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  1. You know how I have always said I hate the idea of a cruise? Well I'm going on one apparently. The Queen Mary 2 to New York. Next year. It is SO not me but Ruby wants to go with our friends, Gary and Adrian, for Gary's 60th and the single supplement is almost as much as it costs for 2 so I am going. I refuse to wear a long frock, or any sort of frock, for dinner though. High heels are also out.
  2. Yantan


    I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was good but not up to the hype it's got.
  3. I hope you are resting today Owl or at least taking things easy. Hope Nick get's away OK Jazz It's a grey overcast day here and a la'al bit breezy. For a change we have at least one nice lodger staying next door. She is from Spain and stops to speak to Archie anytime he is out in the garden and to me if I am about. She loves animals. Such a change from the surly eastern Europeans that the next door neighbour usually takes in. There are still some there and the Spanish girl says she finds them odd. After trying to be friendly with them she gave up and just keeps out of the way whenever possible. I agree with Suzeanna Griff. You need to put yourself first some of the time girl!
  4. Dunno Jazz. It was the last thing I read before I was notified there was a new post - yours.
  5. Suzeanna I agree with you. I'm appalled that the National Trust allow hunting on their land when the hunts often break the law and hunt foxes, as indeed they do everywhere but are seldom prosecuted for it.
  6. Ruby lived in the Scilly Isles for a year and found the winter very mild although they did have a few good storms which stopped the supply boats sailing. It was May when I went and it was like being in the Med. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Never pluck your eyebrows without the aid of mirror
  7. Yeah that would do me too. Lovely! Well done Eve
  8. Griff I think everywhere (well almost) is getting more violent. We've had a couple of stabbings in town. Mind you it was someone from Manchester doing the stabbing and the person stabbed wasn't local but still - it happened here. Did the free fitting just apply to carpet Jazz? We used to fit our own cushionfloor but neither of us are up to crawling around these days. The last time we had any fitted it was in the bathroom after we had the new extension built. As we were also getting new carpets fitted it all came with free fitting. I hope you find something and someone to fit it if not for free then for a reasonable price. Suzeanna that was a bargain price for that pie and cheese and accompaniments. If ever I get down your way I'll meet you there for lunch on me. Owl I know where you are coming from. We are one of the few places the native red squirrel is still holding out. There is a concerted effort ongoing to make sure they can live and thrive here without the grey squirrel upsetting the balance. This means greys are culled whenever they come within a certain distance of red enclaves. It is upsetting but it would be a tragedy if red squirrels were to became extinct.
  9. I'm glad to see ample portions being served instead of those teeny tiny offerings poncy places like to serve up but with a hefty price tag attached. Archie pooped on his sofa in his sleep but I managed to get him outside a little later when I saw his tail go up to do some more. He can't help it and the Archie that he used to be would be mortified at all of this. If you could live anywhere, money no obstacle, where would it be? I would still like to live in Cumbria but outside the national park in a peaceful country setting with no really close neighbours.
  10. It's still wet and glum looking here. That's a sensible thing to do Owl. I wish others would do the same instead of spreading germs about. If you are no better for the meeting perhaps you could wear a mask or send your concerns in writing.
  11. I know what you mean Jazz and how you feel. I can still do some things but afterwards - oh my dog! I wish this rain would stop.
  12. I hope you get your laminate removed OK Jazz. I'd like to get rid of the laminate in the kitchen, which I was opposed to having in the first place but Ruby got her way. I don't know how we'd do it as it was laid before the kitchen was put in so the units are on top of it. Even though we are hoping to sell the house I think it would be worth doing as it would spruce it up and be easier to clean. Very good that you don't have to go out today Owl. Enjoy your duvet day. It's been chucking it down here overnight and all morning. There is some flooding already, nothing too drastic but if it keeps up it could be a problem. Good news for you Snow. Enjoy getting back behind the wheel next week.
  13. Excellent news Jazz. I am so pleased for you. Griff any plant pots can stay there now. It's not worth having an asthma attack over. Ruby got held up at work (though there was a bonus lunch thrown in) and so got severely held up on the A66 on the way home due to an accident. It's a horrible road.
  14. You can indeed Jazz. It's not raining here, though the sky looks threatening. The wind however is biting. It took my breath away - literally. I've had to use my asthma sprays as I was left heaving for breath after stepping into the garden to pick some plastic pots that had got blown about. Ruby has gone into to work today but it's only for 4 hours. She felt leaving it until Monday would make her even more reluctant to go. This way she gets broken in again gently.
  15. Ruby's home. I ended up going on my own to pick her up and Archie stayed at home with his auntie Jan. He got upset at one point when he realised I wasn't there but she was was able to comfort him and he was OK after that. I've got a real Moroccan tagaine. Eve I know how you feel about doing housework. I bloody hate it and just cannot muster up enthusiasm at any time.
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