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  1. I think you might have posted in July after the August thread had started Eve. Also I sometimes think I've posted only come to find that I hadn't actually pressed the send button. Could that possibly have happened to you too??
  2. You should see the parking around here! They are even driving of the road to park on the lake shore! Local cleaners are complaining bitterly about the mess left behind in the holiday lets. I can't even tell you what some have found it's so disgusting 🤮🤮 We seem to have a totally different sort of tourist who don't give a stuff about anyone but themselves. Locals are calling them The Benidorm Brigade. The local authority had to introduce a one way pedestrian system around the market square to try and cut down on the crowds not social distancing. There are big signs up every few feet but are they taking notice? Not on your nelly. Ruby & I are rather glad now that we are cocooned at home.
  3. Watch for the ratties moving in when winter starts. Remember that dead rat pong we had in our house after our street and 2 or 3 around us had that rat problem? Uuurrggh I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Owl has seen a photo of one of our rattie visitors feeding his face on our bird table. I love pet rats and wouldn't mind having a couple. They are descendants of wild rats but it took many, many generations to breed them to a domesticated level. Blackmagic I hope you get a quick sale so you can go and get settled in Edinburgh. You are so right about 2020. It's been a 💩 year. It will be one that gets talked about & remembered for a very long time. Griff I know nothing about this baked potato and as I don't want an ear worm going round & round in my head I'm not going to click play 🙃😂
  4. Good luck today Suzeanna. Claiming because the holiday was cancelled due to Covid-19 Eve. It's 21⁰ here already or 70⁰ in old money. Forecast set for a high of 28⁰ or 82⁰ here. At least that's not as high as some areas but too hot for me.
  5. It's just starting to get warmer here now and I think we will be in for an uncomfortable night. Tomorrow's temperatures are going to be horrendous! We might get chance to sit out for a bit though and get some fresh air.
  6. I was going to complain about the parking attendants weeks ago but decided I didn't need the extra stress to be honest Suzeanna. We have enough stress as it is as we are still battling to get our money back from our holiday. A transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2, 5 star hotel in New York with premium flights back is not an insubstantial sum as you can imagine.
  7. Oh no Owl. You have all my sympathy and I do hope your fine is cancelled as it should be!
  8. We are home and had soup for lunch which is about all Ruby can manage. She's dozed off. To add insult to injury at the hospital a car pulled in beside me, leaving no room for Ruby to get in, on a clearly marked "keep clear" area in front of the entrance door. A young woman jumped out and went inside. I'm thinking "gone for a permit & will move into a space when she returns" 20 minutes later she's still inside. Finally a half-an-hour later she came out & got in the car. By now there were 2 free spaces very close but she just sat in the car chatting to her passengers and was still there 15 minutes later when Ruby came out. I had to move back to let Ruby get in the car. And I was the one who got hassled! Griff you could do with turning up with a millionaire right now!
  9. Eve it's a lump of chocolate on a stick. You stir hot chocolate with it to make it even more chocolatey. Then you sprinkle the marshmallows on top. I'm sitting in the car at the hospital. Ruby's been in about 30 minutes. I got very short with the parking addendant who came too close to the car & got stroppy over me being parked in the disabled and concessional area. I told him we'd just arrived and Ruby had gone for the concession permit. I told him this through the closed window and he said he couldn't hear me. I waved him back, opened my window a little and told him that I could hear him thro the window so he should stop being awkward. He told me it's only a metre distancing now. I replied in ideal circumstances it still is 2m. You are in a hospital car park, there are vulnerable people about. I'm shielding. I don't want you standing just a metre away from me with no mask on giving me the 3rd degree. He told me there was no need to be rude about it. Ha! I'd just had enough as I go through this with the parking attendants every time we are here who jump on me as soon as Ruby goes through the hospital door. They never give us time for her to return with the permit and come way to close to the car. They have also done it as we are ready to leave and Ruby has taken the permit back inside!
  10. That sounds like a pretty good day to me Eve. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We got our veg box delivery today along with homemade soup, bread, butter, eggs, scones and chocolate orange cake from a lovely local shop. The ladies who own and run it added a chocolate stirrer with marshmallows for Ruby which we thought was a lovely kind gesture.
  11. It's faired up after this mornings rain but now the winds got up. It sounds like winter out there. Owl you made me laugh with your reference to people dodging. My friend and I have found we like doing this so much that we intend keeping it up for the rest of our lives 😂😂😂
  12. That's very good of Philips manager. Ruby's firm sent a fabulous selection of pencils and pads for her to take to the chemo unit for the kids who go for treatment. I like all the Fever tree stuff.
  13. Hope the appointment goes well Suzeanna. Heavy rain here.
  14. Morning Owl and other fellow Fugees. Still raining here but at least we are getting our water supplies topped up as they were getting low 👍
  15. Aw good girl Wispa and well done your friend Owl managing the pawdicure. Still rainy and overcast here. I'm not bothered as we can't get out and certainly wouldn't want to try to go any where local. Far too many idiots acting like there's no such thing as C-19. The local police have had to team up with National Trust and Forestry Commision staff to go on patrols to stop the inconsiderate wild camping that is still going on. This is not the genuine wild campers, who come to appreciate the countryside and leave no sign of their stay, but a new subset of the human race who care for nothing but their own selfish pleasures. The worst of it is that they argue with the patrols as they really think they are entitled to do what they want, where they want when they come here.
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