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  1. So sorry to hear this. Sleep tight Lesley my sincerest condolences to Barry and Family.
  2. Bernie

    Mal Not Well

    I'm so sorry Billy Mal will never leave your heart, there is a very special place for him always. I understand just how you must be feeling, I lost my old lad a couple of weeks ago, hopefuly he and Mal are now playing together in the Summerlands healthy and free from pain.
  3. Awww gorgeous George, hope you and your Mum have a lovely day with lots of goodies.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARION hope you have a good day.
  5. My O/H has an old S reg Wagon R, it was mine originally from new and yes with rear seats folded down it will fit crates in the back depending on size of course, although small crates may just fit without.
  6. Cher, well done for first taking in this little unhappy girl, for teaching her that life can be wonderful, giving her the confidence she needed and then making the difficult decision to let her go to a new and loving home. Thanks to you she can now move on to a long and happy life, something she couldn't have done without your TLC.
  7. Dylan is absolutely petrified of them, as soon as he hears one he is alerted and waiting for any more. You name it we've tried it and nothing works, so we just go away for 10 days into the middle of nowhere. Scampi never bothered until he picked up on Dyl's fears, now he shakes and trembles. One night we could cope with but for over a week it's virtually impossible.
  8. Lots of positive thoughts for Sham Marion. I do hope she's feeling better and back to her normal self in the morning. Perhaps I should come round with treats in my pocket.
  9. Scampi's leg when it was bandaged, Dylan thought it was a new toy, luckily I was there and spotted him.
  10. She's a little RDR girl from the pound and we all know how little itsy bitsy tri coloured miniature Collies find their way to wiccaweys, they stowaway in my car.
  11. That is fabulous Clare. In such a short time you have made a house into your special home. It now looks loved and lived in. You have come a long way in the last 12 months many congratulations.
  12. I had a feeling there was a conspiracy afoot the day I took this little chappie to Wiccaweys, I think there was a slight mention of Grandma Squirrel in passing. The little chappie has certainly landed on all four paws. Thank you Sarah and Paul for taking him and Grandma Squirrel for giving this teeny lad the most wonderful home.
  13. Aww Michelle, Scooby certainly decided from the beginning he was going to stay with you and Martyn forever. Congratulations now you've realised it too.
  14. Torn ligaments CAN take almost forever to heal, well months but it feels like forever. Try to think RICE Rest, ice, (but only for around 10 minutes at a time). Compression,(tubigrip type bandage)to fit snuggly but not tight, and finally Elevation, which means resting your foot on a chair or stool to keep it approximately knee height.
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