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  1. Jazz

    October 21

    well, ive been added to the transport chat but havent been told what dog ive got coming, or how many lol
  2. Jazz

    October 21

    My taste buds still arnt right after 18 months since covid. Hope she recovers xxx Still dont know if im getting a foster. They are loaded today. ive just put the thick duvet on the bed and lovely bedding. We will now get a heatwave
  3. Jazz

    October 21

    Blondu has settled in so well, very happy
  4. Jazz

    October 21

    Blondu has left the building. Back to my 6 for a few days
  5. Jazz

    October 21

    they will be here soon to pick up blondu. Im having a foster this weekend, but dont know who yet. They leave tomorrow so hope to know soon
  6. Jazz

    October 21

    just gone in a drawer and found 4 bags of treats. This could be why im using zimmers as shelves, run out of room, because ive already got the stuff im buying lol just played tetris with crates, trying to find the right one for blondu. Hes scared of going in them but needs to, to go home tomorrow
  7. Jazz

    October 21

    morning all really want the shops today but its pouring down still. Got jobs done. Trying to get blondu in the crate to see if he will fit for tomorrow when he will be in the car, no chance, so had to guess have a safe dry day xxxx
  8. Jazz

    October 21

    ive got head and neck pain, feel baadddd, was sick earlier. I dont want your bug owl!
  9. Jazz

    October 21

    they have just left, what a lovely couple. While im telling them he might ignore them for a few days, he went to them for a fuss. andddd his birthday is the same as the ladys
  10. Jazz

    October 21

    want to go out but its pouring down and I have a massive headache. Someone coming to meet blondu later so better scrub the place. shops tomorrow and hope its not raining
  11. Jazz

    October 21

    get well soon xxx just picked up new bags of treats, they split, dogs everywhere, gone in seconds. Hope it stops raining so I can go to the shops.
  12. Jazz

    October 21

    ooo nasty. hope you feel better soon x
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