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  1. Eve, she isn't really in touch with Steve....they haven't fallen out ( so he says) but they don't speak...I have given up asking him to message her now. To be honest, I know things were difficult with regards his childhood and hers....he looked after her from a baby and Carl too, when his mum chucked him out, he was banned from seeing the kids then when his mum got cancer he was allowed to see them sometimes, then when she died Eddie banned him from seeing the children, he used to get a call from Colette saying could Steve come save her as Eddie was being nasty in the pub and Steve used to go sort it. Now he never hears from her or in fact any of his family unless they want anything and after Christmas I have given up biting my tongue...I just tell him how it is now, it's ashame as he is missing out on his neices and nephews lives
  2. Owl that is awful about the garden and the fact the police won't do anything about someone faking their death!! Bloody madness Steve's brother Carl died in 2014 I think, I have given his name to the registrar's office and they can't find him in the register...however, the crematorium do have a record of his cremation and it's deffo him as it's Carl edwin lynch who was 32. Apparently there's a chance he could have been registered in a different county according to the registrar but it would have been Colette doing it and she has always lived in Coventry and Carl died at the local hospital Had my flu jab...yay me
  3. Sounds dreadful but I was actually wondering if he was dead!!
  4. I am crap at Christmas shopping! I don't enjoy it at all
  5. Jazz, I don't know, we have to do ours on paper and attach a photo to the form. Lol....well I don't think Christmas calories count Yantan ( that's my excuse)
  6. Nearly forgot to say...I have a free bus pass now, everyone was telling me for years to apply but I didn't think I would get it, after being granted my blue badge I decided to try and they gave it me
  7. Owl, Carl died in 2014, it's really really odd...both Yantan and I found his birth but nobody can find his death but the crematorium has a record of his cremation...I shall pop in to the office when I am taking the flowers off my nans grave... hopefully if I can find what month he was cremated we may be able to find out exactly what's going on I hope you don't get yourself too worked up about your holidays and I think splitting it into 3 is a really sensible thing to do
  8. Yantan... heard back from the registrar's... still can't find Carl's death...he is deffo dead and died here in Coventry so was registered here, the lady at the crematorium has found him on the computer there, they searched variations of names ... nothing, it's like someone hasn't written him down
  9. Alex, get yourself some scotch bonnet peppers, put gloves on cut and rub the peppers over the cable. Plug it in still wearing the gloves, take the gloves off and wait! Sorted Delaney out. There's some stuff called no chew that you can get from canine natural's homeopathic
  10. Lol... merledogs, that's just Rob, the fact I escaped this long is quite a miracle....he really is lovely but get him drinking sambucca ( he doesn't have it as a shot...he has a double) and he turns into a div Pleased you seem to be getting better Yantan Jazz... have a nice day out
  11. Eve...I could have given you a compost caddy for free My life is very uninteresting...ran into Rob despite him saying he wouldn't be in and then they got to plotting my 40th.. sigh, I don't do birthdays!
  12. Yay... good for you Yantan......I think I have your 38lbs here!!
  13. Lol Owl, exactly...I did know back when I was 16-18 that he had a bit of a thing for me...I just thought he would have grown out of it! Suzeanna...I do 360 I think....I might tell Steve about the app as he has high blood pressure and I have to nag him into taking a reading using the electronic cuff....but I reckon even he could cope with sticking his finger on the phone he has the galaxy s9
  14. The bottom thingy is the pump....and they are a nightmare to drain without getting water everywhere, last time I did it, I used a little takeaway container and kept tightening the filter back up and emptying the tray....took forever and still spilt water but not as bad as the first time I did it!! Walked the dogs, we are all now filthy. My friend Rob who sent me the rood pic messaged me today and asked could I talk..I said of course so he called me, apologising for the photo and I said it was o.k but I don't need a repeat. He said I have always been on his radar and still am, I said his radar is broken lol
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