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  1. blackmagic thank goodness the fire is under control now. I always think about the poor wildlife. Yes the dreaded naming patterns. I think the Cumbrian method and the Scottish one are pretty similar if not the same even. We are so close to Scotland that all sorts of things have been passed across the border for hundreds of years. I've had to come off Ancestry for a breather. I was getting utterly confused with facts and non-facts. The number of mistakes made also got me annoyed with people failing to check their facts. That's the first thing you should learn when taking up genealogy. Oh and life in general too! I think Archie is wanting his dish filled up judging by back and fro from his feeding station to me. Better go!
  2. Oooh we had a big cordyline in our last garden Griff. We brought it here with us but it died I have taken out a subscription to Ancestry. My last one ended back in 2013 and things have changed on there since then. There is now the facility to start a family tree and recieve hints and tips from other people and suggestions from Ancestry. Sounds good? Well yes and no. The hints that come with links to the actual records aren't always accurate but so many people are just accepting them as true without further research and adding them to their trees. So far I've found my 2 x great grandmother is listed on several trees as having died in 1929 in Preston. No she didn't! She remarried so her name changed. She had 3 further children and died in the town where she was born, which is the one I live in too. I have the records including birth/marriage/death certificates to back this up. It also means that the people who had the ancestor who died in 1929 in Preston have linked themselves back to my family when they aren't actually related to us! And this is just one example, there are many more! So if you subscribe to Ancestry either now or in the future please don't go taking these public family trees as gospel. You need to do your own research to prove or disprove it.
  3. The birds went with all my strawberries when I grew them. It was cold here first thing. So cold in fact that the central heating came on automatically. Archie has gone back to bed.
  4. I was sitting here doing a Sainsbury's order whilst the TV was on in the background. I heard a sort of high pitched animal noise which caught my attention. I looked up at the TV and saw a couple sitting in a woodland setting with the sounds of nature all around. I put the noise down to that. Archie was in the garden and had been out longer than usual so I looked out the window and couldn't see him. I went out to hear the same high pitched wail. Yes it was Archie. He'd gone under the bay tree, which is huge and has branches stemming out from the bottom. He'd somehow got himself in the middle of some of these lower stems and fallen over. He was in a small tight space and folded over on himself. What a job I had to get him out as I had trouble getting in there! He was a bit wobbly from laying in a funny position but soon came round. Lots of his low fat treats helped. I'll be getting some netting to stop him doing it again. That's good about Kevin Jazz, bless him.
  5. No Yorkies for me Jazz. I'd be terrified of breaking one. I've made some BBQ sauce, slathered some chicken wings with it and popped them in the oven to be served up with salad and home made coleslaw That's my lunch and tea sorted.
  6. Morning all. Archie's appetite was in super drive yesterday. The only problem is that what goes in must come out. Which it did. All over the hall. Big change in the weather this morning. Very overcast and much cooler. I think thunder and lightning are forecast for later. Ooooh Owl will you pick me up a greyhound when you go to Tia. Thanks! Chicken soup ran out yesterday.
  7. Jazz if you are anything like me it will be Christmas all over again as you will have forgotten what's under the wrapping I had soup for breakfast. And my elevenses.
  8. Soup was good. Still plenty left for those that want it. Eve I hope that shoulder gets better soon. Maybe you over reached? That can pull muscles and is very painful and uncomfortable but it does wear off within a few days.
  9. You don't lead a boing life do you Jazz?!
  10. Well that's good Owl I am making chicken soup.
  11. Voltarol gel should help that back Owl if it persists. I've used it in the past for my shoulder and found it worked. I think you can buy it over the counter. Archie was weighed again at the vets yesterday and has gained weight. It's only 10gms but better on than off!
  12. I really enjoyed the latest series of In The Line Of Duty. I've loved all the previous series too, all available on catch-up and Amazon Prime or Netflix , sorry I forget which. Really gripping police drama all series have a linked theme although each series is perfectly watchable on a stand alone basis. We are currently re-watching The Looming Tower. I think I enjoyed it more on the first viewing. I'm struggling to stay with it this time around. It's a drama based on a true story set in the years leading up to 9/11 and how the various US agencies failed to work in unison.
  13. This is what annoys me about the RSPCA, their fall back position of if the animal is presumed to have food and shelter they won't attend - unless it's high profile! Maybe a mention on social media will do the trick, especially if it gets picked up and spread. Often the actual RSPCA officers on the ground are very good and if you know how to contact them without going through their centralised phone line they will act. Poor dog. I know how this will eat away at you Suzeanna.
  14. Aw Nick, glad he's feeling better now. We had a cat that collapsed with heat exhaustion from sitting in the patio window in the sun. She made a full recovery.
  15. You don't sound rough at all Griff. Very girly though. Have you got your delivery Jazz? Anyone lucky enough to be on holiday here have picked the right week. It's not too busy either which makes for a much more pleasant stay.
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