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  1. Not these days blackmagic. Most boots are now waterproof but you do have to look after them and treat them with decent polishes like Nik-wax or sprays if they are of fabric construction to keep them waterproof. I've worn waterproof boots for years now.
  2. Yes Suzeanna I agree on the Neighbours From Hell. Some of them are truly awful. We live in a terrace & we've had problems with the nutty neighbour on one side but ever since I lost my temper with her, after a lot of provocation, she's not been too bad as she's very wary of me now. She till has her moments though. Mostly I just ignore her. Out of 28 houses on our street only 10 have permanent residents and they all mostly came together in lockdown.
  3. Not a very nice day here although it's not raining. It's cold, our central heating kicked in this morning, and awfully grey. I've re-started my diet and lost 5lbs to date. I shouldn't have gone off it during lockdown like I did. I gained a whopping 40lbs 😟 Never mind, I'll get it off. I know I CAN do it now!.
  4. I've been following your FB posts Owl. When will people realise they can't outrun a dog and that trying to kettle one will just end up panicking the pup. I hope he gives himself up soon.
  5. I am only doing my best to keep the Benidorm Brigade away Eve 😂 Some visitors in a holiday house on our street were telling us that they've been coming for years but they've never met such awful people here before. Rude, pushy, arrogant, irresponsible and selfish were the words they used. And that's just the locals! No seriously they meant the horrible Benidorm crowds. The weather is still grey and grim today.
  6. Oh I trust Ange to do things strictly by the rules Griff. It's just it will be very strange for me to go out & be in an enclosed space with someone other than Ruby after all these months. To be honest I've preferred life this way. I'm not a people person 😂😂😂
  7. I need a proper haircut Owl but I'm nervous about making an appointment for sometime next month having been in lockdown and shielding for 6 months. Ange, my hairdresser, has her salon in her house and works alone so she will be seeing one client at a time. I think she'll now be leaving a gap between clients so they don't meet. It's a much calmer day today weatherwise.
  8. We've had a pretty nice day so far although the temperature has been cooler. No wind or rain and frequent blue skies. Eve never do today what you can put off until tomorrow or better still next month or next year 😁
  9. Morning all. Awful weather here, grey, blustry and frequent showers of heavy rain. The dentist rang me yesterday to cancel my 6 monthly check up & session with the hygienist next month. I was a bit iffy about keeping the appointments anyway. If I have any problems though they will see me so that's good to know.
  10. Morning Owl and everyone else. I woke up to some really heavy rain. It's eased off now but it's not going to be a good day I don't think. Ruby and I can start going out in September but we have to keep clear of people and not go into our town centre as some of the staff at the hospital have been through here and were shocked at the crowds & lack of social distancing and poor take up of mask wearing.
  11. I hope Philip's migraine is soon better but not before you've had time to catch up Suzeanna! It's not too bad a day here weather-wise but the forecast doesn't sound good for the rest of the week.
  12. Glad you got to scatter your dad's ashes Eve and catch up with your son as well. Wet & grey here this morning.
  13. We are doing an excellent job of destroying the planet unfortunately ☹ We are getting a salad box delivered today. It's really fresh locally grown produce so much better than the stuff from the supermarket.
  14. Not quite as hot this morning as previous days. More thunderstorms are forecast but we've had a few now and it just gets more humid after each one. This weather can bugger off now. Eve the Stonehaven derailment was indeed awful. It seemed like a very challenging location for the emergency services to get too but they met that challenge admirably.
  15. I've started my Christmas shopping! The first two items arrived a couple of days ago. I'll probably have forgotten where I put them come Christmas 😂
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