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  1. Eve - sorry to hear about Richard's mum. Very difficult time for funerals.
  2. Really wish it would rain here. One of our local nature reserves has been burning since Saturday, so dry that cigarettes or abandoned barbeques have had a devastating effect. Horsell Common (where the martians landed if you know your War of the Worlds) was being deliberately set on fire by kids on Saturday. So sad that people have so little regard for wildlife, more than a bit frightening for people who live next to these areas and an unwanted extra stress for the firefighters.
  3. I remember Wispa arriving too. Happy special day Wispa but isn't it shocking how quickly those years have passed by. OH's nephew told us, during the family Zoom chat this morning, that he will be 40 on his next birthday. In my mind he is still seven, the age he was when I first met him!
  4. Glad you are home. I ought to add that it wasn't the chemo which made me faint, just in case you worry about something similar happening to Ruby!
  5. Hope it's not too sunny or you will be cooked! Are you in touch with Ruby while she is having the treatment for her to give you an update of how much longer? The following sessions are generally a bit quicker, unless you faint for the first time in your life as I did at the beginning of session 2, and wake up to find not one but two crash teams standing over me!
  6. Hope all goes well for Ruby today xx
  7. Sorry to hear Ruby's news and the added impact on both you and the dogs. Such a difficult time. xx
  8. Suseanna, the plan is to make more space on the pavements to enable social distancing. To be honest the pavements here are as bad or worse than the roads. If you are someone who usually takes a train or bus to work, it's a daunting thought to do that and keep the 2 metre distance. I appreciate all efforts made to help people keep safe. Technical info from today's email. How are your new guests doing Yantan?
  9. The wider cycle lanes are being done with cones etc as a temporary measure. The pilot projects for hiring electric scooters are going to be extended to all areas. There are suggestions of something like new Park and cycle places for cities, to encourage driving a bit less and cycling a bit more. Then they will see how successful it all is. I think it's a great idea if it encourages people to cycle and walk instead of driving.
  10. I'm sorry that you are unwell Jazz, but that is quite a rude thing to say in the modern world. For those on the trail of your family history, Ancestry are giving free access to their UK records until 10th as part of the VE Day commemoration.
  11. Karen

    Aprils Antics

    Thank you, I'll bear that in mind if we do have to resort to trying Amazon's food services. Just reading what you said about Tik Tok. I hadn't heard of it until a few days ago, it seems odd for something new to have such an old fashioned stance on LGBTQ. The only uploading of video I've ever done is to put a steam train going though the local station onto Twitter!
  12. Karen

    Aprils Antics

    How exciting about your new foster Yantan. I've just had a lightbulb moment - a couple of weeks ago I looked at using Amazon for food deliveries and they had tick boxes for Morrisons range and for Booths. Booths sounded really familiar and I couldn't place why .......I've just realised that it was you who mentioned the name! I guess they are a local supermarket to you?
  13. Karen

    Aprils Antics

    How horrid Owl, the world is a sad enough place at the moment without that sort of thing. Fingers crossed for Ruby's test Yantan. I had the same test, they made a point of telling me how very expensive it was!
  14. Karen

    Aprils Antics

    Hope that Ruby's appointment goes well, I imagine the fluid is uncomfortable. Will she need further treatment?
  15. Karen

    Aprils Antics

    Fantastic story Yantan and fascinating job your mum did too Owl. My grandfather was a train driver around London during the war and as I child I was faintly disappointed that he wasn't a soldier. It's only in recent years that I've seen more about the perils of driving a train - how visable the steam engines were in the dark to bombers and how they couldn't see where the track ahead had been bombed until it was too late and the engine was off the rails.
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