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  1. Eve, my dogs hate the rain as we are leaving...they walk all hunched over like abused animals, then we get to the field and puddles...then joy for them and horror for me lol Pingu, hope Mylo has forgiven you
  2. Ballet pumps can be quite pretty now Yantan and a nice trouser suit with different coloured tops...job done!! How lovely for you
  3. I am doing nothing today except walking the dogs Oh, Steve goes mad at me doing stuff, I like helping him though
  4. Best of luck Nick To be honest Eve, as long as you feed and water a cat,it will let you know what else it wants ..if anything. My first cat Friday was a big Tom...I was 3 and he tolerated me...he just wanted something to eat, somewhere to sleep and to be allowed to hunt. Dex....hmmmm, he started off as a lap cat, once his paws were under the table he did his own thing, I have discovered I don't have a bed, nor do the dogs....they are his lol, he eats the dogs food...they just move, he nicks my food and he will allow me to cuddle him on occasion....he will then batter you when he has had enough him to bits though and at 21 I think he can do as he pleases. Owl, hope you feel a bit better tomorrow... it's easy to get carried away, I have done it today and had to mix beer and painkillers to get some relief
  5. Blooming knackered!! Met Steve for his break,he only had 40mins so I go to the cafe, get a table and when he gets off his bus he calls me and I put his order in. Left there and he needed lights for under the cabinet so got those, got a couple of bits and came home...started to prepare the dinner and I had checked we had peppers, pulled the bag out when I got back and they were had to go back to the flipping shops!! Came home, took the dogs and that's it...I refuse to move, I am in agony.
  6. Lol Owl, I hope the dog doesn't get out again! And enjoy your alcohol free beer Been to the vets with deags, vaccinations tonight and back next week for immunotherapy
  7. The electrician turned up...he had no key but just popped by on the off chance, he has put the light up, was livid that nobody had fitted an extractor, he said he will try to come back Saturday...we are wondering where the key is, the HA will have to change the lock if it's gone missing as Steve's not paying
  8. There's been no workmen at Steve's for 2 weeks, he tried calling the company yesterday and got no answer, I called and got through immediately so I suspect they have listed his number. I spoke to a nice lady but boy, they come out with some sh@te! Apparently we have to wait for there to be enough work in properties for them to send an electrician out, she said the supervisor is going to come out today,I said Steve is at work so she said he would call me and asked for my name and number, it's no good them trying to ignore my calls as I will change my phone settings so it just comes up private number, if he doesn't call me today, I will be on first thing tomorrow and then getting onto Steve's housing association and his local councillor, he has got so stressed over it...I think it's easier just to get an electrician out to fit the light and extractor ourselves and do the boarding in and plastering too and just buy the handles and glass and get it over and done with
  9. Omg Yantan, you are nuts!!!!
  10. Wow, I agree, I like the large portions for a fair price Awww poor Archie, he is lucky you understand Drs for me this afternoon Hmmmmm to be honest, Cov is a bit of a hole...violent as hell but I am quite happy here, would love to have great neighbours both sidrs. Steve wants to live on a canal boat, he reckons he would be really happy there
  11. Love it Suzeanna....wear it and sod anyone elses opinion!!
  12. No Eve, appointment is Tuesday, mums going down Monday so she will try then, I want to spend some time with them before he has to do his 9 days as they are lates mostly so I won't see Molly for ages Pleased you got the walks in despite the colourful weather Yantan.. completely agree, nothing is worth risking an asthma attack Awww pleased nick has a new family Owl, hoping you feel better soon
  13. I would much rather spend my time with Steve and Molly, I might try again later and see if one of the other receptionists will change it...if it's one of the ones I know they will sort it for me It's the wind isn't it plays havoc with my chest when walking the dogs, I hope you don't need to go out and get anymore plant pots. That's good news Jazz
  14. Good luck today jazz but at least you know it's not to boot you out Owl, hope you feel better soon Hope Ruby made it home o.k Yantan Eve, hope you get a walk Just tried to change my Drs appointment for Tuesday as Steve is off then he has to work 9 days straight... can't do it as it will be April before they can sort me another, it's 3.30 in the afternoon so not even like I can go over afterwards
  15. Good luck for tomorrow jazz Owl, hope you feel better soon Cat is doing o.k, lost a little more weight but Conor is happy with him...£188 bill, they have changed his pain relief but decided I could be trusted with the bigger bottle lol
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