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  1. That sounds perfect Owl Had my phone appointment with my own GP. First thing she said was "wow, you gave everyone a scare last week". Anyway she's booked me in to the asthma clinic on Tuesday just before my flu jab appointment but told me if I start having any sort of problem before then to call. Receptionists know to put me right through.
  2. I LURVE Christmas. I don't want to be a pig with the eating though this year. I have now lost 41lbs and don't want to set myself back. Ruby and I are thinking of just having a turkey crown instead of the usual full turkey. I usually finish it off in a homemade turkey and ham pie but if we don't have one to start with I can't be tempted to make the pie. And there's no Archie to help us eat a full turkey. He had loads last Christmas I have a phone appointment with my GP later.
  3. Yay! Sats are 100% this morning 😁
  4. Absolute bastards Owl. Mindless stealers of oxygen. What an awful thing to do
  5. Fever Tree do lots of lovely flavoured tonics Suzeanna. Its a gorgeous day here. The sun is & out the skies are blue.
  6. I wish they didn't Griff Well I have made good in-roads into my Christmas shopping. Brother sorted, his missus sorted, 2 good friends sorted and got some bargainous bargains to boot!
  7. Owl just take your time on the trip to Wales, stop more often if you feel you or Wispa need more breaks. We always try and make the travelling part of the holiday and will stop off if something catches our eye. The aim is to arrive with as little stress from the journey as possible. Have a ready meal or something easy to make for your dinner when you get there so you can settle in with your feet up and enjoy. Oh Betty's Of York what are you trying to do to me sending me a gorgeous little catalogue of your tempting Christmas fare? Begone you temptress!
  8. Yes do wait until your gums are back to normal Jazz before you start going for impressions. I had to have 3 sessions for my little plate to get the right fit and final fitting. I love mine by the way as it means I can chew on the left side with them in and I really don't know it's there otherwise. I'm going to try and do some online Christmas shopping today and a little bit of genealogy maybe. It's wet and grey here so I won't be venturing out.I did have a little ride out in my car yesterday just to get out of the house and see the autumn colours.
  9. Drink in, sense out! Silly bugger. That'll cost him. At least I hope so because he could have injured or killed someone.
  10. That's good news about the voucher cancellation Alex 👍 Eve I think I'd rather have a quiet life than a busy one. There's a lot to commend it. Think I coughed a lung up this morning but that means things are finally shifting on my chest. I am breathing much easier today but taking care not to overdo it.
  11. Suzeanna at my best I can only get 350 on the flow meter and was blowing less than 200 in hospital but did get up to 250 as the day wore on. I can recall the days when I could blow in excess of 600. In better news I have lost 38lbs on my diet.
  12. Alex Google the make and the problem and you might find instructions that will let you drain it. Sometimes it's something as simple as holding the function buttons in which causes it to re-set.
  13. It's a Samsung Galaxy Jazz but not the most up-to-date one by any means and it came with the Samsung Health App already loaded on it.
  14. Morning all. Feeling much better this morning thank goodness. Loobie my George hated going out for a loo break or walk in the rain unless he had his coat on. When it came to loo breaks in the garden he still refused to budge until I held an umbrella over him as well. The things we do for our dogs! For those asking how I measure my sats - I have an app on my phone which works with the phone's fingerprint technology sensor. It's always been on my phone but I've never thought to use it until a doctor told me about it in the hospital tuther day. I can monitor myself and pass the readings onto my GP whilst my recovery is being monitored.
  15. Morning all. Lil what are you like! Hopefully Alex it will suddenly click with her. Sats down to 89 this morning first thing. Was gasping for breath, couldn't talk and was trying to mime to Ruby to bring an inhaler. Sats starting to climb now and I'm following the breathing technique they were getting me to do in hospital. Sats is short for saturation, in this case it's a measure of the oxygen in your blood supply. We should all be at 100 %. Anything less than 95% can be cause for concern and cause breathing problems. However as you age and particularly if you suffer from respiratory problems your sats can & do go down but your body adjusts so a lower percentage becomes your new normal. Also all sorts of things cause your sats to fall - stress for instance, exercise etc. and that's normal. It only becomes a problem if it doesn't return to 100. This is from what I gleaned in hospital about it - I'm no expert by any means!
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