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  1. Doesn't Colette have a copy of the death certificate Griff? As that would state where the death was registered. Or is she not in the picture to ask? Sorry if I've missed that. Bloody mindless idiots Owl. I know everything can be replaced or repaired but as you say it knocks the fragile confidence of vulnerable people. Which is unforgiveable. Nothing sort of day here. Murky weather and had no inclination to do anything. Was up half the night with a dodgy stomach so had a couple of hours kip this afternoon. I never do that so must have needed it and feel much brighter now.
  2. Was nice here too today, couple of light showers but sunny otherwise. Got loads done in the garden so tired and achey, but enjoyed myself. Can't do Christmas shopping this early. Haven't got so many to buy for nowadays but December is early enough for me. I'm sure you'll be fine Owl. It's always daunting thinking about the journey but what a relief when you've done it and can just relax and enjoy the holiday. That sounds weird Griff. I do hope Carl WAS dead when he was cremated lol (sorry if innapropriate humour).
  3. Good news Jazz, but did you ask about the dentures?
  4. Aw Alex, the joys of puppies. We bought a spray when we got Kai as a puppy but never needed it as he was such a good boy. Stanley, on the other hand was the puppy from hell and I wish we'd had stuff to deter him then. Anything that could be chewed, was chewed - money, carpets, doors, coatstands all got destroyed. He did grow out of it eventually but I'm not sure how we (or he lol) survived till he did. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow Jazz. That guy is unbelievable Owl. But he'll just get a slap on the wrist - a fine and some points on his licence at worst I bet.
  5. Great news about the dog Owl. Glad the introductions went well. Brilliant news on the weight loss Yantan. Not done much today apart from the usual dog walks etc. Wandered into town and bought a compost caddy for the kitchen to contribute to filling up my new beehive compost bin I constructed yesterday. Living life in the fast lane lol. Hope you have a more exciting evening than I'm going to have. No more medical dramas please xx
  6. Your resident dogs are so brilliant Jazz, accepting all these fosters with all their different hang ups.
  7. Glad your mum is on your side Griff. She suffers the bad side of him too. Just 😲 about your family tragedy. Don't know how else to respond to that. Sounds like you're getting there with the fosters Jazz. So pleased they're coming out of their shells. Thanks for explaining the sats Yantan. As Suzeanna asked, how do you measure them at home?
  8. So pleased your sats are up Yantan - I'm guessing that's a good thing lol, forgive my ignorance.
  9. Agree with Owl, he is very lucky to have you Griff. He's a damaged soul and you need each other right now. That's all that matters for the moment xx
  10. I can confirm you are no minger Griff, quite the opposite. And Steve is far too complex a person for it to be as simple as not wanting to be seen with you. Think of him as a rescue dog, where you don't know the full background, and with many issues that need worked through gradually. Which you're doing brilliantly.
  11. Sending good thoughts to Yantan. Hope you're better soon xx
  12. That sounds like heaven Suzeanna - apart from cutting the grass lol
  13. How did your doctors appointment go Yantan? Hope the fosters are settling in Jazz. Is it just respite fostering for them or are they going to be rehomed? How's things Griff? Can't believe how your dad behaved to you and your mum. 14 dogs Suzeanna! I can barely cope with three. How on earth did you manage? Pleased Wispa's manicure went without any problems. Sounds like Lily's a bright wee thing Alex. Great she's so sociable with other dogs too even if it distracts her from her recall lol. Wet and miserable here this afternoon. Least it was dry and sunny this morning for the dog walks.
  14. Kai, my GSD was the only one I've had from a puppy in recent years. He housetrained really quickly but had Stanley, Maisie & Tiffy to copy plus it was a lovely dry July when we got him so we spent lots of time outdoors. Stanley was a bit longer but we got him in December when it was wet and cold and as a staffy, therefore allergic to rain, it was harder to get him outside when needed. He got there in the end with newspapers getting nearer and nearer to the door each day.
  15. Sorry your consultamt is leaving Griff. hope his replacement is as good. Good luck with Wispa's claws being clipped on Wednesday Owl.
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