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  1. eve

    January 2020

    Louise, lovely to see you here
  2. eve

    January 2020

    When I was getting my current car I put my criteria into Autotrader - blue, SUV and automatic. Came up with a couple of options within a reasonable travel distance (there's no car dealers in Dunoon so it was always going to be a journey across the water). Would have liked another Toyota RAV but no blue ones nearby so ended up with a Ford Kuga. Pleased with it so far. Richard has gone down south to see his mum, kids and grandkids for a couple of days so I have the place to myself. Well apart from 3 demanding dogs lol.
  3. eve

    January 2020

    Funny how he appears when you start having problems with the scaffolders, Griff. Did you get his registration number? Shouldn't laugh re the cork Suzeanna, but sorry I did lol. Hope it clears up soon. It's cold teabags or cucumber for the puffy eye if it reappears tomorrow morning. Or even a teaspoon that's been in the freezer for a bit if you don't have those. Hope the painkillers have kicked in now Jazz. Did Ruby have any luck car hunting Yantan? What does Tye do when the Baroque music comes on? Have visions of him tapping his paws to the Brandenberg concerto lol
  4. eve

    January 2020

    Wasn't the tweet I meant to link - it was this one from an investigative journalist @Jay_Beecher ยท 11h Interesting that the only lab in the whole of China capable of dealing with the #coronovirus is also the only lab in the whole of China allowed to experiment with the most deadliest virus' on Earth... & happens to be in Wuhan, where the outbreak started.
  5. eve

    January 2020

    More than animals fighting back if this is to be believed
  6. eve

    January 2020

    They're already trying to spread it to Scotland lol
  7. eve

    January 2020

    Glad Tye is feeling better Yantan, hope he enjoyed his walk. How are you feeling now Griff? Hope the doctor gave you something to help you quickly. Sorry you're feeling so rough Suzeanna. Everything crossed you're feeling better soon and Philip doesn't have the lurgy. Candy will be ok without a walk for a day or two till you're both feeling up to it.
  8. Hope you're having a wonderful day xx
  9. eve

    January 2020

    All good thoughts being sent for Tye, get well soon big lad. Enjoy your time with Steve Griff
  10. eve

    January 2020

    Just googled the Smiler story and wish I hadn't, though obviously pleased she is getting ready for a new life. Why are sentences so pathetic for animal abuse โ˜น๏ธ
  11. eve

    January 2020

    Hate getting new laptops Jazz, so can sympathise. Hope your next one is better.
  12. eve

    January 2020

    Lol Yantan, glad Tye loves it too. I can't even remember how I started it but it's also a big hit with my lot. Haven't done much today apart from usual dog walks and a bit of shopping. And watching football of course. Was a lovely day but bitterly cold. Gorgeous red sky earlier so hoping for a nice day tomorrow too.
  13. eve

    January 2020

    Same as Griff Yantan, only laughing as it wasn't me for a change ๐Ÿ˜‚ I've stopped doing poo pick ups in my slippers - I send Richard out instead ๐Ÿ˜ Lovely and sunny here today too. Dug up and replanted a rhododendron to a more suitable space. Planted a peach tree as well. The chances of it fruiting up here are probably nil - thought I'd ordered a plum tree but must have clicked on the wrong thing lol - but I'll give it a chance anyway. Griff, MIL is ok at the moment. She has what they call 'episodes' (mini strokes) then seems fine a few hours later. She's a tough old lady and will probably live till she's 100. Glad your landline is fixed Owl. Have to say we've unplugged ours. All we ever got was spam calls on it so everyone phones us on our mobiles now.
  14. eve

    January 2020

    You lot do make me laugh - not enough for a tenalady though yet, I've got that to look forward to ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hope you get your landline fixed tomorrow Owl. Nothing sort of a day here today. Bit of sunshine, a few showers and very cold. Didn't do much either, my motivation disappears when it's cold and dull.
  15. eve

    January 2020

    Aw, I could laugh and cry at all your posts tonight. I know it's not a competition but I can't match any of them. So I'll just send love to all of you and hope you know I care about you all. Much heavy snoring coming to you from the mental munchkins xx
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