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  1. I miss my gorgeous man :-( and cannot sleep despite having been up since 3 this morning to drop him off at the airport, I want cuddles!

  2. Oh bless, as you say I am sure this lad has 1000's of homes lined up but I am glad he has had the coverage
  3. sparkle

    January Rmf

    Morning RMF: I have woken up with a stinking cold and no brain power as a result, well for those who know me this means that Harry the Brain Cell has disappeared back to bed I will try and catch up later, thank you for the kind comments about my house and 's to all Fugees and Fugee families that need them
  4. sparkle

    January Rmf

    Hey Missus Tiks I yam moving to Kent next weekend but have bought My House (can't resist saying that again!) in Bristol to get my bum on the property ladder and make a bit of cash - hopefully! I may be laughing a bit at Dex's sneaky poo deposits!
  5. sparkle

    January Rmf

    My House Alex :GroupHug:
  6. sparkle

    January Rmf

    Hey Fugees Happy New Year I do hope that this year is a good one for everyone RMF: I am having my first day back at work this year, had Mon and Tues booked off as holidays and then couldn't go anywhere yesterday, I've not done any work for 3 weeks and it is rather lovely being in the office RMF2: I only have another 4 days of work left (once today is finished) and then as of next Wednesday I am unemployed and I am then moving to Kent next Sat (16th) RMF3: I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and was spoilt rotten by my fantastic boyfriend and family
  7. Alex :GroupHug: I found out over the weekend that Arty died a few weeks ago and I haven't said anything as I have no idea where to start, I miss him like mad but obviously in an easier to cope with way as he hadn't been 'mine' for over two years ... LOTS of 's still on the way to you and your gang Oooo Sam if I ever find the time to take a proper holibob can I come to Sri Lanka too ... I want to meet the heffleumps!
  8. Congratulations Cheryl! I've forgotten everything else, sorry Fugees but 's all round so please take as needed RMF: Went outside to phone my little brother (his girlfriend suddenly can't come for Christmas so wanted to make sure he was ok) and have a cig at the same time, put my glass of wine on the window ledge ... two secs later BIG smash, the ledge was so icy it fell off!! poor Jack nearly had a heart attack as it reminded him of Lee throwing glasses at me the poor wee boy is all ok now as he has had a biscuit and a cuddle ... I am ok as I have a new glass of red wine
  9. Oh Alex LOTS of good thoughts on the way to gorgeous Max and continued 's on the way to you and your gorgeous gang
  10. Just spoken to Sarah Wiccs and she has received a whole bunch of SS pressies but couldn't remember exactly how many bless her
  11. So so sorry Alex :mecry: Run free in the Summerlands gorgeous Milly :wub:
  12. He is very cute Mogs I think I may still be a bit pizzled after last nights works do
  13. Oooo ... now then what breeds do I need to get to have Sookie and Arlene?! and is Black Rock a breed or am I getting it mixed up with the investment trust?!
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