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  1. Jazz

    April 21

    I would like you to put in your diary, I have had a shower and washed my hair, first time in about 6months thank youuuuuuu
  2. Jazz

    April 21

    oh hell, hope your ok x
  3. Jazz

    April 21

    morning all xx
  4. Jazz

    April 21

    oh yes. im not eating it, its not sticking under my glasses
  5. Jazz

    April 21

    hair is shorter than normal, I havent looked
  6. Jazz

    April 21

    I dont know what was on the womans car but it caused a small hole through the moulded bumper. because of that, it needs a whole new one, so going through the womans insurance
  7. Jazz

    April 21

    Have I said my son looks like jake wood from eastenders? He used to go to celeb parties, promoting his firm, the times celebs spoke to him thinking he was jake. chris tarrant gave him his address and phone number to go for coffee and stay over yesterday, Lewis was at the hospital costa with his grandad. he went to the counter, 2 lattes here you are the staff member said. ermmm ok says lewis. he turned round and was face to face with Jake. How funny
  8. Jazz

    April 21

    always here for you hun xxx cant believeit. a woman hit lewis's car while i was having a blood test, the post office has moved so nearly killed me walking there, them the fire alarms went off in asda, had to be at the back of the shop at the time, just got outside when they said we can go back in
  9. Jazz

    April 21

    morning all xx blood test this morning, then renew my driving licence, then asda, get my coffee and slippers, and their own dreamies that dylan loves have a safe warm day xxxx
  10. Jazz

    April 21

    Merlin has retired from being my main dog, hes sleeping most of the time, so kevin is sat staring at me all day, hes taking his job seriously
  11. Jazz

    April 21

    got some bits in farm foods, nothing we wanted in the charity shop
  12. Jazz

    April 21

    morning all x going to check out farmfoods and the charity shop this morning. Highlight of my year, really be safe x
  13. Jazz

    April 21

    are you on soup? my friend hopes to come in the next few days to cut my hair. i told lewis im having it shorter than normal. it hasnt been washed for months with my hands so bad so shes going to do that too
  14. Jazz

    April 21

    darling elwood has decided to grab the mail, so letter box cage is on its way
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