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  1. morning all! love and hugs xxxxxxxx
  2. morning all. their treats are on their way, so ill be watching the tracking till they are here be safe out there xxx
  3. I feel colder in the night. I shiver so much if im cold, I feel like im having a fit, then I seize up, so its on low just in case
  4. it was 15 degrees. was chilly so turned the heating on, too hot so its back to 15. I have it on in the night, at 18.5
  5. got a call from the 'oldies club' about fostering for them, someone will call to do a homecheck, and the rescue in Ireland contacted me, ill be fostering for them, so might be busy
  6. morning all. its snowing in places, I don't want it love to all. Be safe xx
  7. been to the shops with lewis. got a nightie and summer trousers from the charity shop. they didn't have any dog stuff today booo sent off the form for my disabled bus pass, then went to my friends. she goes all over the country for free on the busses with her pass.
  8. good morning you lovely people you are special and loved, don't forget it xxxxxx
  9. im sure that was scary. hope your ok now xx
  10. I actually opened and used the new hoover! works well, but tiny bin and short lead, but ok for here
  11. got somejobs done, and paperwork to send off. dogs treats have been ordered. that sounds great, but visible jobs haven't been done. I hate new gadgets, but must get the new hoover out of the box have a safe warm day. Please let us know how you are xxx
  12. ladys just been. she put my stuff in the car, said she couldn't sell the food shes got, so the rescue can have it. ermmmm I foster, I would have bought it off you I said, so she gave me a box. I love this game
  13. got some stuff ready for a rescue coming to pick it up. I have a few inches of space now
  14. I only went out for an hour, didn't get close to anyone, so who shoved razor blades down my throat? feel rotten see! safer to stay indoors!
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