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  1. I thought I might get away without evening walk as Wispa has spent a lot of today in the garden. But she was not impressed and demanded one. So we had a gentle stroll on the reserve and enjoyed the sunset.
  2. Yes we are just about keeping up! Neighbour and I have just spent 3 hours working together in my garden and between us we have got it all done.
  3. Is that the one who needs surgery?
  4. Very warm here. I went to chiropractor who has helped a lot with the problems caused by the 2 whiplash accidents.
  5. I have marked Weds eve in my online calendar. Glad you have the yorkie sorted, Jazz.
  6. Oh no, how are you now? Not still in bathroom I hope?
  7. So sorry, rest in peace Jim, no more suffering but so hard for the family. Suzeanna, thank you for letting us know, and please pass on my sympathies.
  8. Yes, it is lovely of my neighbour. The truth is that he is a tidy soul verging on OCD, and I suspect it has been irritating him a little. Some folks would just have told me to get off my backside and do my garden or get a gardener, but not him. Always one to seek or offer a solution rather than complain.
  9. My kind neighbour has asked if he can strim and mow my lawn. Not that it is a proper lawn. Grass is a better description. I have thanked him and agreed. Strimming with whiplash injury is not good. I have suffered when I have tried it.
  10. Suzeanna, no rain forecast fro Clay Cross until 6 pm. Continuing breezy so should get washing dry.
  11. Hope all goes well, Eve. Yes, all ok here if somewhat surreal. Why are most of my conversations with the police? Why does some unknown woman in Texas send me nude videos? Why do I feel 90 on some days and 7 on others? These and many other questions may never be answered.
  12. We had a pleasant riverbank walk, and on way home I went to garden centre to have some lunch. The hot counter was just closing and the lady said I could have anything else from there that I fancied free of charge besides my quiche and vegetables, as it all needed eating. So I happily accepted a portion of grilled salmon, it being the only thing which would not dribble gravy into my veggie food. When no one was looking I popped it into a plastic bag. Wispa was astonished and delighted to find it in her supper bowl. Hope this will console her for me going out this evening to a parish council meeting.
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