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  1. Is anyone from the campsite able to get a black bag of stamps on it's way to West Yorkshire to help raise some money for OC? The address they need to get to is.... Oldies Club Stamps 35 Belle Vue Street Healey, Batley West Yorks WF17 8DD
  2. Ooh, that soon?! I should've got more the first time. They're so addictive even if they have trampled my much-wanted delphinium to a squished delphinium - blummin slugs got them in the last house, chickens this time!
  3. I'm guessing you'll be the same area as me - Brackley Co-ordinator for Northants. If so, do you know the date of the next rescue?
  4. Pixie has just turning 12 and has had been having ongoing urinary tract infections for the past year and a bit. All many of urine tests and antibiotics later, we've now put her on Canine Cystaid which is a glucosamine for bladder health and it seems to be holding infections at bay. She used to be fine when on a course of antibiotics but an infection would start again a couple of weeks after finishing. The problem is that she's not as able as she one was to clean herself well so bacteria travels up the tract from the outside. Hibiscrub washes can aid the situation if she struggles. I hope you find solution for Polly's situation ETA It took about 6-8 weeks for the Cystaid to take effect so hopefully it's just a matter of time for Polly.
  5. He'll be so sorely missed by everyone. He was a special old soldier and one I really enjoyed meeting Thinking of you Wendy
  6. Oh no! What a shock. Sending love to everyone who loved her
  7. You knew that already, I did the HV for you to foster Jerry, remember? Am I that forgettable?
  8. Peachy

    January Rmf

    Thanks for the lovely messages Jules, I'm so sorry to hear about Treacle. Such a shock for you. It's so sad when they leave so suddenly. I'm thinking of you Since Spring, I've been running a small business with my sister in law organising local craft shows and events. We've been doing it to fit in around our everyday lives and it's been a lot of fun with a healthy learning curve. Amy has reminded me today that we need to get back into the swing of things since having a lazy December. For once in my life, I'm actually looking forward to returning to 'work'. I remember the dreaded feeling of going back to a job I hated and it's reminded me that I'm really REALLY lucky to have the choice of doing what I do now. I do miss the company of colleagues in a proper job and I do miss the everyday challenges but I still know I'm lucky. I'm thinking of everyone who has that sinking feeling about tomorrow but wishing you happy times with the colleagues and friends you haven't seen in a week or so Tonight, I'm excited about moving. I'm looking forward to getting started on all the work the house needs but I'm also apprehensive about being out in the sticks a bit. If I'm really honest, I'm worried about being a bit lonely but, on the other hand, I'm excited about being part of a village community and the lovely dog walks we can have. I really hope everything goes through smoothly because I do love that house but I'm also a total realistic and know that it'll only go through if it's meant to be. Still, got my fingers crossed
  9. Poor Billy and how worrying for Rosie and your parents. Hoping for good news soon
  10. Aww, I remember it well! Can't believe that a year has flown by. I hope you both have many more wonderful years together
  11. Peachy

    R.I.P. Tony

    How sad, poor little chap
  12. Peachy

    January Rmf

    Hello everyone I've been in RMF for a while now but not kept up very well. I thought I'd say hi and let you know I'm still about. For those who haven't seen me on Facebook, the past few months have been all change with plenty of ups and downs. The biggest change in 2009 was that we lost Aflie in mid-December. Thank you for all of you who send love and hugs in the Rainbow Bridge section. It was a huge shock to lose him. I saw our lovely vet today and she's absolutely sure he must have had a gastro-intestinal tumour that was lurking and perforated in the night when he was at the vets. He went 'off colour' in a two week period but no other signs other than a bit of weight loss and some sickness. Poor boy. I miss him terribly As for Steve, at the end of July he said he'd been a fool to ever want to leave and has been making things up to me ever since. He's been a real rock and we're best friends again. Well, apart from his special relationship with Ronnie. Gawd, he loves that dog and chats to him more than me! It's lovely to see them developing a great friendship. Pixie is well. She's now about to come off Atopica for her allergies and, for 11 and a half, is going from strength to strength. She's bossy and is becoming a really stubborn old lady. She shouts at me if one of the cats decides to curl up on my lap! In September, we lost Lucycat. Her kidneys gave up. Just like Alfie, she went really quickly - within two days of getting poorly - with no signs other than sickness in the last day or so. She was around 16. She was just like Alfie and they enjoyed life so much. I'm so pleased neither of them needed nursing through a long illness. They would've hated that. I'm sure loads of other things have changed but those are the biggies for now. Other than the fact that we've sold the house and are on the move. We've moving to an old pub in a small village in north Oxfordshire. When it goes through, I'll let everyone know and the party will be on! It's the most amazing house and the dogs are going to love it. I'm only sad that Alfie and Lucy won't get to enjoy it with us. I'm sure they'll join us somehow I hope everyone else is looking forward to a good 2010. Sending love to you all
  13. All donePS If anyone else is trying, I couldn't get the site to accept my nomination using Chrome so had to use IE instead.
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