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  1. griff

    Feb 20

    Well, I am Even more crossing things now for you and Ruby... really hope you get to go
  2. griff

    Feb 20

    He said he couldn't read and write properly Owl and she said he had dyslexia. Yantan, you will still go on your big trip won't you??
  3. griff

    Feb 20

    Well, Steve has been to see the lady at mind...turns out she lives down the road from me...she isn't particularly nice but was o.k with him...she gave him the details for cruse and an email address to sort out counselling, I got a bit angry at him, I told him 4 years ago he had dyslexia.. wouldn't listen, she said the same and it's gospel, she told him he has depression....I told him that agggggeeesss ago, he believes her but not me! I have to go up tomorrow to do an email with him to sort the counselling out as he can't put a sentence together properly...and at least then I know he has actually done it
  4. griff

    Feb 20

    Yantan, that's so lovely that The is going back to his dad.... you are both lovely ladies for giving him back xx Fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed here for Ruby...I can't really do anything but if you need anything please give me a shout It was so funny, I was really taken aback and I think he seemed a bit shocked by my age, fair play to him though having the guts to ask someone for their number
  5. griff

    Feb 20

    Had a lovely time with steve yesterday, I was in hysterics as a group of teenagers ere hanging round by the shops, walking back one said "you are looking gorgeous can I have your number" lol....I did point out that I was nearly old enough to be his nan but it did make me laugh
  6. griff

    Feb 20

    I have everything crossed for both deserve some good luck xx
  7. griff

    Feb 20

    Awwww Owl, hopefully now the tooth is out you will not get anymore issues
  8. griff

    Feb 20

    Crikey....accidents galore!! Had a mad busy day, proper knackered!! Surprise 50th party for my mums old boss...was great, everyone thought I was 25...not 40, then went to Steve's as I had a box of party food for him and saw my mate Terry...he is also a bus driver, he is always lovely when I see him, he is married but tells me every time I see him if he wasn't married he would be taking me out lol, always nice to hear that you aren't a minger after all! Eve, I do hope that you make it down to your sister, safe trip and I hope she is a bit better and that you can get her a care package put in place for when she goes home
  9. griff

    Feb 20

    Hope you feel better soon jazz Bored bored bored
  10. griff

    Feb 20

    Awwww, lovely to hear wispa was full of beans lol Dad's back went Thursday... finally convinced him to use my tens machine today, it's so funny!! He is such a baby, it goes up to 25....I manage that absolutely fine, it has taken me from midday to get him to......number 7 lol, flipping wimp
  11. griff

    Feb 20

    Couldn't agree more, it's a cross...that's it, not long ago you would struggle to give them away for free, now name it something poncy and charge what you like. I go through this regularly with my cousin, I get sent all manner of puppy photos and the prices....I just laugh and say another cross and generally they are chi of some description, her sister.. went to the dog rescue in Sheffield and got a cross...a Labrador cross poodle called Bertie and he is just fantastic, why H won't do that..I don't know
  12. griff

    Feb 20

    Well, that's exciting Eve, did you learn any interesting gossip in the hairdresser?? Did you get anything new done? I have just ordered a big barrell curling tong as I don't do anything with my hair lol bought one today and used it but it's not what I want and burnt my neck on both sides lol
  13. griff

    Feb 20

    Yes, I have been reading, had a bad couple of days myself and I do keep in touch with Yantan every day or two, she has been really good helping me with my neighbour problems Owl, hope you manage to get wispas pedicure done in the not too distant future...nice when you find someone who understands not all dogs are perfect and don't judge you for it
  14. griff

    Feb 20

    Suzeanna, it might take a few weeks for your body to adjust to the side effects and to be fair...I would be knackered doing that anyway lol
  15. griff

    Feb 20

    Eve, so sorry to hear of your sister. I am sure there already is but from my experience, hospital social workers can be a great help...they managed to keep my uncle Anthony in hospital longer than was needed and got him a place to stay, she was brilliant... unfortunately, he decided that he didn't want to pay the £2.50 a day for food so went back to dossing on people's floors and sleeping on the street
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