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  1. I saw on bbc news site that the rain had helped people get the wildfires under control. All those creatures lost, so sad. I have found the same with people putting incorrect things on Ancestry. Someone had put my great grandfather down as married to someone who he certainly didn't marry. At the same time as he was married to my great grandma. I know people have been known to have secret wives and families but not in the same small village!
  2. Poor Archie. I am afraid it is a problem with elderly confused dogs. They get themselves into very silly situations and can't work out what to do next. I sincerely hope police have sorted everything and this is the last you will hear about or from yorkie man. Useful visit to Tia. Took my spare plants and got a big strawberry planter and some strawberry plants and a few other plants I wanted. Wispa got impatient in the car and made a lot of noise, and started all the hounds in kennels barking too.
  3. Good night last night, back did not start hurting until 6.30 by which time we were ready to get up. 3 more nights to go. Off to take some plants to a plant sale at Tia rescue not far from here.
  4. Yes, that is the one. No TENS machine, late OH had one but I gave it away to someone in great need. Can manage until Tuesday on paracetamol at night. Doesn't bother me during day. Chiropractor will sort it on Tues.
  5. Transport run went fine, then I took Wispa to the reserve. Very tired now. Back did bother me last night when I had been lying down for a bit. OK standing, walking and sitting. Have appointment with chiropractor. Good luck Steve. I think Yantan has been possessed by the spirit of my late Jewish step-grandma.
  6. Hope it improves after a rest, eve.
  7. Glad I have recovered. Doing a section if a transport run tomorrow. Picking up collie at Donnington services then handing over at Blyth just up the road.
  8. Thank goodness nobody was hurt.
  9. I am fine now anyway and only suffering from lack of sleep. Must have slipped something out of alignment which trapped the sciatic nerve, and now it has righted itself.
  10. Yantan, you can buy Voltarol gel over the counter but like ibuprophen it is not recommended for anyone with a bad reaction to aspirin. I don't think I will need more pain relief anyway but will book an appointment with chiropractor.
  11. Can't do any harm asking, Suzeanna. I cannot take ibuprofen but paracetamol works well for me as I so rarely take it. One is usually enough but last night I needed 2. It has settled down to a dull ache now.
  12. That is wonderful news to start the day, Jazz. I needed cheering up as had a rough night, having wrenched my back at 3.30 by just turning over in bed, and have been in much pain. Eventually paracetamol kicked in and I got a bit of sleep. Back is a lot better now but need to be careful. I also keep thinking about that GSD and am wondering if a local RSPCA officer might help if you have a decent one.
  13. My old friend Gladeana is heading to London to be on Newsnight. I think it may be about the Jeremy Kyle business but am not certain.
  14. Poor Nick, glad he is recovering.
  15. Very worrying, black magic. Hope you get some rain.
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