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    Border Terriers,walking with mine over my beloved Exmoor and Quantock hills.
  1. Good luck and look forward to seeing the updates in this wonderful new phase of your lives.
  2. Run free handsome lad.Please don't agonise over his last few hours,he knew how much he was loved
  3. merledogs is there a filter on the water intake hose? Soe machines have them and they get blocked by grit,worth a look.
  4. Can only add to what the others have said - am in awe at what you have achieved - and what you are about to undertake as well.
  5. That is so touching,2 lovely animals being given the chances they deserve.
  6. This is really wonderful news,so exciting and just seems to be the logical step for you all given your obvious love of the animals and people of Sri Lanka.
  7. Looking at the list of new "members" they seem to be really targeting here
  8. Lovely pics.Go Amy it really is a beautiful spot with great walks.Duncan was very reluctant to cross that bridge but did venture across eventually.
  9. Just replied to your message Karen,no laptop at home hence no Refuge (or anything else much either )
  10. Sorry I missed this Jack but I bet you had a fabulous second gotcha day - may you share many many more
  11. What a shame owners are battling with this as well as missing thier pets.Hope it calms down and the dogs are both soon in their rightful home.
  12. Merledogs I want one of those but am worried about condensation? I have a tiny house with no central heating,just a wall hung gas heater in lounge.It does get quite bad condensation already and I'm not sure whether a gas fire like these would make it worse.Am hoping we don't get snow here,I live off a lane at the bottom of a steep hill so there's no way I can get the car out to get to work.It's only a 30 minute walk but that means leaving the dogs even longer than I have to now plus it's along unlit lanes - not much fun at 9.00pm But no extra arrangements made for winter,Trixie suffer from cold terribly and I don't want to put her in a coat in case she catches it on something while I'm out but have one of those things to put in microwave for pets - it really reatins the heat for about 8 hours,and I put that under her blanket.
  13. So very sorry,Jess was so lucky to have known your love,she was obviously a very special dog indeed.
  14. Thanks Alicia,really need to do this and was wondering when this happened.
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