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  1. Have offered on one but didn't get it. Have another in the pipeline. Houses in Scotland are 'offers over' when there is a lot of interest they go to a closing date when it is closed bids . So you are bidding in the dark.
  2. I haven't been posting but have been reading. Too much going round in my head at the moment. Trying to downsize, clear out and pack. And not getting very far. Also, still trying to get a house to go to. Good news for Kota and you. Good thoughts for Candy next week. I hope they can help the little hedgehog. They are on the vulnerable for extinction list. Looks like we are heading back into some stricter restrictions People are getting fed up not being able to socialise or think I will be careful. It will be okay. Unfortunately, they don't just risk their own health , but the health of their friends and family. A forum friend is worried about her young grandson who is seriously ill in hospital after staying overnight with a friend who later tested positive for covid. He is on constant oxygen as his body is not retaining oxygen and his heart is racing. The doctors are struggling to stabilise him. This virus is so indiscriminate and isn't going anywhere soon.
  3. Owl are dog lost aware. Of the post from Croydon police about a load dogs recovered?
  4. ahh, puppy days. enjoy them while you can. I wouldn't like to start with a puppy now. I am too old to keep up! Tried to draw some money at the local post office but my card was declined. I contacted the bank but they have no record of any declined transactions and see no reason for it to be declined. There was no error message- such invalid pin. Just card declined, remove card. They say it must be a fault with the machine. Fortunately, it was the local shop who know me well. He was going to let me have my shopping if I didn't have enough money to cover it. As it was only £4 I had plenty I was drawing money for tomorrow. I will go to the branch tomorrow and draw money there in case it happens again.
  5. Welcome Elwood. Maybe he will be good for Hugo if they are friends already. Happy days ahead
  6. Glad you found it Owl. A cover might help if you have to take it out of the cover to use it. as the empty cover will remind you. I pack my shopping then pay so I watch the card until it has gone through and then remove it and put it away. Lucky nobody was hurt ,Owl. It must have been a bit of a shock to them.
  7. Ah, puppy snuggles, Jazz. The reason you cannot meet in a house but can in a pub is that you may not adhere to social distancing in the house but the staff a the pub will be implementing social distancing as they don't want to have to close. The outbreak in the west has ben traced to house gatherings, not to pubs. hence the restrictions on houses but not pubs. Met up with a friend for beach walk with the dogs yesterday, followed by coffee and a chat at her house. It was nice to get out and meet up with someone for a change. There is so little happening now- no clubs, meetings etc. Just seen a notice that Christmas will be delayed until Mid January as Santa will have to self isolate when he comes into the country.
  8. or mud. Have accepted an offer on my house tonight. Another milestone.
  9. I have Hotter boots for winter wear that are waterproof but I wouldn't expect them to be waterproof for walking through wet grass.
  10. Only Goretex ones will be waterproof.
  11. I hav Dunlop wellies. I got them in B&Q . They are wide fitting. A lot of wellies are too tight for me.
  12. Do you want waterproof boots like wellies or just ordinary boots?
  13. Was intending to do that Owl. If I disappear you will know why
  14. The last time I wore a dress was on my silver wedding,27 years ago. I have had an offer on my house that I am accepting. Not looking forward to the upheaval , so will be glad when it all settled. I have a problem, fugees. I have got a new email address which is but when I tried to change it on here I am told I am not allowed to use that email on here. As I may be abandoning BT when I move I will lose my BTinternet email unless I pay to keep it. So I don't know what will happen on here when it happens.
  15. Damp start here but it is brightening up so i think I will put some washing on. Then a big decision- which cupboard will I clean out and declutter?
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