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  1. Yesterday
  2. Good to hear. How are you feeling now?
  3. yes, ill keep him here. hes no bother
  4. Oh Jazz, your poor friend. Really doesn't sound good. Bet she's happy you're looking after her chihuahua. Can you keep it longer than 4 days if she's in for longer?
  5. shes just rung from hospital, so grateful ive got him. in so much pain,morphine isnt helping. she has has xrays and scans. they can see a mass on her hip. one leg is huge, they think a blood clot, so more tests tomorrow and hopefully answers
  6. ive known her years through rescue. she used to foster. then found I went to school with her son, so have always said id take her dogs if anything happened. Dylan is old, never wanted to go out, so will be ok with hugo if I actually get to take mine out. what a bloody year!
  7. Poor lady, wishing her all the best. She will be relieved to know her doglet is in safe hands.
  8. my elderly friend fell and broke her hip yesterday. shes very frail, on oxygeon. hospital says she will only be in 4 days. anyway. her little old chihuahua is here.
  9. You have a clever one there, Jazz x
  10. Elwood has joined up with kevin and hugo for sleeping buddies, and joined their wakey up mother club. He puts his long nose under my neck and lifts me up and down. yes being shaken does wake you up! He has learnt that toileting in the garden means sweeties, so does learning a trick. so he sits, lies down and rolls over be safe out therexx
  11. I think not, but ill look for them later, with my trouser legs taped loll
  12. Last week
  13. just spoke to someone, she has the same spots. shes allergic to red ants. so am I, but not been bitten in 20 years. That solves that! she has been to the doctors
  14. Sounds more positive Jazz. Could she organise for Richard to get his injections for his back too lol. We got our sunny day here today and, fingers crossed, it's meant to be nice tomorrow too. Finally got the grass cut and lots of other stuff done too, so all good here. Popping down the pub for dinner later, can't really be bothered getting washed and changed but Richard is looking forward to it so I'll make an effort. Not sure what that says about my cooking 😂 Lots of good thoughts to everyone - have a lovely evening xx
  15. Pleased to hear that you are getting something done.
  16. cream is already here. wow arthritis nurse has rung. shes going to speak to the doctors to start my injections again. yeaaa
  17. GP has text. the spots on my leg are infected insect bites, I did feel getting bitten, dont know what though. she is sending cream
  18. morning hunnies. in so much pain. need to get important things done then take the stronger pills. if i spout rubbish, its the pills
  19. Good news on the Elwood front Jazz. Hope the blood test gives you a solution. Glad your friend is getting a bit of respite Owl. It's so tough and isolating being a full time carer. Been a bit dull and chilly here today, but hopefully a bit of sun coming over the next couple of days. I seem to be suffering from terminal weariness today lol. Managed to get a bit of shopping done this morning but done little else since. My motivation and energy has totally disappeared but hoping a bit of sunshine will bring it back. Hope everyone is as well as they can be. Even if you don't feel up to posting much we're still thinking of you all xx
  20. had the blood test. elwood wasnt barking when we got back. crate was clean
  21. Glad she is doing something. Having a quiet day at home, cold and blowy. Last couple of days on reserve have been interesting with a swarm of bees on a fence post and a big willow fallen across the river and blocking it. Monday was good because I met a friend who used to work there but has been looking after his mum who has dementia since January. I hadn't seen him since then and he can't leave her alone, and she won't have carers. He has at last managed to persuade other family members to help out by mum-sitting for one day a week so he can go birding and meet friends.
  22. got to go today to have blood tests. shes sending stronger painkillers and anti sickness medicine
  23. Relieved to hear it, hope he/she can help x
  24. doctor is ringing before 1
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