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  1. Fingers crossed that's the last you hear from odious Yorkie man, Jazz. Aw poor Archie, hope he's ok now. Lol @ madam Wispa Owl. How dare you keep her waiting. I love strawberries and was thinking of putting some in baskets. Noticed some growing in the ground here though that already have some flowers on so will see if they produce anything. They're on a bit where they might get trampled by dogs though will have to see if they even survive.
  2. Good luck with the transport run Owl. I have hurt my shoulder, don't know how, but despite Deep Heat it is really painful. Can I have some chicken soup please Yantan?
  3. Was a sad business Owl, exploiting vulnerable people for cheap reality TV. Not a programme I've watched much I have to say, really can't stand people being bullied even if they've signed up for it. Really sad about the GSD Suzeanna. Hope it eventally gets away from that abusive owner. The RSPCA are a waste of space most of the time sadly, I'd never donate to the national institution, though a lot of the regional ones are really good. 😂 @ Kevin, every day's a school day lol
  4. Can't keep up with you lot but you do make me laugh. I wanna hear Griff speak now lol. Hope the driver enjoyed being frisked Jazz 😂 Was hot here today. Given this is the west coast of Scotland and not known for its heatwaves it was a bit of a shock that Nick came back from being out with the dog walkers with heatstroke. Poor baby spent the afternoon at the vets on a drip. Not the dog walkers' fault, they took them to a loch where it should have been cooler, and Honey and Cooper were fine, more likely Nick being his usual self and doing everythin at 100 miles an hour plus being part French bulldog and having the breathing problems they unfortunately have. He's fine now and sleeping in his crate.
  5. Had step family staying for a few days so have missed a lot. Read most of it but not had time to comment. Hope all legal issues get taken seriously and everyone is ok. Happy birthday Archie xx
  6. Oh Jazz, what a mess. Hope the guy gives up soon and it all settles down. But at least wee Oreo is safe for now, and happy to be with you and the others.
  7. Is that in preparation for giving them back to the guy?
  8. Sounds like he has mental health issues Jazz. I'd definitely ignore him if I were you. Doubt the police will get involved, they can't cope with the real crimes they have to deal with. Does the man live near you?
  9. Glad you had no ill effects Owl. Hope Archie's new meds keep him comfortable. Aw Murphy, Mr independant. You grow old disgracefully for as long as you can you lovely old boy. Wish I could see your neighbours' faces Griff when they get the letter. They really didn't know what they were taking on when they crossed you lol. Been a nothing sort of day here, cold and dull. Got my eyes tested and ordered new glasses. Need a pair for driving now as well as reading. That was about as productive as I got today.
  10. Machine running out of money doesn't usually mean your card gets grabbed but glad there were no untoward withdrawals and you managed to get some cash in the end. And that Wispa got a lovely walk in Clumber Park. Your neighbours are in for a shock if they think they can intimidate you Griff lol. Hope the solicitor's letter does the trick though. We put the house in France up for sale a few weeks back as it was becoming more of a millstone than an asset. Thought it might take years to sell going by what people we know have gone through but we've had an offer which we've accepted. Fingers crossed it all goes through but at least it's a bit more straightforward over there than here. The buyer now has 7 days to confirm she's going ahead or pull out and after that it's a binding agreement. We'll have one more 'holiday' there next month to clear the place out and then we're free to go wherever we want. So watch out - we may be visiting a place near you lol.
  11. Happy birthday Suzeanna, glad you're being spoiled and enjoying your day xx
  12. Oh Jazz, how horrible. I don't think I'd answer the door if they came knocking if it were me. Hope you're ok Yantan. Fingers crossed you've the CCTV fixed Griff.
  13. Ah, thanks Griff, thought you were still talking about CCTV 😂 In the days when I lived somewhere civilised where you could get supermarket deliveries I always ticked the no substitutes option so I'd not get any surprise items lol
  14. Sorry Jazz, I'm lost - who is Kevin lol? And Griff - who swapped what for something completely random? I've lost the plot or am living in a parallel universe.
  15. Don't blame you Jazz. Hope you get to keep Dennis. Just keep your head down and ignore all the crap going on. Possession is 99% of the law, and you have him. Lol @ Owl not existing. So pleased you could prove you do. We need our Owl. Mad today weather wise - mix of warm and sunny, cloudy and cool, then violent hailstorms, where did they come from lol. Got my dad's ashes today. Just need the rest of the family to get their act together to arrange his 'farewell'. Everyone too busy for a few months but it will happen eventually I guess. Have a good evening everyone xx
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