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  1. havent you found anywhere? shame about the boy xxxx
  2. pharmacist says i cant take anything with tramadol. i thought that griff but the pain is off the scale
  3. need to talk to my own doctor about results. next appointment next monday
  4. thats good news x 9 in front of me
  5. im caller no 30 to talk to the doctors
  6. thinkin of you all xxx be safe xx
  7. just seen your post from 11 hours ago, it wasnt there this morning
  8. His name is dylan, same as my grandson
  9. my friend just rung, they think the mass is cancer. bugger hi karen. hope your ok xxx
  10. im in total agony because I havent had my injections. medicines can effect us either way. I want mine! *stamps foot*
  11. im still feeling rotten. Need more coffee and painkillers, that will do it lol Love to all xxx
  12. yes, ill keep him here. hes no bother
  13. shes just rung from hospital, so grateful ive got him. in so much pain,morphine isnt helping. she has has xrays and scans. they can see a mass on her hip. one leg is huge, they think a blood clot, so more tests tomorrow and hopefully answers
  14. ive known her years through rescue. she used to foster. then found I went to school with her son, so have always said id take her dogs if anything happened. Dylan is old, never wanted to go out, so will be ok with hugo if I actually get to take mine out. what a bloody year!
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