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  1. No words except we were there last December Ishkha began to suffer from CDRM and we wanted her to go before her life became miserable. We all know how you must be feeling. Play hard run free little man, you were truly loved.
  2. If you have finished your tea, and would like to see some very newborn kittens and maybe more to come here is a link to our web cam:- http://www.ustream.t...acle-kitten-cam Please ignore the Treacle name and the date, it is from last year. But the camera is live!
  3. So sorry to hear about your trouble that happened! I hope that by putting in the measures you have done, will make you feel more in control and more secure within your home. We had the misfortune to have one of our hanging baskets stolen at 12.22 am last Friday night/Saturday morning. He came in a large silver estate car which he parked up the road an ran down to us snatched the basket, losing plants and ran into son in law's van breaking the wind mirror off in pieces, and left him with a bit we cannot find - missing. We heard a bump, but the dogs didn't bark, it was when we took them for a last walk that we noticed the damage and loss. The bulbs in the bottom of the basket were a present from some friends for Christmas, and are still in the matching basket. Have managed to locate another basket and plant up again, minus the bulbs. Will put out again now Mother's day is over!
  4. Good news dog was found a few days ago. He had been tried to a tree, a bit thin, but otherwise okay. Lets hope they get him chipped now. He was in the Northampton area, the dog warden checked the dog lost site, and so thankfully he is reunited with his owners.
  5. Please look at this poster of a dog that has been reported lost let us make him too hot to handle! He need regular meds for epilepsy and hasn't had them for over 48 hours! http://www.doglost.c...php?dogId=28503 Please post on FB or Twitter! Believed to be with travellers.
  6. Gosh he sounds dreadful! Could it be something relatively simple like a urine infection? I do know that if older person gets one it can cause all sorts of strange things to happen. My son has let us know he has arrived at his flat in Tokyo. He said the only damage was that one of his bonsai tree plants had fallen over! He mentioned a collapsed supermarket, and said he wasn't too far from it. My friend's husband is due to go to Japan for work for a week next Monday, and she naturally doesn't want him to go. I am pretty sure it will be north of Tokyo, which means he will be closer to the devastation. My daughter was in Christchurch around this time last year, they stayed in a hostel just opposite the cathedral that collapsed. They stayed there for around 3 nights, and she said she would have liked to have taken their new baby back to show him (as she was in the early stages when they were there), but not now. Better to remember it as it was before.
  7. Thankfully, we have heard from my son who lives and works in and around Tokyo. He was walking along a pavement/sidewalk at the time. My other son has a girlfriend in the Philipines and we are hoping they all stay safe. For those involved our thoughts are very much with them all.
  8. Congratulations on the house acquisition and the brave move all that way from somewhere you lived previously. It looks a super house, and you will be fighting fit with all those walks and swimming indoors!
  9. Congratulations, here is hoping that the sickness will subside soon, and you will indeed begin to enjoy your pregnancy and bloom as you are so looking forward to. One thing to remember, they usually say that sickness is a good sign of a well established pregnancy. Well done.
  10. Good idea! We had a Landseer Newf from a pup, and we feel all the giant/large breeds should not do long walks until they are more mature. They shouldn't have dogs if they cannot be with them more, even if the dogs have the companionship of one another. Perhaps the pup is out because it needs walking more, otherwise it will have some toileting accidents in the house? The environmental health department at their local council would advise the locals to keep a noise diary if they were wishing it to be taken further I suppose. Our Newfie was not a barker, and seemed to be a lot quieter than the ones you mention. In fact they are fantastic at holding the floor down!
  11. Ohh! Jazz you have been through a lot lately, take it easy on yourself. Don't try to do too much too soon. You really need time to heal yourself physically and mentally. You must not think day at a time, but hour at a time.
  12. I would love to enter for one of these leads, as we are currently fostering a lovely young labrador for Labrador Lifeline Trust. Yes, I know we usually have cats, long story! I have rejoined the TRPD site, but I am waiting to be approved, I hope I can be approved before the entries close!
  13. I thought I was always Judith gsd to start with on this site, but due to the difficulty I had last year/early this year, I used another one (as a busy cat fosterer) hence the mad as a catter! So in answer to your question probably - I think.
  14. See now I am even more confused, as it has me down as user name mad as a catter, not Judith gsd which I was notified of in the email last night. I will go and make a cuppa and see what gems of wisdom may evolve from these posts of mine. Maybe I should create another user name and call myself confused fosterer!
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