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  1. eve

    March 21

    aaagh, wrote a long post and it just disappeared, stupid forum 🤬
  2. eve

    March 21

    Good morning from a bright and sunny Dunoon. Happy St David's day to all of our Welsh friends
  3. eve

    Feb 21

    I didn't see it but pleased he had a fitting send off. Wonderful man. Got my vaccine jag today. No reaction or side effects, not even a sore arm 😀 Quite a lazy day today. Potted on some tomato seedlings but that was about it. Might go mad and do the cucumber and sweet peas tomorrow. Then I just have to find somewhere to put them all. That'll be all my window ledges taken over for a while then. I do love growing plants from seed though. Been really mild here (for Scotland lol) the past few days. Really feels like spring and hopefully better times is on it's way
  4. eve

    Feb 21

    10th March is an emergency appointment?????
  5. eve

    Feb 21

    Morning all. Hope the morphine helps Jazz
  6. eve

    Feb 21

    Did you get to speak to your consultant Jazz?
  7. eve

    Feb 21

    Afternoon all from a wet and windy Dunoon. Meant to be a pack walk day for the dogs but that got cancelled as they take them out to quite remote locations and the dog walkers thought it would be too risky. Though most probably they couldn't face trying to stop wimpy Cooper running back to the van to get out of the rain 🤣
  8. eve

    Feb 21

    Good afternoon all. My laptop is dying and won’t connect to the internet at all. Ordered a new one but it won’t be here till Thursday so I’m having to just use my phone which is a pain and no good for scrolling back to previous posts. So forgive me if I miss anything. Was a gorgeous day here today, mild and sunny but meant to be stormy tomorrow. hope everyone is well and having as good a day as you can
  9. eve

    Feb 21

    Yay for Lewis Jazz, what a lovely son you have. Much the same here Blackmagic. Spent most of the day in the garden pruning and tidying up and following the sun around. As well as snowdrops, muscari and crocuses in bloom we have some mini daffs too. Really cheered me up
  10. eve

    Feb 21

    Glad the takeaway cup worked Jazz. Hope your pain eases soon xx
  11. eve

    Feb 21

    Good morning everyone
  12. eve

    Feb 21

    You wouldn't have your back doors open up here I can assure you! A really damp cold that seeps right through you. Hope your friend finds a suitable dog.
  13. eve

    Feb 21

    Did your injection help Jazz? Hope Elwood got something lol
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