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  1. awwww poor pointery-fing being too sleepy to move for a sandwich!
  2. Happy to add her details to the Deaf Dog Network to help her find a home? Morag x
  3. Not had much response so any bits would be much appreciated
  4. We decided to make Friday a Saturday and went to the beach at Whitby - dogs had lots of fun and ate chips, we had coffee and cake Today we were at a Rally-O judging seminar which was good but soooooo cold! Has not helped my virusy thing either
  5. borrowing from this excellent thread to pass on to a friend of a friend
  6. hey peeps! Am on day 2 of migraine *yack* but on the up side Finn the grumpy old man played with a collie pup on Sunday for over an hour and has been only a teensy bit stiff *yay*
  7. Hey all - apologies if this is in the wrong place! I'm working more closely with our local RSPCA at the moment and have been asked to look at their assessment processes and paperwork. There are a few aspects that could be improved (!) but rather than re-invent the wheel I would really like to chat with anyone else who has a standard pro-forma they use in the RSPCA branches or for any other rescue. Cheers Morag
  8. not sure if pleased or just tired...Electrical testing of appliances on Tuesday, builders arrive Tuesday to take down utility roof which means moving the fridge freezer.....somewhere! for a week. Still nothing on replacing the washing machine
  9. Finn had a major overhaul with our wonderful vet in Leeds today - an hour and a half later he's been very thoroughly examined and assessed, agreed that the two lumps are just little fatty growths, seems to have muscle pain and spasming in lower thoracic/lumbar area BUT the old right leg neurological problem is still staying away! Could be spinal degeneration as suspected but not worth doing a new set of diagnostics at the moment. So continuing with his supplements, weekly sessions of acupuncture plus moxa, dry needling for trigger points and some electro-acu stimulation plus a back-up remedy and we will go from there He loved his session as always and has been a MUCH happier boy since we came home, bumbled around in the garden with me for a couple of hours in his swanky green equafleece tank top including digging huge holes under the hedge <rolls eyes> and hopefully we can get the pain under control and have our bouncy boy back for a bit longer! Its odd in some ways because this is actually our first properly physical problem - everything else has always been clearly linked to nerves/anxiety or phobias, this time he seems to be just getting old, in pain and kind of irritable as a result. Sounds strange, but its so much easier to deal with!
  10. Generally feeling more positive - have managed to get house in reasonable state, cleared the shed today and took Finn to vets (drive was first longer drive on my own for ages and slightly hairy since my concentration is buggered at the mo!). Update on vet in doggie chatter cos I should post more there - now off to squidge the guinea pigs and then reply to the three million training enquiry emails that have arrived today Oh, and definitely do my accounts and not procrastinate any longer....
  11. You need alcohol!!! RMF: finally four sleeping collies around my feet, all okay until I move....and I really need a wee!
  12. oh my goodness - is she cat friendly by any chance??? Its just my mum is a beardie fan who has one lovely boy already and I'm determined to find her a rescue for her second dog! She does live in Scotland but we can manage transport!
  13. morning all have actually managed to get up at a sensible hour this morning Have a client's dog staying with me for the day so that means four nutty collies, since he arrived at 7.30am main challenge was keeping ShoutyMcShout quiet for sake of the neighbours
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