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  1. Thanks Eve...I have been looking at cars and I will be able to find him something decent if they give us £2000
  2. Lol...still got 2 more cars for them to trash Jazz Yep.. won't accept first offer Just ran into one of the lads I used to work with... lovely to see him
  3. Good news for Brian And well done to sue for leaving, may she have a happy healthy life from here on Our cars been written off... just need to wait and see what crap price the insurance give
  4. my opinion it's better to give a child nothing and say you are skint than give them a mouldy piece of fruit!
  5. Awww, what does that mean for him Jazz??
  6. Saw my friend tonight who I thought could help with my issues..I don't think that's the case
  7. Awwwww Eve, talk about p**sing on my chips!! Your home would be awesome for him!! My vet was always willing to stand as a referee for me and I never got turned down..such a shame, if you want a non judgemental rescue my friend runs Jan's dog rescue in Coventry and re-home nationally...such a shame
  8. Thanks jazz...I am sure beer will help!
  9. I don't know owl, sometimes a virus but I don't feel anymore poorly than usual
  10. I have started with pericarditis again... keep forgetting not to take a deep breath, not sure if to risk some naproxen
  11. Awww Blackmagic, I hope the scan goes well and I hope Jim's pain eases off soon Also hoping your arm feels much better
  12. Awwww, has she been adopted Jazz?? I have told him all about Steve.....still took no notice, just kept saying Steve should have been with me...bit hard as he was working.
  13. Well, the car was fine overnight, I didn't get to sleep until 3 am and figured it would be fine. I kept getting messages off the guy who was helping me with the pigeon....goodness, he was getting a bit out of hand lol, I screenshot some of what he was saying and sent it to my cousin who found it hilarious...up until the point where he said "crawl under me"! Then she was gobsmacked he had actually written that, I take no offense and he was full of apologies this morning, if there's a repeat....he will go on block...he was trying to get me to meet him on Friday... absolutely no way that's happening
  14. I don't think I could not drink Carling!! That's got gluten in it...I think Helped my dad polish the Jag today, I have took some photos and finally got one of me with it... looking minging but I have a feeling it's getting destroyed tonight, the 2 I am pretty certain of smashing my dad's car up were picking the quad bike up from next doors garage...not done that for weeks! The car was sat uncovered on the drive... I will die if anything happens to it . Eve....I am hoping that you hear soon about the dog, he would have a lovely life with you
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