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  1. Bright sunny morning here but cold.
  2. OOps, it is the letter 'e'. Quit awkward going back over a sentence to insert them. Both my ears blocked in June. Tried drops, had them syringed and ben treated with decongestants since July. The diagnosis is the tubes from my ear down to my throat are blocked with mucous. I was quite deaf for a while. One ear has improved but is not right. The other varies between deaf and high pitched squeaky voices. Now that I have moved I have a new doctor so we'll see what she does. She did say it can take a while to clear and is very gradual.
  3. Good morning _ just. I have collected my new specs and have ordered another laptop. The letter does not work properly so I have to go back and insert it with several attempts before it works. And the back space doesn't work either. I has been like that for about 18 months so I have decided its time is up. This has been an expensive month- vet, specs and computer. I still have to buy a fridge freezer and Shark cleaner so my bank balance will get a fright.
  4. Wow. One happy family. If only he could talk and tell us what he has experienced for th last 8 years.
  5. Murphy objected to anybody handling his front paws but he would 'give a paw'. for a treat So we could ask him lt m se your paw and he would give us his paw. After he had his dew claw removed we were in the vets for something else and she said how is his paw ? while reaching out and taking hold of it., She quickly dropped it when he let out the loudest, blood curdling scream. As long as you asked him to give it h was fine, but don';t touch it otherwise. His groomer had to learn hat as well.
  6. I have no idea, Jazz. Another damp, cold day here. The forecast says 16 degrees on Tuesday! The weather is very mixed up these days. Cleo is getting back to normal. She was quite disorientated after the op.
  7. Just had Cleo back at the vets for a check up after her op on Wednesday. A few lazy days now while she recovers. Since they shaved round her eye she looks like she has a black eye. Sunny here but a cold wind.
  8. Thick fog descended here this morning. Cleo was not happy walking in it as people suddenly appeared out of it. Getting my eyes tested on Wednesday. Badly needing it but I couldn't get them done before I moved due to covid restrictions. We had a facetime session with my son and his partner in Romania last night. The virus is escalating there as here but their schools are shut and their restaurants open, the opposite of us.
  9. I have had Fitflop sandals- very comfortabel.
  10. Don't want to think about Christmas, yet Won't s my son and his partner who are stuck in Romania . I haven't seen them since last Christmas . They usually come over in March for his birthday but he didn't want to this year as things were still too raw after Jim' death. They always went to the motorcycle show that was on at that time, Then in August - to avoid the high temperatures in Romania- but covid stopped that. No more fireworks here since last night. My wellies are Dunlop from B&Q. Great that you like your new oncologist, suzeanna. It makes a difference.
  11. Glad your eye has improved , Eve. Not something you can take a chance with. Cleo wasn't really bothered by the fireworks tonight. She was in the garden when one went off but she just raised her ears and looked. The rest were when she was inside and were quite muffled. The discharge from her eye is caused by th growth inside her eyelid in the tear gland, so she goes in next week to have it cut out. Just £440 ! Good luck with your new consultant , Suzeanna.
  12. Just got back from a windy walk but dry. Everybody seemed to be out with their dog, taking the chance while it is dry. Otherwise a quiet day. Hope Dylan recovers soon.
  13. Not a lot happening here. Finally got sorted with BT. Nice man from Customer Resolutions- usually known as complaints managed to stop the action and sort out the bill eventually. He credited me with the amount due on the last bill. I haven't told him they managed to send it to a Mr GJ Brown. I don't know where they got that. It is not the initials of either Jim or me. Good that your friend is improving, owl. Progress can be slow but hopefully sh can get some mobility back. I like my slow cooker. Throw stuff in in the morning and forget about it until dinner time Cleo has a weeping eye. It dos not bother her at all but there is brown gunge coming from it. There is also a growth appearing on the inside of the upper eyelid so that may be causing it. I have an appointment at the vets on Monday. I bet Edinburgh vets are dearer than Thurso vets.
  14. Heavy rain this morning but it dried up in the afternoon for our walk. Remember to change your clocks tonight.
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