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  1. Hi Jazz, it was me looking for an old staffie boy that can live with 3 younger loonies. The only staffies on that site seem to have been on there for over a year with no update, or adopted. Can't find your wee Lucy anywhere on it so maybe I got an out of date link or something.
  2. Been horrific here all day. So bad the dog walker cancelled and he's a tough nut. Guess he knows his dogs though as he'd have been fishing Cooper out from under his van all the time he was out 😂 Tuesday morning seems to be the wimpy terriers group lol. How's Kota Griff? We're all glad you're still here too Suzeanna.
  3. Thanks Jazz, nice little bedtime story lol. Sounds like the actual fostering is only part of what you do. A lot more work involved.
  4. Aw, he's lovely Jazz. Looks a right character. And feel free to tell us about the new rescue. I need a bit of gossip in my life lol. Great news about the car Owl and pleased Wispa got her walk. How did you get on at the GP Suzeanna? Sounds like Tye is going from strength to strength with you Yantan. So happy for you all. Nothing much to report from here. Cold but sunny day, did dog walks, a bit of shopping and tidying up in the garden. Back to wet and windy tomorrow so stuck indoors again. Hope Blackmagic is still coping with the help of her family and that Merledogs hasnt been driven too mad by the pups.
  5. Went to Glasgow last night for a family night out. Was great having a catch up. Wet, windy and hailstones here so the dogs haven't had a walk yet. They don't seem bothered though. Sounds like they were up watching TV most of the night with the dogsitter and it's worn them out lol. How did your night out go Griff? So sad about the two dogs Owl, but hopefully a new life begins for them now. Lovely to hear about Tye's big day out Yantan. He seems to be taking everything in his stride and loving it all. Good lot of bargains there Jazz.
  6. Mine get sardines once a week Yantan, it's their Sunday treat lol. So glad he's happy and settled with you
  7. Didn't see a post from Jazz anywhere so don't know about any little Yorkie boys called Philip. Been raining heavy here all day. Dogs wouldn't go for walks and just had hurried dashes into the garden to go to the loo. They do play full on mental games so get lots of exercise. How's Tye with house training Yantan? Hope the heavy rain hasn't hampered anything him being a staffie what could dissolve in all that wet stuff lol
  8. Depends on the council Suzeanna. Richard applied on-line up here but put as much medical information as he could on there and got accepted. Enfield Council made him go for an interview as well, but he still got it in the end. Don't know if either council contacted his GP but he didn't have to supply a letter from his GP to start it off.
  9. Yantan, I had an ezydog chest plate harness.
  10. Not sure about the harness Yantan as I don't use them. I did when we first got them so I'll try and find what I had then. My lot travel in the boot behind a dog guard as I've got a SUV. If you do have to take him today slip the seatbelt through his collar and across his chest and fasten it. Not perfect but will do for an emergency. As you say it will be a one off and if Ruby is sat beside him he should be safe enough.
  11. Jazz, i'd tell you to shove it too
  12. What a gorgeous big lad Yantan. Hope he's continuing to make himself at home.
  13. What's the condition of the shirt that's the same colour as the one that's arrived, Suzeanna? If he was going to replace it soon I'd keep it
  14. Aw, that's great Yantan. So pleased he's settled in so well. The travel and the stress could be why he's got so much wind. Can you get some charcoal biscuits and see if they help? Or he might just be a champion farter lol. Looking forward to the pics. How's your hand today Jazz?
  15. keep logging on - no news, norty Yantan lol. Hope it's all going well
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