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  1. :mecry: Guinny left us this evening, thank you Oldies Club for letting him come live with us, he is such a character bit lost for words atm but thank you for letting him take over our hearts xx
  2. Gutted that I don't live nearer Will pencil it in my diary anyway cos I might just get the urge to jump in the landy and drive down (will your grandson be around Al if I bring J?)
  3. Just seen Jason on the website and have sent a link to someone I know who is desperate for a poodle since meeting Guinny and their allergic to dogs daughter not reacting to him *fingers crossed*
  4. is struggling with the board so is going to stay away for a bit.

  5. How was it abused? I think it sounds a great idea - didnt know the refuge had had one before
  6. Great to get away from for a while. Your surrounded by memories at home atm all the time. Try and have a nice time with your friend Kelly
  7. joshnbecks


    Its the little red arrow in a box at the front of the thread title - only trouble is it hasn't carried over from what post had been read on the old board - took mew to p1 of RMF but once i went to last post since then its taken me to last unread post Cant view members profiles and if they have intrests written in their info page it makes it very long on the left under their avatar wendberts is an example (sorry wendy - just yours was the first i noticed after catching up on Sir H) Meant to also say Its FAB!!!! Nice one Rick *pink dancing elephant added here* don't know code for emoticon!!!!!
  8. beautiful fox budge over in the snotty nose corner - always get a cold this time of year
  9. Owlie one - are the doormice in the last pic having a big nap after eating mr fox cos i can't see him in the picture Michelle - massive hugs Sleep well Toastie
  10. if mel is getting any financial support from her ex then that is taken off the income support as the government says you only need so much to live on
  11. these aren't suitable for little dogs - from what i remember there is a minimum weight the dog has to be
  12. Its a picnic in the park thing Michelle. Really don't want to sit at Audley End listening to the music on my own. Doesn't matter as I won the tickets so hasn't cost me anything but still a shame to not use them.
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