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  1. owl

    Jan 22

    How sad for Coffee, but at least she was helped over quickly. Run free girl xx Glad Cleo is improving.
  2. owl

    Jan 22

    Manuka honey for kennel cough, liquorice tea if she will drink it. There is a gastro bug going round dogs especially in Midlands and Yorks.
  3. owl

    Jan 22

    How is Mouse now? Wispa decided to stay at home today, too cold to go to the reserve. Sensible girl, was beautiful out but icy wind.
  4. owl

    Jan 22

    Poor Coffee, hope she can be kept comfortable xx
  5. owl

    Jan 22

    Freezing and foggy here, staying home.
  6. owl

    Jan 22

    I am not planning to get another car. I think Wispa if still with us in a year's time will be content to potter round the garden, and I can get to most places by the good bus service. Need to build up my account rather than take out a loan.
  7. owl

    Jan 22

    Northern lights seen as far south as Tyneside. Mechanic says he can repair van to get through MOT for another year but that will be the last. That is what I expected.
  8. owl

    Jan 22

    Hope Lina settles down soon. Blackmagic, did you see the Northern Lights or are they too far north for you? I have been looking at amazing photos on BBC website.
  9. owl

    Jan 22

    Sorry to hear about your families still isolating, hope everyone gets off lightly x
  10. owl

    Jan 22

    Wondering if you are snowed in, blackmagic. Just been looking at news pictures from Scotland. We just had sleet here, but there has been proper snow not far away. Good luck little Amy.
  11. owl

    Jan 22

    All ok here, big relief, the lump was a fluid cyst under so much pressure that it felt harder than they usually do. Vet drew out a big syringe full, then when he took needle out the rest squirted out and soaked his overall! Must have felt very uncomfortable for Wispa, having that between ear and eye.
  12. owl

    Jan 22

    It's going to take time, the rescue should know she needs to take it at her own pace. A round lump has suddenl;y appeared at the base of Wispa's ear, at the front. Will call vet first thing to make an appointment. She has various fatty lumps but this seems different. Not tender or hot, not bothering her, but definitely bothering me
  13. owl

    Jan 22

    Out on the reserve today, last warm-ish day before the weather turns.
  14. owl

    December 21

    I am sure your little pack will show her that she is safe now and can relax. Wishing everyone all the best for 2022 xx
  15. owl

    December 21

    Hoping you are both negative.
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