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  1. Oh, dogs carry it, didn't you know? 5g as well, hence burning mobile phone masts! Some human beings have an IQ somewhere lower than a gnat!
  2. Our excitement for the day was power washing the terrace..patio..whatever! I'd taken some photos of the pretty primulas in the flower bed and was rather embarrassed by how dirty it was so we got stuck in this morning. Shows our age though as we were both knackered afterwards, my hands were cramping and my legs hated me, and Philip's back was protesting. I was just watching a buzzard soaring over the fields at the back, it was coming down quite low. I know they are big birds, but hadn't appreciated before quite how big. hibernating small tortoiseshell butterflies in the utility room are showing no signs of life. Philip says they're dead, I'm hoping they aren't. Should they be up and about by now?
  3. Yes, he got everything he needed, including two Lindt chocolate bunnies for me! I'll be good and wait until Easter to eat them. Good luck with the bamboo plants. I looked in my spam email box Yantan, definitely no mail telling me the times had changed. Hope it stays nice and quiet for you with no unwanted visitors.
  4. I have a seriously pee'd off husband! As he did last Saturday, because he was awake early he drove to Tesco to be there shortly after it opened at 6am. Only snag..they've changed their opening hours to 8!! Huge queue of people all really annoyed about it. They put big ads on tv telling you to stay two metres apart, blah blah blah, but they neglect to mention the change of time. He came home, had a coffee and got back in bed. He's just gone out to try again, but to our local one rather than driving to the one in Chesterfield. Just hope he can get all we need or he'll be even madder when he comes home.
  5. What an amazing story Yantan, you must be very proud of her. The thing that really impressed me about Prue, my godmother, was she was only about 22 at the time! Griff, can't you report them to the police, or do you think they'd know it was you and take it out on you and your parents? Hope your tv is sorted now Jazz, and doesn't fail again in the near future. Owl, are the mice having a lovely party now you can't get to the reserve to sort them out?
  6. Glad you got your refund, Yantan. My daughter is struggling to get a refund from Aegean Airlines, they will only give a credit for another flight and she doesn't want that. My godmother didn't talk a lot about what she did in the war, only thing she did say was she was in the same training group as Odette Churchill who they made a film about, and she was a total bitch apparently! My godmother was dropped in the wrong place and ended up in a ditch living off turnips for a week until the German troop she'd landed close to moved on...oh and she was captured by the Americans, who thought she was a French collaborator. She had dark hair and eyes and was fluent in French. Because they were forbidden to reveal they were British agents, even to their Allies, she couldn't tell them who she was and all she'd say about the Yanks was she thinks on balance she would probably have been treated better by the Germans, so I concluded they weren't very pleasant. I saw a photo of her and two of her colleagues when she eventually came home and she was skin and bone.
  7. My god mother was in the Special Operations Executive in WW2, and was parachuted into occupied France. She kept some of the things they were given in a securely locked box at home but she showed me once and they included the cyanide pill they were given in case of capture, and a few other James Bond like gizmos. Never mentioned grenades though!
  8. Hope Cleo's cough soon improves Blackmagic. Are they deer deer, if you know what I mean, or muntjac? I remarked on Facebook that the farmers are starting to worry about fruit and veg rotting in the fields due to no pickers from Europe, and said I'm sure all those who took part in the Extinction Rebellion demos would be only too pleased to go and do it. Oh, and the Uni people who will miss out on their gap year! Bet none of them will, though. Someone was saying that their Morrison's delivery driver was telling them that one bloke was angry that she couldn't take his groceries into the house, and threw them at her! What's wrong with some people? Morrison's are blacklisting anyone who is abusive to their drivers, I hope the other supermarkets do the same.
  9. Wasn't the song Ghost Town written about Coventry, Griff? I see some bloke from Sheffield drove to Snowdonia and got stopped by the locals and told in no uncertain terms to go home. My daughter was saying her neighbour isn't happy..he and his wife are separated, both have new partners, she's up in Durham or she was. Yesterday she turned up at his place, unannounced and unwanted to say she was staying for a couple of days! His girlfriend is furious, says she could have brought god knows what with her and what does she think she's playing at?
  10. Result with the loo rolls! No, he didn't get them all over his face, he heated up due to the spiciness! He said English make noodles which say hot aren't really but these weren't an English brand and they certainly were. I'm sure I saw a number online that you can call to report people breaking the no travel rule, it popped up on my FB. It wasn't just for my area of the country I don't think but of course it's disappeared without trace now.
  11. My oncologist is Romanian, when I next speak to him I'll have to ask him about that! There were photos in the paper of bins full of food that people had thrown away, having bought it, not eaten it and now it's past it's sell by date. Ruddy ridiculous. Only thing we seem to have a lot of are Candy's dog food and Philip's instant noodles. He had some today, spicy it said. Yep, by the colour of his face afterwards, they certainly were!
  12. One thing I am enjoying about Philip working from shirts to iron! He has loads of them, wears one every day to work although he doesn't have to, sweatshirts are acceptable. I loathe ironing shirts..come to think of it, I don't like ironing at all. I used to have a friend who ironed underwear and socks. Very odd. He went early to Tesco and was really glad he had, as the queues when he came out at 7 were already very long. Got the majority of what he went in for, Candy was happy as he got watermelon and she loves it, she waits every Saturday for the bags to be unpacked and gets really excited when she sees it appear. We've got chicken for dinner tomorrow and I hope there'll be enough for chicken curry on Monday. How's Ruby doing, Yantan? Making good progress and still painfree I hope? Your mum coping ok with being segregated, Griff? I'm relieved I didn't get a letter, although Philip said would I have taken notice if I had? Well, maybe. Possibly. Certainly wouldn't have gone out, but then I'm not going out anyway! Don't forget clocks go forward tonight..sorry if it's already been said.
  13. Apparently dentists aren't even seeing emergency cases..or so I've heard. Hope that's not correct for your sake, Jazz. I did look at Joe Wick's exercise thing on YouTube...exhausted me just looking at it so I went and cleaned the kitchen window instead, quite enough stretching involved there! I was meant to see my oncologist on the 17th April, got a letter today saying it would be a telephone appointment. That'll be interesting, he was meant to be checking how much the lumps..well, lump now as it's joined up with its mate...have grown. I'll have to describe it instead I suppose. Good thing Philip and I share the same sort of sense of humour, I said well, if it can't be dealt with I might as well start making plans for my funeral. He suggested a mini Viking longship, down the Chesterfield Canal. Either that or he think's there's enough room at the end of the garden so long as it's been raining and it's not too hard to dig!
  14. No letter here either, so I'm obviously not really that ill, which is a relief! Mind you, my daughter is on at me all the time not to go to the shops, despite my telling her I'm being super careful. It's getting on my nerves to be honest, though I know she means well. Philip walks Candy at 6.30 or so, then again at 12 which he has his lunch break, again at 4 when he finishes his work, and then around 8 in the evening, so she's doing well. He doesn't have to worry about Mr. Plod telling him he's out too much as unless they are doing a drug bust, in which case it's the big paddy wagons, we never see any! All the dog walkers are keeping two lead lengths away from each other and even the local youths are giving everyone a wide berth, he said. When he was walking Candy earlier he thought someone had their car radio on rather loudly, then as he got nearer he saw various people standing at their front doors, and a young woman with a guitar and a speaker rigged up, playing and singing.
  15. Jazz, I was just reading the link Owl put on, and it says the letter may arrive up to this Sunday, so don't cheer just yet. Reading the list of very vulnerable people I seem to fall into a category as I have a blood cancer'll be interesting to see whether or not I get a letter. Aldi have asked that no one go to their supermarket in pairs, just one person, one trolley. If Philip goes on Saturday I'll have to write a list as we don't usually shop there and he won't have a clue where anything is! We did take Candy to the park earlier, haven't been for months as it's been too wet. She was so excited, bless her and loved chasing her ball. The children's play area has been closed off, so kids apart from a couple walking with their parents in the distance. I can't believe how warm it's been today, and then they said on the weather we could have snow by Sunday.
  16. Where did you see that, Owl? I can't find anything other than over 70's should be staying at home.
  17. Very frustrating not being able to reply on here til the evening! Good luck to Ruby for a quick and successful op and good recovery, and hope your mouth soon feels better Owl. The number of shops, including food shops such as Greggs, which are closing might take a few of the idiots off the streets. Obviously social distancing doesn't mean much to the hordes who were in Matlock Bath at the weekend, and all the other holiday spots. I've got a really stiff neck, I can hardly bend my head forward at all. Philip said hope that's not a symptom of the virus, I said no, it's probably just meningitis. He looked rather horrified! Actually I think it's due to the new firm support pillows we bought the other day, I think I only need one rather than two.
  18. Wait and see Jazz. To be honest I don't see how they can enforce it, but they'll say it's for your own good. If you keep away from other people I don't see how you can come to harm to be honest.
  19. I read a rather unsettling article about people who have been tested and are positive without having the symptoms that we are being told are the norm...just feeling very tired, sore eyes, maybe upset stomach! They are saying that people with certain health conditions will be getting a letter this week saying they MUST stay indoors, completely, for 12 weeks. One thing they mentioned was blood cancer, which apparently I have . I've always understood it was a blood abnormality, but my oncologist put me straight on that last week, he said no, it's leukaemia. I can't walk that far anyway as the blasted tablets have made my legs ten times worse than they were, but being told you can't go out anyway? I'm not going to like that. Hope we get some good weather so you can enjoy your parasol, Owl. We've got one similar, you have to crank it up with a handle, its huge.
  20. Very sensible of the Scottish Government. My daughter and her husband had intended to go back to Alonissos in April, but the Mayors of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos have ordered that no one can enter the islands unless they are permanent residents, and no ferries are running from the large islands to the smaller ones. There are hardly any cases of coronavirus in Greece and they want to keep it that way.
  21. That's what I find confusing. How do they know how much it is spreading through the population, if they aren't testing? My daughter may well have it..or she just have a bad cough, if I knew for certain which it was she could come and see me. Hope your brother only has a mild case, if he has it at all Eve.
  22. Blackmagic, so pleased you've rejoined us and that you are staying with your son and his family. Far too isolated to have stayed where you were! I can't believe people are so stupid as to keep travelling to "holiday" areas, without considering the lack of amenities and what they would do if they were taken ill. A case of oh, we always go to Cornwall, or the Lakes, or the Highlands or wherever. Hope they don't take any illness to places where there wasn't any.
  23. I do hope Ruby's op goes ahead..when mine had to be cancelled after my heart went berserk and I had to wait another month it was very stressful. I had a letter yesterday giving me an appointment with my oncologist on 17 April, then just now a text from the hospital saying to avoid unnecessary footfall, they will be conducting outpatient clinics over the phone. Hmm..oh well, it's nearly four weeks away, things might have settled by then.
  24. My phone number is 07890728949
  25. Well, got my Tesco order but a good number of things weren't available, including eggs, loo roll and dog food and several were substituted. It's rather odd having Philip working from home as he's shut firmly in the comp room and it's as if he isn't here, but he is if you see what I mean. He certainly doesn't have time to chat! I'm on WhatsApp too..not that anyone cares. Sniffle...wail.... I was supposed to be going to clinic tomorrow but they phoned me and said as I'd already had my blood test done and it was fine, don't come to clinic, just go direct to the main pharmacy in the afternoon to collect my chemo pills. Should mean less hanging around, hopefully!
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