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  1. Belated happy 9th gotcha day wishes to my favourite staffy girl
  2. How is that toy still alive??? :laugh:
  3. I've already sent them to your mum anyway, lovely boy, but here's your public celebration from me I am SO proud of you and Jedley and your wonderful Mum
  4. Belated 1st Gotcha Day congratulations, Cap'n :wub: I can't believe that it's *only* been a year
  5. Lovely, lovely photos, Marge. It looks like you had a great weekend I love that Cherry deigned to get her princess toes cold and clever Jack building sandcastles Gorgeous photo of my favourite boy, Bo and what a beautiful photo of the birthday girl
  6. You were one in a million, Lesley My thoughts are with Barry and your family at this awful time Rest easy now, darling :mecry:
  7. That would be us, but he wasn't scrounging all the time - honest! Thanks so much for sorting this, Amy We had a wonderful day and it was lovely to catch up with friends Thank you, also, for the Flora "the minger" Hippo photo and thank you, Marge, for the Kangaroo Bran pic - lovely to have photographic evidence that his bad hips aren't holding him back
  8. Fionna is in hospital at the moment, but she has asked me to pass on her heartfelt thanks for giving Bertie such a loving home and a wonderful life, he couldn't have asked for better I am so sorry that you have lost your boy so much sooner than you'd hoped for Thinking of you all at this time Run fast and free now, Bertie
  9. Cathie, I am so very sorry to hear your awful news and I sincerely hope that you have longer together to build more memories Bertie has had a wonderful life with you. Thank you so much for giving him such an amazing home
  10. :mecry: Selina I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your family It was an honour to meet the very special man Run fast and free now, Ollie
  11. I just wanted to add our thanks to everybody who organised it and to everybody who came for the fantastic company Apologies to all the big dogs that Hugo tried to savage, I tried to warn you We had an absolutely wonderful weekend and can't wait for the next one!
  12. I stand corrected And I've ordered some of these as well I like the look of the system to attach to the outside pipes as well, but "Doggybog"??
  13. They only refer (I think without checking back right this moment!) to poo bags so I guess it could be the enviro friendly ones
  14. Good grief She has grown so much She is a very beautiful girl
  15. Blimey! No wonder you're so relieved that he's ok. That must have been scary Loving the blog
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