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  1. Jazz

    Aprils Antics

    morning all xx Hope everyone is ok love to all x
  2. Jazz

    Aprils Antics

    the sky man has been here an hour, sorting the cables outside that have broke for the 3rd time. yes he was due the other day, but after sitting here watching for vans from 8am to 5pm, rung up where is he? it wasn't booked! might have tv today yeaaa the dog treats are dispatched, so happy about that have a nice day
  3. Jazz

    Aprils Antics

    I was trying to be upbeat and hopeful. ive changed it ok?
  4. you are loved, each and everyone of you, don't forget it xx
  5. Jazz

    March Madness

    im trying to sort some bits out
  6. Jazz

    March Madness

    he keeps a distance. luckily this living room is big enough so he can stay far enough away. His firm has asked all of them to use up their holidays from this week I only have one channel. I dont touch the sky box. I do sometimes try and ring someone on the remote, doesnt work for that lol
  7. Jazz

    March Madness

    lewis has looked. ive done all the instructions, booked an engineer for tomorrow
  8. Jazz

    March Madness

    it is an issue with electric off, with the panic button, so they sort mine first which is a blessing any of you with a Q box, are there any wires on the right hand side at the back? one might have come out I cant see
  9. Jazz

    March Madness

    ahhh bamboo owl. My friend bought me bamboo socks. they are so soft settings say I have satallite signal, but the box also says I havent
  10. Jazz

    March Madness

    hope everything is ok xxxxx
  11. Jazz

    March Madness

    satalite signal has gone! not happy
  12. Jazz

    March Madness

    thinking of not paper, do you remember, was it on here that we all bought elephant poo paper?
  13. Jazz

    March Madness

    I usually have longlife milk, but while people want to shop for me, im getting fresh this has the website on it, but says its not made from paper ......
  14. Jazz

    March Madness

    oo ooooo you know the toilet roll you need a mortgage to buy? who gives a crp? my son has given me 2 gift wrapped rolls. who the fk gift wraps loo roll? when its that dear it needs to be! anyway, ill be trying that soon, ill let you know
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