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  1. I really feel for Ruby, I hate Wednesday for that exact side effects are mild really, nausea and stomach pains today with a headache and extreme fatigue tomorrow but I will usually be o.k by tomorrow Evening Friday morning...give her a very gentle squeeze from us xx Medicine is a marvelous thing and it's incredibly clever what they can do for people but some of the effects are as bad as the diseases themselves
  2. Yantan, do you know how many sessions Ruby will need? Is there anything I can do?? Sorry you still have the chest infection.... hopefully the Dr can sort you out.
  3. I am...I am pure evil lol... just kidding, I am only part evil Haven't ventured up the pub!
  4. Eve, you are quite right to have a rant.... better out than keeping it in. One day Yantan, you will get a knock on the door and it will be me lol
  5. I am going for generalised suzeanna coz most people who know English people if they are Scots and Scots people if they are English don't generally have an issue with each other... it's just political, and to be fair ( no offence meant) it wouldn't matter what the party in power in England said or did would just be wrong
  6. I have been to Berwick upon Tweed... it's lovely
  7. Laughing at the mobility scooter bit...not the workers!
  8. Hahaha, I know Eve, some of the stuff is a bit bonkers and English folk are evil!!! Not sure which bit of me is the evil bit as I am half Irish!
  9. You don't have to social distance from your hairdressers...they wear ppe and most insist on you wearing a face mask. Same as in a pub, the bar staff can come and serve you, bring you meals etc.
  10. Hahaha you're lucky she didn't give you a mowhawk
  11. No, they weren't 6ft back It was great, really professional, temperature taken, seat sanitised along with his tools, I was asked to sanitise my hands and you have to wear your own mask, I was then seated and given a disposable gown, my stylist had a mask on, visor, disposable apron and sanitised his hands too. They preferred a card payment which I could provide but the gent who got his hair cut at the same time as me ( there was a seat empty between us) he couldn't, he had to pay cash so they put kitchen roll into a plastic basket, he put the money in, they sprayed it with Dettol and rubbed it with the kitchen roll so it was all sanitised. They were doing no walk ins and won't be for the next few weeks ( it's usually a non appointment salon). He has done a really nice job although I will have to get used to it again lol
  12. Whack some wildlife cameras up...that's what councils do to catch fly tippers... people can't go round doing stuff like that, it's insane! Been and had my haircut, all well handled Steve bought me new shoes today...dead excited, he won't normally buy women's stuff, he didn't need to treat me but it's nice to be spoilt
  13. Eve, it's very rare you mention wanting a rant so it must be bad! Go for it
  14. Lol Eve, I just use my nickname and it's mainly to avoid contact with my family, saves telling them to do one so kindest option!
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