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  1. I miss my gorgeous man :-( and cannot sleep despite having been up since 3 this morning to drop him off at the airport, I want cuddles!

  2. Oh bless, as you say I am sure this lad has 1000's of homes lined up but I am glad he has had the coverage
  3. sparkle

    January Rmf

    Morning RMF: I have woken up with a stinking cold and no brain power as a result, well for those who know me this means that Harry the Brain Cell has disappeared back to bed I will try and catch up later, thank you for the kind comments about my house and 's to all Fugees and Fugee families that need them
  4. sparkle

    January Rmf

    Hey Missus Tiks I yam moving to Kent next weekend but have bought My House (can't resist saying that again!) in Bristol to get my bum on the property ladder and make a bit of cash - hopefully! I may be laughing a bit at Dex's sneaky poo deposits!
  5. sparkle

    January Rmf

    My House Alex :GroupHug:
  6. sparkle

    January Rmf

    Hey Fugees Happy New Year I do hope that this year is a good one for everyone RMF: I am having my first day back at work this year, had Mon and Tues booked off as holidays and then couldn't go anywhere yesterday, I've not done any work for 3 weeks and it is rather lovely being in the office RMF2: I only have another 4 days of work left (once today is finished) and then as of next Wednesday I am unemployed and I am then moving to Kent next Sat (16th) RMF3: I had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and was spoilt rotten by my fantastic boyfriend and family
  7. Alex :GroupHug: I found out over the weekend that Arty died a few weeks ago and I haven't said anything as I have no idea where to start, I miss him like mad but obviously in an easier to cope with way as he hadn't been 'mine' for over two years ... LOTS of 's still on the way to you and your gang Oooo Sam if I ever find the time to take a proper holibob can I come to Sri Lanka too ... I want to meet the heffleumps!
  8. Congratulations Cheryl! I've forgotten everything else, sorry Fugees but 's all round so please take as needed RMF: Went outside to phone my little brother (his girlfriend suddenly can't come for Christmas so wanted to make sure he was ok) and have a cig at the same time, put my glass of wine on the window ledge ... two secs later BIG smash, the ledge was so icy it fell off!! poor Jack nearly had a heart attack as it reminded him of Lee throwing glasses at me the poor wee boy is all ok now as he has had a biscuit and a cuddle ... I am ok as I have a new glass of red wine
  9. Oh Alex LOTS of good thoughts on the way to gorgeous Max and continued 's on the way to you and your gorgeous gang
  10. Just spoken to Sarah Wiccs and she has received a whole bunch of SS pressies but couldn't remember exactly how many bless her
  11. So so sorry Alex :mecry: Run free in the Summerlands gorgeous Milly :wub:
  12. He is very cute Mogs I think I may still be a bit pizzled after last nights works do
  13. Oooo ... now then what breeds do I need to get to have Sookie and Arlene?! and is Black Rock a breed or am I getting it mixed up with the investment trust?!
  14. and a black one called Tara! Thats the chooks named then ... just need to get a run sorted and away we go! I will have to remember to NEVER tell my mummy who they are named after!!!
  15. Fingers crossed as I need to see! ... we may need to rename you Snow The Lion I've not received anything Missus Owl just so you know ... I may be able to put it on, I haven't got a cable for my current phone to connect it to the computer but I think they should talk to each other via bluetooth ... Oooo he sounds fab! any photos so we can drool see what he looks like?! very glad life is so good for you bless him! I wish you had cameras in your kitchen! Hope the HR dept stop being such muppets soon Kats
  16. Thanks for those links I did a google search and found this which I think would be about right - or something similar, but not sure how fox proof it would be There is SO much to consider!! The garden needs to be Jack proofed so will hopefully be safe enough to let them have a wonder around in whilst I am there, but may not be ... would that size run with regular exciting bits added to the floor (and clean wood chips put down!) be enough for them?? I really can't! No idea what chooks I am going to get, but one will be white/blond and called Sookie Congratulations!
  17. Owl - Hope the white fish helps settle poorly Wispa's tummy missus owl have we had photos of her in her VERY snazzy sounding coat?! Hope you feel better soon Spins Sophie - Hope Logan puppy lets you have some sleep tonight! Helly - SO glad you can't taste the lempsip, VILE stuff! Hope you feel better soon m'dear Snow - Glad you're feeling a bit better, I will admit to having a little chuckle over the dancing round the kitchen with Nog hope the new year brings a better outcome and pics of the mane please! Hey Gems Stick them on the driving range Wenders?? That is all fab news Cheryl
  18. Oi! Mogs! Whats occuring?! Sam??!
  19. Morning I had too much red wine and feel very bleugh today Tis all frosty and foggy here
  20. Glad Flo and Wispa are slightly better zico's mum - that is awful news good thoughts on the way to the family, hope the doglets get sorted merledogs - that is fab news Alex please give the lovely Milly a squidge from me purple_mog - *AHEM* Sam????? RMF: I CANNOT TAKE ANY MORE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only one more thing (possibly two ) to get and then I am all shopped out until the birthdays start again
  21. Will do, have looked at a site which did wooden ones too, price wise they were about the same I just wasn't sure which was more practical for a smallish edge of big village garden ... we back onto a copse so foxes will undoubtedly be an issue ... Chicken soup??! Whoop! Will probably say hi on there during the day time, don't spend enough time online during the evening to really concentrate on a post! Travelling could well be Kent to Germany/Belfast/Newcastle though ... I am worrying that may be too far .. plus if it were Germany I am not sure about the rules and regs re transporting chucks abroad ... I suppose I could persuade my parents to have them if it were too far a posting but again that would be a 6 hour transport
  22. Phew! One can be called Sookie then at least Sorry the boys are taking over ... but thinking of all of that roast chicken has also made me jealous (and my mouth water!) there is just no pleasing some people!! Have been on the Omlet forums (oddly enough I am on there as sparkle too!) and got some good tips, am thinking 3 chooks and one Eglu, but can't decide on the size ... won't be doing it until the summer as think that would be best all round How well do chooks travel?? The next posting may be a big journey ...
  23. I am going to get chickens when I move to Kent am very excited about this .... and muchly jealous that Cheryl has stoken all of the True Blood names
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