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  1. Hellllllllo everyone, long time no speak, thought i would pop in and say helloooooooooo got lost in cyber space with the new format and such a lot happened in last year or so.. so will do a quick brief update..some good, some bad.. as is life Rehomed several rescue pets, 5 kittens, a budgie, rabbits, cats, hamster and fish and two dogs... Rainbow Bridge beckoned for our old rabbit Mr Fezziwig who passed away in January in my arms.. miss him like mad..and Coment and Satelitte our old gold fish passed away..miss them like also.. Also sadly last week Purdy our 10 month old kitten sadly passed away in my arms on way to vets, told him if he couldnt make it to the vets it was ok to go Rainbow Bridge and find all our other pets.. he had a pm and we just had him neutered 2 weeks go, he was booked into vets as he was very quiet after the op and then had a bit of runs so booked him into vets.. but sadly he took turn for worse and we were rushing to the emergency vets.. sadly poor little might passed away.. miss him like mad.. Sister passed away of cancer this time last year and knowing her she will be at rainbow bridge playing with all the rabbits.. We welcomed Velvet, black cat into our household this year and shes a lovely cat.. Good things happened... Got new car Started new business Looking for a new house next year Still happily married.. Pudsey collie now 15... Lottie heeler 16 had two bouts of mammary cancer, even tho speyed, and survived well and is growing old disgracefully..Millie and Badger both 12 are fine and so is Maddoch, Fliss and Fern collies.. Clara turned out to be a Clarence and is stunning cat and is absoloutely massive, and the three girls, Maud aka flea, Verity and Velvet...are also doing good.. well thats the update lol
  2. lol, their would have been last week when i was having injections into my spine and a few choice words that I said then I got the fit of giggles in theatre and surgeon told me to stop laffing as he was in my spine nurse said funny how people thank him for it.. I said I didnt
  3. Well its been a funny old year, start of the year we lost quite a few friends then in March I got a kidney infection bad and was admitted to hospital for a week but it refused to go so spent two weeks their Came home all happy esp to be with hubby and pets but felt quite weak and within 24 hour fell head first down stairs knocking my eyesight out of sync and damaging my spine.. so along came two hunky ambulance men and strapped me up like a kipper and spent another two weeks in hospital having all sorts of tests.. main damage is to spine and hips and eyes.. wouldnt have minded if I fell over the dogs but they were all in the front room lol.. They heard me go bump bump bump all the way down and somehow manage to go from head first to on my back and hubby and doglets flew to see what was happening.. and their was I in a heap at the bottom of the stairs lol.. one foot in front and the other leg somewhere behind me... See lots of advantages to been well built lol.. then had to go to a rehab centre for two weeks for pyhsio.. and was in the mens section but we had a laff and giggle and its only round corner from home and i often snook home... Flissy and Badger became regulars at the rehab place and people fell in love with them... mmm well with Badger... Flissy was like wow new bed lets see how high I can jump.. Well all was fine till a new chappy moved in next door and one morning I woke up in the early hours to a rustling in my room.. and voila a half nekid man their lol.. going through me drawers.. and he said i have brought you some sweets.. which he had kindly just nicked off me table lol sadly we new of this gentleman, very well spoken.. hubby used to drink with him years ago and he would have been horrified to know what he was doing.. Anyway, am back at home on crutches and hobbling around... bought some new shears for Badger... as his fur is sooooo long... Will catch up with all of you soon, will read RMF... hope you all keeping well and I missed been puterless xxxx
  4. their is 4 accounts on facebook in our house and i run the games and farms.. games i play... Farmtown - level 60 and bored, spent 2 days designing xmas farm and taking forever to delete the flaming boxes, so until they are gone, cant re do farm Farmville - loveeeeeee it... Treasure Madness - loveeee it Cafe World - really really loveeeeeeeeeeee it... level 68 if you want to add me for neighbours for anything add either karen wernham ch badger flissy wernham gary neil wernham in disguise on some lol, flissy is learning the puter, she a very cwlever poooopie Snow send me the invite for sky life or cafe or whatever its called.. DONT SEND ME ANY FISH GAMES THO lol .......
  5. Heeeellllllo everyone, to all, not been on, have a nasty kidney infection which was prob made worse by going out in freezing cold to funerals last week, omg we all were heading towards a church and it was nippy outside, flaming hell, it was even worse inside, everyones nose running and feet freeezing, never know a church so unwelcoming, never mind the humongous dog turd right outside the church gate!! then up to the crem, other side of town, well thats another story, but would make you laff, leave it a while thought that was the last of it all.. but sadly aunt who passed away two weeks ago got call this morning that hubby passed away last night of a stroke Never seen a month like this and hope to never again, not for a long while anyway Everything is tickety boo in our house, we just plod along and the dogs are loving playing in the snow.. although two dogs are now snuggled under me duvet lol..
  6. Morning everyone, wow is that the time, dogs woke me up early for a tiddle and went outside and are now fast asleeep in bed.. ooooooh its way to early off back for an hour or two, night night and morning lol...
  7. love this, i did it on FB other day
  8. Awwwwww Sarah just clicked who your talking about, give me a ring or get your old msn account working or facebook etc etc.. Jacobean did you buy anything from lush.. i spend a bomb in that shop each month After a hectic week have had a totally bone idle lazy lazy lazy day and i mean lazy, in fact so lazy am off for a bath now and then off to bed... told you, Saturday is lazy day, but tommorrow is better its a slut day.. lounging aroun in pj day ... :0)
  9. Does anyone know when the next fugee auction is as im having a clear out this weekend again, round two lol.. sent loads to claire house for kiddies who are poorly and they are coming for batch two on monday but have some doggie things that i have put away for auction :0) Right thinks its time for beddddd night night everyone sleep tight, mind the bed bugs dont bite xxxx
  10. Well glad no one experienced it, its not nice, but good news Fezziwig our bouncing bunny is back to full healthy and bounding around like a nutter winding the dogs up :0)
  11. Sadly Aunty Dot passed away today and i have had a word with god about this, told him enough is enough this week.. and unless he behaves 2010 will have to be cancelled, he promised me never a week like this again :0) so have officially reinstated 2010 Sarah ping me on yahoooo if u wanna chat.. oooooo a lovely cuppa tea yummy
  12. Good News, Brother is on the mend and will be home soon.. I have made an appointment with his doctor for smoking cessitation next thursday lol.. and told him if he doesnt go i will get a giant baby reign and drag him their kicking and screaming.. Aunty Dotty.. still very poorly in hospital... Todays call was hubbys best mate dad has passed away.. Im dreading tommorrow never known a time like this.. Anyway roll on next week and hopefully it will be better than this bobbins week Good news is Fezzi is all better now, thank god.. I loves me little Wabbit.. dont like seeing him ill and not bouncing around.. If any rescues have got Staffie Pups in ping me have persuaded a associate to have a rescue rather than buying one, shes in newport s wales, will travel, will have homechek etc etc.. nice family.. to everyone with poorly pets to everyone who is poorly for everyone else who has listened to me moaning all week And I am doing really well been veggie, discovered new foods etc, love it.. not missing meat.. although on first day was doing my shop and nearly bought a chicken and bacon salad and then went and put it back Hubby says he will go veggie as well, but i dont want to force him to, so we compromised for time been, he likes some of my quorn mince dishes and hes going to do it gradually Me Snowwwwws gone
  13. Aunty Dotty still poorly in coma.. Fezzi Bunny Wabbit is hopping round and making up for lost eating time.. Think Im going to cancel this year, had enough already.. gets a phone this afternoon from my sisterinlaw, thought it was about her dads funeral but it was to tell me my brother has had another heart attack, only mild is in hospital and is ok but hes not stopped flipping smoking.. I told her when he comes out, Im gonna go and stay with them and if he lights a cigarette up while im their, ill throw him out of his 2nd floor flat window I know it must be hard but he needs to get on patches etc.. 4 heart attacks in a year.. two major heart ops.. prob be going over to yorkshire over weekend to see him last time he had his heart op, I bought him a colouring book and pencils :laugh:
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