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  1. I'm so sorry Michaela, Susie was very special Sleep tight darling girl
  2. She sounds like a little devil - just as she should be Welcome home little girl
  3. I am so sorry Enjoy wherever your adventure has moved on to, Teddy Texas
  4. She's beautiful, I love the black dogs with greying faces too She looks very at home - and what a lucky girl she is
  5. I'm so sorry, what a shock for it to happen so suddenly Thinking of you at this sad time
  6. I'm so sorry your special girl has gone
  7. I'd like a house overlooking the sea and a private beach where the family could swim and lie around reading in the sun and the dogs could run to their hearts content. Possibly not in the UK, as I'd like perpetual sunshine as well please. A small Mediterranean island would do quite well
  8. That's fabulous news Nige, she's a very lucky little girl to have found her way to you We need lots more pics - and some of Cliffy too
  9. So sorry the news wasn't good, am thinking of you and Boo
  10. Lots of good thoughts for Boo, please let us know how he gets on
  11. Fee

    The Rapture

    I'm still here. Is anybody else..........................?
  12. Our printed postcards aren't expensive at all, we got a very good deal on them and they worked out cheaper than the flimsy paper flyers we used to have, so I'm sure we could supply some to slip into your books Lynne - ask Amy if she can send you some
  13. He is lovely, what a happy little chap Thanks so much for taking him Jeanne, I feel very sorry for his previous owner who loved him very much
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