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  1. daft question but is the cat vaccinated? is he an outdoor cat and is it possible he's picked up catflu from a new cat in the neighbourhood? this can be quite dangerous to some cats if they have bad immunity or other issues so may be worth checking with the vet. hope he's ok
  2. i put rocker last time, am tempted to just put "no" this time
  3. aww poor baby. hope she recovers soon
  4. thanks for that, i still can't access dp, wont let me join with yahoo e-mail and admins never reply to e-mails
  5. can you pm me. will try help all i can, or you can e-mail me, but put something in the subject bar so i recognise it
  6. apologies, not been on in a while. did u get sorted with this?
  7. does it have to be dogs? I think riding for the disabled are very work experience friendly.
  8. have just been to bishop burton open day. It looks an amazing place and course sounds great. I'd be looking to do the distance learning option but i'm wondering if ( or should it be who cos i'm sure some will have) anyone else on here has or is doing it? i am trying to sign up to the training courses forum just waiting 4 approval but any thoughts or experiences of the course much appreciated. I can't afford coape course as i'm hoping for lea funding for BB one. And i'm looking to get some sort of recognised qualification. any thought anyone?
  9. the only time we had a dog take that long to go out after homevisit was passed was because the dog picked up campylobacter and it took quite a while to treat and get the all clear from her sample.usual time after home visit is 1 week or less for us, same day in some circumstances.
  10. It's a great idea. I have tried searching for that kind of uk resource in the past but the only site i found at the time was about dalmations. It was a while ago tho.I have thought when it comes to getting another dog i would like to home a deaf dog, and think there must be other people out there looking to take on something that specific too.Brilliant idea, all credit to ya.
  11. border collie trust might be worth a look too
  12. i hate that i've done my back in yet again, but i love the fact my cat tried to sneak under the duvet this morning
  13. I know there are risks with vaccines and treatments, but in all honesty i'd rather take the small risk of a vaccine reaction or side effect than the much greater risk of my dog contracting parvo or similar when i could have done something to try prevent it. Parvo is very much still out there, in my area at least and it's been around the country quite a lot this year from what i've seen on other forums. Also i work in a kennels, and if i want to take my dog to work she has to be up to date with an annual vaccine. I would love to only vaccinate 3 yearly but would not be allowed to take her to work in an emergency if i did that. I know in particular some pain releif treatment don't work for all dogs, particularly if they have kidney problems. and if i could find an alternative that worked for my animal i'd happily use it,same for any medication. I would go with whatever worked for my own dog, but i wouldn't automatically rule out painkillers if my dog was in pain, i would certainly try them short term to make my dog comfortable. I would do the same for myself if i was in pain. i can understand your reasoning tho,all i can do is put my trust in my vet,and make sure my dog is happy.
  14. Back again friday morning through no fault of her own ( owners health issues) but miraculously reserved again today! fingers crossed this is it and the girl finally gets a place to call home..forever.
  15. Lucy went home today..way to go! crossing everything she has a happy life and this is her forever home.
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