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  1. Fantastic - especialy pleased as it is often undervalued black boys getting rehomed Had lovely evening with friends watching Strictly final with friends and a bottle of rather nice sauvignon blanc! Now home and feeling christmassy but white christmas has just come on ipod... followed by let it snow... Hmmmm... we have escaped this bout of snow but forcast for tonight/tomorrow. My road still about 6" deep in compacted rutted ice. Fear if it snows tonight I'll be trapped in again. Hope everyone ok in (or rather not in) snow
  2. So sorry to hear about Fudge and Gracie Squirrel. Thinking of you. Bob is gorgeous! I'd quite like to give him a big kiss on the pink bit of his schnozz!
  3. Post up here in Edinburgh very hit and miss. It seems to be coming in fits and starts, so I'll have nothing for 2-3 days and then a load will come through! Dogstar pud arrive though! Didn't take as long as expected - think it took about 4 days.
  4. Some really smart and obviously happy dogs! Both of mine have fave toys, and will root throught their toy box to find them. Finn's is a snowman which is falling apart a bit so it has to be rationed and Billy's is a guinea pig from ikea! They will at times definately look through their box and select a particular toy.
  5. I did a home visit where the kids had an aquamat/aquadraw thing which is a big mat (suprise!) and a pen which is filled with water and then draws on the mat - parents thought it was brilliant for kids! Sorry not explained it well, but I'm sure early learning will have them!
  6. I'm so impressed with EASYFUNDRAISING! Over the couple of years I've been doing it I've accumulated over £50 of donations - which is incredible for doing nothing!! Even the 2p for a music dowload makes a difference when I do multiple downloads! I now remind eveyone I know to use it for whatever charity they support.
  7. Well done!!!! It's a great feeling winning out - and you should be dead chuffed with Keira and with yourself for doing it!! Good luck for grade 2!
  8. Congratulations Abby! Sorry you are still being poorly - hope you start feeling better soon.
  9. I've never done anything with the OU, but wanted to say that that course looks brilliant - really interesting. I really hope you enjoy it!
  10. She's stunning I'm not very good with names, but I did once meet a very pretty collie called Frog! Lovely to see a little guest star appearance from Flora in the pics too!
  11. Lovely to hear about new dog and new job! I have a new washing machine - very exciting as old one went bang and made nasty burning smells! It has a special setting specifically for lingerie, so obviously I must be the type of person who has copious quantities of glamorous undies It sadly doesn't have a 'dog hair' setting which may be more appropriate!
  12. That made me howl!!! Brilliant!
  13. Hello Not been around for ages as finishing my PhD has kept me rather busy! Anyway, it's done now and I actually have my life back. Yay! Sadly no job though, but hopefully something will come along soon. I'm sure lots has happened here recently, both good and not so good, but I hope everyone is generally ok. Anyhow, in the spirit of RMF... my nose is cold!!
  14. Had no internet for the past few days so only just seen this I'm so sorry
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