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  1. I get a bit annoyed when people point the finger everywhere but themselves. My nan created a dangerous monster with my uncle by never chastising him and ruining him, we now have a 6ft9 man who when he has been on a bender needs 12 police to hold him down, can drink 9 litres of super strength cider and still be able to hold a conversation and walk about, he has an obsession with knives, guns and fire. I daresay had my nan realised how he would turn out, she probably would have been harder on him, she always blamed herself for how he was, he could wrap her round his little finger and that's why I can't stand this blame culture, you have eyes in your head, you can see the path your kids are taking... don't blame others but sort your own mess out. I guess was Anthony growing up now and my nan could see others who he would end up like...well, it would be a different story....I know how sick I feel when the police arrive and ask for mum by her maiden name as I know it's Anthony related, I don't believe that anyone who loves someone would want that feeling, or the hours of sitting by a bedside with a person who you love on life support just waiting to see if they will wake up and if they do, how badly they will be damaged...if people had a crystal ball I am sure things would be very different and to a certain extent parents now do have a crystal ball, they can see what's going on around them with older kids...they can stop theirs going the same way. My nan didn't have anyone to compare Anthony to, had she? well, I think her life, his life and my life would have been different, had she had the ability to realise that I would be the one sat on my own by his bedside waiting for him to get off life support and hoping that this time it would be different, this time he will stay sober and get his life sorted I am pretty sure she would have had no issues with doling out punishments
  2. Sadly Suzeanna, it's the same in every city, we have 2-3 stabbings daily, 2 shootings at the weekend and that's a regular thing. It doesn't fall upon one person to deal with it.... it's a whole list of things that need addressing, I myself have personal experience of knife crime with my uncle...he was stabbed in his femoral artery, an axe was taken to his head ...he is now missing part of his skull, the axe was then taken to his legs, the next time he was stabbed was in his heart....he died twice, had 9litres of blood and thankfully the skilled drs nurses and ambulance service saved him..he has been stabbed and it grazed his liver. First step needs to be that parents can actually punish their children without fear of being charged for doing the moment in my opinion, the kids have no discipline, the attitude that they are owed something.... parents need to stop giving, what happened to waiting for birthdays or Christmas for things or god forbid....get a Saturday job!! Next is stop trying to be your child's are their are here to raise them to be decent human beings, so what if they resent you at times. I have no clue when it became acceptable for 13, 14,15 year olds to be out until the early hours and parents actually having no idea where their kids are and who with. Next is accountability, I don't care if you are 13 or 73, if you are carrying a knife or are meaning to do someone should be jailed accordingly and proper sentences in proper prisons. Anthony (my uncle) was in got destroyed in a riot and to this day I can't understand why they did it but anyway, this place he had a "key to his room" I kid you not, he could ride unsupervised to Rutland water to work where no prison guard would check on him!! Prison can't be so bad....he has spent a lot of time in there, in prisons across the country...iow, Canterbury, Birmingham, ashwell.... doing more than one sentence at a few of the above named...lost count of the times he has been in Birmingham. I am sick of people stating lack of education, colour of skin as an excuse for them being a murderer or getting involved in drugs, I was at both my school's with a black lad, we were in the same class, we had the same family life, same education, we took our GCSEs...I grafted to get an apprenticeship, he ended up dealing coke...caught with a huge amount, it has sod all to do with his family, education or colour....he couldn't be a*sed to graft for what he wanted...took the easy route. Steve struggles to read and write, he isn't a criminal...he is stuck doing a job he hates, that makes him very miserable but he pays his bills, keeps a roof over his head and all done legally. To be honest, I could go on and on but the trouble is, that there are no consequences to people's actions, the young people of today have no boundaries and some bizarre attitude of entitlement and God forbid you say something that they don't agree with as it's labelled a hate crime and you are somehow the one in the wrong. Societies problems start in the home, if you aren't able to chastise a child without being upset that you won't be their "friend" sorry, but don't have them! Simple things like a lack of manners, respect for others and your surroundings ( littering, damaging parks etc)are the beginnings of the end in my opinion and until people take responsibility for the children they decide to have then we are on a hiding to nothing!
  3. Got Steve officially registered as my carer, good job I called and spoke to the lady as my dad wasn't listed! All that's sorted out now and the paperwork has been emailed over to Steve.
  4. Best of luck blackmagic... sounds very complicated to buy a house in Scotland...I am sure the right place is out there for you. Would you be able to store your belongings and stay with your son until you found somewhere else??
  5. Awwww, Karen...I really hope your little hedgehog makes it, they are such cute little things and very kind of you to go out of your way to help him/her
  6. Jazz, I would speak to another pharmacist... you can take paracetamol alongside tramadol and also aspirin or ibuprofen if you are able to take can't take codeine alongside it I thought my drs were crap compared to my old gp but at least he calls when my blood results are bad and he organised my referral a couple of weeks ago super fast and sorted my other tests out quickly Suzeanna, I hope that Candy's lumps are fatty just like Kota, as she has already had a sarcoma I have to get them removed incase it's another one
  7. Lol....yes Karen, she has had a sarcoma already so I can't leave any lumps, she just gets them come up so fast.... better safe than sorry! Poor little thing is still dopey lol. She's enjoying her chicken and rice though Hopefully your blood results are o.k Jazz, I would think if they were unduly worried they would have been in touch with you about the results and hopefully would offer an appointment before a week's time! Just getting Steve added to my carers list, hopefully the lady will be in touch in the next few days.
  8. Got Kota back, she luckily had a lipoma...£440 lighter lol, at least I will get some of it back. She was done first and they called me at 11.45 to collect her at 12.15, I could hear her when they were on the phone, poor little thing is very whingy bless her
  9. Hey all, had an unpleasant test to undergo... dealing with that, solicitors and barristers well tbh....I am not much fun! Dakota is in the vets tomorrow for a lump removal, praying for a lipoma. Currently struggling with how to come up with 15k.....I am not lucky so winning the lottery is unlikely lol. Suzeanna, I fully understand your reservations and concerns with regards your treatment.... you need to be able to enjoy life..I get that! Myself and my consultant Don't see exactly eye to fact he is driving me bonkers!! Other than that, life is good...I am trying to enjoy it the best I can, help out and cheer people up to the best of my ability I have had to give my track and trace details tonight.. well dad did..I made him put X2 for our details..only special people get my phone number!!!!
  10. Survived the vets with no sedatives lol. She has to go in and have the lump removed...groan
  11. Awww owl, it's just a case of getting into a routine, I tap and put it back into its RFID cover then back in my purse...if my stuff isn't already in the shopping bag, I will then do that afterwards..... people can just wait a minute or 2.
  12. Best order a nice bright cover for it Owl!!
  13. Lol...Kota isn't scared...quite the opposite! She just gets that excited you can't do a thing with her, took Steve 3 years to be able to stroke her without her jumping all over
  14. Thanks...I am having to take her unsedated, it's just the jabs today, need to have a chat with my own vet....he can't do the jabs, apparently they are all doing certain clinics. I want him to operate as her last surgery well...the scars not as neat as his work. It's a logistical nightmare too, have to sedate her, get her handed over and I get a call a few hours later begging me to come get her, she's proper bonded to me....the weirdo
  15. Have you found it Owl Was rudely awoken before 8 by my new consultants secretary....she has cancelled my blood test at the special going to send me some blood forms. A couple of hours after that... house phone goes, my ent wants a telephone consultation with me tomorrow....not sure what's up as I swear I spoke to him not long ago, so need to make sure I am not on the phone at 10am, then at the vets with Kota in the afternoon, she has to have her vaccinations and then I need to talk about the lump in her chest...that's doubled in size in a month, not looking forward to that
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