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  1. My boobs have nearly disappeared but I have "spare boobs/fat" under my arms going round to my back. It looks a feels awful.No matter how much weight I lose that particular fat stays put. x
  2. I haven't posted for ages but I have been watching sometimes. Well done to all the losers. I was 15 stone 1 pound but I am now 12 stone 4 pounds and back in my size 14 jeans,which I am really chuffed about. Still a 16 on top tho. Anybody got any advice on how to get rid of "spare boobs" under my arms or bingo wings? x
  3. I am finding it really boring. I like Jedward normally but I think that they have been told to "play up" to make it more interesting for their fans. Lucienne is the one that is annoying me,he seems to be playing all the women,especially poor thick Amy x
  4. wonderful pics Marge,glad you had a great time x
  5. after a realy cr*p year I would to be able to come too x
  6. I lost two and a half stone in 8 months last year by one day a week eating rice Krispies for two meals and eating sensibly on the other,and drinking lots of fizzy water because it makes you feel full. My friend lost 5 stone in a reasonably short time using this so I thought that I would try it.It worked for me too. x
  7. I missed this too. So sorry,sleep peacefully Todd x
  8. I missed this. So sorry,sleep peacefully Joe. x
  9. I felt very sorry for Mary,she looked as bad as she sounded. She had been crying during the day because she missed her family.She said she knew that she was bad,she just couldn't get into her song. I like Katie but she is odd! Rebecca was really good,she gave me goosebumps x
  10. Congratulations, I am so happy for you. x
  11. So sorry about your mum. I have no advice to give,some great advice has been given by others,but I agree that you have to give yourself time. You won't ever get over it but time will help you to cope.I think the advice given to talk out loud to your mum is great,who does say that she can't hear you and be pleased to hear from you. Have another and please go easy on yourself x
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