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  1. The Lennox campaign has become synonymous with slander, libel, threats and keyboard warriors. I have had more than my fair share of all the above.
  2. EGAR

    New Website

    Thank you! I miss Glor and Taylor like hell (
  3. EGAR

    New Website

    Hi, from today on, EGAR has a new website, the old one will stay on for a while until we have the re-direct sorted but all the updates etc will happen on the new one: Please have a look and tell me what you think . Thank you!
  5. Trust me, all is not as it seems, there is a lot more to this case than the owners want to you believe.
  6. I urgently need a good behaviourist near Glasgow. Can anyone give me a name, please????
  7. Had some good news re the DDA case EGAR is involved in in Northern Ireland, so please sent good vibes, light a candle, say a prayer - whatever you think will help to push this to a good conclusion for the doglet!!! Judge ordered a stay of execution yesterday and told the authorities to come up with a solution to have the dog released to EGAR so that the owner can sort out insurance as there may be an UK insurance company willing to extent its policies to NI. If that happens re the insurance company then things should become easier in NI. I have been in touch with a lot of companies over this and don't want to be naming names but it is looking hopeful that at least one will extent its policies to NI.
  8. I got a new Digicam a few days ago and now have problems that the pics are *read only* on my PC, I cannot save edited pictures anymore..? I have done the right click, properties, general, untick read only box, only the *read only* box wasn't ticked at all..? All the older pics can be edited and saved. Any help MUCH appreciated, it's doing my head in!
  9. I had to bribe him with treats and a tennis ball, he sure doesn't like the snow although he goes crazy for water!!
  10. The stance reminds me of Phoebe Bassett who recently passed this: It was on the move obviously and I didn't know why she kept squatting in the house (she is bombproof) and just when I went to call the vet she passed it. A bladderstone.
  11. EGAR

    Working Collies

    I've got a work mad 1 yro BC here at present, you may want to run him past your friend. Sammy is of working work, big strong fellow already working on cattle here, he is great with other dogs and has a soft mouth, i.e. would work out well on sheep as he doesn't nip at the heels of the cattle. He would go stir crazy in a pet only home. He's got two stunning blue eyes. He is a fairly big boy, very eager to please and got a clean bill of health from vet (booked in for neuter this week).
  12. No worries, Rumpole ;) - I passed on all the info I got here and on PI to the owner and hope they will get it sorted, they seem very committed to their dog!
  13. Thank you very much for your effort!! I will pass it on!
  14. A cry for help reached me today but I have no contact in NI re trainers/behaviourists. This is about a young LARGE crossbred dog and the owners need urgent help with aggression issues. Can anyone recommend a GOOD behaviourist *up there*?
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