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  1. Sounds like you had a good day Jazz and yay for Brian. Hope he's happy in his new home. Good luck with the car insurance Griff. Hope your friend gets the fresh start she needs Yantan. It's lovely when you can just pick up where you left off ages ago. Great for you both.
  2. More good thoughts being sent for Jim. Feeling your arm pain too. I'm cutting back a lot of bushes to open up the garden a bit more. Rhododendron is next on my list when we get a drier day. That's why we have all the shades of green up here - rain! Pleased your visitors appreciated it though. Griff - definitely prescribing beer for you. Glad your dad's car survived the loony neighbours last night. Fingers crossed they calm down for a bit. Hope Molly is settling in at the foster home Jazz. I won't be getting Harvey the old staffie boy I was after. The rescue don't have any volunteers in my area. I did point them in the direction of Animal Homechecks UK which is run by Michelle, who also runs Oldies Club and used to be on here but they're not interested. I also told them I had adopted Nick from a local rescue and maybe they could use one of their homecheckers but no, that wasn't an option either. Oh, well, one day I will get my old staffie boy.
  3. How do you know if you are gluten - or anything- intolerant? Is it just trial and error with eating? Pleased the dogs are settling in at the rescue Owl. Haven't heard anything back from the rescue where I enquired about the little old staffie boy. Guess these things take time as they're all volunteers.
  4. They're getting out of hand Griff. I can't believe that the police are not taking this seriously - are they waiting till you're physically assaulted? Managed to get Cooper out for his walk when the rain died down a bit but the heavens opened again so it wasn't a long one. The other two wouldn't set foot outside after that. Meant to be drier this afternoon so hopefully will get them out then. Luckily they've been out for a wee earlier. They're all curled up together on the sofa now. Hope the weather's not too bad for your transport run Owl.
  5. Morning all. Lashing down out there. The dogs and I are all snuggled under the duvet waiting for it to stop - we may be here some time lol. Richard has gone to England to see his mum and his sons so we have the weekend to ourselves. Hope you're all having better weather than me xx
  6. No idea if he could put up with the three resident loonies but I couldn't resist that lovely grey muzzle so had to apply. Have wanted to adopt an older staffie boy for such a long time now
  8. Wet all day here today too. Dogs were out on pack walk and dogwalker doesn't put up with their wimpish ways so they had a good run lol How annoying you can't go out for a drive when you want to Yantan. No wonder you want to move - think of that when your motivation is waning. Do you think your neighbours have realised they've gone a step too far Griff? Hope Jazz is ok. I may have expressed an interest in an elderly staffie boy so we'll see how that progresses......
  9. Richard has prepared for when he goes by leaving me a list of bank stuff, solicitors etc. Mainly because he takes care of our finances as that is his area of expertise, being a financial advisor lol. He also does all the technological stuff but I think I could quickly learn all that again as I used to before we got together. He is a good few years older than me with various health problems so it's sod's law I will drop dead first of some unexpected illness and he'll have no idea how to work the washing machine, cooker etc. Maybe I should compile my list too.
  10. Did you have any luck with insurance and police Griff? Hope you feel less homicidal Jazz lol. Hope the little dog decides to emerge from deep cover Owl. Had a nothing sort of day, just a bit of gardening after dog walks. Dogs are now driving me nuts, barking at nothing. Think they must be as bored as me.
  11. Picky picky Suzeanna, sounds delightful 🤣
  12. I couldn't make out what was happening tbh. But the original might be clearer hopefully
  13. Jeez oh Griff how scary. Stay safe xx
  14. Ouch Owl, I didn't realise your accident was so bad. Gentle healings hugs for you. We seem to have been a lot luckier than you with the weather Blackmagic. A couple of rainy days but no big thunderstorms and it's been warm and sunny in between. You're a bit further north than me though I think? Must phone my Auntie in Blairgowrie and check she's ok. Hope you feel better soon Yantan.
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