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  1. Sham left us for the Bridge today, peacefully at home with us by her side We had five fantastic years loving her and she us hopefully. She enjoyed all her holidays in Scotland too and used to find her way back when we were lost. I can't find the words at the moment and if I could I'd go on forever about Sham. She brought us joy, love and laughter in bucket fulls. The house isn't the same without her. Thanks to Oldies Club for allowing us to adopt this very special girl. We will love and miss her always.
  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl Looks like you enjoyed yourself.
  3. Happy 6th Gotcha Day Timmy You look a little
  4. Happy 2nd Gotcha Day Susie You are a stunner
  5. Happy Gotcha Day Scoobs and many more of them.
  6. So very sorry to hear this sad news. Sleep tight Tessie reunited with your loved ones.
  7. Jasmine


    Happy 1st Gotcha day to our beautiful Gracie Gone by so fast but you've come on in leaps and bounds.
  8. Jasmine


    Happy 5th Gotcha day to our beautiful Shammie Although she was diagnosed with epulis in November she's not doing too bad. She's lost some weight and muscle but still eating like a horse and going on her walks. She can even run when there is a biscuit on offer. We're having a party tomorrow and I'm making them beef stew and dumplings, not sure if Lindy and Grace will get any when Sham's around though. On the Heath wondering who's ahead. Her fave place only usually she's closer with her nose touching. Enjoying a stroll along the beach in Scotland. Enjoying her walk.
  9. Happy 3rd Gotcha day, glad you had a lovely day. She's beautiful and no I'm not biased.
  10. So sorry, sleep tight Todd
  11. Wow, she looks fab and also enjoying herself by the looks of things, love the coat too.
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