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  1. A friend bought a laptop from Toys r us last year and when they had a problem with a charger toys r us arranged a replacement so I cant see how PC World can wriggle out of it. If its packed in so soon then its def not fit for purpose.
  2. Oh no thats awful I really did hope it wasnt true
  3. Just seen a post on our local freecycle appealing for bedding for Freshfields. It says theyve had a fire and sadly lost some animals and many others are very ill Has anybody else heard anything? I feel really sick thinking about it and hope its not true but cant see why somebody would post about it if it wasnt true. Poor poor animals...really hope things are okay
  4. Theres just been a post on our local freecycle appealing for bedding for Freshfields. In the post it says theyve had a fire and sadly lost some animals Has anybody else heard anything about this? Im keeping everything crossed that its not the case
  5. What a lovely tribute to your special girl
  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys (tbh am surprised any of you remember me seeing as all I do is lurk lol Feels weird posting a reply
  7. If theres any Deed not Breed peeps online could they ping me please...its about a dog thats just been taken by the police. Thanks
  8. Happy Birthday handsome Hope your having fun at the bridge to Tracey
  9. Yesterday I went with my friend to the RSPCA to see if they had any rescue buns that were looking for a new home. While we were there we had to have a look at the dogs (even though I knew it would break my heart ) Id say at least 50% of the dogs were bull breeds or crosses and it was heartbreaking to see them in their kennels looking totally miserable and dejected until you spoke to them and then they were desperate to be cuddled, fussed and was even more heartbreaking knowing I had to walk away as unfortunately Im just not in a position to take on another pooch There was one poor doglet who had the most severe bowed front legs I have ever seen and he had the most pathetic sad lonely look on his face...above his kennel (where the number of the dog usually is) was a sign saying "not for sale under the dangerous dogs act". I asked all the staff I saw (probably 5 or 6) what the story was and why he was on display with the dogs available for rehoming but nobody could, or would give me an my opinion this dog was no more "type" than my neighbours lhasa. Id love to find out why his kennel had the sign on...Id also love to know why he was there when he was unavailable for rehoming? Im not suggesting he should be locked away somewhere but you could clearly see some of the dogs were becoming quite stressed in that environment with the public coming and going and I dont understand why you would put a dog through that if it wasnt necessary...his barking and crying was in vain as nobody could take him home - it was as though he was some kind of freak show Just wondered what other people thought?
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