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  1. ive managed to send a video! I used to build websites, now I cant work my ruddy phone lol
  2. just right here. ill take these out after dinner
  3. ive told the rescue and the transporter
  4. sorry. none of that came up. im sorry about archie. I had a dog like that. its a shame, but they are happy otherwise
  5. police have been on the phone for half an hour. sorted! better fkin be
  6. just taken merlin and mouse out, left kevin and kara in the garden. kevin isn't screaming the whole time now. happy about that
  7. does he give you the money for all the stuff you buy? yorkies might be in a 5kg body, but they are the biggest personalities. if they lie in the middle of a double bed. no room for anyone else, that's why they lie round the edge lol
  8. lewis gave me a clock for the living room. its nice but I cant see the hands. sparkly nail polish didn't help, so going to try tin foil. ill buy a new one
  9. greyhound shehound! you want a yorkie!
  10. I had the right programme, wrong people. hope he sorts your back out xx was out in my nighty at 7am checking a dumped box in case there was animals in it, but there wasn't. phew merlin is going mad with his ear again. wasn't happy being grabbed but got the stuff in
  11. I remember that. whats her name? got an ology. Maureen Lipman?
  12. trying to register kevins chip online for £6 if you do it on the phone it is 17. got a transfer code, now it wants a redemption code which isn't mentioned anywhere else so looks like ill have to ring. a con ay?
  13. I love chicken soup. I tidied the cupboard up, put them still wrapped at the back of the cupboard so cant get them. ill have to pull everything out. will unwrap them in future
  14. and I don't have to go out for it all, it comes to me! lol good job the rails were there or it would have been parked in my garden
  15. just fed the dogs. the boiler man didn't come. then I saw his van so went outside to guide him in. van came backwards, into the rails, he had left the handbrake off! good job nobody was in the way. rails are bent, so is his van!
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