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  1. Hello everyone!! Long time no see, mainly because I can' work the buttons in here anymore:-( still busy with DNB still on facebook if anyone wants to say Hi xx
  2. Happy Birthday

  3. DNB and BBAS have consistantly refused to discuss or get drawn into discussions about the case. We weren't involved then, we're not involved now and we won't be involved at any point in the future. Not only has the reputation of DNB been called into question, so has my personal integrity and all for NOT discussig something we were never involved with in the first place. I won't even comment at all on any FB page anymore because of this and am saddened to see people who know me well, criticising me for remaining neutral at best and 'as bad as the people who want him dead' at worst. It's quite disgusting.
  4. I've taken to bird feeding/watching since we lost our last cat [never liked to encourage the bird in before]. Regular visitirs are; Robin Sparrows Starlings [noisy greedy sods] Greenfinches Goldfinches [very pretty] Pigeons [wood and town or whatever they're called] Collared doves Magpies Blue tits Coal tits Great tits [very occasional] Chaffinches and my favourite cos I'd never seen them until recently- Bullfinches I also have a resident pair of Blackbirds Next door have bats in their eaves so I get to see them at dusk. I know they're not birds but they fly so...
  5. Very sorry for your loss Cher. xx
  6. Very sorry to hear this. Much love to Grandma Squirrel at this sad time:mecry:
  7. I'm rarely online these days but think of you all often. Merry Christmas to everyone. Mel, Ellis, Sam and Alfie Moondog xxx:flowers:
  8. Thankyou. Dennis was with us for almost 8 years and turned 13 in July. A good age for an ex racing greyhound! Sadly he'd been getting doddery for a while and we thought we wouldn't have many more months with him, but we didn't expect him to leave us just yet. Dennis slipped and fell whilst having a wee, cut his right hip and dislocated his left. Not only was it nigh on impossible to sort the dislocation out, he also had a blood disorder which meant any operation was a massive risk. There were also signs of kidney failure. He really wasn't a well dog. Many of you know of Dennis through his "Art" and we raised just over a £1000 for other rescues, all through The Refuge. Many many thanks to everyone who bought one of his pieces and to Sue from South West Sighthounds who let us adopt Dennis. Thanks again for all your kind thoughts. Mel, Ellis and Sam [and Alfie Moon who would say thanks if he could!}
  9. Its brilliant and the more you read it, the funnier it gets. We've been snorting on and off for several hours now lol.
  10. Posh? LOL. 20 minute interview and they show one sentence! Alfie looked nice though didn't he?
  11. The case has been adjourned for skeleton arguements.
  12. 1) An extension of criminal law (i.e. section 3 of the 1991 Act) to all places, including private property I agree with Melf that postal workers etc should be safe on my property and that front gardens [or gardens to which people have free access] should be covered by legislation which they already are under the 1871 dogs act. This is a civil action which allows for control orders to be made regarding dogs who are acting dangerously and can be done before a bite occurs. Criminalising people whose dogs attack will not stop those attacks from happening, it will simply open the doors to people to join the compensation culture. 2) Additions or amendments to (including possible repeal of) section 1 of the 1991 Act We don't need any additions to, we need a repeal of. Any amendments should include the option to remove and rehome banned breeds from unsuitable owners rather than the destruction orders we currently have. 3) Repeal of the 1997 Dangerous Dogs Act to prevent any more prohibited types of dog being added to the Index No absolutely not. We would never ever agree to this. Neither would the RSPCA. Not a chance. Other options for consideration: 4) The introduction of Dog Control Notices To be enforced by whom? and what constitutes an offence worthy of a control order? We need to know what makes a person qualified to issue a notice and again, it needs to be a sliding scale. 5) A requirement that all dogs are covered by third-party insurance Whilst I don't have a problem with insuring my dogs, this just penalises responsible owners who already comply with existing laws. Its already the law that drivers have a licence, tax and insurance and most of us comply. The people who don't are criminals and criminals will not get insurance for their animals. Whilst insurance is a good idea to protect owners, it will not stop dog attacks and only compensates victims after the event. No insurance payout will ever compensate for the loss or serious injury of a child. There is NOTHING in any of these proposals to educate dog owners and make them responsible. Attacks will continue to occur and all this will do is compensate for when they do. 6) A requirement that all dogs, or puppies, are microchipped Fair enough, but who is going to enforce that? and again, people with a disregard for the law will not comply. What is the penalty going to be for non compliance? 7) More effective enforcement of the existing law, including a consolidation of existing statutes into one new updated Act Where are the resources coming from? The police don't have the resources, neither do local authorities. Are they going to create jobs and if so, who is paying for that?
  13. I will never agree with Section 1 of the DDA however, while we do have it, it should be made easier and less stressful for owners and dogs, to apply for exemption. So in that case, I don't disagree with the petitioners request.
  14. This has NOTHING to do with the police, it's all down to the local council, one councillor in particular. We're liaising with the police on this and they have NO plans to be involved in any amnesty and have in fact made it very clear to the council that an amnesty will not work. The only involvement the police would have is their usual role of responding to calls of illegal dogs which they do now anyway. This is their current position but if anything changes it'll be posted on here as soon as we know. Meanwhile the email address for Cllr Cyberchick [as Melf calls him] is- he is the councillor for Picton ward. Please contact him.
  15. Oh my word what a terrible shock. My condolences to Lesleys family and freinds.
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