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  1. owl

    January 2020

    Glad you slept all night. Could the swollen eye be caused by lying on left side all night?
  2. owl

    January 2020

    My pulis used to try and herd the vacuum.
  3. owl

    January 2020

    Sorry to hear that, Griff, hope it can be cleared up quickly x
  4. owl

    January 2020

    Hope Tye will be ok tomorrow.
  5. owl

    January 2020

    A local pet cremation firm has offered their services free of charge for Axel. Very kind.
  6. owl

    January 2020

    I am not convinced that we know exactly what happened to Axel. The stick through collar was I think an assumption. It is possible that someone found him hanging from branch or wooden fence after getting himself caught and lifted him free and left him. We will never be totally sure. Most of the people I work with regularly on dog searches have been involved in this. We are all in bits over it.
  7. owl

    January 2020

    We are all gutted. Even me who was not on search but just recruiting searchers.
  8. owl

    January 2020

    Phone sorted. Various bits of wiring replaced, also a small black junction box thingy on the outside wall which was an old-style one and was wet and slimy inside. New model is totally waterproof. Frost last night, very sunny and cold today.
  9. owl

    January 2020

    BT Openreach are on to my phone fault. Came and checked it while I was out do called me on mobile. OK from pole to house so they need top look at point in house. Coming tomorrow at 8.30. a.m.
  10. owl

    January 2020

    Shouldn't laugh really, but I did.
  11. owl

    January 2020

    We had that nonsense when aunt died. House had been put in trust for her step children, contents (valuable antiques) were left to her own children by previous marriage. Stepson went to solicitors to try and get locks changed immediately so that none of the goodies could be removed from house.
  12. owl

    January 2020

    That's good. Good luck Griff and Jazz with appointments. BT Openreach are hopefully dealing with my landline fault.
  13. owl

    January 2020

    I have a Chrome netbook, Jazz. I am relieved you have a diagnosis, and hope something can be done to help your pain.
  14. owl

    January 2020

    I have van back. My mechanic is the best! He did one rear wheel bearing which he thought was the worst, then took it out for a run and phoned me to say we might get away with not doing the other one as the worst of the noise had gone. He then collected me and drove me around to see if I agreed. The horrible noise has indeed gone, or at least the worst of it. So he sent the other one back. Rear wheel bearings in Kango 4x4 take ages to do, so I have saved a lot on labour.
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