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  1. Poor lady, wishing her all the best. She will be relieved to know her doglet is in safe hands.
  2. You have a clever one there, Jazz x
  3. Pleased to hear that you are getting something done.
  4. Glad she is doing something. Having a quiet day at home, cold and blowy. Last couple of days on reserve have been interesting with a swarm of bees on a fence post and a big willow fallen across the river and blocking it. Monday was good because I met a friend who used to work there but has been looking after his mum who has dementia since January. I hadn't seen him since then and he can't leave her alone, and she won't have carers. He has at last managed to persuade other family members to help out by mum-sitting for one day a week so he can go birding and meet friends.
  5. Relieved to hear it, hope he/she can help x
  6. Hope the porridge soothed your stomach, Jazz. My life has been gardening, laundry, birdwatching ...
  7. Good morning, out in garden, feed Wispa, make tea, back to bed for a bit zzz zzz
  8. Hope you feel better soon xx Good boy Elwood x
  9. The cane corso girl who I transported yesterday is getting on very well at the rescue. Very affectionate and enjoying cuddles.
  10. Thanks blackmagic, we have the whole lot logged on the Found section of our site.
  11. Did fine on the transport run. Lovely gentle dog, which was a relief to all as she was as tall as Wispa but twice the build. She is settling well in rescue. Then took Wispa to the reserve for a long, leisurely ramble. I have been forgiven for leaving her at home this morning.
  12. Off shortly to face M1.
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