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  1. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    I did transporting and homechecking for years, never asked for petrol money. how quick did the rescues drop me when I couldnt? hope the dogs get back to their homes x
  2. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    im trying to do the shopping list. problem is, if its not there, I cant think whats missing lol
  3. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    note to self, dont play all with a blind dog, with coffee on the table
  4. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    what are you all up to today?
  5. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    ulcer is breaking up. need to go back next week. 10 staff and me, but they couldnt book me in for next week, someone will ring me, what, like last week when they didnt?
  6. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    everything is thawing, but ruddy cold
  7. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    got the eye unit at 2.30
  8. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    we have had snow. the dogs didnt notice lol Charlie likes to play with a ball, so ive put a bell in one, he loves it. ive also put a bell on elwood as they play, problem is, elwood thinks its in a toy he cant find lol
  9. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    just changing the font so I can see it. Got it a bit bigger and a different style. the appointment didnt come for tomorrow so ill be on the phone be safe out there xx
  10. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    charlie got on the sofa, nice, then he jumped off and cleared my table, so wont let him do that again. Hes so like mouse its uncanny. the last foster, also called charlie, was identical to kevin.
  11. Jazz

    Jan 2021

    his eyes look damaged, so taking him for a check up on thursday, then the rescue can look for a fosterer
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