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    Pets: 2 pointy dogs ( Az, 14 & Brythen, 2), 5 cats, including a Very Hairy Bear, a Tortie Princess, and a humble tabby, and 2 mad Bungles(Bengals)

    Other stuff: Roman Britain, medieval history, gardening, painting, wildlife, scifi, fantasy, genteel whodunnits.

    Favorite Authors: Tolkien, Le Guin, Wynne Jones, Gaiman, Pratchett, Rowling,
  1. I think it takes as long as it takes. With a young big dog and a kitten, you are probably going to have to watch them for a good long while, because both of them are likely to want to play, and it's SO easy for the dog to be too rough or the kitten to catch the dog with a claw, even if they have the best intentions. It sounds like things are moving the right way from your description - but kittens are so skittish! I have one cat who insists on playing with my young lurcher, and having had them both since last Feb, I eventually gave up trying to stop them because they both love it and are very careful. But it was I think at least a couple of months before I came to that conclusion, and I'd be more careful with a kitten because they are so fragile. My cat and lurcher are best buddies and leap about like loons.
  2. cycas


    I have an old friend who has just completed a course of CBT - he's an actuary and has a very pressured and stressful job with long hours. He reckons it helped. (I reckon he should give up having such a stressful job and get one doing something more relaxing for less time, the money isn't worth stressing yourself into an early grave. He doesn't agree. )
  3. I skipped the question (it is optional) as I don't see it's anyone's business but mine! I put 'No Religion' for Mark who had asked me to fill in the details for him : he was then disappointed as he swears he told me to fill it in to say 'Sith'.
  4. Awwww, Baby Roxy! Belated happy birthday Roxy.
  5. Good luck with the operation Snow. Mollydog had me up in the night several times, she has the runs, has been sick and is very woe. Am giving it an hour or so to see if her breakfast stays down, if not we are off to the vet. Again...
  6. Yay! Am really hoping I can make it this year.
  7. Get it checked out Mrs B - if you get it looked at it will probably go away, if you ignore it you just know it will come back & bite you on the bum at the worst possible time.
  8. I'm hereish but still coughing, spluttering and oozing like a slug. Why do people insist on telephoning me when they can hear I have the voice of a very ill toad...? WHAT's WRONG WITH EMAIL?
  9. Am totally zonked with cold. I need to go to bed but am coughing so much and oozing everywhere that I know sleep will be hard to find... Oh well, at least it's only a bug.
  10. cycas


    I've done all of those apart from the ATM and I bet I do that now you've suggested it! So you may be old and barmy but at least you aren't alone.
  11. Yes, seems to be definite! Good. Don't think they'd thought it thorough.
  12. Poor little guy. The Galgos have such a hard time of it.
  13. Woohoo, congratulations and where are the photos...?
  14. Awww, poor Billy! 11 teeth, how many does he have left? Hope he enjoys his scrambled egg and feels better soon.
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