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  1. Hello everyone, I thought it's about time I poked my nose back in. How are you all? I still have Lizzie and Bailey, AKA Team Bizzie, but life is so busy just now, I hope I can keep up and come back often. Margaret x Oh, I've just noticed my avatar of dear Cherry and Jack. It's almost the anniversary of losing Cherry, bless her. ❤
  2. Happy new year everyone! For those of you not on Facebook, we adopted an ex puppy farm stud dog two weeks ago and have been getting to know each other. He is a five year old chocolate lab and we have named him Bailey. Sorry for your loss Griff xx
  3. Thanks Jazz, the consultant didn't say anything, except stop using the crutches and do full weightbearing. It's trial and error at the moment, I'll feel happier when the physio tella me what's good and what's not, I know I'm not walking properly because my leg won't straighten properly.
  4. Evening everyone, hope you are all ok and enjoying the randomness of the August weather. Some of you will know that I injured myself again three weeks ago, having an accident on my bike. I am walking without crutches now, have driven short distances a couple of times and I am building up my walking. Why are hospital consultants and GP's so disinterested in what you have to say? I'm seeing a physio on Thursday, I have more faith in them. Today has been a bad day, so I am going to draw a line under it and hope for better tomorrow.
  5. Thank you Alex, I'm so concerned about his spleen after what Spike and Cherry went through. You're right cancer is evil.
  6. Hi everone, I have just popped in with some very sad news, because not all of you are on Facebook and it's important to me to share this with you. Captain Jack has had x rays and an ultrasound today and he has a large tumour pressing down on his heart and another on his spleen. At best, he has two weeks, so we are going to make the hardest decision of all, of when to let him go with dignity. It will be a matter of days. Even the vet was crying before showed me the x rays, the tumours are large and very aggresive. So sorry to come in here and drop this bombshell. I thought you would like to know.xx
  7. I have put a little info in your thread
  8. Jack and Lizzies harnesses are Julius K9 and the cheapest place i have found is Zooplus. Jack has had his for over four years and it is really good quality and doesn't slip off. Jacks head gear is an optivizor and is designed to protect the dog head without totally encasing it. It absorbs the impact when he runs into trees etc. His eyes are protected from brambles and sharp objects, so it gives him confidence.
  9. Finally done it, here's the thread...
  10. I wasn't allowed to here is the pic on the Malverns
  11. I have been searching the dog rescue sites for a long time since losing Cherry, It was at times very frustrating, especially when a couple of rescues dismissed me for one element in my life, without even speaking to me. Of the few that did bother, I was approved by all and had three successful homechecks. Six dogs and many meetings and journ later, i firnally saw this girl on a FB friend's newsfeed. I applied on the Monday, had a call on Tuesday and was approved. Then a phonecall on Wednesday from the fosterer, to say she used to live here in Coventry and had to visit on the following saturday. She offered to bring Lizzie, do the meet and greet, homecheck and adoption all in one! Well the rest is history and we couldn't ask for a better dog. She has been here two weeks now and it feels like forever. She has her own funny ways which are very endearing and she is so loveable. She gets on well with Jack and he is happy to have another girl in his life. First of all, this is Lizzie's story, followed by some photos of her, some taken at Symonds Yat and the Malverns last week first walk Jack showed her how to be confident in water! After playing in the water and sand On the Malverns I have loads more photos...but I'm sure you can see a bit of her character here .
  12. i will update properly from my laptop.... this girl is now H.R.H. L izzie...the newest addition to the Simpson household and Jacks new best friend
  13.!/photo.php?fbid=10202670027385545&id=1644094558&set=a.1474955327563.62507.1644094558&source=43 Can anyone tell me please if that link worked? I am on the Kindle so having problems with photobucket
  14. Hello everyone, just come to tell you the sad news about Cherry. We are still in shock, it all happened so quickly. Thank you all for thinking of us. I will update more just as soon as I feel up to it, but it's just so hard to believe I will never see her again.
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