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  1. eve

    August 22

    Hope the new mattress helps your back Owl. I'm having a really bad IBS flare up. No idea what set it off but it's very unpleasant and debilitating.
  2. eve

    August 22

    Hope the chiropractor helps Owl. If we want to go on holiday it has to be somewhere we can take the dogs with us. Wont be this year as Richard can hardly walk at all now. He's waiting to hear if he needs a hip or knee replacement. He's in agony in both.
  3. eve

    July 22

    Evening all, hope everyone is well. Hectic few days here as we had a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. Had to get some of the ceiling taken down and reboarded and replastered. We're having the kitchen refurbished - new doors and drawer fronts etc rather than replacing the whole lot as the units are good quality just not to my liking and the workmen were starting today so I had to paint the ceiling prior to them coming. 3 coats later and it still looks awful but I ran out of time and energy so it will have to do for now. New worktops are fitted and look great and a new sink is in so I'm happy with it so far. New flooring and range cooker hopefully going in tomorrow. The main thing is it won't be white - white kitchen with 3 dogs and a messy husband really doesn't work 🤣
  4. eve

    July 22

    We haven't had it too bad here, don't think we got to 30C, never mind 40C - Tuesday was the worst day as there was no air but it's back to cloudy and cool again.
  5. eve

    July 22

    They broke up in Scotland at the end of June - think it's next week in some areas of England but varies between counties
  6. eve

    July 22

    Good morning, not even warm here never mind hot 🙄
  7. eve

    July 22

    We're not having the same level of heatwave as down south but it was still hot and sunny here yesterday. Cloudier today but very warm. Think I'll be working in the garden this morning. Hope all goes well with the flooring Jazz.
  8. eve

    July 22

    Jazz - Honey and Cooper are litter brother and sister and were about 1 when we got them so not pups but fairly young. Hate to tell you but they don't grow out of it lol. Sorry to hear about your DIL Blackmagic. Hope she's better soon and can join you on holiday. Have a wonderful break. Why can't dogs come from Romania Jazz? I guess countries vary as my cousin has just adopted two dogs from Greece. The pet passport scheme has changed so the transport run was more convoluted than it used to be but they're here and have settled in happily. Hope Wispa is soon feeling the benefit of the Librella Owl.
  9. eve

    July 22

    No heatwave due here, lots of cloud and not much sun forecast. Sorry I haven't been posting much recently. Been down in Eastbourne seeing family and didn't bring my laptop. I'm useless on my phone on forums Cooper has been at the vets having a fatty lump removed from his groin. He's healing well thank goodness as it was a large lump in a very awkward place and he's usually a slow healer. Hope the Librella helps Wispa and she's steadier soon. Hope everyone is well
  10. eve

    June 22

    Got no choice in keeping cool Jazz, it's freezing up here!
  11. eve

    June 22

    Chilly, cloudy and showery here. Haven't done anything interesting. Cleaned the conservatory and put some beef in the slow cooker for dinner.Might go to B & Q and get some shed paint, oh the excitement lol. Hope every one is well.
  12. eve

    June 22

    First social services, now the RSPCA??? Just who do they think they are? Nasty bullies as BlackMagic rightly says.
  13. eve

    June 22

    What a sad end Jazz after all you have done for them and so many dogs.
  14. eve

    June 22

    That is outrageous Jazz. I guess that's you finished with that rescue now.
  15. eve

    June 22

    On what grounds Jazz?
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