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  1. owl

    Jan 2021

    I did a bit of shopping this morning then was glad to get home as raining and foggy. I have formally resigned from all rescue transporting, after doing it for an assortment of rescues and transport teams over the past 18 years. I just don't have the stamina any more. Some days I do OK, others I am something of a wreck. Must have done thousands of miles and moved hundreds of dogs, plus cats, bunnies, chooks, small furries, birds and wildlife. Did you all see that 80+ stolen dogs have been recovered by police in Carmarthenshire and the person holding them has been arrested?
  2. owl

    Jan 2021

    Good morning xx
  3. owl

    Jan 2021

    Everything thawed now, bright sunshine
  4. owl

    Jan 2021

    Good morning everyone xx
  5. owl

    Jan 2021

    Little pudding, but at least a nice clean pudding now. Sounds as if he has been in similar situation to Max, eating junk food and getting the runs. Max is now slimming down nicely on proper food.
  6. owl

    Jan 2021

    Kestrel died suddenly while warm and comfortable after eating well. Could have been shock or concussion. Something was not right with one of his eyes. Fly free, little one. Chrissie is upset but Max is comforting her.
  7. owl

    Jan 2021

    Kestrel has been stuffing its face and is ready to go, but has a ring so just checking if any pet ones are missing. But could be it was ringed as part of bird survey. Max didn't mind it using his crate as he feels much safer and does not need it to hide in, so slept in a dog bed in bedroom last night.
  8. owl

    Jan 2021

    Kestrel has dried out and had a nice supper of raw mince beef and a drink from its water bowl. It is now up on its feet and looking much brighter, but resting for night with crate covered. Seems like a youngster.
  9. owl

    Jan 2021

    Glad he/she is safe with you and will get a makeover tomorrow. My friend Chrissie has a kestrel staying overnight in her new dog Max's crate. He won't be very pleased to be shut out of it. She let it in because it was tapping on the glass at the top of her door. It seems uninjured but completely waterlogged so is drying out. There is a wildlife rescue only a few miles away so hopefully it can go there in the morning if not fully recovered. Chose the right door to knock on, lucky bird. Has to be secured in crate so Max does not grab it, and it does not grab the resident robin who decided to overnight in the kitchen to escape Christoff.
  10. owl

    Jan 2021

    Good morning 🦆 ☔
  11. owl

    Jan 2021

    Morning everyone. We have battened down the hatches and are awaiting storm Christoph. At the reserve yesterday, the ream from Environment Agency who have been steadily working along the river Idle on the reserve border clearing trees and debris, packed up and went home. This is a major thing as normally they fence off the bit they are working on and have night security people to guard the JCBs and equipment. Last time they did this was during spring floods nearly a year ago. I am hoping the river won't flood so much, now that they have cleared most of it.
  12. owl

    Jan 2021

    Shingles is horrid, wishing you a good recovery asap. Suzeanna, that is so sad, how awful for everyone concerned.
  13. owl

    Jan 2021

    Good morning all xx
  14. owl

    Jan 2021

    That is so cute! How is Dylan doing? No further fits, I hope?
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