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  1. I did it 13.1 miles in 2hrs 45mins....and my legs really hurt today! Now it is done if anyone would like to make a donation for Jakey and his friends - Thank you
  2. Can anyone spare a £1 for Jakey and his friends? Thank you
  3. Sorry I am a bit slow and have only just picked up on this...but... if you are talking about 21st March -that it is the Stafford Half Marathon on that date and if any of you will be trying to get through Stafford in the morning to get to the Chase it will be mayhem until after 12ish as some of the roads will be closed or blocked with runners.....I will be one of them! (see my other thread) I live quite near to the Chase so can advise on a few routes if required.
  4. Hello everyone At Christmas I sponsored an Animals in Need dog - Jakey a 9yr old Staffy. Jakey has been at Animals in Need a while looking for his new home, (a few years!) but because of his dog agression he is continually overlooked. Here is Jakey: Animals in Need have a number of dogs like Jakey who are long term dogs because Animals in Need do not discriminate as to breed, age, or 'issues'. They now want to build some 'luxury' kennels for these dogs so that no matter how long they have to wait for their new home, they can do so in some space and comfort. I want to raise some funds for 'my' Jakey so he can enjoy these facilities whilst he waits........I am running the Stafford Half Marathon on 21st March and hope you will sponsor me on Jakey's behalf. I have done a couple of 10k's but never a Half Marathon .....please sponsor me to help raise funds for a new kennel block for Jakey and his friends. Here is Jakey having fun when I went to visit him .. Please help him have some comfort whilst he waits....... To do so please go to my sponsor page and pledge your support P.S. Jakey is still looking for his new home if anyone would like to offer him one
  5. Precious Poundies is holding a Valentine Appeal and Competition to raise funds for the dogs in Emergency Boarding. Please consider becoming a Secret Valentine to one of these dogs and let them know they are still loved and thought about. For all the details about how to send a Valentine and enter the competition please visit the website or click on this link to go straight to the page. There are some lonely doggy hearts waiting to receive a Valentine form you Thank you
  6. Lydford

    Sponsored Run

    Thank you is much appreciated. My legs are STILL aching from yesterday but it was worth it!
  7. Lydford

    Sponsored Run

    I DID IT!!! Its taken me this long to stagger to the computer! I did it in 1 hour and 11 mins and I wasn't last I have attached photos to prove it (I am the one in the purple t-shirt)....please note the agony in my face in the last one as I cross the line... Thank you for your messages of support..they really kept me going when I was begining to ache! For all those who have offered sponsorship please visit and make your pledge via the donate button. Sponsorship will remain open until 3rd January if anyone would like to donate now I have actually done it. Thank you. I will let you know the total raised after the 3rd. xx
  8. Lydford

    Sponsored Run

    So there I am running through a snow blizzard for 5 miles - looking like frosty the snowman hoping that people will support me...please take a look at ...and make a pledge to sponsor me...£1 could make all the difference Thank you
  9. A little Elf has told me that any one who has sent a parcel to DASH rescue - they have been received...and a big thank you has been sent on behalf of the boys. Apparently there are christmas stocking hanging on the doors of the kennels ready for christmas day and I am hoping there may be pictures of that to see soon.
  10. She is beautiful I had the privilege of meeting Princess Tara Banana as we helped to transport her and she is one lovely lady. My OH was even smitten with her...walking her around the motorway service station as we waited for the link up and now he comes running when I say you have posted a new bit of news about her...I think I have a rival It is lovely to see her happy and settled with you...she was very bewildered the day we moved her. Keep up the good work....and lets hope it isn't long before she has a permanent home again. Good luck Princess x
  11. Lydford

    Sponsored Run

    Billymalc, Thnak you very much for your sponsorship is very much appreciated by me and the Poundies
  12. Lydford

    Sponsored Run

    TRAINING RUN REPORT: So there I am running the last mile of a 3 mile run legs are killing me ....I am gasping my last and I look a lot like this...... ...when a young, slim girl runs past me in designer running outfit, cool as a cucumber, talking on her mobile phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel my pain and humiliation!!! Make my suffering worthwhile guys....pledge to give me (to keep me going!) and the Poundies (to keep them safe!) a quid...we both need you To make a pledge of support click here
  13. Lydford

    Book Club

    I like the sound of that they someone overseeing it all on the other forum?
  14. Gosh thankyou - I am loving the doggy finger puppets and the mini doggy - although all them are great for craft ideas to make and sell. The dogs were just what I was thinking about different colours so people could pick their favourite Precious Poundie or collect a set! Just need people to volunteer to make a few now
  15. Oooh yes so it is...hadn't noticed - perhaps thats a bit big then ..but anyway thats the idea but looks like I wil have to keep looking for a smaller pattern.
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