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  1. Awww that's good eek.husky pup!!! Oooooo cute
  2. Yantan...I have a big long line..pretty sure it's still new, if you want it's tyes, remind me to look tomorrow πŸ˜€ It was Eve that wanted to adopt a dog but I think she is like me... staffys upwards
  3. She's doing o.k thanks Eve, I am not too happy with the wound, it doesn't look great at the moment, if it doesn't settle right she will be in for a scar revision....and I won't be paying It absolutely pelted down with rain here , I nipped up to Steve's to drop some vouchers that my mum bought him for Christmas and it was vile, I was stood at the bus stop in town and a bus driver soaked me from head to foot driving through a puddle!! It's not Steve's company but I have emailed and will call tomorrow...I have no immune system and it was drain water
  4. Suzeanna...I think you could be a gremlin, has Phillip been feeding you after midnight lol. When they put me on the chemo drips and steroid infusions...I had awful tummy problems, they gave me Movicol, it tastes vile but it does work. Nah, she's in no pain at all, still bonkers, they have just called, she is done.. just waking up and can be collected at 12 lol...gets earlier each timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She's a tough little monster
  5. Another lump came up quickly, the same as the sarcoma so it's being removed and being sent of for histology again. I already know what it is, just need it confirming and then I will have a chat with Conor and we will come up a plan
  6. Kota is with the vet, not seen her before, she was supposed to be in with ash but the lady seemed nice enough .. just wait for the desperate phone call now to say come and get her lol
  7. Owl, I am sure you already know but you can present your car for mot a month early so it will run for 13 months instead of 12, we did this with my dad's and Steve's
  8. If you have a certain form I think they will just give you the badge but I am guessing that's the form that says you only have 6 months ( they said that to my nan and she lasts nearly 2 years!)
  9. Yes Suzeanna, deffo get one...I am sure our one said something about people with cancer...not sure if there's a fast track thing
  10. Suzeanna....I had noene of that, I downloaded a form from my council website, scanned my letters saying who I was, copies of my prescription requests and had to attach a photo. As you have cancer, get in touch with Macmillan and ask if they can get someone to help you with the form. Eve, my night out was great...a real distraction after a day of sh*te and I didn't get moaned at for getting drunk lol Wow Yantan...the guys a git, film him on your phone, send it to me and I will upload it to Facebook...why should he be above the law...if I had my dog off lead in an onlead area I would be fined .. what makes him so special?
  11. Ahhhh, that's so sad Owl Lol bless Tye, so nice that people want to come and fuss him, we still have people avoiding us...mind, that could be me and not the dogs!! Bought myself a new dress and top today...I deserve it! As it's denim I can wear it in winter with tights and fake tan in the summer
  12. Best of luck with the scans Lol..sardine Sunday.. brilliant Hopefully ruby's eyesight will be back to usual soon. I am going to party party party tonight and for once in my life my mum won't care how much I drink
  13. Awwwww how sweet,my pair see the postie and give him hell lol, well actually anyone who comes within 5ft of my house. Got my cousin's gramps 80th birthday party tonight
  14. Suzeanna, I applied for my blue badge online via the council, I just had to tell them what was wrong, I had to attach copies of my prescriptions...I would think in your case you will be granted the badge with no medical.... you supply your drs address so if they are bothered they will hopefully check with them.....I had to go for a medical but that's because most people aren't familiar with what I have, and neither of the Drs at my practice know me or my history Eve, my 2 are fine Going for a walk in the rain but for seem weird reason won't go in the garden unless I go with them...funny little souls
  15. Hope Ruby will be o.k XX I use truelove harnesses... fantastic and can put a double ended lead on You can get them on Amazon or eBay...if you get stuck I could maybe ask my friend who runs the rescue what size he would need
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