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  1. Oo I know that feeling. I spotted your comment on the other post. Jack the choccy is wearing a harness identical to the one I have for Teddy; but very much stouter. (ie better)
  2. Harness is a can of worms here. i dont think i can ever get it right. Teddy is currently in a Hd Pulling Sports harness that I used on Jerry as a temp set up. Its been taken apart and resewn a number of times and now is used under neath his Antipull front link harness so that he doesnt damage his very sensitive skin. Still awaiting some re adjustments. but seem to be working ok so far, espec on a long lead. Jerry has a problem He has put on so much muscle since has has been here that he no longer fitted into the front section of his cart so i have had to design a softer harness that can replace the semi circular top bar. Not finished yet but at least he can get out with the others . Tilly is too old and set in her ways, I have several cheepo harness and others that floated about including the tracking harness that was being made for jake (cant bring myself to look at that yet,) but I can guarantee that the chance of any of them being suitable for new dog coming in , will be remote. I sthere anyone else that has the time and perhaps a bit of patience (>/) to do their own repairs?
  3. In a situation like this it could possible to arrange a second rescue to take over for you and cover all of the possibilities. ie one that does assessments in an emergency boarding situation; especially if you are covering the costs. Especially , sad to say if its a breed that can easily be rehomed eleswhere if all the plans fail. I hear that some have waiting lists for the smallers breeds.
  4. lester


    So sorry to hear of your loss.....Soar away on wing s of love, dear Jumble
  5. Fly away on wings of love ,harryxx
  6. lester


    I can just imagine them all running together, But sad here an dthinking of you.
  7. Thanks for your kind words... He is " Teddy Good Spirit" but in reality ...Floppity Bunny .. because when he makes his bed , after several highly energetic minutes of tredding , leaping in the air and turning about he suddenly goes limp all over and just drops into sleep, like as stuffed toy.
  8. Well we are getting used to the new boy and his weird Romanian ways. h e is on permanent segregation watch because The captain , the old staffy with little dog syndrome , ie the boss dog keeps telling him off and then getting bitten for his troubles. A struggle but fingers crossed we are getting somewhere now. . We finally got away for a few days to Mortimer forest, to do some socialising/learning with the whole crew...other dogs plus sheep and horses. The first time we tried we ended up at the vets.... Everyone seems to have had a goo dtime..... Tilly Mildred spent most o fher time inthe corner o fthe field watching and talking to the horses, oh and a big turkey. Youngster Jakey, who needs sheep experience as part of his training,and the new boy were amazed that the sheep all had coats and had to have them taken off. Blind jemma had a wonderful big holes to fall downbut just lots of deep mud. The captain just told everyon e off all o fthe time andmanaged to keep evryone tangled in special contsructed leashing system with wires ,the puppy house and ground anchors. sadness though. My darling Tash, who has been withus for two years.... GDS heelerCross with seriou s dementia and swayback from a humongous tummy tumour... and beloved and best mate oF teddy texas himself had been one " just quality of life " for sometime .... was well enough to give me a cuddle when a pole fell on my head on Tuesday but started to go downhill very fast... We brought her home and she just held on till we bought her int o th e house...she was always a homebody ..lived for her walks and her grooming cuddles This on the Friday night..she beat us to it we had made an appointment at the vets forsaturday morning. She was about the cuddliest loving dog I have ever had. So we will all be visitting the mempark with her ashes very soon , as its the place she really enjoyed..... she coul d run free and all over knowing everyone she met humans and dogs woul d be nice to her...she had puppy mania ....all dogs were her puppies and had to be checked out , sniffed and licked , with a big laugh. It was amazing no dog ever reacted badly to her ...she only ever barked at one person and dhe had tried to kill me. So the crew is rearranging its dynamic. on top of this we have had four deaths in the larger family and dog s that have gone through our transport and homing efforts. Frightening and permanent panic with th e others all being variously poorly in dfifferent ways from over exertion and heat and probably sentiment. The middle week of July is not a good time for me ,my mum and dad went in it as did TT last year. So lots of tissues.
  9. Keep us up to date.. How old is Megan. Give hera cuddle from us.. My old staffy chap is a bit unhappy at the moment with stitches in his ear after a disagreement with the pups whentheywere just to excited to put up with the usual telling off. He is more clingy than ever..
  10. I am no expert; but can just hope to stop you fretting , by telling you this. My old Collie Jack had a bit of a funny time and was diagnosed with liver problems in the same way. After test we were told to put him on a special food. We did . it lasted A week . His sister ate some of it and the cats had the rest and threw up, while he ate their food as usual. Apart from eating a lot more grass and discovering the tasty bits in the horses mucking out heap he staye d much the same for another 7 years reaching 15 plus.
  11. Happy day cherry ... what a look of utter bliss xxxxx
  12. well ,after the weekend fro m hell. he finally arrived. And taken over , and decided that the vitamins, extra food, cuddles and good company ( and maybe a bit of a miracle ) can improve hi s eyesight enough to tell the difference between a cushion and a old staffy's bumbottom.
  13. Oop s.alwys late.. anyw ay the Rosy Villains crew all wish you ...Many happies and happy manies!!!!
  14. No I just keep telling people. Well I got the news that he and seven other dogs set forth this morning,. A bit of a problem with the van at this end, with a caravan move. but I am told transporter will be available and waiting for the call from lunchtime tomorrow. bit of a mad rush getting the place ready..padding doors , laying specific smells and rearranging furniture so that it doesnt need moving. have still to get the gates for the segregated feeding "kennels"/ youngsters hidey holes. but next door Argos has got them at half price.. His coat for his first journey is ready and i have got the bits to build him a heavy duty bump harness. Thi s is a bit behind .. needle threading on the big sewing machine i s not something I excel at. His playmate is waiting for him.I have put hospital type crash mats through the house for the oldies and am using th e thinner ones in places where he might run into trouble, Jake is the same age. and is really good at scenting.. so may be they can learn stuff together. Jake can stop oining the oldies when they are resting. Nodoubt I will post more over the weekend.
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