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  1. I've only just seen this. I'm so very sorry, it's so hard to lose them
  2. Thank you all Another year older, I really must work on the wiser bit
  3. Heacham Beaches and Hunstanton beaches in Norfolk as are many down that bit of coast We went to both of them the week before last and there were lots of happy dogs around
  4. If it's of any interest I've set up a facebook group 'Say No to Circus Elephants' just trying to spread the word to as many people as possible that it isn't acceptable. The Great British Circus seem to believe the British public want to see performing elephants, so it's up to the British public to persuade the Circus that it IS NOT wanted
  5. GSDFan

    Pet Paperwork

    No help from me I'm afraid. Like all the rest of my paperwork it's a mess and I struggle to find anything. I don't make New Year resolutions but I've unofficially decided that this is the year when I get everything organised although I suspect that this time next year it will be just as bad.
  6. So sorry Run free Precious
  7. Strangely round where we are now what we have the most of are rescues Of the eight houses in the bit I live 6 of them have dogs, a rescue Goldie, a rescue Yorkie, a rescue cross breeed, a rescue JRT and a rescue cross breed ( same house ), a westie (not a rescue) and us with Jasper. Out on walks we meet two trailhounds, an English Setter, a labrador, a collie/corgi cross, all rescues. We also meet a rescue Pyrenean/Shar Pei cross who is the most adorable great lump of fur and has become Jas's girlfriend. They match each other beautifully for madness and clumsiness, knocking each other into rivers and sending their owners flying We do meet a few non rescues, an Irish Setter, an EBT, four poodles, a GSD and 2 CKCS. We also see two Newfoundlands and an Akita, these are also rescues but sadly none of them are dog friendly so they don't get to join in the walks with all the others. Edited to add - there doesn't seem to be any one particular popular breed round here it's a real mixture. Talking to people though many aren't keen on GSD's so our friendly walks may not be so friendly when I get another GSD
  8. Lots of positive thoughts on the way to you and Max
  9. I've got an Acer 5315 and I love it, although I don't use it for anything clever just for surfing the Net. I think it would do lots of things other than that if I tried I rarely use to desktop PC now it's so much easier to sit in the chair, in front of the tele, with the laptop on my lap
  10. I'd kind of like to buy Sealand, somewhere totally cut off from unwanted visitors would be perfect sometimes ( and hell other times ) It would certainly have suited me over the last few months when I have felt totally antisocial. As for the title, definately not interested in that. Pete will inherit one eventually but there's no way I'd use it. Mind, if I had seen the offer early enough I can think of one or two of my friends that would have been amused by having it.
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