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  1. Morning xxx Me and Stan are watching Wales play France in the quarter final after a nice crisp walk
  2. Morning all. I have finally recovered from my Cornwall trip 😂😂. Been busy in work at the moment so I seem to be coming home and just sitting doing nothing and just 'zoning out'. How are you all coping with the rain with your babies, it is nigh on impossible to get Stanley out for a walk, yesterday I had to shout at him to get him out 🙁 And I felt so awful and guilty about it for hours after, I so hate upsetting him. It's another glum day here in South Wales so more dog wrangling to come 🙄
  3. Hi Alex So lovely to see you. So sorry to hear of your losses x. Your new babies look nice and lively - enough to keep you on your toes. I only have Stanley now after loosing my Ashley at 15, it is so different with only one dog.
  4. Hi Just back from 5 days in Cornwall. We had an amazing time away, I'm absolutely shattered and so not ready for work in the morning 😴
  5. Griff we need to see photos of some (actually all 😊) of your tattoos. I love them, and am considering adding to my hand tattoo for a whole hand tattoo incorporating some of Ashley's ashes really tough week in work, I was hoping for a lie in this weekend but Stanley had other ideas and got me up at the normal time of 5.30am 🙄😂
  6. Yep that's her Owl, her dog Cheese and my Stanley are best of friends too so when we go away the 4 of us have the most amazing time. The situation with young people in Wales and Britain as a whole is in crisis in my opinion
  7. My plan for next year is to take myself and Stanley away for 'headspace' break. I am going away to a caravan in Cornwall next month for our yearly holiday with my best friend - not sure if you all remember her she was called 'muckyhen' in the old days 😂 Its been a very sad week in my work as one of the young people we work with was murdered. We have lost 3 in two months 2 to murder and 1 took his own life. Very worrying times.
  8. All my love to you blackmagic and Jim at this trying time xxx
  9. Is anyone else getting ready to watch Peaky Blinders - I can't wait
  10. Ooo managed to get this one up. All the others apparently are too big to post. Thank you Eve x Jazz your dogs are so good welcoming in fosters so often
  11. Been trying with no avail to upload photos of Stanley!! So I will paint a verbal photo of him lol he is a staffy x mastiff (??) , he is brown brindle all over with no white, I know I'm biased but he is a gorgeous baby who melts my heart, being a boy he is a bit dull 🙄 But makes up for it by being very cute - he was a baby that came to me at 4 weeks and fitted into the palm of my hand - 10 years later (his birthday was August 16) he is 6.5 stone but still thinks he is a teeny baby 😂😂 he is my boy and when I'm not in work goes everywhere with me
  12. Thanks for the nice welcome back x just home from work and walking Stan, having a nice sit down now before doing some tea
  13. Hi everyone I have been lurking and keeping up with you all for aaages and aaages i am still here in South Wales, only one baby with me now after loosing my Ashley to cancer 3 October 2017, I am still struggling with her loss tbh. i enjoy keeping up with you all day to day and even though I have only been lurking I feel very much part of the refuge xxxx
  14. Hi all Sanity resumed and puppy went happily to breed rescue (he was a French bulldog). I then went away for a few days to celebrate mine and my partners birthdays - it is great cause they are the day after the other so we always manage to go away
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