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  1. great photos - thanks to all for sharing had a fab time
  2. hi there think we will bring a disposable bbq and some burgers, sausages and bread buns plus tin of biscuits looking forward to seeing you all next week :o) x
  3. hi there haven't logged on for ages and a bit out of touch with plans, so the question is: is there a list of who is bringing what for the American theme BBQ Saturday eve??? I vaguely remember last year people suggesting things they were bringing so we knew we had enough BBQs, food, bread buns, relishes etc etc This year I am pleased to be bringing along my other 'alf who will be delighted to help out with the BBQ cooking !!! Kids are excited and Lady :o) Hope the weather is better than it is this weekend Right off to check out ebay now for a Statue of Liberty outfit !!! C U all soon x
  4. Hello To confirm from my home there will be Me Mr Iain Chapman Bradley Collis Hannah Collis and of course the lovely Lady Can't wait to see you all again Natalie xx
  5. hi there yipppe just got booked in for 2 nights can't wait to see you all again xx
  6. Aww he's lovely, and looks such a happy chap
  7. do you have timings pls? will try and pop and long with the children thanks
  8. Natalie34


    thats great news, am so pleased pics of Brian are lovely
  9. Am so sorry to read of this sad news we had the pleasure of meeting Snatch at the camping trip this year so sorry for your loss Run free at the Bridge Snatch
  10. I loved the challenge last night, was funny. Mo annoyed me though ..... totally OTT when he came out ! Why on earth did the public not vote him out?
  11. I find Mikey's voice so irritating. I tend to record BB when its on so I can forward through all the Mikey bits .... especially when he's moaning in the diary room !!
  12. Belinda has so got to go, she is so irritating
  13. Sending lots of healing thoughts for Brian, and hope he feels better asap love Natalie, Bradley,Hannah & Lady x
  14. wow Amy they look great Hannah says hello to 'Guiness & Scooter' x
  15. Natalie34


    this made me cry so sorry
  16. I know I have already said this, but thank you again all for a fab weekend, me and the children are still talking about it .... and keep coming on here to look at the photos So looking forward to the next Oldies Club weekend x
  17. Hello, Yes that adorable girl is ours Lady won 1st prize in the 'most beautiful bitch' and also 'best dog of the show' in our Mystery Event !! Me is very happy. Thank you so much to you all for a lovely weekend and it was great to meet you all. Am loving the photos. That close up of Lady is gorgeous I have not seen Lady since we got home ..... she is so knackered bless her. Catching up on some much loss sleep. x
  18. oh no, so sorry to hear that wishing them a speedy recovery x
  19. we will be arriving about 5.30pm can't wait to meet you all x
  20. Was shocked to read this Cindy but can totally understand your reasons. Wishing you a well deserved break
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