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  1. awww gentle hugs for ruby xxxx ive taken a box of dvds to a neighbour for his son, who hadn't told him I was bringing them lol but a few inches of space in my bedroom now. got to sort the rest now. need to check how much it is to send a parcel to southern Ireland, send her the nice pieces I got for her to sell for the rescue
  2. its just right here love you all. you are special and loved, don't forget it xxxxxx
  3. my friends daughter is 28, I told you they found bowel cancer and cut a lot out? shes not going to have chemo. my friends son had more cancer cut out of his scalp and 2 nodes taken out today, hes on his way home
  4. hope that gets sorted for you quick xx ive rung the doctors, got a phone appointment next Thursday . still got bladder infection
  5. shopping is due. they have substituted one item, real iron bru instead of asdas own. ok
  6. morning all lewis has just been to Tesco. no waiting outside or arrows on the floor. all back to normal xx be safe out there xx
  7. instead of 3 gravy bones, I gave them stew. yes, they will want breakfast as well lol
  8. im so tired, just given the dogs tomorrows breakfast. they didn't say oh no mummy that's for tomorrow, they bloody ate it
  9. a bit sore after tea, hope it stays like it is, I can cope with this good luck with the treatment tomorrow x im still in a tshirt, back doors open, but its getting cooler
  10. wow really? cor I kept my tea in last night, yeaaaaa hope my stomach continues
  11. ahhh right. that's good then.
  12. that was what interested me. how they did social distancing. I cant go to a hairdressers, cant breathe with the chemicals, so my friend comes who does mobile. im going to stick to soup and pasta, that I can keep down. My friend said stick to chicken, not tomato. I have 2 tins of chicken and 16 TINS OF TOMATO!!!! that's just what I can see at the front of the cupboard
  13. so, how was the haircut/ did they stay 6 feet back?
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