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  1. Hello - I think you are the lady helped my sister with reiki. Her name was Lisa, she died March 16th Last year. She really appreciated all your help and positive comments. Thank you!!x

  2. Blimey Marian. I wasn't accusing you of ignoring a dog in a bad way I was just explaining that it's not always possible to ignore a dog (or carry on as normal when fireworks are going off) if your dog has a bad reaction to them. General advice IS to ignore a dog when it reacts badly to fireworks, but that doesn't work with Sno unfortunately. I would be very upset if someone chose to leave this forum because of a post I made I hope I haven't been responsible for anyone else leaving. Maybe it would be best if I wasn't on here anymore. Thank you Mel
  3. I thought so too. There was another horse in there recently until they died The remaining one looks physically healthy and has had a rug put on recently and has some kind of shelter area but they must spend so much time alone. Still I don't know the owner, their circumstance and maybe they go in each day to see the horse and I've just never seen them there. Hope Neo is ok
  4. It's great to ignore them when you can, but believe me it's not possible when your dog is freaking out so much they're trying to climb under/behind the tv, into the fireplace, getting into a corner and tangled up in cables etc. etc. Not safe to ignore them when they're in danger of hurting themselves. I have four dogs and have previously owned other dogs and Sno is the first dog to be at all bothered by fireworks so it's not me causing his fear. I just do whatever I can to help him through it If he goes to his crate I leave him be, if he's about to hurt himself, I intervene. Am very thankful that so far this year the fireworks have been minimal and Sno's reaction has been the best yet. Hoping desperately this continues tomorrow night.
  5. Very sorry to hear that Jules I know what you mean too. I lost a very good friend when we were both in our mid 20s. Such a waste, she was a beautiful person, such a joy to be around. Am really hoping for another peaceful night on the fireworks front. Checked on the horse today and she just seemed to be chilling in the field grazing, so hopefully ok. I don't know much about horses but she always seems to be on her own, I worry she's lonely
  6. Have merged two threads as they are both about Rosie. Really hope she is found safely very soon
  7. :wub: Happy 1st Birthday Flissy! :wub: Look forward to photos
  8. For those shopping online, please remember easy fundraising Oldies Club has an account, so does Dogstar and others so you can fundraise as you shop, without any additional costs to yourself The Oldies Club link is here:
  9. You can get silent fireworks, I wish more people would buy them! I hope the horse is ok too. I have no idea who she belongs to; when I found the dead horse in the field not so long ago I walked around for ages trying to work out who might own them. The field is adjacent to the display one and there's a bridle path in between but it's still very close indeed. I shall try to see how she looks tomorrow. Maybe the owner did move her, I was up there around midday today. Thinking about it there are a load of horses in a field across the road from the display I think, but I suspect they have stables over the other side of that field and at least those horses are in a group. I feel sorry for this one, they must get bored on their own surely He is doing well isn't he I think he still reacts to the same things - and he still freaked out about flies during the summer - but I think it's his recovery times that are improving. He did get freaked out by banging on a walk today and then his stubborn side comes through too and he refused to go anywhere other than home (why would we want to walk towards the noise he sensibly asked ) but thankfully it was the end of the walk anyway.
  10. Very glad the knives have turned up "safely" Sending lots of good thoughts for all those animals troubled by fireworks. I suspect there will be a few more going off over the next few days at least, but dare I say, I think this has been the "best" fireworks night since we adopted Sno (I didn't have to worry about it before that). We had a local display in a field down the road but made sure we were tucked up inside a noisy house by then and we've had a few before and after but it seems better than previous years, much better. Sno has had a freak out or two and I've had to physically stop him from doing silly things but he is doing very well indeed
  11. Very glad the vet doesn't seem concerned about his health I was just thinking the same thing, having read that he is eating with the others at the mo I know Sno will walk away from his food if he gets scared by something, though the dogs are all very good at leaving each other to eat and only swapping bowls once they're done. Sno has become increasingly food motivated but still not so bothered as the others. Well unless it's steak Also, have you thought about trying him on some flower remedies to help him settle in? I don't know whether things were stressful for him before he came to you but even moving into a wonderful new home is a change for him, so maybe some things to help him adjust? I tend to give new and existing dogs Bach Walnut (for change) when we have a new one arrive and others depending on the situation.
  12. Hope Daisy is ok Need to put a wash on but am saving it until just before the local fireworks display starts as the sound will help muffle the noise!
  13. I was going to suggest Do not stand at my grave and weep too. I think it's beautiful.
  14. Oh my god, how horrible How could you put your own dog through that? Tis bad enough when someone else decides to put your own dog through it. Poor dog. There's a display in a field down the road in an hour or so, but at least we know when and where. We are all tucked up safely inside but I do worry about all those animals that aren't There's a horse in the field next to the display, I hope she will be ok.
  15. I was thinking today, after reading about the "youths" that were using some kind of firework to fight each other in the streets in a UK city (Liverpool or Manchester I think), I wonder why they don't go after fireworks in the same way they do dogs. They're readily available, they're dangerous as hell in the wrong hands and they get hurled at random people, used to abuse animals etc. I wonder what the stats are on firework v dog injuries/fatalities over the years. Bumbling Boris is ace. I really shouldn't like him but I love him
  16. Ooh definitely don't feel guilty Victoria, he obviously appreciates your help and has the money to pay, so accept happily! I think showing him Molly is a fab idea Going to make a fire, have a shower, then make some tuna cake in the hope it will help distract Sno a little and then settle down for an evening of erm, fun Though I have been so happy that up to tonight we have only heard a few fireworks, literally a handful. I just hope that once tonight is over with, they'll have used everything up. One of the village churches is having a celebration but they are very kindly just having a bonfire, no fireworks! I think it's a roast potatoes evening.
  17. Hope he is ok I know people suggest the picking it up after x minutes method but I've read of various dogs who just don't seem to care and end up eating even less, so as Ben is already underweight, I wasn't sure about suggesting it. The vet check sounds like a good plan.
  18. Oh no! So sorry to hear the pin in her leg might have snapped. Really hope things go well tomorrow and this doesn't set her recovery back too much Hope you have recovered from the asthma and hiccuping too!
  19. Thank you for your lovely comments I haven't seen the lady since but if I do I will give her my website address so she can get in touch for the photos if she'd like them. It was one of those annoying walks where you would really like to hang around and chat longer but are in a hurry to get back for something!
  20. Happy Gotcha Day Kizzy :wub: I didn't realise she'd been with you that long Cher. What a lovely girl she looks Beautiful eyes.
  21. Sending Reiki for Merlin Could we have a photo please?
  22. Sending Reiki for Susan Don't forget the Distant Healing Network too: and if you'd like me to put a request on the Reiki lists, let me know what info is ok to crosspost Wishing her a full recovery.
  23. Good girl for eating all your food up Milly Reiki still coming
  24. If you are wanting him to put on weight, I would have thought feeding him smaller meals more often would be the best way to do that - is it worth trying that to see if he will eat that way, might fit in more with his previous free feeding too? Maybe a smaller meal would be less overwhelming for him? I know it's a different situation but when Sweetie was ill and lost her appetite and weight, our holistic vet advised to feed her more often (so I did 3-4 meals a day as you would for a puppy) and to add fish oil and olive oil to help boost appetite. Sno is the pickiest of our dogs, the others wouldn't walk away from their bowl for anything but he will walk away, have a cuddle and if he gets scared about something, he does need a bit of coaxing. Appreciate that's not necessarily a route you want to take but I find sometimes I just need to sit with him and perhaps hold the bowl, and he'll eat then. Some would consider me too soft I'm sure, but I do it for him because I know he's a sensitive soul and many days he will eat happily on his own. I guess you are possibly not at the feeding-in-the-same-room-as-another-dog stage yet? But if/when you are, having another dog around might help encourage him to eat too? Also, you have probably thought of this, but when was he last wormed, maybe that needs doing?
  25. They're very good aren't they
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