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  1. Just popping in to say Hello. I don't know if anyone remembers me from Dog pages. Im also known as Dibbythedog on some websites. Is Pingu still in charge of the website? I still live on the very outskirts of West London/ Middlesex with my Other Half and our two rescue dogs , Pip and Libby. Had some health battles and am hoping this year will be better . Alison
  2. oh That's a shame . I joined it years ago about 2003 I think . I don't have email addresses of anyone that post there. If anyone had contact with Chris , Doggroomer perhaps they could let me know. Does Pingu still run this forum ?
  3. The site for DP has been down for several days and I wonder if it is now closed. There was no warning .
  4. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas ansd Happy New year. Alison
  5. Blimey ! Good Luck with that!
  6. kimthecat


    Oops! Sounds like nightmare trying to upgrade. i wouldnt have a clue how to do anything like this . good Luck!
  7. Hello! How have you all been? I havent posted here for a long while . Its very quiet here and I'm wondering if the upgrade is finished !
  8. I havent been here for a while so belated Congratulations and best wishes for the future !
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I did it last week by mistake and there were very few birds but today is sunny and there are more around. Ali
  10. kim has wet food such as Natures Menu. She has James Wellbeloved dry as treats. Look for a food that doesn't have colourants and artificial preservatives. If it says on the label Anti-oxidents : EC or EEC permitted, than these are artificial. Alison
  11. I don't need to take the test. I know I have hearing loss and it's all Greek to me. Ali
  12. Congratualtions to your Aunt. I hope she enjoys her big day. I think family photos area great idea and chocolates. Ali
  13. Thinking of you today. Alison
  14. I thought Pingu said outrages. My mind was boggling Ali
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