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  1. Yantan

    January 2020

    Tye settles down when I put some baroque music on. He lies listening to it before it eventually sends him to sleep. Ruby is definitely not getting another Audi. I hate that one she has and I will be driving the new car more. She's fancying a hybrid Toyota Corolla but if she does go for it she reckons she'll have to work another year to get the allowance to pay for it! She also liked a hybrid Citroen C3 she test drove. She went to a Volvo dealer as she is mightily interested in another but the salesmen ignored her so she walked out. In the end she was getting confused from having too much to chose from. Owl our cats all loved opera but we like it too so didn't have to put up with it just for their sake. That was very sporting of you to that for the pulis. Eve I must try & remember the teaspoon in the freezer trick!
  2. Yantan

    January 2020

    I love my Tye. His personality is coming out more and more as he settles. He loves Baroque music. Ruby has had to take her car to the Audi dealer in Carlisle for a service. She is parting ways with it in a few weeks time so she is taking the opportunity to look for a new car whilst she's there. She's not getting another company car but taking the allowance instead. That way the car will be hers when she retires in 2 years time. Oops I meant to say to Suzeanna yes I think tea helps but also cucumber.
  3. Yantan

    January 2020

    It's really nice to have a dog who is not afraid of the hoover 😁
  4. Yantan

    January 2020

    It's a very nasty letter. I reckon it's just an attempt to intimidate and am surprised a solicitor would draw it up in that way. I do wonder if they are pointing out to their clients the consequences of things not going their way. I suspect not. After all the more it escalates the bigger their bill! If I can wake Tye up we are going to have a walk to the churchyard and have a wander around. I've decided to boycott the park because of the numpty dog owners and the lack of compliance with the on-lead rule in one section. Suzeanna I hope Candy hasn't made too much fuss about missing her walks until one of you are up to taking her.
  5. I hope you are having a very happy birthday Alex
  6. Yantan

    January 2020

    Tye seems to have recovered. He's eating normally again and we are just about to go for a walk. We are late today as we had a lie in 😂
  7. Yantan

    January 2020

    Tye had sickness and a dire rear last night poor lad. I didn't feed him breakfast this morning but around 10.30 he let me know he wanted something to eat. I gave him half a tray of his Harringtons. He wolfed it down, went out for a wee and half hearted run up and down the dividing fence with Toff, the Yorkshire terror, next door before coming back in and putting himself to bed. Around mid-day he ate the rest of the tray of meat with a bit of dried Harringtons but returned to bed. He's mostly slept so far today, very peacefully, but has shown no desire to go for a walk so we are staying put today. He's started using George's steps to get in and out of the car and on and off my bed.
  8. Yantan

    January 2020

    The one that has upset me is the poor American Bulldog, Smiler, in Keighley Yorkshire and her bastard bloody owner, a 50 year old man. I won't list what he did with that poor dog, it's too upsetting. Smiler is still alive, will hopefully recover and get a fabulous home where she will be loved, cherished and looked after. Her owner has been banned from keeping animals for life and got 16 weeks in prison. They should have done to him what he did to Smiler. On a happier note Sardine Sunday is a big hit in our house. Tye loves his sardine topped dinner like no other meal.
  9. Yantan

    January 2020

    It's a nice day here, cold but dry and sunny. If you are eating or about to eat - WARNING! I had to bin my lovely sheepskin slippers this morning after going to clean up after Tye and stepping in poo I hadn't seen. It squashed right up the sides and was in the grooves of the sole and just too gross to try cleaning.
  10. Yantan

    January 2020

    Suzeanna if you want some Tenalady's I can send you a couple of packets. I accidently bought a box of them rather than one packet. Don't ask.
  11. Yantan

    January 2020

    That was a lovely post Eve. You are a lovely, kind, generous person. Mr Tye has gone for a walk with Ruby whilst I wait in for our Sainsburys delivery. She's going to the storage unit afterwards to put the xmas stuff back and bring George's steps back for Tye. He's struggling to get on my bed and is currently using my laundry basket full of clean clothes to step up! He also needs a helping hand to get into the car but I'm struggling to do that.
  12. Yantan

    January 2020

    Ruby and I were just saying how life can be so unfair to good people. Someone she works with lost her best friend to cancer about 18 months ago. This friend's son & his wife had a baby 8 months ago, which brought them much joy after their loss. Now the baby's just died from a malignant brain tumour 😥 Then I have good friends whose daughter has twice had to have brain surgery due to an aneurysm. She's only in her 20's. The whole family are lovely, lovely people and real animal lovers and advocates. Dad was recently sent for a scan after getting headaches he thought was stress over his daughters latest surgery. It turns out he has an aneurysm too. In fact he's just found out today he has not one but two. He's now got to have surgery and there's no guarantee he'll come through it. The other daughter is going to have to be scanned too as its likely their condition is hereditary. It is so not a fair world 😥
  13. Yantan

    January 2020

    Griff she's doolally. Next time I see her it's just as likely she will be accusing us of something. I just try to have as little to do with her as possible. Are you going to be a medical mystery? You might get written up in the BMJ! Can I have your autograph?
  14. Yantan

    January 2020

    Ah that sounds like impingement Jazz. I've had that on one of my shoulders. It's turned into an awful day. I am very glad that Tye and I got out on our walk early'ish and at least stayed dry. My not so nice neighbour is smitten with Tye! She told me today he's a proper little gentleman and said "he's found himself the best home ever, the lucky boy". I was a bit gobsmacked as we've had so much trouble with her in the past. I was gracious back in my best Queen Mother mode. I'm making coffee. Does anyone want one?
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