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  1. at the moment shes on her back behind me, so I have 1 cheek on my cushion, at an angle. this is not comfy
  2. I don't know if shes missing nick, or shes just uncomfortable, but shes not happy. yorkies don't like change
  3. wow lovely. Ive always wanted to go on one. my son has gone on loads with her family. I don't wear dresses or shoes so id be buggered too
  4. just having biscuits with my coffee. dropped them. they didn't hit the floor!
  5. nick has left the building! phil was very sorry. what a nice man!
  6. so, outside at 7.45 with nick, waving at every vehicle that comes near. put nick in the kitchen with his lead on, stand at the back door for an hour to see anything coming in. get onto the rescue. he hasn't left Gatwick yet! hes just rung, he will be here in about an hour. so we have all come in to warm up. hes driving all the way to Edinburgh. so he 'should' be going about 10.30
  7. oooo! good job the rescue asked if nick is ready to go in the morning, I read it as pm! so nick is going at 8AM we are off to bed xxx
  8. its bad enough facebook playing up ….
  9. its bad enough facebook playing up ….
  10. this is the last thing I can see, but its telling me there are more replys. is there any?
  11. I have never plucked my eyebrows, so im ok there but... if you want your mobile to charge, switch it on at the wall.....
  12. oooo that will do me! it said free on lino too. I read the small print, should have been free nick is going friday
  13. id like to like to live in a village, detached bungalow. big garden. lovely views been shopping and went in the carpet shop to order the lino. it says free fitting. she wants me to pay as much for fitting as the lino! and, the same price for 2 rooms as 3. we got a quote before. don't think so!
  14. just gave them their treats, they all had a dentastick, katie has a smacko. I bend down and give her a piece at a time. she looked at me 'really mother!' took the big piece and went to eat it lol sent the lady a lovely picture of katie. shes been trying to get out of paying anything. not today! tripped her up a few times, so shes sending a cheque. don't know how much, but shes realised she was responsible for her, not the mother in law who was in a care home
  15. so. if you caught them, where can you release them?
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