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  1. Yesterday
  2. I saw the International Space Station tonight.
  3. Ha ha Jazz - we've had the heating on for weeks.
  4. I hope so. Cant read a label, made the font a bit bigger on here ruddy hell its cold. I havent just closed the doors, ive put the heating on!
  5. Hope that will make life a little better for you xx
  6. hes rung. need cataract surgery, he will arrange it
  7. eye doctor was ringing at 9, hope he will ring soon, got things to do
  8. Last week
  9. Sounds like a constructive day, Jazz. You are better organised than I am today.
  10. my friend popped round to drop something off, and has gone away with some of the stuff I picked up so thats good. someone on freecycle wants some of whats left, glad its going out the door. ive just filled up the dining table. dog food has gone in the pan cupboard
  11. got a few bits from her bungalow. Lewis is away when the funeral is on so cant go as its over an hour away
  12. been shopping, got dog food from the pound shop. going to the bungalow after 1. just getting diner before we go out again
  13. morning all busy one today. had imodium just in case be safe xx
  14. there is still that space, for now lol stomach was ok but started to feel strange and its bad again. it had better be ok tomorrow, lots to do someone round the corner offered a bag of dog food on freecycle, I was straight there. im going through the last of the donated food, so thats come in handy
  15. The space where the scooter used to be Jazz lol. How's your stomach today?
  16. going to my friends bungalow tomorrow, see if there is anything I want. It will be the last time as he will have to tell the council. think he gets a week to empty it after that. Like I can fit anything else in here lol
  17. morning all xx bad stomach today so that stops shopping. ive ordered more imodium from the doctors
  18. Was dry here long enough to get the dog walks done but been raining ever since. More of the same tomorrow. I've done very little today apart from a big shop. There's lots I could be doing but have lost all motivation. Hopefully it'll find it's way back soon as the house is looking really shabby and needs decorating throughout. Maybe tomorrow...... ( but probably not lol)
  19. only had 10 left of the dog food, but getting more in tomorrow
  20. Bright sunny morning here but cold.
  21. morning xx cold and dark here be safe xxx
  22. Good morning everyone x
  23. I said to him dog hair ive got! lol I have a tshirt with a dog on, thats it so far. think ill put a lead across me, like dog walkers do. hes just brought the last of the dog bits and ornaments. The first thing I pulled out was a tiara. My other friend who died loved them, so that started me off again
  24. Bit of space for you then Jazz - more room for dog treats lol. Glad you got invited to the funeral. What will you wear? All my clothes are doggy - covered in paw prints and dog hair!
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