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  1. I hope blackmagic is doing OK. I think you mentioned her the other day Eve. Anyone in touch with her?
  2. Thank you Griff but I do have a 40ft training line already. Appreciate the offer tho 👍
  3. Gorgeous little dogs Suzeanna I tried to foster Lucy the Trailie until Archie kicked off at her. We had to move her on, even though I had hoped to adopt her, but having two unhappy dogs (and one who couldn't have cared less - George) was not an option. Lucy ended up with a great owner who kept in touch with me so it all came out well in the end. I hired an enclosed paddock at the local dog hotel (boarding kennels) for Tye to go off-lead this morning. He had some short runs but mostly enjoyed being able to wander around at will to sniff the sniff. After 30 minutes though he'd had enough and went and stood by the gate to let me know
  4. Aww, Owl the things we do for our dogs! Good on you Suzeanna you do have the best attitude to your medical condition. I know it must get you down from time to time (if not all the time.) I'm going to have to set Tye a fan club up in town. People are so attracted to him and make a bee line to come and make a fuss. He was totally loved up in the vets waiting room today. One lady was in her car waiting for her friend to pick something up. The whole of the front of the vets is glass so she spotted Tye and came in especially to make a fuss of him - although she had to join the queue! I never got this sort of response for Archie and George, bless them. The vets registered him to the rescue so we get rescue rates but we've told both vets and rescue we'll take care of the routine costs. The consult was £20 and they didn't charge for the anal gland emptying. Awful, awful wet day here. I expect there will be some local flooding.
  5. Morning all. At least it's nice and crisp and the sky is blue today after the awful weekend we've had. Tye has had his first ride in my Panda this morning when we went down to the old railway line for a walk. I then gave him a tour of the town. He loves a car ride. He's introducing himself to our vet in the morning. I hope everyone is enjoying some decent weather.
  6. Suzeanna also try Citizens Advice as they will help with the form. It will be worth it because having a blue badge will make a big difference to you I am sure! Good luck 👍
  7. 2 ladies, on separate occasions, crossed the road to come and say hello to Tye and say what a gorgeous dog he is. So far we have had nothing but positive reactions to him. I had a run in with the prospective Labour candidate in the general election for this constituency. He consistently walks his dog off-lead both in the top section of the park where dogs are required to be on lead and everywhere else, including beside and crossing a busy main road! This morning his off-lead dog sat down in the road and pooped. He was already going in his gate and I am pretty sure he saw it but was going to ignore it so I called over for him to come and clean it up. He remarked that it was a good job there were no cars on the road (due to a partial closure for flood defence works) and I replied it was as otherwise his dog could have been squashed. So I took the opportunity to tell him I wasn't voting for him as I can't stand Jeremy Corbyn or most of his front bench. The exchange ended with him losing his temper and he told me he wasn't going to bother with me because I wasn't worth bothering with. Nice. If he does get into parliament I wonder if he will be capable of reasoned debate or he will just tell other MP's they aren't worth bothering with???
  8. We've worn Tye out today. He's had a ride to Penrith, been round Pets At Home where he was made a great fuss of by the staff, we bought him some nice treats and he was fitted for a harness and then we visited B&Q for a Christmas tree stand (but they were sold out) and a lovely customer came over too make a big fuss of him. He's tried real Cumberland sausage. Then he went for a walk round the wood at the top of our road. He's slept all afternoon, apart from getting up to eat his tea and have a wee. He went straight back to his sofa and fell asleep! I'll see if he's up to a quick turn around the block before bed later. I hope you have all had a good day.
  9. Suzeanna she's literally just back from the opticians and it is the age related vitreous stuff that comes away. Hope the 2nd Jan scan goes OK!
  10. Thank you Eve. Sardine Sunday it is then
  11. Tye's wind has eased thank you for asking! Not eradicated but its much, much reduced and is no way as pungent. Eve how many times a week would you feed a staffy sardines? We are all going out over the weekend to chose a real a Christmas tree. Only a short one about 3 or 4 ft which will be set on top of a table so Oh-My-Tye cannot c*** his leg on it.
  12. A friend here in Cumbria had a knee replacement but it was very troublesome and painful. She applied by post, with the back-up of her GP, for a blue badge and got one for 6 months as she was expected to make a good recovery. She said the process was way easier than she thought. Ruby got our Christmas and dog stuff out of the storage unit yesterday and George's Weatherbeeta coat is a reasonably good fit on Tye. He was very happy to go out in the rain last night for a round-the-block walk whilst wearing it. He had previously asked to be out but when he saw the rain from the open door he turned round and refused to go out. He slept on George's upstairs bed last night, which is beside my bed. I had to wake him up this morning, he did look cozy. It's big squishy cushion that moulds to his shape. Tye also met our postie yesterday morning whilst we were out in the garden. Tye wagged his tail like mad as postie came through the gate. Postie made a big fuss of him and asked if he could have a biscuit. As soon as Tye saw the biscuit he did a sit and then took it oh so gently. The postie was impressed with him. Such a difference from that other prat who is now banned from our house for upsetting Archie.
  13. It's an absolutely shocking night with really heavy rain. I do hope there's no chance of flooding again.
  14. Awww Candy Thank you Eve for the link. Ruby's on her way home. She spoke to her regular optician and he's confident enough to leave her check until tomorrow, given her history with visual disturbances. I'm not so sure but what do I know. I suggested popping into Specsavers in Workington, near where she works but she was already on her back by then. Actually she was at the storage locker getting George's coat for Tye. Thank you for that info on Phil's treatment Suzeanna. Jazz you must have shook my licence out when you found the cards because I've found it! Yay!
  15. Thank you ladies. Much appreciated and that's a great tip Eve
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