess. Hope everyone had a lovely day in the sunshine xx
  13. Yes we are just about keeping up! Neighbour and I have just spent 3 hours working together in my garden and between us we have got it all done.
  14. are you keeping up? bobby has left the building
  15. lady is on her way to get bobby the foster
  16. blind dog is on his way from preston
  17. this is her
  18. that's why I was having her. ive already arranged prices with my vet, she was going Wednesday for a check up. you see her knee popping out as she walks I don't go away, other than hospital I haven't had times for today for the 2 dogs, life just wants to piss me off!
  19. Last week
  20. Well Jazz, the dog needs surgery, you are certain of that?? RSPCA....if you have no home address, give them the groomers number and they can insist the details are passed on. We all get attached to animals but we all do the best by them too, if that means expensive surgery, we find a way... if we have to say goodbye we do. I personally haven't had a holiday in 17 years, spent 5 nights away from my old hospital and 1 night away from these.... that's my choice, I took the cat and dogs on and I will do without so I know they are o.k
  21. she didn't have the guts to talk to me, only text. I asked her yesterday will she definitely meet the driver im paying, she said yes. she was sending food and toy donations. bloody good job I didn't give some of my food away to someone like I was going to. Good job I don't live near here. but I do know where her grooming parlour is ... and I still haven't got times for the other 2 tomorrow. no don worry. ill just sit here and have 5 excited dogs meet a blind one at the door! im going to bed. see what s*** tomorrow brings
  22. What on earth is she playing at Jazz?
  23. Is that the one who needs surgery?
  24. so the yorkie that's being picked up in less than 24 hours. that I was promised a month ago …. the woman has changed her mind. she hasn't got the guts to talk to me
  25. That would be common sense and helpful jazz!! Pleased things are a little better owl
  26. Very warm here. I went to chiropractor who has helped a lot with the problems caused by the 2 whiplash accidents.
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