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  1. just had a call about 2 yorkies …….
  2. blind Charlie is at his new owners till tomorrow on trial, if she likes him he will stay
  3. so... bobby gone tilly, hasn't come blind charlie is lovely, hes going for a trial visit at 11 mine are merlin, mouse, kevin and hugo new list is coming out today of dogs needing help …..
  4. poor sod is scared. hes mainly in the garden.he knows his way in, hugo brings him in, but he goes back out. im taking him to the ladies tomorrow.
  5. are you keeping up? bobby has left the building
  6. lady is on her way to get bobby the foster
  7. blind dog is on his way from preston
  8. this is her
  9. that's why I was having her. ive already arranged prices with my vet, she was going Wednesday for a check up. you see her knee popping out as she walks I don't go away, other than hospital I haven't had times for today for the 2 dogs, life just wants to piss me off!
  10. she didn't have the guts to talk to me, only text. I asked her yesterday will she definitely meet the driver im paying, she said yes. she was sending food and toy donations. bloody good job I didn't give some of my food away to someone like I was going to. Good job I don't live near here. but I do know where her grooming parlour is ... and I still haven't got times for the other 2 tomorrow. no don worry. ill just sit here and have 5 excited dogs meet a blind one at the door! im going to bed. see what s*** tomorrow brings
  11. so the yorkie that's being picked up in less than 24 hours. that I was promised a month ago …. the woman has changed her mind. she hasn't got the guts to talk to me
  12. thank you xx you would think if you have gone through an assessment, tribunal and got indefinite, they could just move you straight across, but no
  13. tilly is coming tomorrow night about 8
  14. got my benefits assessment here on 1st October. don't want all the dogs here as they are too excited when people come, and they would have to be in the garden, so will bark more. lewis will take 2 out, or be in the garden with them
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