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  1. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Good choice for the chocolates Owl. Brownie points stacked up for emergency dog sitting. Suzeanna, my aunt was christened Margaret. I don't know why Peggy is the shortened name for it but it's all I've ever known her by. Obviously not just a Scottish thing then. Good that the Army is looking after that young lad, you hear so often that our injured soldiers are just left to cope on their own, and I include PTSD and other mental health disorders as 'injuries'. Pleased the weather wasn't so bad it affected you getting to your appointment.
  2. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Snowing here, but very lightly and not lying. Blimmin' freezing though
  3. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Aw, that's lovely Jazz, you've done a brilliant job with her. Is there much interest in adopting her?
  4. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Lovely to get the chocs Owl, even if you can't eat them. Hope you find a suitable home for them. Pleased you got a date for your op Jazz. Was a little bit icy here first thing, but not too bad, and a beautiful sunny day. Auntie Peggy passed yesterday, which was actually a blessing. She was 89 and had been in poor health for a while. Dad, on the other hand, was actually awake when I visited today, though not 100% with it. Looked brighter though, which was good. Actually going out for a meal tonight. Just down to the local pub but will make a nice change not to cook.
  5. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Snow - would you want Freddie to live in the wrong home? As you said, you've been doing this a very long time so trust your gut instinct. If it's not right you have to give him a chance to find the right home. Which is what you're doing. I know you feel devastated for both him and you but you're doing this for all the right reasons so stop beating yourself up - big hugs xx
  6. eve

    things you didn't like as a kid...

    Cabbage, can't even stand the smell of it. And Dandelion and Burdock. Popular when I was growing up but I just couldn't stand it, still don't now.
  7. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Lol Owl, sounds like you've got a new car already, just bit by bit. Hopefully that'll be it for a while. No, Suzeanna, you didn't upset me at all. I actually find it really comforting. The next adventure sounds just right. I've been prepared for my dad dying for a few years to be honest and the stubborn old s*d bounces back against all the odds. He's beaten a stomach rupture, bowel cancer, alcoholism and a stroke just for starters, plus all the dementia related problems. A bit like my old staffie Stanley who should never have lived to 14 with all he had wrong with him but battled on just the same. But there came a day when I knew he'd had enough and I told him it was ok to give up and he died on his own terms in my arms that day. It sort of feels that way with my dad, and if he's had enough too I'm ready to let him go and be at peace. Auntie Peggy is also still hanging on so they may well go together. Sorry, that sounds so morbid, don't want to drag the forum down. You planned your next meal with Steve yet Griff? Spend that voucher lol. How's Freddie doing Snow?
  8. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Hope it's not too expensive Owl. I don't mind a curry but Richard is the fussiest eater on the planet and won't have anything spicy or contains onions/tomato/mushrooms/garlic and many other stuff. I can't often be bothered cooking two separate meals so very rarely have anything other than plain home cooked dinners. I'm not much of a foodie so mostly doesn't bother me but occasionally will go mad and have a chilli or tandoori chicken - he's away Friday night at a conference so I may splurge out on something a bit spicy 😂 Sorry not been on very much the last few days. Dad is back in the Home but is still not that well. Better than he was but still spends a lot of time asleep and not that 'with it' when he's awake. My aunt - his sister - is also very poorly and may not last tonight. I think he knows as when he is awake he keeps asking for her. They haven't seen each other for years but had a really close bond when they were younger. Sorry to sound weird but I think they are reaching out to each other. Just ignore me lol
  9. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Aw Fred is gorgeous. Welcome home baby boy. You're going to have some fun with him Snow. Well done on the car Pingu. I know nothing about cars, other than basic driving, so all the bells and whistles are wasted on me lol
  10. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Oh Suzeanna (big hugs) the emojis on this site are not appropriate. Philip is in tune with you which is brilliant and what you need right now. And so are we. You deal with this however you need to and we're right behind you every step of the way. And don't stop posting the hairstyle pics on Facebook as I love those xx
  11. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    What a great amount of toys Snow. So excited for you. All soft toys last oooh maybe minutes in this house before being killed lol. But then they do play tuggies with the shredded strips for ages after so they do get a lot of games out of them. Cooper used to like chasing a ball but since Nick joined us and became Games Monitor it's mostly tuggies and play fighting he's into. Cooper is Food Monitor and makes sure meals and treats are dished up on time. Honey is just The Boss and keeps the boys in line.
  12. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I think you, Rob and Fred are going to work out just fine Snow. I don't think Lisa would have placed him with you if she didn't think so too. Aw, that's really sad Owl. I know closure is good in one respect but it does end the hope of a happy outcome. Archie 😍I think there's going to be a few hugs sent to you and your mum in the forseeable future. Did the TV man turn up in time Suzeanna? Hope the scans went well.
  13. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    You can get out of jury duty for several reasons, including medical ones. I've done it once and it was truly very boring. Apart from the interaction between the jury members. Our justice system is meant to be the best in the world but in the case I was on the judge would only accept a 10-2 majority. Got to 9-3 after much debate but just couldn't persuade anyone else that the guy was not guilty of what he was accused. Until one jury member realised she would miss her grandchild's first birthday party if she stayed any longer and changed her vote. And that's how justice was decided that day. Not that she stated that in the jury room, I overheard her talking to her daughter on the phone on the way out.
  14. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    I'm not very good at clicker training but would be willing to give it another go. If I read your post right though you click and reward after they look at you. How do you get them to look at you in the first place? Cooper's total focus is on his surroundings with me a long way second. That's the bit I need to crack I think. How to get him to see me as more interesting than a cat 😂
  15. eve

    January 19 Here we go again!

    Ooh everything crossed for you Snow. Can't wait to see pics of the new arrival. I'd love to grow old disgracefully and dye my hair an outrageous colour. Dunno where my courage has gone recently.