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  1. Still raining here this morning. I hope you enjoy your birthday meal tomorrow Jazz. I started clearing my bedroom of some of the books and other clutter I have in there yesterday but lost the will to live part way through. I will attempt to do some more today. I think that's how to do it - little and often.
  2. Hopefully Brian won't look back now in his forever home. I've just had a visit from my oldest friend, Sue. We don't see each other all that often, 3 or 4 times a year probably, but we just pick up where we left off. She is getting out of an abusive relationship and came to let me know how things are progressing. Her daughter has bought a house with help from Sue and they are busy putting it to rights and then in a few weeks time they will be able to move in. I am glad because her partner was really bringing her down. She seemed so much happier today. Well summer seems to have effed off. This week has started as well as the last couple of weeks and has been a tad chilly and very wet.
  3. Re: gluten intolerance. I was having certain symptoms that lead me to believe I had become intolerant or sensitive to gluten. This was confirmed when my GP tested me for it. As you age you can start becoming allergic/sensitive/intolerant to foods you were previously OK with.
  4. They are made from various things Jazz. You can get a cashew one I think. The sky has gone very dark all of a sudden. I keep looking at rescue dogs in need of a home. I must stop it!
  5. Owl you can Nakd bars in most supermarkets now. They have a great range of flavours and are gluten, wheat and dairy free. A tad expensive at around £2 a pack of 4 but very tasty. Also Trek bars are gluten free and very nice but very small at around 90p a bar.
  6. Owl it was partly due to me being I'll last weekend when I was unable to eat much. I've gone gluten free too as I've become gluten sensitive. Coeliac disease runs in my family. There are quite a few gluten free products out there but they are rather costly. I buy an occasional gluten free loaf. I have gluten free cereals like cornflakes and rice krispies and granola for breakfast. There's a brand called Amy and I love their tinned soups some of which are also gluten free and they are vegan too. They also do a range of vegetarian/vegan frozen food with gluten free options. I can ask Evie's mum for more ideas if you like as she is both vegan and gluten free and also studying to become a nutritionist. Yay. It is not raining 😁
  7. Hope you are soon all on your way Owl. I agree with you Suzeanne. I wouldn't want to know. Ruby goes back for the results on Sept. 4th (there or thereabouts) Our surgery contacted her the other day to ask her to go in for a blood test as the surgeon has requested it. She had one before the scan too and they did say that her remaining kidney function wasn't brilliant. We think the surgeon is just double checking. I've lost 6lbs this week. I was going to have a celebratory cake but then thought better of it 😂
  8. Tiz pizzen down here too Eve. I'm waiting for Sainsbury's to bring the weekly shop. It's a year today since Ruby had her surgery. Hasn't that flown in! Nice one Owl on the transport. I used to do quite a lot of that running anywhere between Charnock Richard on the M6 and Abingdon on the M74 with the occasional Trailie run to Norfolk. That was when I had my roomy Volvo estate. I don't think I'd get many Trailhounds in Poppy Panda!
  9. I'm sorry Jazz. We all know what it's like so you know you can talk it out here if you need too 💔💔💔
  10. I went out to give Poppy Panda a run and decided against when I saw all the cars on the street jockeying for position. I forgot that when it rains incessently for hours all the tourists crowd into town. Had I moved Pops I would never have got parked afterwards. Maybe the F.U.F realise that they've gone too far Griff. No one around there is going to bother if their property gets damaged. Oh dear. Never mind 😋
  11. We are planning on getting Hive when we move house. Dawg knows when that will be though as we are no nearer a year after making the decision! The central heating came on this morning so the temperature must have dipped below the 12C we have it set it too before it triggers. It's been an awful week weatherwise. Anyone here on holiday must be fed up with it, especially if they have children in tow. My DNA sample has been recieved at last. It was only going to Ireland and has taken 8 days to get there. I send things to my friend in Connecticut in far less time than that. And a couple of weeks ago we had a large picture sent over from India and that arrived in just 7 days. I might take my little Poppy Panda out for a ride as I haven't used her in over a week.
  12. Suzeana that reminds me of coming home to find my nanna cleaning and sorting cupboards out. When I asked her why she was doing so much she replied "I'm sorting stuff ready for when I'm not here". Being only in my late teens I thought it was awful and really morbid. Now at 60 it makes much more sense. If I go before Ruby she will have trouble with the remotes for the TV and Sky box. If she goes first I'll have trouble re-setting the central heating and the clock on the cooker. Now we currently don't have any pets we no longer feel pressured to have arrangements in place for them in case we both die before them. OMG! I am turning into my nanna!
  13. I was taking a look back at threads on here so inspired by the "What's The Naffest Thing You Got For Christmas" thread of 2009 I thought I'd kind of resurect it but make it more general. OK here's mine. A 3/4 full (or a 1/4 empty according to how you look at things!) bottle of Je Reviens perfume on my 21st birthday from a visiting relation over from Canada. I hate Je Reviens and viewed it, especially when I was 21, as an old ladies perfume. The sister of the giver of the above gave me a George Burns LP. At the time George was in his 80's so why she thought it appropriate to gift this to a 21 year old I have no idea. I have never found him funny or thought him a good singer. My really good friend over in the USA spent a lot of money one year buying and sending me ...... A pink plastic flamingo intended for the garden. I have no idea why She does have a quirky sense of humour and I used to think I had too but I obviously don't! Over to you.
  14. Arter noon. I hope you find that dog Owl and Wispa. Quietly steps away from Jazz and her insulin.
  15. Eve if you look at the shadows you can see a person weilding a hammer. Well I had some lunch and guess what? Stomach pains again. I have not bothered having any tea. On the bright side though if this continues I am going to loose loads of weight!
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