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  1. Aw Katie, hope you cheer up soon. Gentle cuddle from me.
  2. Done nothing much today. Raining, so dogs wouldn't go out. Put a washing on and hung it on radiators. Visited my dad for an hour this afternoon. Struggle to contribute on days like this. Some days are just so drab. Though decking for back garden got delivered so that could be exciting going forward lol. Pleased Nick got his lift Jazz. Good luck to him in his new home. How's Katie doing? Not sure whether I'd like a cruise either Yantan. Might prefer one that stops at several cities to explore on the way but that looks like you're just on the ship for 7 days each way - or have I got that wrong? But I'm sure a couple of weeks of pampering and luxury will ease the pain.
  3. Night, night Jazz and good luck for Nick in his new home xx
  4. Transported 2 cats to their new home, one I'd homechecked last week. I don't really know much about cats but this seemed like a really good home, they've always had cats and were really geared up for the new arrivals. The looked at home right away so fingers crossed they've settled. I'm happy to help the rescue in anyway I can but dunno why I get asked to do cats when I've no experience with them. Luckily the few I've done have worked out.
  5. I've changed my mind a few times on my ideal place. I do love where I live now in lots of ways. Detached house in a small town with gorgeous scenery and great walks, nice local pubs and shops in walking distance. Downside is we're considered an island, which we're not, and lots of firms won't deliver here and my family up here all live near Glasgow so any get togethers are awkward as we have to get a ferry back or drive round a scary mountain road in pitch black which is often closed in bad weather. On balance though it's a great place to live though I'm jealous of Blackmagic's land.
  6. Is it fixed now Jazz? Hope you haven't been left with a hole in the floor and no laminate. So pleased Katie has made herself at home so quickly Been absolutely lovely here today, warm and sunny - yesterday we had snow most of the day, weather is totally nuts. Plants are really confused and I have tulips in bloom already. Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday. Apart from dog walks and visiting my Dad, I've done very little, which was actually nice. We've got a sun porch so sat in there with the dogs lazing the afternoon away 😀
  7. But did you find out the cause of the hole in the hall floor?
  8. Pleased for you Snow, and good luck for the 26th. I can only imagine how annoying it is not being able to see properly. Well done on the clear out Jazz. Must have a sort out of my kitchen cupboards. Not that much will be out of date as I don't buy in bulk but they need a good clean. We're all having a sofa day here. It's been snowing all last night and this morning but hasn't been cold enough for it to settle so it's all slushy out on the pavements. Dogs just had short walks - their choice, not mine - but are all snoring their heads off now. Hope your man finds out what's causing the hole Jazz and it's easily fixed. The starlings are back in the garden on the feeders. Don't know where they've been the last couple of months but I don't think the sparrows and bluetits are too chuffed at having to share the fatballs and peanuts again lol.
  9. We got our walks. Today has been a mixture of sun/rain/hail/sleet and a biting wind. Only thing we didnt have was fog, though if we'd done the hill walk we probably would have. Hope Ruby's easing herself back into work gradually. Did you get to change your appointment Griff? Hope you got some time with Steve and Molly. Any news on the new foster Jazz? So pleased the HA visit went well and you feel happier now.
  10. Waiting for it to stop sleeting before taking the dogs out. Was sunny 15 mins ago! Hope everyone's weather is better than mine xx
  11. Aw what a shame Owl. Hope you feel better soon xx
  12. Sunny here with a few showers, got caught in a heavy one when out with Cooper so we got back a lot faster than when we went out. The other two walks it stayed dry, luckily. We're all having a snuggle on the sofa now while I work up the enthusiasm to do some housework. We may be here some time lol. Bet that's such a relief for you Jazz but how horrible of your neighbour to put you through that. She deserves a dose of nasty Alicia! Hope the cold doesn't materialise Owl. I never remember to put a hat on either, which is stupid as I got earrache last year going out in the icy winds without one. Hasn't been as cold this year, mind you.
  13. Pleased the bike's sorted Owl. I guess you and Wispa won't be going out for spin round the lanes together anytime soon lol. Hoping Archie's tummy has settled now Yantan. Did the doctor suggest what might be causing the lumps Griff? Not been too bad here, nice and sunny for most of the day, got a bit wet and windy late afternoon but died down again now. Meant to be wet again tomorrow so probably have to do housework. Really does need it, mind you. We have closed the curtains, lit the fire, wine is poured, dinner is cooking in the oven and football will be on the TV soon so it can do what it likes outside. Hoping everyone has a lovely evening xx
  14. Aw poor Katie. Where has she been if she's been looking for a home for months and no one has seen to her health problems? Sorry if you've already said Jazz. Home now and so glad to be back with my dogs. The boys have been watching Crufts while I was away, Cooper especially loves watching any programmes with dogs in, Nick copies Cooper lol. Honey does her own thing at all times. I agree with Jazz, Griff. Send it back and get a size 12. Sizings vary so much with different brands. Doesn't mean you're fat. I can be a size 10 in one shop but a 12 in another. Used to love shopping in Wallis as I was an 8 in there 😀 Enjoy your soup Yantan. No idea what we're having as Richard didn't get anything in or take anything out the freezer as he didn't know what I'd want for dinner. Just what I need after a 10 hour drive lol. Egg and chips looking favourite at the moment. Hope you're all ok xx
  15. Aw Jazz so pleased for you. Sounds like it's meant to be xx
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