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  1. Yesterday
  2. merlin just ran in the room, went to stop but slid into the sofa and knocked his tooth out. he run straight to me to look. hes back chewing hooves
  3. My experience of service contract engineers has not been positive so I prefer to find a good independent one. Problem quickly diagnosed as while clearing out the cupboard I found water dripping from a device on the pipes. Hadn't noticed before as it was dripping on to a bag of old towels. Engineer explained that this was the filter. He cleaned it out and sealed it with some plumber's tape and got the system going again.It seems to have been a budget one in the first place and he is replacing it with a better one next week when he is coming to do a full service. The sooty blobs below the vent outside are not from the vent at all. We have no idea where they came from. House now warming up. Kitchen is cluttered up with stuff that usually lives in boiler cupboard, but It is still a bit damp in there so needs to dry out. This morning we had a lovely walk on the reserve. Wispa was zooming about and jumped into a ditch which is normally dry. I haven't seen water in it for the past 5 years, and only an inch or two then. Splash into a couple of feet of water, boing straight out again and a quick zoom round the field to dry off. She had a great time, much needed after 2 days with no walks as we were marooned. In the village.
  4. phew shes rung shes ok. couldn't get off the mountain due to flooding, so will take her tomorrow to be spayed
  5. sent the forms off for my disabled bus pass on Wednesday, got it today! got hospital tomorrow and Wednesday so that will save me some money rescue messaged me this morning that the yorkie is going to be spayed today. she hasn't got to the vets. I don't know whats happened. she hasn't rung the vets to cancel. worried now
  6. I hope its an easy repair to the boiler Owl. Have you thought about having a service contract? Ours is with British Gas who come and service the boiler once a year but we can call them out any time there's a problem. There's other organisations/firms who offer them too. It was below freezing here overnight and was still only registering minus 2C an hour ago but it's now got up to a balmy 1C. It's a beautiful day thought with a brilliant blue sky and the sun is out.
  7. hope he clears it all out so no blockage, im worried about you xx
  8. The sun has got his hat on .... it's probably a woolly hat but who cares? The sky is blue with very few clouds, and the gas engineer is coming this afternoon. Now to clear out the understairs cupboard so he has space to work on the boiler. Watch out, spiders.
  9. Last week
  10. Bled the rads to no avail then realised there was a leak at the pump and the pressure was dropping. So whole system has automatically shut down. But engineer is coming tomorrow afternoon and a quick dash got me to the Bargain Buys store which has recently opened in the village. 2 small quartz heaters for a tenner each.
  11. Hope you soon feel better, Jazz. Eve, make sure you get the self adhesive window film not the static cling stuff. It clings for a while then it gives up (in my experience, at least.) I got mine from Amazon uk, d-c-fix venetian garden, if I remember correctly.
  12. ive taken Imodium, very tired. not completely helping, new series of Amanda to the rescue tonight. got it ready to tape
  13. Suzeanna, I am pinching your idea for my porch lamps - what a brilliant idea. Hope you get your radiators sorted Owl. Cold and sunny here today. Wanted to do some more work in the garden but it's just too cold. Need to sort out a warmer jacket for working outside, my fleece just isn't warm enough. How's your stomach now, Jazz?
  14. ooo that's not good. its not blocked?
  15. It's not just that, but the whole thing needs servicing as there are sooty blobs flying out of the vent and landing on the dustbins outside.
  16. No, I did think of bleeding the radiators but can't get the knob things off. Will have another try and if I can I will switch off before doing it. I do have a multi key gadget with a radiator key on it.
  17. Owl have you bled the radiators? If not don't do it whilst the central heating is on as it can damage the pump. I was wrong when I said it wasn't raining here. It's mizzling, like a fine mist of rain.
  18. Also central heating not doing very well. Totally my fault for not getting it serviced this summer. Hope it holds out until I can call someone tomorrow.
  19. That window film is wonderful stuff. It's the only reason we can live here without causing a noise nuisance! Wispa can't see anyone unless the are right against the front of house. Fine weather has been postponed until tomorrow. We wuz robbed! Village now marooned again.
  20. Rain here again, just for a change. About a month ago, we had new doors on our side passageway, white Upvc with glass over. I got some of that self adhesive window film that give a stained glass effect and put that on the one that is at front, didn't have enough to do both. In our small conservatory we've got a couple of wall mounted carriage lamps. With a bit of careful measuring (and still got it wrong!) I've put some of the film on their glass, so now I have Tiffany style lights, without the Tiffany price!
  21. morning all its cold but dry. wanted to go to the boot sale but bad stomach, so indoor jobs have a safe warm day xxx
  22. Morning all. Rather chilly here today but at least it's not raining.
  23. I would just get a dirty look if I called mine something like that., but a complete stranger might get away with it, especially an elderly lady. I have come back from the reserve. The lakes are now too deep for everything except swans and coot and a few mallards. Most of the birds have cleared off to forage for drowned worms and soil creatures in the sodden fields. One of the cafe staff who loves in Retford has had to move in with grandparents as she has 6 ins of water in her house. We had a short walk along the banks of the Idle. Wispa was puzzled by the change in the landscape, as all the places under the willows where she likes to paddle were under several feet of water.
  24. We'd taken one of our papillons to an indoor show, and an elderly lady stopped to fuss her and said what a lovely little doggy woggy woo! We smiled politely then fell about after she'd gone, but guess what crept into our vocabulary? (Never in public though!)
  25. Does anyone have a word or saying that they use for their dogs or other animals? My nana always called our dogs "boopies babbies" which meant beautiful baby. We all used to smile whenever she said it, which to be honest was probably several times a day. However, as time passed I found myself using it. George and Archie both got called boopies babbies or even just boopies. Ruby picked it up too. I was reminded of it because I heard my niece telling their dog he was a boopie babbies so it's truly become intergenerational!
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