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  1. Jazz

    August 22

    ooo they both have to go in their offices so shes coming wednesday too. my dogs will be happy. Elliots ears have gone up and hes starting to go silver
  2. Jazz

    August 22

    belle has gone home, back friday
  3. Jazz

    August 22

    bloody hell! was cooking my tea, just put my glasses on when the frying pan spat a load of hot fat at my face! big piece hit my shoulder. glasses are full of it. makes a change missing all of it ay
  4. Jazz

    August 22

    fed up of IBS, hope it stops soon xx Belle is here till tomorrow love to all, be safe xx
  5. Jazz

    August 22

    when I was waiting for my hip replacement, my knees hurt. Surgeon said because you walk wrong to compensate, wears the knees and spine, so will need the knees done next. I did
  6. Jazz

    August 22

    found a tiny collar to fit elliot, a newborn kittens one lol hope your back feels better x been shopping, £14 for the week lol forgotten what its like to eat real food. the GP agreed it could be fibro effecting my stomach. no cure, already on pills. Oh well, cheap bills and pill sandwiches lol
  7. Jazz

    August 22

    same with merlin. hes 14. getting frail, runs into the wall, falls off the sofa, but still telling me the time, enjoying his food and treats. is fine most of the time, but I can see hes growing old I dont like going away, always counting the nights till I get home to the dogs
  8. Jazz

    August 22

    hugo and elliot have just come back from the groomers. hugo the bichon looks like a poodle and elliot is half the size lol
  9. Jazz

    August 22

    where are you going to need it
  10. Jazz

    August 22

    ive stripped the bed, thats going on the line. im 55 this month, thats nearly 60!! WTF!!
  11. Jazz

    July 22

    onto august.....
  12. Jazz

    August 22

    Well, another month. I do hope this one is kind to us all You are loved and special, dont let anyone tell you different xxxxxxxx
  13. Jazz

    July 22

    belle has gone home. Back next weekend
  14. Jazz

    July 22

    morning all x got belle for the weekend. 2 pups, must be nuts lol what are you doing for the weekend? be safe x
  15. Jazz

    July 22

    I bet you know how to use a pressure washer
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