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  1. mine don't wear collars unless they go out, but thats my choice, there are risks either way (but mostly very unfortunate and hardly ever happen) so its your choice I have to have a good safe collar for my youngest as he's prone to lunging and has managed to break out of normal clip collars, so I use rogz dogz which look rather snazzy as well
  2. Thank you, they are perfect
  3. Thank you very much, great action shot
  4. I am so shocked by the news. Rest in peace Lesley and hugs to her family
  5. Hi All, I am looking for some flyball photos or any other dog activity that people wouldn't mind being used on 2 canine massage websites. All photos would be gratefully received . Thank you Jodie
  6. We use 2 vets, the closest is for emergencies or laziness lol, and the one further away for everything else. Its your money and your choice
  7. Just wanted to say a huge Happy New Year to everyone on here. Don't seem to get time to interact much at the moment, but will try and do an update at some point as quite a lot has happened in the past year. Hope 2010 brings happiness and good fortune to all
  8. No snow here either :(

  9. I have just ordered one with cosmetic damage (the cheapest one), and can't wait for it to arrive
  10. To be honest I thought that would be the outcome, but you still feel that maybe they might be looking for someone outside. I sent off my assignments and case studies today, yay. Just have to revise now - I'll be so nervous on the exam day. I hope to make it a part time career and then find something else to fit in the gaps (or vice versa).
  11. Well I had a letter today, which basically told me what I already knew would happen - 'due to an internal promotion the vacancy is filled'. So back to the drawing board
  12. I am doing the ICAT Canine Remedial Massage Course, which is a great course. It will have taken me 18 months of assignments and case studies to pass, and also 4 trips down to Devon for hands on training. Though my credit card is feeling the strain.
  13. wow I'm so surprised at how many people don't like their names. My name is Jodie which I don't mind and can't think of anything else I'd rather be called!!. Most people call me Jod which is said Jo'd not as in jod-phurs lol. I've never been called Jo cause my mum hates it, but thats fine by me. My mum is called Barbara which is usually shortened to Barb and by very old friends as Babs. I have always liked boys names to be the ones that can be shortened eg Samuel - Sam, Thomas - Tom, Jacob - Jake etc. I think a lot of names are liked and disliked by the people we know or have known. Must say that I hate it when people spell my name wrong and write it down as Jody, don't really know why, but I assume its just because its the wrong spelling (and i think that is the way that the boys version is spelt?)
  14. Thank you for all being behind me . Things have been quite hectic for me. I was made redundant for the 2nd time in 9 months which is very hard. I have also been trying to finish assignments for my course, so that I have plenty of time to revise for my exams in October. Good news is that I've finished my assignments and just have to print them off when the ink cartridges arrive (yes they ran out at the vital moment lol). But fingers crossed for everything. Will post some pics of me and my gang soon (I had to take them to use in leaflets and website etc for my course). ps. i love this forum
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