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  1. Karen

    May 21

    I'm very sorry to hear your news Philip, but thank you for letting us know about Suzeanna. I'm glad you had the support of a hospice, they do fabulous work. Look after yourself.
  2. Good thoughts please for a little injured hedgehog youngster who we found this afternoon and have just dropped off at the wildlife hospital. There are not many reasons that I'd choose to drive round the M25 in the rush hour, but a hedgehog in need is one of them!
  3. Thank goodness for a lipoma, even if it was an expensive one!
  4. Hope that Dakota's op goes smoothly and fingers crossed for nothing sinister.
  5. Hello Owl . Glad that you got to see the bittern - I know there are a few more around now, but they are still a special sight.
  6. I know I don't post much, but I do like to check in to see how you all are and I notice that Yantan and Griff have both been missing for some time - hope you are both OK. xx
  7. It certainly has, so sad. We've been following the Chris Packham court challenge.
  8. Yantan, parking at hospitals can be so stressful - you really don't need that on top of the visit itself. Is this Ruby's last treatment? I really hope so. Jazz - if your son is happy then I would be happy for him too.
  9. Hope Owl can rejoin us shortly! I like the sound of Philip's manager and employer Suzeanna, that's good to hear. Also good to hear about May and Henry, hope they settle in nicely.
  10. Very pleased to hear your good news Owl! Good news is really important at the moment! Some friends rang yesterday to say they are moving west. I will miss them being so close but am very pleased for them. The lockdown made them have a major rethink about what they wanted from life - so they are going from the sound of the M25 in their back garden to the more rural delights of Somerset. I'm more than a bit envious.
  11. Good news, I found my glasses this morning. I'd picked them up with the USB cables on my desk and put them on top of the pc - they might have purple frames but blended in nicely with the black cables! Hope you feel better soon Yantan.
  12. Good idea, I will go and check now. I looked down the side of the sofa cushions yesterday, but not underneath!
  13. Great news about the keys! Maybe if you happen to know where my glasses are you could help me too?! I feel I am turning into my mum, I've never had a problem with losing things until the last few weeks. Until then I used to have a bit of talent for finding lost things. Wish it would rain here. 33.3 degrees yesterday down the road at Heathrow.
  14. Phew, paying for a bit of muck removal is so much better than paying for a major mechanical issue!
  15. Oh no Owl, sounds expensive. Fingers crossed for the least worst option.
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