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  1. That is good to hear. Another life turned round. Went bowling on Wednesday. I have not bowled for more years than I can remember. Was a nit stiff yesterday. Tese bowling balls are heavy. Visited my sister yesterday. The first I have seen her for 15 months. She tested positive for covid a few weeks ago anstill gets very tired in the evenings, She also has no sense of taste.
  2. Sounds like he chose them. Good luck, little chap.
  3. stayed dry so far but no promises. been shopping and got M&S Christmas catalogue. So many gorgeous goodies. Hope you get well soon , Owl.
  4. when does the next one come? Foggy and wet this morning and the fog has come down again. Potted up my plants yesterday but I didn't need to water them. The rain did it for me. I went to my son's to watch Strictly last night. Having a quiet day today after a foggy walk.
  5. Frosty but sunny this morning. Definitely a bit chilly out there.
  6. I have been to look at new laminate flooring for my living room. I now have two samples home to try and decide which one I want. decisions, decisions. Dry but somewhat cold here. What was your cunning plan, Jazz?
  7. A quiet day apart from doing a washing and walking Cleo. Can't be doing with this weather, warm one day and cold the next. Now planning redecorating my living room. where to start?
  8. A wet miserable day here. Poor Leigh, that is painful. Nothing exciting happening here. Did my ironing this morning. Had to look up that breed, Owl. They are flock guardians. Quite magnificent looking. I met a dog from Bosnia last week. She is a little crossbreed ( I think) about the size of a Corgie. She is a little timid but comes round. The lady has only had her for few months.
  9. I read my book until 1.10am last night.Now I just want to sleep.
  10. That's a shame. But at least now she is getting care and attention.
  11. I have just tried to access Facebook and it says site not available. I am glad it is not just me.
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