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  1. Curry's have a good saving on that, Suzeanna. Good that your mum has reported the guy next door. At least it will be logged now. Mind you a street up here has had terrible trouble with anti social behaviour and all the police said was 'we are aware of it'. Strangely, since it was reported in the paper they are now stepping up the action. I hope you get some relief this afternoon Owl. We do not realise how much we use our backs until it hurts. Suzeanna, take care of yourself. We oldies don't mend as quick as we used to. We have another day of summer. It has clouded over but is still pleasantly warm. I have been able to catch up on some gardening that has been left too long due to unseasonal weather. Jazz, I hope your friend finds somewhere to live. It will not be easy with so many dogs.
  2. No, our GP is very friendly and easy going. He is not popular with a lot of people as he is not interested if you are not really ill but he is excellent if you are ill. We get on well with him.particularly JIm as our GP was a colorectal surgeon before he became a GP so was able to fill in a lot of the gaps in JIm's condition and treatment since he knows about it all. You also need to understand his dry sense of humour. He spends 10 minutes discussing shooting with JIm then 5 minutes on his consultation!. Unfortunately, he retires next year. The remaining partner is also very good but is more business like. He just wanted to make sure he had asked for the all the required results so we just had to hand in the form. Our surgery is 16 miles away but give excellent service which is not available else where nowadays. We can often get a same day appointment. JIm forgot it once before with the nurse but I was at home so she phoned and asked me to read off the slip what was requested. Jim is in a lot of pain from the chest drain so is on Morphine. During the day he says it is no too bad , If he is doing something he can forget about it but he was waking up during the night with severe pain in his chest and not able to get any more sleep. So he now has one slow release tablet during the day and a triple one at night. This combination seems to be working without making him too sleepy during the day. But he usually falls asleep at some time. Hence he is not driving. There is no more drainage from his chest and he is counting the days until it is removed which should be the middle of August.
  3. Hope the ouchies go away soon. After several wet, murky days we have summer today! 22degrees at the moment. JIm went to get blood taken this morning. He canlt drive due to taking morphine so I am doing all the driving at present. He forgot the slip so we had to come home for it and go back- 1 hour round trip each time. Then did some gardening for an hour but it got too hot so I have had lunch and am relaxing inside where it is cooler.
  4. Suzeanna, Could it be muscle pain? A radox bath is great for sore muscles. If that helped you could enquire about taking magnesium supplement or get magnesium oil to rob on. It rained all day yesterday and this morning. But we didn''t get the thunder and lightning we were warned about. It is horribly muggy though and the midges are out.
  5. Have replied to your message. I just found it in my spam.
  6. Just seen the pictures of Badger in Valgrays facebook. What a gorgeous wee boy, especially with his hair cut. He looks really happy. The rescue my two came from say they have no problem rehoming old dogs. It is the younger, lively ones that are more difficult to place. They do assess them in a foster home and they are not rehomed until they are ready. They also assess the adopters very carefully and don't rehome on a first come, first served basis, They match dogs to their new families very successfully. I hope you had an uneventful journey home, Eve, and are not too tired. No wonder my bedding plants a re struggling this year. The temperature was 5'6 at 6o'clock this morning and it is now 22 degrees. The cold nights can't be good for them.
  7. Hi folks I have been reading back. Thanks for the good wishes. Jim's drain is in for another 5weeks but at the end of July he starts chemo as the fluid collecting is probably connected to the spots in his lungs which are now changing. But the drainage has stopped which can only be good. He is in a lot of pain from the drain so is on morphine. We were at Blair Atholl for the weekend. W had quite a big room at the hotel for a change. This one had room for a big couch. I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning to see JIm standing at my side of the bed. I asked him what he was doing, thinking he was sleepwalking or something.. He replied he could not find Cleo. Not many places in a hotel room to lose a bog dog. She had been sleeping on the floor at his side of the bed. As he said her name we heard her tail thumping but still no sign of her. The more we said her name the more the tail thumped. Was she under the bed? Yes she was, stretched out on her side in a space the height of her so she could not turn round and could not get herself out. JIm had to reach under and grab her front paws and her collar and pull her out. How on earth she got under there I do not know. I do remember feeling three thumps on the bed during the night but thought Murphy, who was sleeping on the floor at the bottom of the bed , was dreaming and hitting the bed with his paws. as he ran in his dream. That must have been when she went under , but why? She will not reach under a chair for her toy or squeeze through a small space. I think she must have done it in her sleep.
  8. Especially when it is blowing hot air at you.
  9. The dogs have so much baggage when we go away- blankets, food and fridge box for raw food, biscuits, leads, harnesses and sheets to spread on the floor to prevent hairs collecting. The dogs take up the boot space so it all has to go on the back seat. We have had two glorious days but cloudy this morning.Still warm though. I had to water the garden yesterday. We had to get another car a couple of months ago as the Fabia was going to cost too much to repair. The air conditioning has stopped working- just when we need it. The pump has seized. It goes into the garage tomorrow to be fixed at their cost. Forecast for the end of the week is HOT so we will really want it then. One of the little luxuries in life. Have a good trip , Yantan. I hope you and Ruby are not too incapacitated by your 'ouchies'. Suzeanna, don't rely on the BBC weather forecast. They don' often get it right for the highlands. All areas have their own climates. Sorry about your friend, Griff.
  10. Had a glorious warm day today for a change. We took the dogs to the beach.Normally we get the beach to ourselves but the North Coast 550 has resulted in it being invaded by tourists and surfers. There were many camping in the car park and in the dunes. The gravel road is now full of large potholes with all the extra traffic. Roll on September when they all go home and we get our beaches and roads back. At present they are full of camper vans, motorbikes and cyclists. I bought a couple of very healthy looking plants in tesco yesterday so have planted them out. The forecast is for heavy rain and thunder and lightning starting in the south of England and moving north tomorrow onto Monday so they will get well watered in.
  11. Suzeanna, play safe and put the smidge on every bit of exposed skin before you go out. Cover up as much as possible with long sleeves etc but it has to be cotton or such like. The midges will get through wool. Keep away from eyes and lips- it tastes vile. I would also recommend a hat as they get in my hair otherwise. I have a midge net for doing the garden when the midges are about. They need to be the smallest of holes. Some are bigger holes for mosquitoes so are no good for midges. The fisher men here all wear them.
  12. I am okay. I have been reading. Things are but difficult just now. JIm has had severe chest pain since last week and an urgent CT on Monday resulted in him spending a night in our local hospital until it was decided what they would do. He has fluid in his chest cavity but no confirmation of why although most likely connected to the cancer mets in his lungs. However, his blood tests are all coming back clear. The options were drain it off there ,which they were reluctant to do since they are a small hospital- one medical ward and one surgical ward- , or send him home or to Inverness. After a 5 hour discussion with respirologist and oncolgist at the main hospital in Inverness he was sent home with an appointment for tomorrow at Inverness to get some fluid drawn off and a drain fitted. The district nurse will then come in to drain it. Until we see the oncologist on 25th we don't know anymore. He is in a lot of pain, particularly at night. He has Oramorph to take to help him get some sleep but it only lasts for 4 hours. He took extra last night but was very sick this morning as a result . He is very susceptible to strong painkillers and opiods- dihydrocodeine gave him halluciantions- so he is limited what he can take. He can't do much more than watch tv without getting brreathless. Apart from that things are just jogging along. until we get some answers. Not really in a chatty mood but like reading.
  13. Hope you get your neighbours sorted out, griff. I often put Murphy on a long line now as he has always wanted to go off on his own investigations but he can't hear us now if we shout or whistle and sometimes chooses to ignore hand signals. So, unless we are in an enclosed area where he can only go so far t is a long line. I have had Dysons for years. They are heavy but they cope with two hairy dogs. The last one we bought was a reconditioned one as it still had the more powerful motor that you can no longer get. It also was much cheaper than a new one and works great. We watched a good but of the D-DAY remembrance. I felt sorry for the old men struggling to lay the wreaths down. It is better at the Cenitaph where they hand the wreaths to someone ( younger and fitter) who puts them down. I did wonder what they would have done if it had been the heavy rain or gales which are now forecast. We have had a warm day after a cold, drizzly one yesterday. It is a few days of winter followed by one day of summer at the moment.
  15. Griff, they and their builders have no more right to park and block access than you do. It is the same as a right of way over private land. A farmer cannot block a public footpath although he owns the field it passes through. It seems it is possible to get old covenants removed
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