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  1. current family are more than enough for me without me going looking for my ancestors, it's not really something that interests me, my dad likes the idea of it, my cousin's friend did a bit for her ( same grandparents on one side) and my brother did a bit on my grandad side I think, my nan did hers before she died but the records were destroyed in a fire so she go back to her family in avoca and that was the end
  2. Really warm here, been and bought a couple of pots for my massive cordylines.
  3. Eve, I hope your strawberries make it!
  4. Jazz, make a note of everything whilst it's fresh in your mind and that way if it's not sorted, you can refer to your notes and pull them up on it Hahaha Wispa!!!! I looked at buying one of those strawberry hanging baskets until I realised I don't actually like strawberries and the birds would most likely beat us to them
  5. Oh my gosh, poor Archie....and you!!
  6. Yep, he does, straight away Jazz....I have bought him a pair of jeans myself as he can't afford 2 pairs and if I buy plants for his place, they are always a gift as I don't like sitting drinking my beer in a bare garden lol. If anyone needs to buy named stuff for relatives, try m & m, Steve wears jack Jones and the jeans are £45 in town, we just ordered and they are £13 on m&m and they are genuine.
  7. Oh dear, glad Archie was hungry but not with the poop Done Steve's cover letter for the job he wants to apply for, he just needs to forward it to the lady so all the correspondence goes via his email address and not mine. I got him some jeans at Christmas, he really liked them but they got a hole by the back pocket, he took them to the tailor who repaired them but said he would like more, can't get them at the same price now so ordered him another Colour, he is buying those so I popped a grey pair in too, then he decided he needs trainers at his don't look right with them....he had seen Lacoste ones up the town for about £70 at last he listens to me, got them on mandm for £32 Inc delivery, so he has jeans and trainers for less than 1 pair of trainers
  8. No..... different program I am thinking of. So haunt me Fingers crossed the chiropractor sorts it
  9. Lol...there used to be a program on when I was a kid and the Jewish lady was a ghost...I am sure it was with that guy out of Rita sue and Bob too....she used to make chicken soup, I really liked that program Sorry your back is still bad you have a tens machine? All fence panels now painted all bloody 9 of them, I am exhausted. I must look bad as one of the old chaps said to me tonight that I looked incredibly tired. No sleeping pills Tonight, she said do 4 and see how I got on so back to the booze and painkillers lol, to be fair I have been dead good and not had a drink since Sunday
  10. I would ring them Jazz, say you are being requested a redemption code but where would you find it please Eeeeeek, you will turn into chicken soup Yantan!! Been to town, ran into Steve, went for a coffee and there's a job he wishes to apply for in a different role at national express.... I now have to do a cover letter for
  11. Jazz, pleased you can tell Yorkie man legally to jog on. Owl, pleased you are feeling better Yantan, hope your soup was nice Eve , hope the pain eases soon Hi everyone else I have missed Been to mum and my friends today, she is on her own with the dog now and she isn't good at giving tablets to him, he needed worming, she gave me the packet, she turned her back and I said "he's wormed" she was gobsmacked and shocked I had done it so quickly. Been painting the rest of the fence panels... have 1 side left to do....that pair next door showed up, opened the gate and looked at the car and went back into the house, I have been out and taken a photo to show we haven't blocked access into their garden.
  12. Mum really enjoyed line of duty, she said there's lots of twists and turns. I liked the Durrell's but haven't seen this last series as it's on a Sunday night...will have to catch up I think
  13. That's just it Suzeanna, good and bad everywhere...shame nobody else saw it.
  14. Suzeanna, request whoever witnessed the incident to report to the RSPCA....if they turn up just to enquire then they may hand the dog over...or just lie and say it's malnourished
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