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  1. I meant to add something else about Ella - she is full of surprises - Ella seems to like Latin or Andrea Bocelli! This morning I was singing along to some carols on youtube, all the dogs were on their beds sleeping/dozing. When I started singing Adeste Fidelis Ella got up and came and stood in front of me turning her head left and right. I sang along to another carol - no reaction she had laid back down again, I sang Adeste Fidelis again and up she got and reacted the same. Then I played it again but I never sang the words - same reaction from Ella. As soon as any carols were in English Ella ignored them. So this will be played and sung every day as long as Ella enjoys it.
  2. Yes please. A further update. Today we met Denise and Fred on the Heath Extension. Ella has met Fred before and ignored him. She did the same today until she lost her ball and as Ella is ball mad she was upset. But it turned out to be a good thing because suddenly Ella was playing with Fred. CB tried to join in but Ella ignored him. Then later on she started to play with CB! I was nearly in tears as this is the first time Ella has played with another dog. she is usually so focused on her ball that nothing else matters. So from now on I will have the ball with me but not give it to Elsa until we are on our way back to the car and we go through a field with long grass type stuff that Ella loves to find the ball in and hopefully she will enjoy her playtime as much as playing with the ball.
  3. I do Sam but cannot work out how to put them on here.
  4. Thank you for timely advice. Mine all have 5" foam beds with double duvets folded on top and I test for draughts by sitting there with bare feet - you would be suprised where a drafts will come from - behind the sofa a cold drafts can shoot through the tiniest gap. Also I put foot wax on in icy conditions as that was advised on here a few years ago - thank you.
  5. I got an email from Ella previous owner and this is what she said. Hi Kathy, I'm over the moon you've signed the papers so she's now properly yours! There's nothing I want more than for her to see out her days with you, where I know she's loved and cared for by a devoted owner. It's silly isn't it - it's just a piece of paper - but nice that it's official. That made me very happy as I know how much Sara loves Ella and what it cost her to give Ella up. To know that she is really happy about the adoption put the icing on the cake. Ella and CB actually ran about almost playing today as if they both knew and Ella just doesn't do play - she mostly ignores other dogs even the ones she lives with lol. Thank you for your good wishes.
  6. I am soooooo happy. This afternoon I signed the papers that made this wonderful girl a Wardley. I emailed her previous owner Sara to tell her as I knew although it would make her sad in one way, it would also make her happy knowing that Ella would be staying with us and not going anywhere else. Ella is getting closer to CB and BillyBoy - she is a girl who takes things slowly. KazzKitten takes no notice of Ella's attempts to bully her but poor JoJo is still trying hard to be friends with Ella - trying to rub noses etc but Ella is having none of it. Time will tell and I think they will be friends as JoJo never gives up. Last week for the first time CB and Ella ran along together turning their heads to each other as if having a chat - made me well up. Thank you Oldies Club for allowing us the joy of having this wonderful girl in our lives.
  7. Ella would just ignore Kiera - she pretends other dogs are not there. She is very good at it too - if they don't pay homage they don't exist for her. CB however would make up for it, he would be silly and act like a big girl's blouse around Kiera and then when she ignores him he would come over to me and look all heartbroken!
  8. Thanks Fee - of course I don't mind I am very pleased as the photo can be seen. I had no idea how to do it - it was all hit and miss. Madam is sleeping at the moment and when she stirs we will go out for a nite nite walk - just round the block type walk before bed.
  9. Well the wonderful honeymoon is over and the real Ella is emerging. Bossy, opinionated, destructive but adorable - that is Ella. She is wonderful and a dream dog but rules the roost and takes no backchat from any of them even BillyBoy! Ella is never more than a few feet from me except when looking for her ball in the long grass. I started to throw the ball into the long grass as Ella loves to chase a ball but the sudden stopping is bad for her hips and knees. Ella will remove every ball from it and have them on whichever bed she deems to lay on yet only plays with one of them! Here are two photos of what Ella does to a bed. One is how the bed looks after I have put it back together again watched by Ella from another bed and the other just after Ella decided to sort it out - she was actually laying directly on the plastic covering! [/img]
  10. Ella's limp became the norm and as she was on painkillers I was very concerned and vet wanted to take x-rays to see if there was anything else going on, so Ella was booked in for this morning. The way she looked at me as I left her there was heart wrenching but it had to be done, I was terrified it would be hip displaysia and was considering wheels for her. Tonight we picked her up and the vet said that it was arthritis but more extensive than they thought, she has it in both hips and both knees so she is now on stronger painkillers. I think that going upstairs at night was too much for Ella and so from now on she will sleep downstairs and have BillyBoy for company. She will have a choice of beds and be warm and safe and that is what is most important. - vet said she can return to normal activity tomorrow so we will take it easy and see how she goes. The staff at RVC were wonderful and adore her, she is such a sweetheart and endears herself to everyone who meets her. I am also going to put her on liquid Devil's Claw and fish oil as vet said the fish oil will help her. I have emailed Ella's original owner of what has happened and assured her that Ella is fine as I know she loves Ella very much and misses her.
  11. Ella has been with us for two weeks and two days and each day is better than the one before. Ella is a dream dog and extremely clever. She mostly ignores other dogs including CB and BillyBoy other than letting those two know she is the boss! she loves people and will allow anyone available to throw her ball for her but children are a no no so I make sure Ella never comes into contact with them. She follows me everywhere and never goes to far in front when out on long walks. At home she like to play with the buster cube and has got CB and BillyBoy also playing with their buster cubes again. This morning I started to throw her ball into the long grass and was rewarded by her tail not wagging as usual but going round in circles with pleasure as she looked for the ball. She worked out that if she did not eat her breakfast or dinner, I would add some tuna/mackerel/sardine in so now that is an addition to each meal (just a small amount) and all have sunflower oil. I am in contact with Sara, Ella's previous owner, and I think it helps as Sara was devastated to have to let Ella be rehomed.and I send photos and short videos which reassure Sara that Ella is happy and looked after. THANK YOU Oldies Club for allowing us the pleasure of this beautiful girls company.
  12. Took Ella to the vets tonight as I was concerned about her stiffness at times. Arthritis is the cause and she is on Previcox now - low dose to see how she goes. Wrist joints are not flexible and hips are not so good - her age, but vet said to carry on with the exercise she is having but to watch her and also keep her weight as it is. She is an absolute delight to have around - loves me - is my shadow so she has good sense!
  13. Yes please - she deserves her own name on here.
  14. I was terrified she would be stressed out coming from a beach side home to the middle of London and worst of all leaving her owner of 8.5 years. She growled at me when I first said hello to her then smelt the treats in my bag and that was it. She sat next to me in the car and I got paws and then snuggles. At home she has laid with her head on my lap and is now fast asleep. She is stunning to look at but even more beautiful natured. THANK YOU OLDIES FOR LETTING US HAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN OUR HOME AND HEARTS.
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