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  1. Ha ha Jazz - we've had the heating on for weeks.
  2. The space where the scooter used to be Jazz lol. How's your stomach today?
  3. Was dry here long enough to get the dog walks done but been raining ever since. More of the same tomorrow. I've done very little today apart from a big shop. There's lots I could be doing but have lost all motivation. Hopefully it'll find it's way back soon as the house is looking really shabby and needs decorating throughout. Maybe tomorrow...... ( but probably not lol)
  4. Bit of space for you then Jazz - more room for dog treats lol. Glad you got invited to the funeral. What will you wear? All my clothes are doggy - covered in paw prints and dog hair!
  5. Oh Jazz, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you're ok (big hug)
  6. Trying to guess which letter doesn't work Blackmagic 😂 Ouch, that does sound an expensive month. I have gone deaf in my left ear which is very disorienting. Ear drops haven't done anything to help so I'll phone the docs on Monday and see what they suggest. Hope everyone is well and has a good weekend xx
  7. Good morning. Raining here, just for a change. That's some bargain Jazz! It's our wedding anniversary today so we'll be going out for dinner tonight. Luckily we're in tier 2 so our pubs and restaurants are allowed to open 😀
  8. Quite the week for finding long lost dogs. Well done to all involved.
  9. Happy birthday Owl. Hope you had a lovely day. Was sunny here today but very cold. Got lots done in the garden but had to give up mid afternoon as it was just too cold.
  10. It's Cooper who starts the barking if we take them all out together, then Nick joins in. They're all fine on their own.
  11. Who do you use? I could do with some exercises for joint pain. I try and do the exercises from when I was going to physio but they're not helping.
  12. That's good to hear Jazz, it seems to be very hit and miss, depending where you live. What exercises are you doing? Pleased Candy's paw is better Suzeanna, and saved you a vet visit. Another day of non stop rain here, same due tomorrow. I'm bored lol.
  13. Really pleased Cleo is getting back to normal Blackmagic. I'm just fed up with all the rain we're having up here. Can't have a decent walk or work in the garden. I know it's not much in the grand scheme of things but I'm a grouch when I'm stuck indoors lol. Hope everyone has had a good weekend xx
  14. Really pleased your benefits are secure Jazz. Enjoy your KFC. It's the one fast food restaurant that I'd ever use but we have nothing locally (to be honest we have no chain restaurants here). We do have a fab chippy though and a few good pub/restaurants. Aw Cleo. Everything crossed for a good recovery and hope she's milking her 'black eye' for all it's worth. Hope your weather held Owl and Wispa had a good mooch round the reserve. Was very mixed here today. Mostly dry and cold but a few showers too.
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