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  1. eve

    Aprils Antics

    Struggling to respond to all the posts above. What wonderful acts ordinary people performed in extraordinary times.
  2. eve

    Aprils Antics

    Wow Suzeanna, wonderful stories you have though. My big regret is that I didn't ask my grandparents for their stories. Lots of clapping here too Griff. They'd probably prefer a pay rise mind you, would be good if that was the next show of appreciation. Glad you got your refund Yantan. Hope you get the rest refunded too. Hope you all have a peaceful rest of the evening xx
  3. eve

    Aprils Antics

    What Griff said. Hoping you have some stories to tell. Speaking of stories - many moons ago a younger Owl was going to tell us how Wispa got into tracking missing dogs and some of her early adventures. Has enough time elapsed that you have the time now for this? Apologies if you haven't but I'd love to hear about it if you do now.
  4. eve

    March Madness

    Such a shame Blackmagic. I miss going on the walk where we see lots of deer but it's 7 miles from my house and I feel that's pushing it a bit to drive that far out. It's still classed as Dunoon so not out of area technically but we're staying more local at the moment to be on the safe side. Hope Cleo's cough has cleared up. I'm more tidying up the garden than the house as the weather has been so lovely. I'm sure I'll get round to spring cleaning the house eventually lol. We're switching broadband providers today and so the internet will go down at some point, hopefully not for too long, but I thought I'd pop on here and say hello to everyone in case I don't get on later. Hope everyone is well.
  5. eve

    March Madness

    Yep, Suzeanna, Ghost Town was written about Coventry. Love that song and the Specials. What a weird story of your daughter's neighbours. I know what I'd have done to her and it wouldn't be invite her in to stay! Hope everyone is having a peaceful evening xx
  6. eve

    March Madness

    Glad your electric's back on now Owl. Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. Lovely of the grocer to think of delaying his delivery so you get more fresh produce. I haven't been to the shops for a few days so we're very low on fresh veg. I'll need to brave the queue for Morrisons tomorrow. Luckily it's meant to be dry and sunny in the morning. That sounds like a great 'visit' with Evie and Tristan Yantan. Skype and video calls can be wonderful and Richard does them with his grandchildren. You wouldn't catch me anywhere near one - I'm with Steve on that one Griff 😂 Please Jazz, listen to Griff and Blackmagic. I know it's tough but your life is at stake and you're very precious to us xx
  7. eve

    March Madness

    Lol Jazz, my dog cupboards are the same - full to the brim - ours not so much! Though to be fair we do have enough food to keep us going for a couple of weeks even if we couldn't get to the shops between cupboard fridge and freezer. Fresh milk might be an issue after a few days but as I don't have it I don't care - Richard would just have to have black tea lol. I've never stockpiled, don't have the room for it, but I seem to have a disproportionate amount of tuna to everything else, 4 tins and 8 sachets! Marion, my brother had/has the virus. Well as much as you can be sure without being tested. The isolation seems to being observed in Dunoon from what I've seen apart from a few brats that people are moaning about on our local facebook page - kids going around in groups of more than two. Not seen them myself but they're not likely to be roaming around when we take the dogs out in the morning. Been lovely here today, sunny and quite warm if you weren't in the chilly breeze. Don't think I'd survive if I didn't have a garden to potter around in.
  8. eve

    March Madness

    I love Rear Window Griff, one of my favourite films. How's Steve? hope his cough was just that and no other symptoms have developed. Pleased Ruby feels up to drawing and helping cook dinner. Shows how well she's doing. I don't iron at all, unless it's for something important. Everything is smoothed out before it goes on the radiators to dry and body heat can take care of the rest lol. Sausage and mash here for dinner. Was lovely and sunny here today. Took the dogs down the beach early this morning and had the place mostly to ourselves. Spent the rest of the day working in the garden. That was good going for Philip having the shopping done for 7. Our shops aren't even open then! First hour at Morrisons is for NHS workers.
  9. eve

    March Madness

    Not laughing at your situation Suzeanna , just your sense of humour. Thanks Griff, my cousin is getting her shopping for her. Sheila was just trying to save her the journey as my cousin is a key worker in a care home but she's not going to starve. Oh no Jazz, hope you're not in too much pain. And stop teasing about what you and Lewis are doing, what've you got to look forward to? How is cleaning and doing the laundry not boring Yantan lol. You'll be telling us you iron stuff next 😲 Some of the others are fine. Come on out everyone else. Social isolating doesn't apply to social media 😊
  10. eve

    March Madness

    Hope everyone is as well as they can be today 😊 Glad you got a slot for Sainsbury delivery. My sister can't get a Tesco slot for 3 weeks and Sainsbury aren't taking any new registrations. Don't think she's tried Asda but suspect they're similar. How's Ruby feeling? Is Steve still working Griff?
  11. eve

    March Madness

    We had the clapping of appreciation for all the NHS services at 8pm. Accompanied by much dog barking, especially mine. Neighbour is a nurse who has two labs who also joined in with the barking so I'm sure she didn't mind. Glad that you're not really ill Suzeanna, that'll teach you to believe the oncologists. I'm sure you'll take all the necessary precautions nevertheless. Stay safe lovely lady xx
  12. eve

    March Madness

    My sister hasn't had a letter yet either and she is definitely in a vulnerable category. She's been taking a little 10 minute walk some days when the weather is good and feeling better for it. She's in a second floor flat with no garden so needs a bit of fresh air and exercise now and again. My cousin does her shopping for her so she's not stuck for that. Drizzly again here today but still got out in the garden and potted up some plug plants. Left them out there to get acclimatised and soak up some of the lovely Scottish rain. Hoping for no frost tonight lol Dogs didn't want a long walk today. Maybe because I was up at silly o'clock and they thought they should still be in bed lol. Bit worrying seeing that you're not allowed to drive your dogs to their walk. Honey is petrified to set foot out of the garden unless it's to get in the car and drive to the beach. Not sure if it applies in Scotland or not yet but if it does she won't be able to have her walk.
  13. eve

    March Madness

    Suzeanna, our Morrisons seem to be doing the same, one trolley and one person, that'll be me then. We don't need much at the moment, just fresh vegetables.
  14. eve

    March Madness

    Really confusing isn't it. My sister, who probably should've had a letter hasn't had one yet so took herself off for a 10 minute walk round the block today. Didn't interact with anyone but just needed some fresh air and exercise. She's in a 2nd floor flat so no garden to potter about in. At least I have that
  15. eve

    March Madness

    Thanks Jazz. He'll be getting all his proof of earnings ready for when the scheme starts. Hopefully that will be soon. Pleased Ruby is enjoying her tea and toast Yantan.
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