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  1. Hope it all fits in Blackmagic. Safe journey back home. You're not tactless at all Owl. It's lovely to have some good news to cheer us up. We share good times and bad on here. Really happy for you. Hope your tummy settles down Jazz. How frustrating for Philip, Suzeanna. Hope he's not hanging about too long. On the upside, you have free reign on the internet for a while lol.
  2. Sun and showers here today. Got the dogs out in a dry spell. Mostly a quiet day here. We binge watched Sons of Anarchy till half 4 this morning 🥴 Not my usual kind of programme and not how I usually watch TV (normally got no interest in it) but somehow got sucked in and watched it for hours lol. Needless to say I've been zombified most of the day and will have an early night tonight!
  3. Amazon also deliver alcohol Suzeanna. Richard often gets Bacardi from them when it's cheaper than supermarkets. Sorry Ruby's feeling so bad today. Very gentle virtual squishes for you both. Been mostly lovely here today. One short shower but mostly warm and sunny.
  4. Never know what to say with all of you going through your treatments or waiting for appointments. Hope you know I'm thinking of you all and praying for the best possible outcome for you.
  5. Will they still expect breakfast tomorrow Jazz? My lot aren't greedy and wouldn't have touched just dog food. Would have to have had something like chicken or cheese to get them eating ordinary dog food lol.
  6. Hope your stomach keeps today's tea in too Jazz. Did you get your antibiotics Yantan? I've no problem with owners of holiday lets getting grants to help them out. I do object to them hiking up their prices now they're allowed to let again, some almost 50% up on last year. I'm not desperate to go away anywhere, mind you, so it won't affect us. When things are a bit more 'normal' we're hoping to travel down to Eastbourne in gradual stages stopping off at various places for a few nights here and there, visiting friends and family on the way down. Obviously won't be for a while, but something to look forward to. Hope everyone has had a good day xx
  7. That's tragic Suzeanna. Seems to be a lottery as to who gets what treatment. Pleased Ruby is getting hers, even if it is gruelling. Was lovely here today with lots of sun, though a bit of a chilly breeze at times. Back to cloudy and gloomy tomorrow though. Feels like we've already had our summer in late spring lol. Hope you avoided all vicious wildlife today Owl.
  8. ooft Owl, nasty. Not surprised that was you done for the day. Hope you're ok. I've had a few bee stings before but not a wasp. Heard they're worse than beestings. Suzeanna, Philip is right, most of the heavy drinking up here is done by the more mature members of the population, not the youngsters.
  9. Lol Yantan, you know how to tempt me. Where I live isn't too bad as it does depend on visitors for its economy but some of the scenes at the border yesterday were sickening and got me so angry. Sorry for the rant last night, blame it on lockdown madness and a couple of glasses of wine. Sunshine and showers here. Managed to get the dogs out during a dry spell and got a bit of deadheading done while dodging some more showers.
  10. Not just the clothing industry Suzeanna, they had a huge BLM rally with no social distancing whatasoever recently but that won't have caused it obviously. Had to laugh at the scooter incident. Hopefully no Candy's were hurt - aim for Philip next time lol. I am seriously investigating buying a house in Berwick on Tweed if it gets any worse up here. Seen one that could be perfect on Rightmove earlier. Woo hoo we could nearly be neighbours Yantan lol. It's at joke level at the moment but if it gets any nastier I'm off. Richard is English and I spent the majority of my life there. I was so happy to come back to my homeland but I won't put up with the vitriol that is being spewed out at the moment in the name of 'Nationilism'. It's evil and divisive. Mini rant over lol. You can tell I've had too much time to think lately.
  11. Owl, that sounds horrendous and straight out of Midsomer Murders! Can the Trust do as Griff suggests and put some cameras up? It sounds like it's getting dangerous when wheel nuts are being loosened. No haircuts here till 15th July, I'm assuming the 2m rule will be relaxed for that but it hasn't been explicitly mentioned. It stays for just about everything else and from next Friday we have to wear masks in shops even though we haven't had to for the past 14 weeks and presumably next week is safe too. Wonder why the virus is going to be particularly virulent from then in Scotland but nowhere else. You wicked English people haven't been breathing hard in our direction have you and your germs are set to land then 😂 Everything is your fault, don't you know.
  12. The first few posts on this page are from a novel, right? Intrigue and fake personas lol. My life is sooo boring in comparison. Bindi sounds like Nick Jazz. He is a total clown with his chewies, tossing them around and chasing after them but if one goes in an inaccesible (to him) place the whole house knows about it. Hope you get your TV problems fixed Owl. Think I'd only miss football if I didn't have one but I could mostly watch those online. Richard watches TV a lot so it's often on but I only listen to the radio and read if he's not here. Heavy rain here today so didn't get the dogs out till 6ish. Lovely blue skies now but more rain forecast for tomorrow. Was going to have a rant on something but probably best not to. Life is what it is.
  13. Been a surprisingly warm and sunny day here. Back to heavy rain tomorrow though. Lots of pottering in the garden got done by us all. I'm not over fussed with use by dates and will eat something a bit past the date if it looks and smells ok but don't think I could deliberately buy something that was out of date. Had a quick swizz of that site and a lot of it was.
  14. Thank F&£k June is over Jazz lol. Hope your brother is ok Yantan. Strange twist with the swan story Owl. Do they often fight and try to drown each other? I have always had a healthy respect for them, mind you. I remember one trying to attack Kai (a huuuge GSD) when he was paddling about in the water at Loch Lomond. Big dope was totally oblivious to them but we called him back out of the water just in case.
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