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  1. I would just get a dirty look if I called mine something like that., but a complete stranger might get away with it, especially an elderly lady. I have come back from the reserve. The lakes are now too deep for everything except swans and coot and a few mallards. Most of the birds have cleared off to forage for drowned worms and soil creatures in the sodden fields. One of the cafe staff who loves in Retford has had to move in with grandparents as she has 6 ins of water in her house. We had a short walk along the banks of the Idle. Wispa was puzzled by the change in the landscape, as all the places under the willows where she likes to paddle were under several feet of water.
  2. Much better to wait until you move before getting furniture. I bought a massive display case with cupboards for the house I ended up not buying, which had bigger rooms. It is really a bit much for the living room here and at some point I may dispose of it.
  3. Forecast has changed, yay! Mostly dry and no more heavy rain until next Friday.
  4. I was OK once I had got myself into the car and trundled up to Asda which is only a mile away. Got in lots of provisions and even popped into Aldi on way back and got some more stuff. If I was really incapable of getting to the shops I would ask my neighbours for help, but I am not going to do that just because I feel bleurgh and don't want to go anywhere. Glad I did in the end. I also managed to get a load of washing done yesterday and dried indoors today, so can bung another lot in tomorrow. House temperature is up to what it should be, which helps. Getting there, I think. Wispa is still sleeping most of the time but eating well and having the occasional mooch round the garden.
  5. Trying to brace myself to leave home and drive to the supermarket. I feel as if I don't want to leave the house, which is most unusual for me. Wispa isn't trying to persuade me out either, although it is dry at present. We must still be recovering from our time away. Next November we should find somewhere remote from towns but closer than the other side of UK.
  6. Looked at forecast. No end to the rain during the next week, just a few bright patches expected. Very worrying indeed.
  7. No, am avoiding Tickhill. Thanks, Sue, for the warning. I could get there as the flooded roads are the other side but that means the village traffic will be chaos and no one should be going there unless they really need to.
  8. Morning. Rain has stopped and there was a rainbow. House is steadily warming up. I am still tired from Wednesday's journey. More floods round our way last night so not planning to go very far, just to do a bit of shopping in our village and maybe go to Tickhill up the road where they have greengrocer and a good bakery.
  9. 18.3 and rising. My feet are warm at last. Somewhere deep in the cupboard under the stairs is a halogen heater but I will get cold if I go and search for it. Wispa is glued to the rad in my bedroom.
  10. Up to 18C in my bedroom now. Getting there.
  11. Eve, no, I don't remember seeing them in the pod. If they are still in Wales they will be in the caravan. The lady will be checking tomorrow. Rain here is still so bad I don't want to search the car. House still not as warm as I would like. My bedroom is up to 17.8 but living room is 12 and kitchen diner is 10. Need to get the boiler serviced anyway.
  12. But may have left hairdryer and the charger for my portable dvd player in caravan. Not in any of the cases. Need to search car if we get a break in the rain, as all kinds of things are hidden in cubby holes.
  13. I just spent ages searching for my laptop. Meant to take it to Currys for overhaul on way to holiday but was running late so hid it away instead. Searched through both storage beds (where a few valuables were hidden among summer clothes) and all drawers. Gave up and decided to tend to fish and houseplants, and as soon as I had stopped thinking about it, the answer sprang to mind. Under the cushions on the kitchen sofa.
  14. I kept heating on all night as it was still cold even after friend putting it on earlier. It's gradually climbing up to something reasonable. After 2 weeks of heavy rain I expect the place got chilled right through.
  15. Safely home. Good journey except for Stafford which was gridlocked. Very glad my friend popped in to turn heating on this morning.
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