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  1. He has Domperidom form GP and ondestaron from chemo department. Injection was also ondestraon. Locum said that ws the strongest they had. He only had 3 days supply from chemo so he gave us more to use if necessary. However, the queaziness ands sickness has gone. He has been able to eat more today. He is feeling slightly stronger today and has managed to get up to sit on the couch. Our GP service is very good and is checking on him daily. Constant rain here today and everything, even the road, is sodden. I keep looking for a dry spell to take Cleo out but it is not happening. I have had to light the wood burner as well. Summer has definitely gone now. I hope the vandals can be sorted out, Owl. It is a sad world when that is how they get their kicks. Teenagers are committing murder. There is some thing very sick with our society . There is no respect for other people or their property. You take what you want and lash out if you don't get your own way.
  2. Sorry about Max, Suzeanna. Another arrival at rainbow Bridge. I agree about the People's Vote. if people have changed their minds or didn't know what they were voting for , tough . You had tour chance. I don't understand the 'it's the end of Democracy'. Is it not Democracy that the higher vote wins? . Does that mean we can ask for another General Election when the party we voted for doesn't win? How can we say we will not leave without a deal. I tis not up to us- Parliament can't agree a deal amongst themselves, never mind with the Eu.They act like a lot of school playground kids. I hope the news about the fences helps you , griff. Good news about the car. JIm has been quite unwell since his chemo this week but we have been to the OOH locum and he has had an anti sickness injection which hopefully will settle his stomach. The anti sickness pills he has aren't working.
  3. Sorry about Dex, Griff. It is much cooler here today. It did rain earlier but is dry but breezy now. Will take Cleo out before it rains again.
  4. Haven't posted but have ben reading. We had to have Murphy PTS on Saturday when his condition deteriorated and it was no longer fair to keep him going. Then JIm had a very bad Sunday with pain and exhaustion. A gp appointment on Monday gave us the diagnosis of advanced cancer. Things are bit up in the air at moment.
  5. Suzeanne, the oncologist stressed it was JIm's decision. He was happy with whatever he decided to do. I think he got a fright with the fluid in his chest and the possibility of it happening again. He also showed the report that the mass was very near a main artery and could cause it to burst.That would happen with no warning and cause massive internal bleeding. He hopes the chemo will shrink it away from the artery. Side effects do worry him but he is resigned to it . We will have to see what effects he gets. The plan is an infusion in his vein then two weeks tablet and one week off, repeated for 6 cycles. Sorry you are in the same boat with Dex. Their time is never long enough. Murphy's diagnosis has been a shock as until two days ago he was fine except for not eating., probably due to nausea. He has not lost any weight and looks alert and bright. He still jumps up on the couch and barks at whatever. Yesterday he ate some dried food which I hand fed him. I am sure he thought he was getting treats. Today he has eaten tinned Chappie . We will just have to go from one day to the next.
  6. Hello Loobie. Welcome back. I know what you mean about lurking but not posting.
  7. Not a good day! Found out Murphy 's kidneys are in a very bad way. He stopped eating two days ago . Most unlike him so I thought maybe the Metacam was upsetting his tummy. Have been in contact with the vet the last two days who also suspected that but I took him to the vet today for a check and they did a blood test. Kirsty was surprised as he looks good. Not at all like a 141/2 year old dog but his creatin level is very high. So, we have to stop the Metacam and the paracetamtol and try tramadol for his sore hips and a kidney diet but It is a case of how long we can keep him comfortable. She did say that if I hand back the paracetamol I got today they will credit my account for them which I thought was very good of them. JIm had a good visit with the oncologist this time, He was on time and very on the ball. Not at all like he was the last time. He starts chemo next week. Thankfully he can get his infusion at our local hospital rather than having to travel 100 miles each way . JIm had always resisted chemo but the oncologist showed him how , after being stable for 21/2years , the cancer in his lung had grown between the two scans he had recently.
  8. Chocolate and coffee sound good, Jazz. Not so keen on the beer . Eve, you wonder if some rescues really want to rehome some dogs. They put up obstacles instead of working to sort them. I have answered requests for home checking up here for rescues I do not know. They have been happy to supply details of what they want checked. Being in such a rural area in the far north it is only recently that there has been a local rescue so folks had to go further afield. For breed rescue they still have to. When I adopted from IRR they had nobody in the Fife area and hadn't had any success finding somebody. They asked me is I knew anybody who could do it. I suggested one of the local rescues and the lady there obliged. She knew me by association with my dog training class. A lot of her rehomed came to them. But we had never met. It was a very short homecheck . She did say of it had been anybody else it was have been much more. I was asked recently, by IRR, if I knew anybody who could do a homecheck on Mull. I didn't but they said they would manage somehow - a different attitude. Being volunteers is no excuse. All the ones I have dealt with were volunteers but they go all out fro the dogs. It is a shame for Harvey but there will be another dog out there waiting for you.
  9. had a busy couple of days last weekend with visitors but they enjoyed themselves, despite the language barrier. It was their first time out of Romania and were amazed at the shades of green in the vegetation. They have grass for a month or two. Outside that it is too hot or too cold. My nephew went gluten free and says he feels much better for it. He is a PE teacher who plays sport in his free time so needs his health and energy. I cut down some overgrown rhododendrons yesterday. They were taking over the bit of garden. The space is bigger now. Some branches were thick and were difficult yo cut, Last night and this morning I could hardly move my right arm. It is slightly better now but my elbow is painful. JIm is still in a lot of pain in his chest. She thinks it is scarring from the drain removal and should resolve itself. After we told her about our last appointment fiasco she contacted the oncologist and he agreed to another CT and blood test before his appointment on Tuesday. Only problem was the CT machine was broken. It was fixed on Friday so a scan was arranged for Monday. I think she is just being cautious- I hope so. Meantime he is dozed up with Morphine and anti inflammatories and spends more time asleep then awake. I hope you can return to normal life soon , griff. Having nightmare neighbours is no fun. You should be able to lead your own life without interference from people like that.
  10. Jazz, of course you will be upset. There would be something wrong if you weren't.
  11. Hi, everybody. A lightning strike fried our internet hub on Monday so haven't been able to get online. BT replaced the hub and took the old one back for testing as it became red hot. It didn't cool down when switched off and had to be totally disconnected to cool down. If we had not been in it could have caused a fire so is deemed a health and safety risk. They need to find out why that happened. I have been catching up. A lot has happened in 6 days. Can't go over it all but good wishes where needed. I hope your medicine works, Yantan. It must be very uncomfortable. Griff, my grandad concealed his real age from my grandmother until he received his old age pension when he had to admit it. He was 18 years older than her , which is why he made out he was younger. Our visitors have gone out so we are enjoying some down time before heading out to meet up with them . After torrential rain with the thunder and lightning on Monday It has been rather misty and drizzly on and off for the last few days but reasonably warm. - autumn has definitely set in here. Murphy had perked up now he is getting the paracetamol so he is to stay on it. He has lost a lot of muscle in one of his back legs which the vet doesn't expect him to get back and he may have a tumour on that leg . . No point in an MRI scan as we wouldn't do anything further anyway. As long as we can keep him comfortable we will carry on.
  12. Puppy cuddles, Jazz. Another hot day here but I have managed to get a good bit of weeding done.Not finished yet but the end is on sight. If the weeds would slow down a bit.
  13. Sorry to read about Dex, griff. Enjoy your canal trip. I would love that. Maybe one day. People forget what puppies are like and that they are 10 or 12 years older than they were the last time. Murphy is like a new dog. He has obviously been suffering quietly for a while. What I thought was old age slowing up wasn't. He has a bounce back in his step and is raring to go. The sun has come out now so I am off to tackle some weeding. It is difficult to get a time when it is not too hot or cool enough for the midges to put in an appearance .
  14. Yantan, I can bring a Victoria sponge I have just made. JIm is much better today. He had to give in and go to bed early last night as he could not get any relief from the pain. He has just cut the grass so must be much improved. Sods Law, Murphy has not had the occasion to rush about so I don't know if the pills are helping but he seems happier. He has been very quiet but I put it down to the hot weather so it is difficult to know. He did go for a wander along the front garden when Jim had th gate open and he hasn't done that for few weeks so maybe he was too uncomfortable to walk along there. I don't know, jazz. She initially said it was like paracetamol but later called it paracetamol. The bottle sys paracetamol500 ms. HE gets a half twice a day. They look like normal paracetamol. Maybe they are okay short term as she said if he still needed them after 7 days they would give other stronger painkillers.
  15. Morning folks It is sticky here today but no sun so far. Yesterday was misty all day. I had Murphy at the vet yesterday. When he tried to move faster than a walk- running or getting excited and twisting around- his left back leg would bend up and stay up. His other leg was then collapse with the extra weight and he ended up scrabbling along in a sitting position. It didn't t stop him, just impeded him. He didn't show any signs of pain. She gave him a very thorough examination which revealed muscle wastage in his back legs. When she lifted the right back leg he could not take his weight on the left one. She thinks it is from the arthritis in his hips. He ma have knocked a nodule off that is causing him pain. He has paracetamol to go with the Loxicom he already takes .If if helps then see what happens when it is finished. If necessary they will give him more pain relief. I f it doesn't work he would need sedation and an xray which she is reluctant to do , due to his age. Thanks for the good wishes for Jim. He had a really bad day yesterday with a sore chest. No doubt from all the tugging that doc had to do to get the drain out. He says it is not nearly so bad this morning, more very uncomfortable . He is disappointed that the still needs to take the morphine but at least it is giving him relief now. He is just so desperate to feel fit again. I hope Steve can get some help. Mental illness is very hard to deal with, both for the person and those trying to support them. You are a good friend to him, griff. I hope you enjoy your family visit, Suzeanna. Our son and his girlfriend are coming next week for a couple of days. They have brought her parents over to see Scotland. Her parents do not speak English and have never left Romania before.
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