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  1. I hope you can find a comfortable bed., owl. Had a great catch up on Facetime with my son and his fiance. They have had big problems with their employer- they both worked for the same firm but in very different roles- but they managed to orchestrate a suitable leaving package as in what will you pay me to leave/ They can now take a few months to destress and investigate options for the future. Thea are both very happy about it which is important. A quiet day here. Spent eh afternoon trying to access the premium bonds website. It eventually told me my account was suspended for security reasons and I had to phone them. I decide just to cash them in . That was easier. I have had 2 since 1959 and never won a bean with them. Another £500 bought 2000 which gave a few £25 prizes at first but nothing for years. it will pay for a new bedroom carpet for the spare bedroom once I have cleared out the room. At present I am going through loads of packets of old photographs. The family will not be interested in them so I might as well discard the ones that are irrelevant now. I look at sone and think who is that? What is that? Where is that?
  2. Hope you feel better soon, Eve. IBS is not nice. I hope your new mattress does the trick, owl. It is difficult to know if a mattress is right for you until you have soent time sleeping on it. 1000 tyres. Quite dramatic pictures of the fire on the BBC news site. Police urged people to stay away and residents to keep doors and windows closed. It must smell vile.
  3. Good luck with the chiropractor , owl. My DIL has started going to one. She had a scan done and she has a congenital bone issue in her neck. A neighbour where I used to live needed both and the surgeon said knee first and the knee takes the strain when you are recovering from the hip operation.
  4. I understand about Wisoa. Latterly, Cleo had to be with me all the time. She followed me everywhere. I bumped into her often as she was so close behind me.
  5. Murphy used to look years younger after he had been to the groomer. He still had plenty of coat- collie/retriever cross- but she got rid of all the brown, harsh dead coat which would not comb or blow out. He also had his lovely black coat back instead of dull brown. Are you going somewhere nice , owl? I dug mine out last week as I thought it expired next year. My son hopes to get married in Romania in the near future, when all the bureaucratic formalities are completed, so wanted to make sure I had enough time left on it. You need 3 months after your date of leaving. I was pleased to find it doesn't expire until 2025 so one thing less to organise.
  6. Gosh, the year is creeping in. Sun is shining so washing on. Need to pop to shops later. Bank Holiday in Scotland today, not that it makes any difference when you are retired. Every day is a holiday.
  7. r weekend. Will Morning Sun shining today after grey day yesterday. No plans made for the weekend.
  8. I hate redecorating a kitchen. It causes such an upheaval in a room you need to use. Bathrooms are the same. I like the walls tiled so a wash down is all that is needed. Sun is shining today so might get grass cut.
  9. morning. A nothing day today. Cloudy but dry. Nothing planned. May have to do some ironing.
  10. Cloudy and much cooler here this morning, but much more pleasant.
  11. Grandson has tested positive for covid tonight. I was babysitting last night so will see what happens. I have avoided it so far- touch wood. Cooler today but still hot and sticky tonight. The breeze has dropped. I did mange to cut my grass this afternoon and water the back garden. Will need to do the pots out the front tomorrow. We don't have rain forecast until possible showers on Friday.
  12. A vet advised soaking a dog with water was better that wet towels. We also have a warm breeze and temperature 40.9 in the sun. Son and Dil spent morning in air conditioned cinema. so many fires and property damaged. Just read a rescue had to appeal for help to evacuate their animals due to dreading fire.
  13. Glad you have a cool house to shelter in, owl. A few years ago, I spent a week's holiday in London with temperatures in the 30's. Hotel supplied fans which we ran non stop day and night. Trying to get get dry after a shower wa a lost cause. We enjoyed the underground aquarium - very cool and refreshing. So many pubs and theatres were using portable air conditioning units that the electricity failed over a large area of London.- just after we placed our food order! So, onto the theatre to see Blood Brothers. The theatre were giving out free bottles of water as it was so hot inside.
  14. Back home. Washing hung out. We had Ideal weather - sunny but not too hot. Yesterday, it was 25 degrees here, today a cool 19 degrees.
  15. No restrictions on covid now, only advice to self isolate if you have a fever. She doesn't have a fever, only cough and tired, so theoretically she could still go tomorrow. But she said she could not in all conscience go while coughing all the time. So son and grandson have come to spend the night with me , instead of me staying at their house as we have an easrly start tomorrow.
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