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  1. Glad everyone's horses are more or less ok, dramas permitting!! Cabbagepatch - natural balance shoes are great and your farrier sounds really good. Stuff his owner - she's being stupid!!
  2. Gorgeous chicks. Mine seem to have settled down healthwise at the moment, surprising really because they're running around again in the snow today! The only one who concerns me is a little Wyandotte hen who has a closed eye (and it's been closed for a while). I've dosed her with Tylan, tried to clear her ears with a cotton bud, all the things that you'd do, but there's no improvement. I think I'm going to take her up to the chicken farm to see if they'll inject her with Tylan or help her in some other way In herself she's bright as a button and eating well. I lost my new Barnevelder hen, a light sussex hen (youngster), my Amber star hen and a couple of other young birds when the virus was bad but I'm glad it seems to have stopped. I have a surplus of cockerels so if anyone is interested please shout. They are obviously free to good homes. I've got a Rhode Island red bantam, a gold spangled something bantam (!), a Light Sussex cross (looks like a very stunning Light Sussex) and an Amber Star/Black Orpington x. Shortly they'll be on their way to the chicken farm (for sale) although obviously if they don't sell, they'll probably be culled. Just thought I'd try here (and a few other places) first.
  3. I read this last night and didn't know what to say. I was shocked and I didn't know Lesley personally. All i can say is : Rest in peace Lesley and massive to all your close friends and relations who are now in shock and trying to understand. You all have my heartfelt sympathy.
  4. Khan, Gemma & Pebbles enjoying themselves!
  5. It was Tylan that I used and it doesn't seem to have had much effect. The sad thing is that apparently even if they survive they remain carriers and I'm told that the only way to truly get rid of Myco is to cull the whole flock which I'm not going to do so I suppose I'm going to have to get used to this. we could do a swap cos I can't see me eating Forrest but he's much bigger now so you could do the deed??
  6. So sorry you've lost Mimi, Cheryl. I've lost 4 hens in as many weeks and I think I've still got 2 more who will die soon, sadly. I think they've got myco and despite dosing them with AB's, there is little improvement. In addition to the 2 who are likely to die, I have at least another 4 or 5 coughing and I've no idea what else to do to save them. They've all been wormed, have Poultry spice added to their rations and I've been making them Ready Brek each morning while the snow's been here. Although I've got around 40 birds, I still HATE losing them and I loathe watching them go downhill. As an aside, Forrest is becoming a little devil and if he continues in this vein he'll be going to the local Chicken Farm where I hope they will rehome him to someone who doesn't mind being attacked every day :lol:
  7. Are you coping ok with all this snow? Did you manage to get there today? Bad luck for you that you got him probably the worst weather week ever although it does mean that everything from now on should be easy :lol:
  8. Just wondered, have you got this sorted now? If not, I may know a qualified groomer who could do this. Pm me please if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with her.
  9. That list of omissions is a bit scarey, to say the least Sending loads of postive thoughts for Billy, and hoping that your proper vets can sort him out as painlessly as possible to you and all your family who are having to go through this.
  10. Can't believe how much your 'little' brother and sister have grown Earl definitely looks good and if you can cope with the horrid weather now when it's almost impossible to do anything (can't turn out - here at least - because the ground's too hard and ridged) and horses are bored, then you have the spring and summer to look forward to in the not too distant future. He does remind me of Twilight, my first grey mare, and I'm sure he will turn out to be a lovely hack, bless him. I'm sure he will be grateful that you've saved him from his plods around the school with lots of beginners and will reward you by being a very happy, safe hack
  11. The very first horse I ever owned was an aged fleabitten grey TB mare so I can see lots of similarities He's lovely - have loads of fun with him. He's got a really kind eye and expression and I'm sure he will become a very special friend
  12. Come on then Sam - where are the piccs?????
  13. Loads of positive thoughts sent for Moon and his lovely family
  14. On the subject of cycle helmets, I recall the same statistics being quoted about riding hats. Fortunately the majority of horse riders decided to adopt riding hats (not least because insurance companies wouldn't insure them). It was probably around 15 or so years ago but seems like they were always around (riding hats, not insurance companies)! I still believe cyclists are horribly vulnerable to car/lorry/van drivers and if I were obliged to ride a bike to work in snow/ice, I'm sure I'd NOT cycle in those conditions although I appreciate what those who do cycle say. IMO, your life is more important than your job, no matter what.
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