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  1. Go carefully all of you with bonkers horses, we don't want any accidents. I did two rounds at the clear round jumping today on Max (sorry no more photos OH didn't come down) 1st round I got 4 faults ,knocked a pole down and second one was clear. Although I was happier with the 1st round as it flowed better and was in canter for the majority of the course. I think I was out of steam second time round.
  2. Seems as though progress is being made with poorly horses. Good news. I'm in the show jumping corner, a dressage test would give me the colly wobbles. Talking of which the next clear round jumping is on 4th December, I shall have Max again. And his bridle! I went to Wembley Arena on Sunday and saw the Spanish Riding School, it was incredible. The show opened with displays from two Team GB medal winning riders, Carl Hester and paralympic gold medal winner Lee Pearson CBE both were fantastic and I found it very emotional. We had an horrendous journey there and back but it was worth every minute sat in the car going no-where. So it's back to the drawing board with my lessons.
  3. Just had my last lesson on Billy, his owners are moving him from the yard this weekend. To make it even worse I had a super lesson, we cantered figures of eight with a change of lead in the middle. I shall miss that pony.
  4. for poorly horses, hope the xrays get to the bottom of Milo's problem and it can be treated. I rode my favourite Billy today, doing some transitions and walk to canter, halt to canter (well almost) enjoyed the lesson although Billy wasn't very settled shaking his head a lot. I had some bad news about him too, his owners are taking him away from the stables. He will be in a field up the road, I don't think they can afford to keep him in livery any more. We are worried about Billy though as his owners are not very experienced and I don't imagine they will be able to ride him much 'cos they're at school. As he is still quite young I can see him becoming naughty and will they know how to cope with him?
  5. I'm sorry to hear that Milo still isn't right, let's hope the vet can help him this afternoon. Yantan my photos have been edited to remove the ones of me slouching! That is my worst fault. My posture on and off the horse is very bad and I tend to cave in. I'm hoping riding will help me to improve my posture but it is so hard to remember 24 hours a day.
  6. Sounds like Milo was excellent. Well I've done the clear round jumping. My biggest worry was remembering the course but it was very informal and my instructors were there to shout directions if needed. The first round was a bit slow and ploddy but the second round was much better, both of us knew what we were doing by then. I have two rosettes to show for it too! OH took some photos but the school was too dark for any action shots and for some reason OH likes to cut off the horses legs in the shot. One of my rosettes LOL. Looking forward to the next one in December now.
  7. PW Billy was used as a driving pony I believe, with his previous owners. I'm not sure if his owners know how lucky they are, two sisters about 11 and 13 and Mum had no knowledge of horses by her own admission. Repeat .......I am not jealous...... I hope Loki is better soon Horse owning (and riding) is an expensive hobby isn't it?
  8. Here are some pictures of Billy, not very good I'm afraid as I couldn't get far enough away from him in the stable and he was rather muddy too! He is 7 years old, I'm not sure how tall but not more than 14hh I would think. He is a lovely ride though and responds very well to the leg aids. I had a jumping lesson on Max today in preparation for the clear round jumping on Sunday and didn't feel I did too well, had a job to keep up the impulsion between jumps. Hope it's better on Sunday.
  9. I hope you have managed to keep Milo in walk and he soon feels better. The ponies owned by my local stables have these nylon bridles (hence the colour!) so they can be thrown in the washing machine when they are dirty! It would be no good me going to look at horses PW my heart would rule my head and I would want to rescue them all. Yes EAD Max is calm but enjoys his jumping, he is much better on one rein than the other. Is that a particular pony trait most of them seem to have a preference to one side or the other? Gooster I always had a preference for bigger horses since being continually bucked off a pony as a nipper but I am very much enjoying riding the ponies now although I do still ride bigger horses on my Wednesday lesson at a different school. My favourite at the moment is Billy who is a wall eyed skewbald of 7 years who is SO responsive. Unfortunately I can't ride him in the clear round as his owners (2 teenage sisters) are riding him, how unfair is that!!
  10. Just had my lesson on Max and took some photos. Apparently he is only 13.2 hh or thereabouts so only ickle but quite sweet.
  11. Wow doesn't Loki look impressive over the jumps, what a HUGE jump in the 2nd pic. I hope Magic isn't sold and you can still ride him EAD. Hope everyone elses horses/ponies are well. I believe I will be riding Max a black Fell/Dale type pony for the jumping, he's only ickle but jumps nicely. I'll try to get some photos next time I'm having a lesson.
  12. I seem to have put my name down for the clear round jumping at my local riding school. How did that happen.
  13. Well done on the amount you have raised over the year Lynne, absolutely fanatastic. You can take a well deserved rest now.
  14. Thanks for your efforts once again Lynne. How disappointing for you that the show wasn't better thought out (not disappointing for Duncan and Trixie though by the look of the photo). Still as they say every bit helps.
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