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  1. Jazz

    January 2020

    sorry my brain is mush. is he to do with next door? man took all day to do the electrics. doors open most of the time, me up and down. my back is killing me and stiff. shoulder isn't happy, well, the whole bloody body. just swallowed a few painkillers. sensor on the new light keeps going off if someone walks past the other side of my fence. ill get lewis to put some tape on that half of the sensor. im not daft enough to stand on a chair, not anymore ...
  2. Jazz

    January 2020

    birds are sitting on the fence taunting bindi. shes not impressed, and letting the street know about it
  3. Jazz

    January 2020

    yes. had the email conformation and order number
  4. Jazz

    January 2020

    yantans right, just to intimidate you and make them more money
  5. Jazz

    January 2020

    dinner was done, im hungry, but cant smell it cooking...….. it wasn't on. the light was on, just not the flames. note to self, if it doesn't seem right, go and look! food is now cooking
  6. Jazz

    January 2020

    mine enjoy a walk, but are happy in with a chew got a squeeky toy reduced for bindi so shes happy
  7. Jazz

    January 2020

    ooo nasty. hope you get treated xx
  8. Jazz

    January 2020

    morning lovely people. going shopping and taking the laptop back have a safe warm day xx
  9. Jazz

    January 2020

    bindi is insured till march when they all need renewing have a safe warm day xx
  10. Jazz

    January 2020

    done it. corrrrr when I sayin im looking for a laptop, please remind me not to get a chromebook. ta
  11. Jazz

    January 2020

    the 4 buttons didn't do anything but im sure I saw powerwash somewhere. thanks xx
  12. Jazz

    January 2020

    I am. cant wear a watch or use a printer. even had a car that didn't like me
  13. Jazz

    January 2020

    im trying to sign out of the first page but cant see how. any idea? it says click the clock then sign out. ive done that but as it turns on, my name and email address is there
  14. Jazz

    January 2020

    it keeps crashing. ill take it back
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