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  1. Windy with heavy showers then sunshine today. Cleo was not amused with heavy rain in our walk and hung close to me so we just came home again. Mind you we were both soaked despite the short walk. I got my Skoda yesterday and have sat today reading about all th bells and whistles on it. What happened to simple? It is all high tec now. When the salesman took out on Thursday after it had been through t he workshop a sensor came on. They had to order a part which fortunately came in on Friday but I didn't know if it would be ready until 6'40 on Friday night. I phoned Tesco at 9a.m. Saturday( I wanted to make sure I got through) to change the insurance. The current one was an executry so it has to be cancelled and a new one taken out in my name. It was all very easy and they are giving me JIm's 9 year NCB . So I was all set to go. I should be going home on 17th , once everything is opened up in Scotland. It will be nice to be back with my own stuff but I will miss the company and Cleo will miss all the cuddles. I think my grandson will have withdrawal symptoms as he adores her and she enjoys his attention. We get a lot of bees in the garden, which I don't mind but I do not like wasps.They are nasty
  2. I managed to buy my Skoda today. The first I was interested sold before I did anything, the second was bought on the internet the day I was arranging to view it. Third time lucky but it is dearer than I rally wanted to pay and higher milage than the others but a very nice car with a higher spec than th others. I should collect it next weekend once it has been trough the workshop.. It had com in just before lockdown so hadn't been touched. It was a pleasure to drive after the Insignia.
  3. I wonder if what we are seeing now with crowds, fights and all the rubbish left behind are the people who caused problems when abroad giving Brits a bad reputation. Holidayitis seems to bring out the worst in people. It is over the whole of the UK , not just localised. A woman left her mobile phone in amongst a pile of rubbish in the Pentland Hills Country Park. She phoned the park to ask for it back. They have advised her she can collect it from the police station. I wonder if she will. I hope things have settled down with your mum, griff. But you can only do so much to help someone. The rest is up to them. After two very hot days we have cloud this morning but it is warm so very pleasant for a change.
  4. Hello from a hot and sultry Edinburgh. It was too hot to go out earlier so I am just back from walking Cleo, now that it is cooler. Lots of dogs were being walked. It is supposed to stay hot tomorrow and Friday but possible thunder and lightning on Friday. Nicola has online video call from her hairdresser for cutting her hair herself. I have seen suggestions of hairdressers having to have chairs spaced apart, perspex screens, no chit chat , booking on phone or online and discussion of what is to be done ahead of appointment, contactless payment. Sorry you are still troubled about your mum , griff. It must be vey frustrating. I hope you get good results from your tests , Jazz.
  5. There were programmes on BBC alba that involved one of thee vets from the Wick branch but this is a nw series. Julian, of the Yorkshire vet series, started his career in the Thurso practice. You can watch it on catch up on MY5. The first programme was quite emotional but had a happy ending. My friend was a teacher at the high school and was saying ' I taught her and I taught them'.
  6. Good Morning ,folks. Sorry you are having such problems about your mum, griff. My experience of hospitals is nobody cares if patients don't eat. When my mother was in the patient in the next bed to hr could not feed herself but they put her meal down and cleared it away untouched. Her daughter used to come in at mealtimes to feed her. Staff deliver the food and clear away the dishes and the nurses never look near. I hope Ruby got on okay with hr treatment, yantan. Warm and muggy here as the haar is coming in every night and it takes until afternoon to burn off. My vet practice is featured in the Highland Vet- same idea as the Yorkshire Vet- on 5 select on Monday nights.( and on MY5 ) It is strange seeing people you know on the telly. Nothing much else happening here , the same as everywhere else I expect.
  7. We often wondered what was taught nowadays as even the most basic general knowledge was sadly lacking. More days of nothing much. All days are the same at th moment. I went to a friend's barbecue with DIL and grandson the weekend before last. Only us and them so within thee rules . We did socially distance until my grandson pointed out we were all sitting around a picnic bench - oops! It made a welcome change. Last March we had to change our car. Our 11 year old fabia had had it. We got an insignia which is a lovely car but big and I do not have good all round vision. That wasn't a problem until I had to take over all the driving. I am now looking for a smaller car- preferably another fabia estate as I know I like that. I had the intention of looking when I came down here but lockdown stopped that. At home the nearest choice of garages is 100miles away. I have been watching the websites but estates are few and far between and there is not much movement. It is sales by appointment with social distancing or 'click and collect or home delivery. I have my eye on one and hope to go and see it at the weekend.
  8. Remember England has different rules and guidelines to Scotland. e.g. Social distancing is guidance in England but is law in Scotland. Apparently, DEFRA has given permission for rescues to rehome for welfare reasons.mSocial distancing should be maintained. Despite a forecast of rain we have had a glorious day of sunshine. and had our tea in the garden.
  9. It would appear not, Owl. Last weekend there were 9 Dutch camper vans in the Highlands. They must arrived in England ( probably Hull) and travelled up as there is no ferry link from Scotland. One fuel supplier said they have turned their pumps off inside and check who is there before unlocking them. They don't sell to tourists. No sites are open so they stop in the passing places and leave their rubbish behind when they move on. No public toilets or hotels are open so we can guess what that leads to. A few weeks ago a couple did come to a holiday house in one of the villages but the locals made them so unwelcome they left vey quickly. However, a Russian family arrived a couple of weeks ago to their holiday home. Apparantly, the police spoke to them but "were satisfied with their reason to be there ".
  10. We have our problems with tourists as well. There were French tourists at the weekend and some from London. We are restricted to 5 miles for exercise by guidelines but Nicola said today that if it is not adhered to she will make it law. On Saturday the police dealt with 797 dispersal cases to prevent large groups gathering. Police dispersed more than 2,000 gatherings in Scotland over the weekend. The hot weather continues here but we are due some rain tomorrow evening and overnight. The temperature on Tuesday is 23 degrees and 13 on Wednesday!
  11. Too hot to do anything. I took Cleo out at 9.30am but it was still too hot to go far.
  12. Good Morning from sunny Edinburgh. After a windy and wet weekend it is promising to be hot today. No doubt the nearby beach will be mobbed again. It was the last hot Sunday despite lockdown. My son is 45 today. Yantan, some persons camped in the sand dunes at home. They left the tent and food debris, broken booze bottles, socks etc strewn around the place. It was all new stuff. It wasn't there on Friday afternoon but was there Saturday morning so must have arrived later on Friday and camped overnight. Kayakers were seen there but spent little time in the water. We are still in lockdown until this Thursday. Been out for my walk. Lots of people out but all respecting social distancing with strangers. it is quite funny, as some stand talking to friends but when I appear they move apart! The house next door had a decorator in all last week and both husband and wife work in a care home. Most of the neighbours here are elderly and staying in , with food delivered to the door by family. Good to read that the little bird has been freed. Facetimed my son in Romania last night. They can now go out without identity and authority but must stay in the city. His partner says she is busier than ever with video chats to friends and family and her book group have a weekly virtual meeting. His firm are paying off 20 people on Friday- 1/3 of his department. They are still working from home but are on a 4 day week. He doesn't think they will in a position to open the office until next spring at the earliest so they may not renew their lease on the office building in August. So much uncertainty at the moment.
  13. Griff, my mum used to use the phrase 'kicking someone when they are down'. You do have a lot to cope with at present but we here to listen. Sometimes just talking about it helps. I'm glad your dad is okay and hope there are no later effects. Wind is not so bad here today but it is raining. This is first we have had since I came down. There have been couple of damp days and one with a couple of showers, but that is all. Not bad going for three months. My son and dil are doing a weekend of zoom dance tutorials. They do Ceroc dancing, which is modern jazz dancing. This should have been a residential weekend a Southport but was cancelled because of covid 19, so they are doing tutorials on Zoom instead.They are just starting a line dancing one. Suzeanna, there are no houses coming on the market at present as there is no viewing, no surveys etc. At home they are advertising they can do online viewing, drive by valueing but I haven't seen anything down here. Not th best way to buy a house. Maybe it is so you can select ones to pursue when things are fully open, which won't be for while yet up here. The phases are being reviewed every three weeks.
  14. Oh, That sounds a difficult situation,griff. Not being able to visit doesn’t help. Suzeanna, while I love where Iive and have lovely neighbours who have been so supportive the house,4 bedrooms and 1acre of garden, is too big for me. While I could move locally I would still be 260 miles from my family. There is a local hospital which , while excellent , keeps losing services to the main regional one. That involves a three hour journey by car, longer by public transport, to get there. Not ideal when you are ill and not good for visiting. I will be sad to leave, but being over 70 , I feel the practical thing to do is move nearer family now that I need to move. We have strong winds today but no rain so far. It is quite warm though. I took Cleo out early in case the weather got worse and met several dog walkers with the same idea. I hope you get your boiler fixed,yantan. Mine should have been serviced in April.
  15. Sorry you are having a bad time, griff. Not so hot today but still very pleasant. Gales and rain forecast t for next two days so won't be tempted to venture out. Cleo needs her paws trimmed so can do that! Just been out to clap. Most of the neighbours are elderly and were out clapping- including the lady who celebrated her 90th birthday a few days ago. She struggled to the door with her zimmer. It is good the pups are enjoying life, yantan. It must be so different for them. The neighbour who is checking the house and sending me the mail has tidied up the two flower beds in the front garden and trimmed an overgrown tree. She has told me that the community council are investigating delivering a hot meal once or twice a week to those who restricted at home.Many of the residents in the area are over 70 . They already pickup phone orders for several shops in the town and deliver them .
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