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  1. eve

    July 21

    Cooper has damaged his cruciate ligament in his back left leg. He's being referred to a specialist in Stirling for an op to repair it. Nick is in the vets tomorrow to get his tracheotomy tube removed. Honey is being wrapped in bubble wrap as we speak so there are no more injured dogs lol. She is my wee tough nut mind you and doesn't 'do' injuries/illnesses.
  2. eve

    July 21

    Took Cooper to the vet to have his x-ray on his leg. Picking him up in an hour. Been watering the garden as it's still hot and sunny here and no sign of any down pours for us.
  3. eve

    July 21

    well done Nikki
  4. eve

    July 21

    Finally back home. Slightly cooler than most of the places we stopped on the way up (35C at Cobham services yesterday!) but still a very hot 26C Hope Nikki is feeling safer and more confident every day xx
  5. eve

    July 21

    How's she settling in Jazz? Been unbearably hot here today. I'll be glad to get back to Scotland for a cool down lol
  6. eve

    July 21

    Is the yorkie coming to you Jazz? Today was sooo hot. Tomorrow is meant to be even hotter - around 30c degrees. I will be hiding in the shade reading a book I think.
  7. eve

    July 21

    That's lovely Jazz
  8. eve

    July 21

    Not much happening here either. Very hot and trying to keep Nick and Cooper quiet.
  9. eve

    July 21

    Oh no Jazz, not what you need
  10. eve

    July 21

    Good morning xx
  11. eve

    July 21

    The vets really don't know what caused it Blackmagic. He's going to see a specialist when we're back in Scotland who'll hopefully get to the root of it. We're staying down for an extra week to make sure he's fit to travel. He's being a little sod about taking his meds though. Every trick we thought we knew about getting pills into dogs, he's way ahead of us lol
  12. eve

    July 21

    Nick had a relapse today and had to have an emergency op to have his airway widened and a temporary tracheotomy fitted. They would have preferred to refer him to a specialist for the op but the nearest one was over 2 hours away and they feared he wouldn't survive the journey so did it themselves.He's in the vets overnight so we'll see what tomorrow brings. They've been liaising with our vets in Dunoon re further treatment down the line.Just want my baby boy back xx
  13. eve

    July 21

    Can't imagine a kilo of chocolate biscuits Jazz lol. We've been travelling down to Eastbourne over the past couple of days as we've family stuff happening. Arrived this afternoon and poor wee Nick wasn't well. He's been in the vets all afternoon and had to have his lungs drained amongst other things. It came on so suddenly yet we nearly lost him. Richard's just gone to pick him up. Can't believe it all got so bad so quickly out of nowhere.
  14. eve

    July 21

    Good morning xx
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